Kim Now Has Sole System Control of Unknown Country | She Thanks Those Loyal to the Deep State for Chasing Her Carrots & Pointing Out Remaining Access Points | Desperate Deep State Offers Kim Boats, Houses, Possible Husbands, A Few Hundred Million Dollars to Work for Them or Concede | Social Media Channels Exploding in Middle East with Info Regarding Public Officials Nefarious Activities | Governments Promised Money Today That Will Never Come, Crashes are Imminent | Kim’s Estimate Now is Less Than 1/3 of All Governments Will Not Move Forward

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 7, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In today’s report Kim expands on the control systems under Unknown Country and how her dangling carrots helped her find some remaining access points so she now has sole system control of that monster of a system. Now it can be used for good, and she is already playing with some features and will be noticing in the Middle East. Governments are weeks away, what will they do? Will we notice if they are gone?

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Unknown Country’s Control Systems

Kim expanded more on Unknown Country. It was formerly dark and was an organization formed for total planetary control. It would have controlled lots of different systems. For the most part that has since been flipped to our side and now is completely and totally run by Alpha. Well, this was very confusing for the Deep State and Kim had a little run in with them yesterday as they tried to utilize access to some control systems granted to them by her predecessor. Unknown Country had two main types of control systems. One was total financial control and the secondary system controls everything from electric grids to backdoors into your cars computer unit, all kinds of weapons or control systems which could affect national security and this goes for water systems because they can release things into water electronically using this. You name it and she can find a system it controls and everything in between.

These control systems always had its base in Unknown Country and includes all things financial, all trading including when ships were on the Panama Canal for example. There were closed loop systems throughout for things like internal settlements, bank to bank settlements, credit card processing. So, if you were Visa or Mastercard you would have fallen within that closed loop. The financial system has a closed loop for currency devaluation, it could affect stock markets, the oil and gas industry, commodities futures markets. This is how BlackRock got its Aladdin system, it was a closed loop system within the Commodities Futures market. They could affect the price of gold, silver, wheat, gas, trucking, and shipping industries, all militaries, and intelligences systems, just about everything. Also, all crypto currencies, the currency of the walking dead (which is us of course in their mind) also had its base roots in the system. So if you think you are breaking free of the Khazarian mafia or the Agencies by owning crypto, you were in one of these closed loop systems as well, which was the base root for all crypto issuance. Not necessarily the central bank digital currencies systems, but that was also in there as well.

2 Keys to Get In & 3 Keys to Get Out

Well unbeknownst to the Deep State they were only granted partial access to do things. By partial access she means it was 2 keys to get in, so they needed a party from the Order of the Black Sun and a party from the Order of the Dragon. Then it was 3 keys to get out. That means ultimately the approval was with her predecessor, Marduk and now that is Kim.

They did try to access the control system and that is how she actually found some additional access points that needed to be taken care of.

On Sunday they tried to install a half-baked idea. It looked to Kim like they were trying to use the magnetic ink line from SICPA, the company she told us about in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago. They were trying to somehow work their way in there to issue false allocation numbers thinking they had access to do that.

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And while she was doing test transfers yesterday she was blocked by someone using the Panama Canal Control system. She was wondering why they would care if she was transferring a minimal amount to the Panama Canal, it was around $100,000. Then she figured out is was the CIA at the time. They had access to all these. Can you imagine what they could have done with remote control of the Panama Canal? The Suez Canal? Remember that Evergreen incident a few years back?

But any change that takes place to Unknown Country goes back to Kim’s office. So, she was looking at something they were trying to do and asking herself what is that? This led her to realize there was still some limited access to some of these closed loop systems that existed in the financial system. So, it was helpful they brought this to her attention and important she got rid of all of their access points because we cannot trust them with anything at this point.

Kim Now Has Sole System Control of Unknown Country

The permission given to these agencies and some of these bankers was given by her predecessor and not by Kim and Unknown Country. They realized they could access it on Sunday and within hours it was gone. Just by having access to those closed loop systems, even with the minimal access the agencies had within the control system structure could be very impactful. It’s why it is important Kim maintains control of all those closed loops which gives her full financial control on the front-end for every aspect all things financial. Kim always had access to Unknown Country, but now she has sole control over those systems as of yesterday. All the financial systems are under Kimberly Goguen, Office of Ground Command. She was going to put it under CARE but she thought they would probably start telling everyone they are CARE.

Since has taken all those permissions away she is going to have to do it all by herself which means she is going to be one busy person. She spent a lot of time cleaning up anything they had in place that she could find since yesterday afternoon. She was trying to clear out anything that could have been an immediate danger and the reason why she has the final nuclear codes for every country. Like she said it wields enormous power. Imagine what they could have done to us, the depopulation agenda people. So, she is grateful to have caught it before a disaster occurred.

