Black Sun Generals & Rothschild Play Good Cop-Bad Cop So Followers Wait for Lion’s Gate (aka when they expect their systems to return) | Remnant of Lower Astral System Behind Managers of Paper Currency Agreement Tied to 12 Locations on Earth Removed But Kim Replicates As They Are Useful | Welcome Back to 2014 & Putin the Savior | Per ‘Unknown Country Kim’s Chair Rules Supreme, The Middleman In Between Kim & The People Have No Power or Authority! | Will Governments Finally Realize ‘Unknown Country’ Determines Their Destiny?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 4, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. The cream in the middle, as Kim likes to call them decided to pull a scam on her today. They tried to get her to register the GIA under the United States. That gave her an idea and she decided to send out the information about Unknown Country and about the GIA. Who the GIA is and how long they have been in existence and what it does. Perhaps if Governments understand they are following people with no authority, who have no ability to create currencies, digital or otherwise they might see the light and stop their collision course. Well, I give her credit for trying. She has more perseverance than anyone I know.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


The Wednesday Meeting | Federal Reserve, Treasury & CIA

After Kim gave the news Wednesday there was a meeting between the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and some in the CIA, a weird combination. The Fed was instructed by Rothschild to rally the troops and get onboard with the funding being there on Monday. The CIA was not keen on Monday and said they better act faster than that because we are going to be in trouble. The Treasury just kind of stayed quiet for a while before they started arguing.

Good Cop | Bad Cop

Then a retired General got on the call, and due to the departures of the others thinks he and his posse of Generals are going to take over control. He decided to tell everybody, fear not, we are now in charge! He then spent about a 30 minutes yelling and screaming at everyone about how wonderful he and his group are and how they should be in charge of everything. His huge ego did not allow him to listen to what anybody else had to say.

Then it turns out both the Generals and the Federal Reserve were trying to delay the US Government from taking any other kind of funding. They were in on it together, it was a game, good cop-bad cop.  They both were reporting to the same people. Then they took a temperature after their show to see how successful they were. Is everyone going to wait until Monday? Kim said they probably will but who knows.

The Plan | Crash the US Dollar Today by Manipulating Live Market & Crypto Data

But there is a real reason why they wanted to delay until Monday, they had a plan, albeit flawed, but they had one.

Behind the Managers of Paper Currency Agreement that Kim talked about in the past was a larger system in the lower astral. It had a lot of bells of whistles and here on Earth there were 12 locations that were tied to this lower astral system which does not exist anymore. The main hub for this facility was in London under Coutts Bank, the favorite meeting place of the Illuminati depicted in a lot of movies. It did have some minimal financial abilities, but moreover as it relates to reporting on websites. So, when you see live market data and crypto data and any financial news outlets that report live data, that was all coming out of this facility.

The other facilities in the world were in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, New York under Federal Plaza, Jerusalem, Algeria, and Belgium under the Diamond District in Antwerp, Austria, St. Petersburg, Russia, Brazil, the Vatican, Shanghai and Nassau, Bahamas. Together these ran the 12 jurisdictions of financial authority in the world. They could manipulate markets, crash currencies, and raise the value of currencies. This would have also been tied to the IMF and number of other places.

Kim Replicated That System & Integrated With KIMS

So that went down yesterday and when London went down, they all went down. They are like Christmas lights. Kim and her team replicated that system and took it over and are working on integrating that system into the Key Integrated Monetary System because it can be useful. It is an excellent facility to use in order to balance out currencies, return to gold backed currencies worldwide, and to create an entire new system.

Meanwhile the cream in the middle proceeded with their plan to crash the US dollar today and they could not figure out why it is not working because in their system it looks like it is burning down and crashing. But when they look at the actual markets everything looks normal.

So that did not work for them in anyway and right on time according to Kim.

What is Unknown Country?

When the formation of nations in this world happened, even back in the days of monarchies before all these things came to pass, and the world was separated with borders like we see 500 or 1000 years ago, there was a singular registration for ‘Unknown Country.’ It was a registration done by her predecessor Marduk many, many years ago and it is basically the country for the entire planet. It encompasses the oceans, land masses, air, and atmosphere. When it came time to start registering countries, Unknown Country granted a Lord of a piece of land. This is why you have Lord Rothschild and all these people and they have their own monarchy so to speak, in their respective areas of the world. If you were to look at it like a tree, Unknown Country would be at the top which is the star and underneath you would have the Lords of the Land, also known as the Order of the Dragon. Then came the security for the Order of the Dragon, and there were various entities. You would have seen the Trilateral Commission in this section, the Order of the Black Sun in this area. But Unknown Country always maintained the GIA as its actual security regardless of who was down below in the Order.

