What is the Day of Destiny & Meeting Between the Angels & Demons? | Order Tries to Bring Anu Back at Mount Kilimanjaro & Drags Trump’s Dead Body to Temple of the Crystal Skulls | NATO Tries to Take Charge | Prophecy of 7 Sleepers Underneath Kaaba in Mecca About Demons (not Angels) | Kim Minimizes a Number of Attacks on US Embassies Across the Globe with Counter Frequencies | Kim, Now Called Anarchist by the Enemy After Taking Necessary Steps Against New World Order & Nationalizes US Treasury, US Mint & Appoints GIA Administrator for All Bankrupt Nations Under Global Martial Law | Who Knew Heads of State Take a 2nd Oath to the Hidden Constitution Filed in Dark Hall of Records?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on July 17, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim gives us another loaded report that explains what the Day of Destiny was, that it was not operating as intended for a very long time but the Order is expecting big wins on their side and in preparation proceeded to play with things they don’t understand in their quest to gain back control. This led to some damage control and had Kim squelching negative frequencies intent on creating protests and chaos at American Embassies across the globe. She also informs us that the time had come to nationalize the US Treasury Department and US Mint and the Order is beginning to take notice as they endure loss after loss of their power structures. She also informs us about the second oath Heads of State take in handing over their nations to the One World Order and all those agreements have now expired!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



The Order and Those Loyal to Them Are in a State of Confusion

As we are aware because Kim has told us many times, Langley has been separated into many different departments based on who they are loyal to. You have factions loyal to the Order of the Dragon, the Order of the Black Sun, to Bush Senior, the Reaganites, Obama etc. There are many different layers, all compartmentalized, all working towards a different agenda and often times working against each other. It is the same for MI6 and MI5 in the UK and Russia as well. There you have the USSR folk who are on the program of the Gateway overlay and Stalin Line and they really want to implement a world with no God. Then you have some who are loyal to the family of the Czar and want to bring the Czar back. You have others there who are still loyal to the Order of the Red Dragon. But everyone is kind of confused right now because a lot of things that were supposed to happen now did not. Then there was a lot of control over Heads of State with the program Kim exposed last week and they had chips removed so everyone is really confused. But despite all the confusion the Order is still going in the same direction in preparation for the Day of Destiny. Oh boy, another day for them to hope.

They were definitely expecting something related to the Day of Destiny which is not the same Day of Destiny she discussed with us a couple of years ago when the Order had to choose sides. This is about a very old meeting that hasn’t operated properly for a long time. But a lot of interesting developments have been taking place it sounds around the anticipation of events at what she is going to call the Global Media Office. It is a non-descript office over on K Street in Washington DC and is the same office that placed a call on the eve of 911 saying what is going to happen the next day.

Day of Destiny

The Day of Destiny occurs every 7 years in some instances. In other instances, it may occur every 12,000 years, or every 16,000 years and in other ways it occurs every year. It is a very old thing, but what is this really about? The Day of Destiny was a time when the fate of the world was decided and what Kim means by that is what is going to happen over the next several years. And this Day of Destiny would go on for a long, long time until the dark side disrupted the process and took it over completely because they cheat at everything like they always do.

But the Day of Destiny this year was basically the final seal from God itself for the side of the light. So it officially marks the day that we took over, which was Saturday. No matter what they try or what they do this is sealed.

The First Meeting Was Supposed to be Between the Angels & Demons

Kim has given us the background about the meetings that happen every single year that start around this time and then happen one right after another until they finally get to the family levels. Once they get to the family level then contracts would be given to the operatives and so on. That happened sometime around the Harvest Moon. Well, this new moon that occurs today is the day when the first meeting typically starts. Many years ago, the first meeting was between the Angels and Demons, for lack of a better term. It would have been where each one would have gotten respective orders from their masters. Some were on the side of the real God and others on the side of Lucifer or the Dark Overlord. They would talk about the plans for the next year and how they were going to incorporate everyone’s wishes under the guise of balance because we were supposed to have balance. But things have not been balanced for over 250,000 years now because those meetings kind of morphed over the years to a meeting between the Draco, the Mantid, the Abraxas and the demons. No one from the light side had been included for thousands of years. For 16,000 years we had wars in between where the Draco were in charge. They were eventually overthrown but then came back.

