Who is Kimberly Ann Goguen, aka “Kim Possible”?

Kimberly Ann Goguen wears many hats and is one of the most important people on the planet. Kim and her role is unknown by the majority of the people around the world. However, she is very well known by members of the Deep State. One of the reasons for this is because she replaced their malevolent predecessor, Marduke over a decade ago. Her predecessor was the Cabal's leader, not the peoples' leader by any stretch of the imagination. But in reality, he wasn't their leader either. They too were his slaves, but they didn't see it that way. In fact, many still don't see it that way.

Kim is the first person to hold this seat who wants to end the human enslavement that has existed on our planet for over sixteen thousand years, not perpetuate it. This has gained her many enemies and few friends. But that surely is going to change as humanity finally starts to really wake up to the facts of how, when, why and by whom human enslavement was imposed on our planet.

I base many of my blog posts on information I obtain from weekly calls Kimberly Ann Goguen has been providing for the last few months. She delivers intel for the Life Force Team in these weekly reports and is now delivering live via their new platform that she and her team created called United News Network.

Kim Wears At Least 7 Hats

I say she wears at least 7 because she mentioned a recent promotion, but she didn't want to share what this role was on the last intel call I listened to. The hats she wears and roles she fills are listed below:

  1. Universal Protection Unit Command
  2. Commander of Earth Races — Galactic Council Ambassador for Earth
  3. Human Ambassador to All Earth Races
  4. Controller of the Planetary Quantum System — Original DNA Representative of Humanity
  5. Representative of Humanity for Disbursement of Planetary Assets — Trustee, Manna World Holding Trust
  6. Ranking Bloodline Royal of All Earth Kingdoms — Czar of Russia
  7. Quantum Physics Executive

(Source: To the Heart of the Matter, THI Source to Action Book Series Vol 1, page 34)

Kim has caused major upheaval on all levels of the so called elites, and they have been doing everything possible to bring her down and regain control of the Quantum Mapping System (QMS). The QMS holds all the above ground assets, below ground assets, and human assets on planet earth, and a slew of other things that are beyond my scope of understanding. But from what I understand, every asset is mapped based on its origin. Humans are considered assets to the cabal. Actually they consider humans as 'live' stock and we are literally traded (our birth certificates) on the stock exchange. They consider us food and covet our life force energy which is highly valued by beings who are (or believe they are) unable to manufacture life force energy themselves because they are cut off from the soul matrix.

January 21, 2021 is Liberation Day!

Yesterday marked a truly glorious day and Kim delivered on her previous week's report where she said January 21st 2021 will be Liberation Day. I truly am so incredibly grateful to have learned about Kim a few years ago, the role she has on this planet and her immense heart. The following press release was delivered by the United News Network.

For some background on the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) that Kim refers to in the above press release, you can refer to my blog post entitled, The Enforcer, Our Central Sun & The End of the Loosh Farm (Kim Goguen – Part 3).

For more information about Kimberly Ann Goguen, aka 'Kim Possible' please visit the Speak Project website.


48 thoughts on “Who is Kimberly Ann Goguen, aka “Kim Possible”?”

    1. I feel that way too. But there is also value in being a compassionate witness to these events happening around the world. It has the power to change the outcome. Hang in there. PJZ

    2. Nationallibertyalliance.org
      Those are the people setting up the state assemblies!!
      Get educated. Get involved.

  1. I started with the Life Force Watch app, located my state, joined and started volunteering. Blessings and strength in your journey Jay!

    1. Teresa. Thank you for your request. I have added you to my list. You should receive an email confirming you want to subscribe. PJZ

      1. Jennifer Renga

        I love Kim and so thankful she is on the side of the planet and the freedoms of us all as our right..:) idk how to get involved
        I don’t have a computer just my phone
        Let’s do this! Manifest our new planet and government! See ya dark side!

  2. It would be my absolute honor to participate in anyway possible,
    this journey is a magical adventure and manifestations of cosmic-source miracles.
    I can shine bright, find paths, harmonize and travel throughout the multi-verse,
    dimensions and realms.

