Business Owner

Crossing the Rubicon

Right Side Up


I realized relatively early in life that I was navigating through a world that was upside down. Perhaps that is why I took the path less traveled. As family is absent from my equation, it's been a solo journey for the most part, aside from gaining invaluable friendships along the way.

I love hiking because it’s the best way to appreciate the greatest works of art ever created. I love traveling the world because it’s been the best education I’ve ever experienced. And I love discovering a new wine that’s off the beaten path, probably because it reminds me a bit of myself. 😊


I started my career in IT as a Technical Writer and then Business Analyst in the New York City and New Jersey area and stayed in that profession for over 25 years. I worked for many clients in many different industries, such as UPS, ADP, Mercedes Benz, NYK Line, Education Dynamics, Unum, and Marsh & McLennan. I did many stints while working for consulting companies like Cap Gemini, iXL, and RCG which enabled me to travel to many places around the world such as  Santa Barbara, CA, Portland, ME, London, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and even Tallin, Estonia.


Aligning with Human Nature for a greater good, one day at a time!

"Knowing Oneself is the Beginning of all Wisdom."


"Once You Awake it's Hard to go back to Sheep."

— Anonymous

"You Know the Truth by the Way it Feels."

— Unknown