So, what did those still left in the Order know about this day?

Well, the Order did know that Anu would come back every 7 years and the last time he came back was 2016 in preparation for the first meeting that happens every year. For eons these people would be the ones who would decide the fate of the world with their master which is the Dark Overlord. So, the Order was expecting a machine or some mechanism to fire up so the demons would awaken, and they would all have a meeting on their behalf. But since there are no covens, no coven masters, no Parents, no nothing, there was no one there to light up this machine so to speak.

The Order’s Operations in Preparation for Day of Destiny

The facility where that machine was kept was in Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Members of the Order and Umbrella Military Corp were all there on Friday and that is why Kim was not on the news Friday. Well predominantly it was because they were emitting some horrible frequencies which were going out to various locations where there might have been a few demons left in stasis. The best way she can describe this machine is it looks like something that was in the first Lara Croft movie which I think is Tomb Raider.

The Order Tries to Use Mechanism to Bring Anu Back at Mount Kilimanjaro

The Order and the Umbrella Military thought this mechanism was designed to have Anu come back and inhabit one of their bodies. I think she said Anu died there or his dead body was actually there in Mount Kilimanjaro. But he was taken elsewhere and you go wherever your soul goes.  If your soul is taken out your body dies regardless of the mechanism you have in place.

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Well, they were all looking forward to this. They do not realize what a little knowledge does which could actually blow up the planet and cause a lot of damage which is why Kim could not do the news Friday. She and her team actually know how that mechanism works while the Order and these secret military people do not and there were issues because of it. But instead of looking forward to Anu’s return they can now all look forward to long conversations with Source and why they are an idiot.

Kim said she gets criticism from some for making fun of the Order but it amuses me. She should do it more. Pointing out their idiocy keeps me entertained while learning about this horror show. Some levity is certainly appreciated by me. And I am not surprised she gets these complaints based on some of the comments I see on my blog. People love to whine about having to pay for UNN when anyone can see the replays for free. Or they will bash Kim for one thing she does not do while ignoring the millions of things she does. By the way I really hope she is making a boat load of money on the subscriptions, I doubt she is, but she deserves it. People love to complain instead of doing anything themselves or they are degenerates and trolls just trying to cause division. But I digress.

These ignoramuses could have caused major damage to the planet because they do not even know what this mechanism does, how it is all connected, why it looks like there are planets and anti-planets spinning around a made metal material. They just thought this was a great idea and it was not. Not at all.

Mount Kilimanjaro was also the base place where Omega used to connect to Earth. For the last 16,000 years the ball in there was full of dark matter, there is no light matter in there and no one has raised on the light side so to speak in a very long period to have this meeting. But that meeting was due to start today and they are still running around to see if anybody comes and if they got their systems back. That is all they think about, are they are going to have power back on the Day of Destiny.

Trump Operatives Then Dragged Trump’s Dead Body to Temple of the Crystal Skulls

While God sealed the deal, the Trump Operatives decided to drag his cold dead body from Bedminster, NJ down to Belize. Oh boy, here we go again. Although this is the last time because Kim said there is no dead body anymore. But they dragged him to a pyramid down there called the to try to see if their experiment would work. Remember the movie Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

They put the skulls in the appropriate order creating the triangle and then put Trump’s dead body inside it and waited to see if the machine in Kilimanjaro would get a being in stasis there to inhabit Trump’s body. She thinks they were going for the ultimate anti-source based on the conversations they were having before departing this planet.

Meanwhile SOCOM or the United States Southern Command was watching these people on satellite down there and watching those in Mount Kilimanjaro because they had a vested interest in whether or not this works. They are still going for it. But they got word everyone is now gone and there is nothing in there that works in either location which made them very angry. But now Kim knows who the crazy hopeless ones are in our military.

The next phone call they made was to the United Nations Security Council and the Peacekeeping forces, which Kim refers to as the Take a Piece Forces. They also contacted NATO and let them know this did not work. They panicked after this happened.