    We dont need hierarchy, duality, money, government, systems, fake,
    disease, poverty etc…Let us create!! We are certainly not the only ones(or first ones) in the universe who stand on such a crossroad, the wisdom and knowledge is out there, we do not need to invent it all, it has been created long before us. Connect and Remember…:)))

    The way forward is Optimistic, Positive and Loving.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I’m in total agreement we don’t need the old failed ways. The existing systems cannot be corrected. The move to a higher consciousness, a new reality requires a new way of thinking and new way of being. PJZ

  3. I’m somewhat confused and don’t know who or what to trust. I have been following a lot of Q information and patriotic type people. Juan O Savin, Robert Steele, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward and Scott Mckay are some I feel are looking out for humanity’s best interest. Have I made a mistake placing my trust in these individuals? I want to help but don’t exactly know what to do.

    1. Hi Erin. Thanks so much for your comments. I definitely sympathize with you. It’s a mine field of lies and traps when it comes to finding the truth. The devil is in the details. Truth is always mixed with lies, so it’s hard to label someone as a truthful source or non-truthful. I don’t want to tell you who to trust. We are all being tested and challenged to learn better discernment. My discernment says Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward are CIA and MI6. And the narrative they are presenting doesn’t jive with me anymore. It did a bit a couple of years ago. But once CIA, always CIA and all these ex-agency types kind of have the same smell to them. They may think they are connected and getting accurate info to feed the people, but they too are being lied to most of the time, which is indicative of the agencies. That’s not to say that there isn’t some truth mixed in. Kim Goguen has security clearance level 74, the highest for planet Earth I think, but I can’t tell you who assigned that level to her and while I trust her more than anyone else at this juncture, it doesn’t mean I don’t keep the door open. Q is a disappointment for many, but there were many nuggets of truth the Q movement helped bring to light and they can’t put that genie back in the bottle. It’s up to us to put the pieces together. Don’t give up. The quest for the truth is necessary. Knowledge is power and the more you understand their Agenda, the less effective their fear porn. Hang in there. PJZ

    2. Ch'eyy Kan''Na V'arr

      As the saying goes , beware of false prophets and false prophets claiming to be messiahs in these times , as someone very carefully said the other day it’s two sides of the same coin whoever is in …
      It’s sowen up tight… no one’s going to save your physical self that goes back to the Earth and your consciousness goes back to the 5th we unfortunately have to suffer the sins of the Ig gi , engineers , watches …
      Arzazel and Chemeyaza … bound by curses that they will die from …

  4. Knowledge is the key. Compassion is the door. A human life is too short so let’s truly live, experience, and growth!

  5. Ros Forshaw

    Hello there,
    Many thanks for what you do .
    Many were expecting D.Trump to come back as POTUS…am l right in feeling that this won ‘t happen ?

    1. I really don’t see that happening. His support for Operation Warp Speed pretty much tells us where his allegiance really lies. It’s a huge red flag I can’t get past. I have been cautiously optimistic over the last 4 years observing and following the Q movement. I knew he came from the cabal circles, he couldn’t be a billionaire otherwise. He dances with the dark, but I really hoped if anyone could switch sides it would be him. Unfortunately he walked away from a landslide win because his over-lords dangled a bigger prize in front of him. He will lose that too. He could have gone down as the greatest President ever. His greatest accomplishment may be that he provided the biggest mirror for how insane and corrupt our systems really are. But in reality it was probably mostly just a script he agreed to follow, and the intention behind his Presidency and the words he spoke about draining the swamp and helping Americans, well probably not as genuine as we hoped. I wish it wasn’t so and would welcome him to prove me wrong. I won’t be holding my breath though.

      1. Absolutely right Dee..I believe the
        Cabal are the Canaanites represented by the snake that defiled Eve..(also known as the fallen angels)….Enki scrambled our DNA down to 2 strands to make us slaves and his son Marduk was not benevolent . We are reclaiming our sovereignty…we are Created in Gods image..our true Creator…not Anu the God of the Old Testament that demanded obedience and sacrifices.
        Wes Penre Papers is a great resource.

      2. Ok, so if Trump doesn’t come back, then this is our life? Forever? Diapers on our faces with more crime and crooked politicians and raised prices on food and gas? What do you suggest we do other than praying! Because I want off this planet if there is no hope!