Elites Try to Get Kim to Register the GIA under the United States

The GIA is the administrator under the Bankruptcy and Martial Law, which means Kim is in charge as we know. They on the other had are super slow or in denial and today they also tried to get Kim to register the GIA under the US. So perhaps they do not understand what Unknown Country really means which is why she decided to explain it again for these people in the middle and governments worldwide and anyone else who is unaware.

United Nations Was Registered Underneath Unknown Country

The United Nations was a registered entity as a worldwide organization underneath Unknown Country. After its inception the UN would then allegedly approve new countries, such as the division of North and South Korea and North and South Sudan. A lot of these countries came to be after the inception of the UN. However, under the UN’s charter it claims it must have a backing by 4 other registered nations in order to get a new country approved as a country. What the UN does not tell you is they have to submit that registration for the new country they want to form to ‘Unknown Country,’ who has final say and approval because the UN is not in charge, they are down at the bottom. The same goes for the Order of the Dragon when they had authority.

Why GIA is Administrator under the Bankruptcy and for Martial Law

So, the reason why the GIA is the administrator under the Bankruptcy and for Martial Law is because it was declared by Unknown Country. Prior to the advent of the UN, when a country was becoming a country whether it was the UK, US, China, it does not matter, they are registered directly to Unknown Country as subsidiaries. Unknown Country gave you the ability to declare this plot of land the United States for example. This is why when the US appoints a President it must go to the Hall of Records through to the Unknown Country and Unknown Country, aka Kim, Office of the Guardian must approve said President, and said Congressman and so on. If you were to look at the world as a giant corporation, let us call it the Banana Republic Company, then Unknown Country owns it and you work in the US division. But Kim still has the right to decide if you are going to be the head of the division or not.

Therefore, why would Kim want to register herself or her agents under the GIA down the food chain, under her already owned subsidiary?

They were trying to trick Kim is what they were trying to do. So, she kindly gave them the registration numbers for Unknown Country and for the GIA and reported back to them thanking them, but no thank you. So please understand who you are dealing with here. The Rothschilds do not even fully understand this either because this was their idea. Unknown Country had the right to deal with its subsidiaries directly, its corporations worldwide, and when she says corporation, she is using it as a metaphor. Unknown Country does not have to deal with middleman which they are and are now out of the equation.

Unknown Country’s registration is very, very old. It is in every country’s Archives and everyone should know it exists. If they look at their original formation of every country’s documentation that has gone through the UN and joined the UN there is a signature on there from Unknown Country. Their plot of land is called the US, UK, etc. but it is a subsidiary of Unknown Country. Unknown Country grants you that right. So when you start talking about Maritime Law, the Holy See, Concords of See etc., from Unknown Country’s point of view she has all of that because they all get registered to the Hall of Records to be approved.

This is how Kim can do what she is doing. What is meant for our harm is being used for our good. She is trying to save the 8 billion people in the world from total chaos. That is what she is trying to do. All this was done under her predecessor and she admits, it was brilliant. But it should be clear now why her office can do all these things. When Marduk did these things, it was under less than honorable intentions, but now it is what it is and it has been a wonderful tool and she is using it to every extent that she can.

For the record, the GIA under her predecessor funded directly under the Constitution and under the Declaration of Independence and all of that. Unknown Country was always there from its inception. That being said, it was used for malicious purposes in the past. But since Kim has taken it over, she has done the exact opposite and has un-rung all these bells for that reason.

The Rothschild and the Black Sun Have No Authority Under Unknown Country

None of these people in the middle wanted to respect Kim’s position, so little by little they died and now we are down to some crazy British and Chinese people who are waiting for an alignment, this time Lion’s Gate. They are the only ones standing in the way and not because they have the authority to do any of these things. But she sees these meetings with people arguing about what Rothschild wants them to do. They think they still have to do the stuff for them, but they do not. Rothschild does not have authority under Unknown Country to control our financial system, political system, intelligence, and military systems. None of that applies anymore. They must deal with Kim and the same goes for the Order of the Black Sun who was granted the same rights for global security. That contract also has expired. Therefore, as far as Kim is concerned the retired Generals, the Jesuits, Opus Dei, Templars, etc. do not exist. They are people walking around and talking a lot from a government standpoint sure, but none of those people are relevant in the world anymore. The one that is going to make you or break you is the one that granted you the power, which is Unknown Country.