NATO Tries to Take Charge

Well, I guess they were not discouraged because NATO for their part then basically told the US Military that under Martial Law they are in charge. And they have been trying to give orders to the US government based on what Rothschild, the Order of the Dragon not only in China but Russia as well wants to happen, because they all sit on the Security Council. But they are all there not as representatives for their respective countries but representatives for the Order of the Dragon for the countries they represent. And these are permanent members she is referring to here.

Prime Minister of Iraq Tries to Follow Rothschild Instructions

The Prime Minister of Iraq is essentially a Rothschild walking around in a Middle Eastern body. He was given instructions by the British faction to talk to the Scholars in Najaf, which she told us about a few weeks ago to tell them the Order’s pick for the next Ayatollah. They stated they are going to officially announce Khomeini is dead and the Rothschilds would like to have everyone know, including the scholars in Najaf what decision they are going to make as to who the new Ayatollah is. They had a few picks. The scholars basically told this guy they do not need an Ayatollah and refrained from telling them what was really about to happen, they just left it because he was really angry about not carrying out the orders of his boss.

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Then the Prime Minister goes over to Syria for the first time in over a decade and starts meeting people there. Now why did he go to Syria? This is all part of the same Day of Destiny routine. They expected that this particular area that a demon would come out of the mosque on a mountain top in Palmyra, Syria. There were other people in the vicinity, not only from Iraq but from Saudi Arabia and some people you see in the news as kings and prominent figures. They did not actually attend the ceremony, instead they were in a nice air-conditioned place, which in Syria is rare. But they were very comfortably going through their part of the rituals in order to raise the 7 Sleepers.

The Prophecy of the 7 Sleepers Underneath the Kaaba in Mecca is About Demons (not Angels)

The 7 sleepers were demons or beings without a soul in stasis and coincidentally a new terrorist group in the Middle East appears on the scene called the Aṣḥāb al-kahf, which literally translates to the Seven Sleepers.

The 7 Sleepers were underneath the Kaaba in Mecca and this is why they developed some dogma around Islam. Every religion has dogma.  They all have strange things they have gotten us to do. The Catholics for example have confession to a Priest when you can go to God directly with that. Islam is not exempt either. Therefore, the Islamic community is walking around the cube, the Kaaba 3 times, as it is one of the many different things they do in rituals that they perverted because it was tied to the 7 sleepers.

They have been told the 7 Sleepers are Angels, meaning the Islamic community has been told that fallacy as part of the prophecy. They, the ‘angels’ would be raised up. Unfortunately for the Order that day was supposed to be Saturday and it did not work out which has left the whole Islamic community confused. But not so confused to the point where they did not wait for today’s payday. After all, these things they were doing were going to bring back monetary control of the system. Except it had nothing to do with what they were actually trying to do and they knew there were some more rituals to be done at different locations in the world.

Rituals Take Place in Alaska and Ecuador

The next location where they were doing rituals, the things they do with babies and goats and whatnot was in Mount Dinali in Alaska.

The next place was Mount Chimborazo in the Andes in Ecuador.

They went to all these locations trying to do the same thing.

Threats to Attack US Embassies

At the same time on Friday at the eve they were also threating to attack the US Embassies in Tehran, Baghdad, Georgia and Armenia. This was all part of that weird frequency emission coming out of this area. Now most of the grid had been destroyed so only certain areas of the world received these frequencies and vibrations and this ties into why they still keep going. Kim explained the Omega project in more detail last week. Well, the last real orders the Order of the Dragon got from Anu was that they are to divide the world into 7 Settlement Institutions & 7 Currencies which Kim has also referred to as Marduk’s Final Plan, where there were to be only 7 currencies in the world. This was the plan given to them, they did not create this plan. This is also tied into the RV, the dinar the GVC in the Middle East, the AIIB in Hong Kong and all these organizations. All these things were tied to this momentous plan in addition to the transfer of power from the US to China because they need a One World Order.

One of the frequencies that was emitted from the machine on Mount Kilimanjaro was for the whole world to attack the US. The frequency was, the US is evil. It is a frequency that is evil. Most of those programs were shut down but Kim said it works the same way as the Black Widow program. But now was the time they started emitting these frequencies out to crowd control and then people randomly started attacking the embassies in those particular areas because they included some of the fewer areas she had not already been to and cleaned up. So that explains why everyone showed up on Friday and it all started.