Now she can do a lot of the reverse with these types of systems too and protect people. So, it is good for security. She can disable tanks with full admin control afforded by the GIA. So again, what was meant for our harm can be used for our good in a lot of ways. Credit card processing for example. She can literally change the fees that are permitted across the board in the card systems with one push of a button. Currency exchange rates can all be changed with these closed loop systems. Market controls for oil and gas is another benefit. What can we be paying at the pump if black market oil goes for $25 per barrel? She can set the rate once she gets in that far and drills down to things that will benefit the people. There are a lot of options with this but it is going to take her time to comb through it all. Have patience because she is all by herself in this world of systems.

There is an old saying evidently that all wars are started over women or money and in this case, it is both. Well maybe that is how all wars end too?

Sunny asked if they just recently got access because they could have done a lot of damage by now?

Kim guessed one reason could be because she mentioned Unknown Country in the last broadcast which triggered their memory and wondered if those access codes still worked? So, some of them do watch UNN and ‘unofficially’ listen to her. Or, we could just be at the point where the people who knew about it are dead and these people are like hum, I think I remember something about that, let’s go try it.

She only needed to throw the carrot out there and they fall for it every time. It was a perfect opportunity for us. So, again Kim wanted to thank those loyal to the deep state for pointing those access points out for her which now gives herself full access and sole control of a system not created by them.

Cleanup Activities

Since then, Kim started doing a lot of restructuring of currencies and she found some more blocks in there as to who could receive money and who could not. There were other things about internal settlements, meaning between the Abraxas and the Draco and Isis and all these characters involved in looshing, the use of energy and parasites. So, it was a huge find for her. Although the lower-level people would not have had access to those parts of course, they would have access just for font-end use and controls.

Kim said she did have a few little things that were existing in little pockets here and there over the weekend but nothing that would greatly affect us, other than the return to reality. So that would have affected us personally. I like the way she underplays that. On Sunday there were also some remnants of the not natural order of things here that were cleared out. So, it might have been a bit rocky emotionally speaking. Like you are caught between reality and something that is not reality trying to reinstall itself and subconsciously it would have affected you in some way. That was fixed yesterday afternoon.

Other than that, we do have a potential economic crash of governments happening.

Governments Promised Money Again Today & It Will Never Come

Speaking of governments, today was another day ending in ‘y’ that promised them money. It is also a day that all these people who had access to these different systems (and there were thousands of them) are running around trying to gain access to something because they were promised payment through some of those systems, which will not happen. They should ask themselves; does it make sense at this point because how is doing what they are doing going to solve the financial crisis of their respective governments they claim to control?

They should understand that Kim also has a government control system in Unknown Country as well, whereby she can control a lot of different aspects. There was talk about China having access to systems that had back doors to US military equipment, the FAA , etc. and in part that was true.  The Order of the Dragon line and the Order of the Black Sun could have caused hari kari in part, like downing some planes if they realized that is what the government control system could do.

Government Crashes are Imminent

Every country is different but we have weeks left not months. What will be required if we are going to bring governments onboard with the Restoration Plan. Are they even wanting to come onboard and leave the Rothchilian ship?

Kim’s guess at this point is less than a 1/3 of the governments plural will absolutely not want to move forward. But that is where the GIA comes in worldwide and under the GIA she can take what is left and leave the rest behind. There could be a full on shake up. There is an authority there that allows under Martial Law for her to basically walk in the door and show credentials and say this department is doing this now and if anyone complains they are automatically terminated. Elected officials are a little more complicated, but she also has the files on every single politician in every country around the world. She likes to call it the Fulcrum or the leverage point and she told us about that file before. So, if they refuse to walk out, she will be happy to put this information out on full display.

But this will not be like the movie the operatives are running. There is no Supreme Court involved and all those indictments the alt media was reporting on and the Q anons years back was just part of the movie we are watching, but none of that is happening, no one was indicted. So, what if we saw someone in an ankle bracelet, all that really meant was a cash donation to the operatives running that crazy show.

Social Media Channels Exploding in the Middle East with Information Regarding Public Officials

Kim said there are a lot of social media channels with interesting tapes that have gone out in the Middle East about public officials having extra marital affairs which is not permitted in Islam.. Sex in general is not permitted unless you are married. Also, some of them are homosexual and some are having younger people involved. A lot of that stuff is getting out there and they cannot stop it. It is part of the reason why they are trying to cut off telegram in Iraq. People are waking up and understanding their supposed leaders installed by the Order of the Dragon are not true Muslims, or Shiites or Sunni. They are starting to really question what these people are doing.