So Kim suggests they pull this information from the Archives so they understand why the GIA is the Administrator for the Bankruptcy and Administrator under the Martial Law plan. And the CIA can keep offering her money to work down there, but she will never accept it. Why would she want that? Why would she leave her high seat to go be the janitor?

Only Kim’s Chair Can Authorize Currencies

Whether you be Russia, China, India, South Africa, the US, you are still property of Unknown Country. Therefore, your currency is also up to Kim’s Chair to decide and she did not authorize the crashing of the US dollar. She understands this is a Federal Reserve Note but we are going to do this seamlessly. So, whether they do it today or at the end of the month it does not matter, but they are going to do it her way.

The Rothschilds keep pushing because during Lion’s Gate they think their systems and control over the gold is all coming back. That is what would happen during Lion’s Gate. The big ball of gold under Yellowstone would light up, go towards the lower astral when we had lower astral timelines, those timelines on the bottom of the clock which we were always in, and all that stuff would activate during that time. This is why Kim said by the 6th of August you can stick a fork in these people. They are done and she is narrowing the space in between Unknown Country and Governments.

They will never crash the dollar. We will ease into a US Treasury Certificate (not a note), and not a digital currency. We will also transition to production contracts that are based on things produced on US soil which will support the dollar and we will remove ourselves from other countries in the world. The US is the only one who carries around Federal Reserve dollars at this point. So, the physical look of that money will change. It will not say Federal Reserve anymore. Everybody else will have their current currencies. Anybody else who is dollar denominated will go to their currency and everything will be backed by gold. The value of 1 ruble, 1 dinar, etc. is going to be based on the gold behind it and everybody will have more than enough to support it. The algorithms for that will be the same. If you have a US dollar or a Singapore dollar or Yuan from China it is going to be worth pretty much the same. It is going to take time but everything will be worth the same because gold will be worth the same worldwide. The Rothschilds who like to control the London Fix and the price per ounce of gold and silver which is still set out of that London Office underneath Coutts will not be controlling that.

The AIIB Does Not Exist Between Kim and Governments Anymore Either

The AIIB is a corporation formed underneath Rothschild, the Order of the Dragon, and the Golden Dragon in China. She knows that fact. Well, they do not exist between herself and governments anymore either. So, Kim does not take orders from them and they certainly will not take orders from her. They are kind of the odd man out after 2018 and even further out by 2022. So, she is ignoring everything they say. She is not letting them crash currencies.

Kim’s way is to seamlessly transition out the Federal Reserve because they are serving no purpose and they have zero understanding of what they are rejecting constantly. Kim is not begging them to do anything anymore, she is eliminating them from her world. They no longer sit between the governments and herself. The Treasury Departments have been nationalized; therefore, they are part of the government and her property, and they are part of her company, the accounting division of one area of her company so to speak, metaphorically.  She also did not approve any BRICS currency. No matter how many times some China people try to hack an old portal in Guam or anywhere else, they will not launch a BRICS currency.

We are moving into a gold backed interdependent world where countries will trade in other currencies and gold because everyone’s currency will become a gold certificate essentially. They are no longer notes. They are not debts, there is no debt ceiling. There will be none of that happening in an asset-based trading system. The only reason why anyone would want to create that is because they want to recreate a control system.

The Alternative Media | Welcome Back to 2014 & Putin the Savior

The Alternative Media, oh dear. A lot of them mean well, but a lot are talking to Agency people and they do not know it. Then there are those who were bought out, but everybody believes in a different agenda.

Last week Putin was the bad person, he is attacking Ukraine, he is the worst person in the world. Sanction and sanction after sanction is put on Russia and we are putting a bust of Zelensky in the Capital Building. But technically none of those sanctions are valid because OFAC, the Office of Foreign Asset Control in the US never got back a ratified document from Unknown Country. In this case you have to understand who is your mama? She hates to have to say that, but she does and it is what it is. The same is for BRICS. No one has even bothered to have a conversation with Unknown Country about whether or not they are going to have a currency or if they are going to fix their own currencies first.

But as far as the Alt Media is concerned, because the narrative about Trump is getting old and really bad and no one is really buying it, and the money isn’t flowing in like it used to, now they are going to bring back Putin as the savior. Yep, he is the savior of the United States and he is now in charge of the RV and the whole deal. Welcome to 2014.  This is not going to work. No matter how much they talk about 209 countries in BRICS they do not have the gold and the Rothschilds are not getting back their systems after Lion’s Gate.

But you never know, it appears Duck Dynasty expanded their Trump merchandise. This could be the game changer.