On Saturday it was gone because Kim sent counter frequencies with the Alpha system which counteracts that thought process. Therefore, they only got to protest some of the embassies. These are normal people thinking they are doing the right thing. This was all part of the plan and it started to fire up in several places. particularly in Georgia (not the state in the US). Places she noted include Mount Kazbek, Gergeti Trinity Church, the Gremi Church of Archangels and Royal Tower – UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the David Gareja Lavra Cave Monestary. Several different areas around the Capital including Alaverdi Catherdral, and I think the link I found for La Shatili which is a building built in the side of a mountain is what she is referring to. All those different locations were emitting the frequencies into the people which is why they started showing up at the US embassy saying we hate the US.

It is a long story this Day of Destiny.

What people do not realize is the frequencies that were emitted at these locations were supposed to happen all over the world. We would have had mass protests and mass chaos but Kim caught it early enough and that is end of that. But it is confusing when you are from the military and agencies. They were becoming concerned and started sending troops of their own to Syria. The UN also deployed some people to Syria to see if the little ceremony worked, and they got some help on behalf of Rothschild of course.

It didn’t end throughout the weekend.

Rothschild Faction Tells Everyone to Hold Off Until New Moon July 17th

On Saturday they went to all those locations she just mentioned and then they were waiting to see what would happen for a time. Then they went to several other locations to find out if they got anything and resorted to hacking on Saturday and Sunday.

Then they basically told everyone to hold off on doing anything until the New Moon that is to happen at 2:23 today because it can happen anytime between now and then. Yep, at any time we can get an alien coming to save the day or anything. Meanwhile they held a secret meeting last night amongst the Rothschilds themselves, predominantly the British but maybe some Germans and a few others because they do not know what happened. Why did this not work? Why didn’t Anu come back or any Demon come back? The ancient books they follow say it is supposed to happen. So why was nobody raised or inhabited at Mecca?

The Order’s Operations Did Not Work, the Prophecy Did Not Happen

The 7 Sleepers Prophecy did not happen and word started spreading because the NATO and UN Generals started calling the Generals down the street from Kim to tell them they are in charge. I guess they were trying to get ahead of their failure.

Generals Get an Education

They replied with, well wait a minute. The reason they paused is because while all this was happening Kim resent them copies of all the expired agreements related to the United Nations, that it no longer exists and has been replaced by C.A.R.E. (Center of Amity & Restoration of Earth). She resent the Federal Reserve Agreements, the bankruptcies all that stuff because basically the NATO and UN Generals have no clearance. They are not even from a legitimate organization.

Then the Generals down the street started having conversations amongst themselves about what is going on. They had no idea. Either they never saw these agreements before or if they did get them from the Archives office (which Kim said they did), they just completely ignored it because the Order of the Dragon assured them they were in charge, so they should just ignore all that and listen to them.

Kim’s Sunday Morning Phone Call from Russia, Order of the Red Dragon

Kim then gets a phone call from some people in Russia. These people proceed to tell her she is going to transfer the $23 trillion from the US Treasury Department over to Laos and Cambodia. Now that makes no economic sense. Not that Laos and Cambodia do not need the money, they do, but that amount is ridiculous compared to their GDP and economy and it would blow the US dollar sky high and crash it. Not that she would ever listen to them anyway. But they did not make that call to her until they already tried hacking the Treasury Department in the US using a computer in Moscow on behalf of the Order of the Red Dragon. So, they are still living the dream, still on that program over there. At the end of the call they told Kim she is to listen to the UN and NATO generals who will tell her what to do. Oh really?

Then they tried to send the UN and NATO Generals to Durango who were going to sit Kim down and tell her what she was going to do. But they did not even get permission to land. Needless to say, it would not have been the fruitful conversation they were hoping for, but maybe they should have come so they could understand their unemployment situation.

Educated Generals Ignore Education, Decide to Follow the Dream and Not the Facts

The Generals got copies of the expired Treaty of Bogota and a number of agreements that put the UN in charge of countries over countries. Every country was considered under the UN Charter that was rewritten in 1975 that they are a sub-sovereign of the UN. And there were a couple agreements for Europe and Africa which were all handed to them and expired this weekend.