Who would be putting out this content? Hum, who could it be?

Of course, we know who that is. Who has the Fulcrum? Kim said the backup for the entire social media system is also a control system in this overall system she has been telling us about. That is how DARPA was able to install all those censorship programs. She has a goldmine here and she can’t wait to use it more, except she does have so many other things to do at the moment. But at least it is in safe hands now and she will use it in the near future. The point is there are a lot of different tactics that can be utilized.

The government people who want to stay with the crazy Rothchilians can all move in together because they will all be broke. Maybe they will be in a tent city somewhere all together. Speaking of which, imagine this control system and smart cities, what they could do to a community living in a city like that? Yipes! While we do need technology to advance Kim said we will do it in a much more organic way. We will not be using tech that is going to microwave our brains. That is their way because they need inorganic materials to access our organic beings.

If Government takes the highway, will we notice?

What does Congress do to keep the government running? Are they critical to the survival of the people who live in the United States for example? Are they even representing us? At this juncture and for this audience it is rather comical to even ask those questions. If they were all sent packing the US will likely get better is my educated guess. Like Kim suggested, we could just have websites set up where we all submit our vote directly on a bill that comes to the floor? That sure sounds good to me.

Deep State Desperation

They are still waiting for the crash they are hoping for because of what they believe they would have access to. Lions Gate peaks on August 8th, then wanes down and will be completed by the 12th. There were also rumors going around about the drop-dead date of the RV evidently, probably because any chance they have is over by then. They are buying time until they can figure something out, still running the same savior campaign except with Putin again instead of Trump. But they have no way of picking up the pieces, whereas we do. Kim has been very patient playing the long game here, but they cannot.

The deep state is very desperate and it is becoming apparent to Kim because she received offers of boats, houses, possible husbands, and a few hundred million dollars. Then they upped the game in different avenues and offered her more if she would just work for them or concede to them. It is always them in control and not Kim though. Hum. What’s up with that?

There are still some members in the CIA and the Fed thinking they are going to come through on promises of trillions of dollars and payouts on the RV and those types of things, but when Kim said thank you, but no thank you the people who were delivering the messages started asking questions and doing some research. They are thinking, why would anyone in their right mind not do this, it makes no sense. But from Kim’s standpoint she cannot be bought. Would she like to be on a boat in the sun somewhere? Sure, but not at the expense of planet Earth and not to report to those crazy people.

Kim Eaves Drops on Call Between the Deep State & Her People for a Laugh

She said she was really laughing while watching these meetings because the people who are on our side are just sitting there with stone cold faces, staying quiet, not saying a word. And the quieter they were the more the crazies would talk and they poured it on, the ego stroking part. One particular person who was being offered all this stuff does not have an ego, so for Kim it was very entertaining to watch. Finally, after this hour-long phone call and dead silence for a while the line just went click. When word got back to the Rothschilds this was not going to work they were very upset. I’m glad to hear Kim can have some fun sometimes.

The next thing that dished out some humble pie were all these ancient texts and books they were going through to find out what to expect during Lion’s Gate. None of those things took place on the dates described or within the number of hours given. Why isn’t it happening? Everything happens for us. We are always handed all this stuff. The evil comes to us and we just do the thing. Remember they have a savior complex too.

The Military

There will still be people listening to the Generals because like they said on the call, they have always been in charge under Global Martial Law. That is no longer the case, the GIA is in charge and the people at the helm do not include their names so what will they do next? They can call people and tell them they are with the GIA perhaps. They can try and use Kim’s voice with a modular, but they are too egotistical to give her recognition in the world, so that is not likely and a positive for her.


Agencies have a very short window to make changes. The people with the GIA have been very patient with those who want to follow the cliff walkers. The people at the GIA to know who the snakes in the grass are, the Rothchilian spies. But overall, the agencies worldwide are starting to get a wakeup call. They are figuring out that what they are being told to do is wrong. Some may be smart enough to realize it is not going anywhere. All they get are false promises of payment for an impossible job. They want them to work for free because they do not have any money. Kim suggests they should ask for 50% upfront next time.

The People Are Moving Forward By Ourselves

We are moving forward by ourselves. Kim is re-evaluating currencies and now has the gold back on the front-end. She already had it on the back-end, but with her new found tools she can do lots of things remotely now. She always had the final say but she did not realize they were granted any such access under a master agreement, so they really helped her out with the Restoration Plan. And hopefully, as it relates to the security aspects, she will be able to pay the GIA people soon and they can start taking up some more tasks so Kim can move to other things.


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