        1. Solution is simple, but unfortunately hard to implement because so many are so brainwashed and choose FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) to rule them. Humanity needs to stop complying to false authorities. Game over if we can accomplish that. They, the Deep Stare are few, we are many. Also, we have to keep in mind we are a learning planet and I believe we are being tested to see if we are ready to advance. Self Sovereignty is what is required to move out of the 3rd dimension and to attain it comes more responsibility. Those who succumb and comply are not yet ready for that. I believe we’ll come to a critical mass soon where those who have the courage, morale fortitude and stand their ground will have more influence on the direction of the planet than those who continue to comply. I truly believe we’re getting very close. Thanks for your comments. PJZ

  6. Rock Anthony Hunt

    I have followed Kim and Tank since Jan. 2018. What I have seen Kim do is remarkable. She has exposed the deep states machinations, started an app that brought many to awareness, started a truthers news channel that all the world can contribute true news to, learned to program the only quantum computer on this planet and began restructuring the “system” to work for all races on this planet. She quite literally has done more for you & me than anyone , ever.
    Thank you, Kim & team.
    I’m proud to be a member of life force, and grateful for her presence and dedication to us all.

    1. I couldn’t say it better! I agree and am so very grateful for her. Thanks for sharing!

    2. I feel the same Rock ! It’s a miracle how Kim did all that and brought so much into the light. So Grateful to Kim. Sending her so much blessings.

  7. Terrific work! That is the kind of info that should be shared across the internet.

    Shame on the search engines for no longer positioning
    this put up upper! Come on over and consult with my web site .

    Thanks =)

  8. Having read this I thought it was really enlightening. I appreciate
    you taking the time and effort to put this informative article together.

    I once again find myself personally spending a lot of time both
    reading and leaving comments. But so what, it
    was still worth it!

    1. Absolutely! So thankful for her! Her journey must be a very tough and lonely one! I will keep her in my prayers!

  9. We truly are in epic times and I will fight for out sovereign rights always as long as I can breath.
    Our children need the protection from big pharma and the jabs traitor Trump endorses so step up and be counted and make a positive change now.
    Join Life Force Global and help the world today.
    Bring back love thy neighbour

  10. God bless Mrs Kimberly Goguen and the life force team, the truth will be prevail. We have to love each other as God loves us.She is chosen from God to set the planet earth free from satanic people who control the world.

  11. Wayne Alexander Beaton

    Show us! Thursday eh? Kimberly said Thursday is the day for the World to convert. We shall see. Goal posts have been moved so much now, they are no longer credible. If Bidan is not removed shortly, the world will fall into complete peril (we are close already). Kim is certainly intelligent enuf, but there is a lot of chatter about her being a major scam artist. Most scam artists are indeed brilliant.

    1. Ramona Sutton

      Thanks for all the information..
      I have been a Trump follower from day 1 and as many trusting He would be back.
      Many are losing the faith..
      Yes we need to step up and bring our Nation with God back to where it should be and waiting for one person may never happen..
      God Bless the USA..

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  13. I would say, it doesn’t matter, what the colour of the cat is, as long as it catches the mice and gets the job done. These Satanist are feasting on our children and rest are enslaved and the big wigs are still talking big and helpless just like everybody else. I am not sure, whom to follow because they talk just what we want to hear. If there is any body out there, who can actually deliver, it’s high time that people have suffered enough. It’s not the time to talk, it’s time to show what you got. I don’t give a damn what my cat looks like or it’s colour. I just want it to catch the mice and get over it. Whoever gets the job done, I pledge my allegiance with him or her. Not before. With Love from TI bet & Nepal.

  14. We ALL just want the real truth to be revealed without having doubts. The liars and manipulators attempting to operate from deceit should be removed from the planet. I pray every day for GOD to provide HIS children with complete truth and clarity. I pray that we ALL become a better humanitarian society operating out of LOVE and ABUNDANCE with Zero Fear and Zero Evil. Through GOD all things are possible!

  15. Jonathan Woods

    Please put me on your mailing list. Thank You for all that you are doing, I am not sure exactly how I can help but I can definitely pray. Please let me know specific prayer requests and I can make that happen daily.

  16. Yes, please add me to your mailing list, as well. The “Big Picture” is so big as to be unfathomable. I use discernment in everything I see and hear, so I appreciate what is being done here at this website. Kim is a new player to me on this plane of awareness and I look forward to all insights coming to unfold in the days ahead. Salem!

  17. I have come to realize all that is happening is a movie script with actors playing their part. Too many inconsistencies for me to believe anymore. There are parts that are real. One just has to see the whole picture to try to figure it out. I don’t have all the pieces but somehow parts show up when I’m wanting them to.
    Please put me on the mailing list.
    Much energy to all.

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