About Elon Musk’s New Financial System, Starlink

Another thing on the Alt Media buzzing around is Starlink, the New Financial System. Elon Musk is running that show, the guy who played with demons as a kid. Well, some in the Alt Media are acting excited about getting on the Starlink System. Part of the reason why they wanted to initiate that is because there used to be a crystal beltway which looked like space dust if you saw it. That would have been filled with dark matter during this Lion’s Gate period which would have emanated from the veins of gold in the Earth. Well, that did not happen, so the crystal beltway did not fire up anything. But that is where the Starlink system was coincidentally put, right by that beltway which was in our Earth’s orbit. Thaw was so at a future date when the lower astral would open and all Elon’s demon friends came back to play, he could work the entire financial system of the planet in cooperation with the Order of the Dragon through his Starlink system.

Their texts say there is a sequence of events that would happen during this time, Lion’s Gate. But they are seeing they are down to one more event and if that one does not happen then that is it, they are done. They know the Great Reset is not going to happen once we pass that last event that does not take place.

So, they were anticipating it to take place over the weekend or today and then they would be ready to initiate the crash of the dollar today, burn the entire world’s financial system and then their new system would come by 2pm EST today. Then by Monday everybody would be on their new system and everything would go back to the way it was.

The Animal in the Middle Will Die

Kim suspects there are still several divisions in the CIA loyal to Rothschild and some in the Skull and Bones. But the animal will die. Either way all the paperwork for Unknown Country is out for everyone, all governments to see it. They can also see the people who are no longer in existence, she will send out a package about that. Who knows maybe they are just confused when they decided they were in charge. The remaining Rothschilds, none of them were ever in charge, they all just think they were. But really, they know they were not because they used to get orders through those mirrors.

Kim is past trying to work with the rotten children. She has given up on the UN, formed CARE and moved on from that level down. The GIA is at the top and every Intelligence Agency knows that but will deny it exists. They know because if they go back to their budgets prior to 2007 they will see if they are an agency like MI6, CIA, KGB, etc. they received money from the GIA every single year, not only for their budget but for their black budget. The same goes for DARPA, the SSP and Umbrella Military Corp and all the people who are fighting her. They took money for years, some for millennia. The NSA has taken money from the GIA directly and not as an act of Congress. The US Military, GCHQ, Russian and Ukrainian Militaries every year like clockwork would get money prior to 2007. After that happened Kim signed for a 10-year budget on the 4th of July in 2012 and that time is over. But they were still getting money from Kim after she took this position. That is over and done and they spent that money quite a while ago and are all broke. Within days they will be obsolete, completely ineffective, and now we are down another level to Governments

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Will Governments Realize Unknown Country (aka Kim’s Chair) Determines Their Destiny?

Having listened to that meeting on Wednesday afternoon and the result seems to be everyone is still listening to everything they are saying which is wait and push other countries to start protesting to get a religious war started in the Middle East, will governments be shocked and surprised when the middlemen cannot produce any money and there is not any BRICS currency. Will they still want to follow them?

Governments Need to Understand How and Why They are Broke

It is because they are listening to people in the middle who have no communication with Unknown Country whatsoever. All those political strategies and the crazy stuff is coming from those people in the middle who stand between them and Kim. We are getting down to the wire here. Slowly and surely the people in the middle are losing credibility worldwide. There is no money and if Kim did not step in this week, it would have started affecting the people. Whether they are China, Russia, India etc., it does not matter, they are still property of Unknown Country and what Kim says goes. At some point in time, if we still have governments, countries will be independent. Otherwise, if we decide to not have governments then we have Unknown Country and the people.

Now if Governments continue to stand between Kim and we the people then they will also be eliminated just like everyone else in between Kim and us. But it is a process and it would be more pleasant for the people of the world if there is a government and a military protecting them. Although there are very few people in the world who have faith in their governments at this point, but they do love their countries and that sentiment is worldwide. They love the land they are from and their cultures and they are proud to be from their countries.

Will Governments Work with Unknown Country (aka Kim)?

So after today it just might improve some, but only if Governments acknowledge who really can determine their existence and decides to work with Unknown Country for the betterment and not detriment. Since the cream in the middle decided to pull this scam, tried to get Kim to register the GIA under the United States she decided to send out the information about Unknown Country and about the GIA. Who the GIA is and how long they have been in existence and what it does. It might work to our advantage because it actually shows there is no Rothschild signature on their country’s existence. It was always Kim’s office, always. So maybe that will help, we will see.

Government Explained – YouTube


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