They sat around wondering what was going on for a while, then called their Rothschild boss and told them what they had seen. Well, this started a storm for sure. Unfortunately, after all that they still wanted to continue to follow the dream ignoring and despite everything they had just seen and read. They were going to stay in charge of the US.

Kim then waited for everyone to leave the building on Sunday (I do not know which building she is referring to) but when no one was in there she cut the power to the building, changed all the key access pads and destroyed every database in the place.

Kim Takes Necessary Steps Against the New World Order So They Labeled Her ‘The Anarchist

Also, over the weekend people from the Treasury from both sides came to Durango. So, there are some at the Treasury Department who believe the Order is still in charge and the money she placed there is foreign money, meaning outside the Order and they told that to the people there locally. So, she had to do something in response to this.

What did she do?

Nationalizes the US Treasury Department

She nationalized the US Treasury Department. We know the Treasury Department was not officially part of the Government, but because the people from the higher ups, the Generals in Langley she left it the way it was to see if she could still operate it if it was not part of the US Government for a time, to see if it could benefit all people involved here. But when it became clear that was never going to happen she had to nationalize it.

British Faction Calls Kim an Anarchist

Meanwhile the British faction started doing research on how all these agreements expired and were replaced and how she nationalized the US Treasury Department and evidently, Kim is now on their radar. Before she was nothing, just full of it. They are in charge after all, and they can continue to tell their fairy tale to the whole world. Well, that was until they realized their Day of Destiny did not work out. So, what went wrong there? Plus, now they are getting all these agreements that all their organizations no longer exist and are probably wondering, what else is out there? They then decided to call the Archivists and now they have a list of thousands of covenants and agreements and all kinds of structures that gave them power in the first place all gone.

Political control is going away, media control is going away. All their precious treasures are going away because treasure to them is not necessarily money and gold. That is just a tool for power, the only addiction you can never cure.

Nationalizes the US Mint

The US Mint was also nationalized this weekend because they also had people there and the printing plates for paper currency are also typically made at the Mint. So, Kim had to take that away from them. This is when they started calling her an anarchist, she is leading an anarchy movement against the One World Order, the one world government. No kidding Sherlock. I guess being against the satanists makes you an anarchist now. She is taking all the countries and everything with it, so they are very angry with her, so angry they even mentioned something about her daughter, so she had to step in a bit. Needless to say, they are not feeling very well today after that meeting. And they will probably continue to not feel well if they continue to have a thought process about ever coming near her family ever. They know her daughter is talented in the same ways as Kim. Kim said she was training her since she was 8 years old. Anyway, the long and short of it is that was their plan and hopefully it is not anymore because there will be nothing left of them. But she said soon they are going to start disappearing anyway since they have no connections, no black magic, and no black matter anymore.

Kim Resends the Expiration of the Money Managers of Paper Currency, Federal Reserve and Curator of Currency Agreements

The world has days to go before everybody is fully bankrupt. She is referring to the governments and a lot of structures that belong to them, companies, corporations as we saw in Japan. We will start to see this more and more. These are the big guys she is referring to. Obviously, they destroyed our small businesses during the plandemic and now they are going for, let us just say an even broader situation. They would like that to happen so they can install their fictitious central bank digital currencies.

To further ensure and solidify the fact that this is never going to happen she resent the expiration of the Money Managers of Paper Currency Agreement that took place in February out to everyone to prove to them that is the agreement for the Order to manage paper currency. The Federal Reserve agreement also expired but that was a sub-agreement so to speak to the Order’s agreement to manage all paper currency. That agreement, which she also resent was the implementation of Curator of Currency which also took place back in February which was done by herself.

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Kim Appoints the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) Administrator

Next under bankruptcy, and remember every nation is under bankruptcy as well as Martial Law right now, so Kim appointed the GIA as the Administrator obviously under her direction. When she resent out these agreements to every country in the world people started to understand to some degree, aside from those who will never let go of the dream. What do they understand now?

  • The Federal Reserve no longer has the power to implement FedNow.
  • The Order no longer has the right to manage paper currency anymore.
  • She also sent them a note saying the Federal Reserve does not have the right legally to issue any kind of currency whatsoever, no legal currency anymore to include but not limited to central bank digital currency.

This is running like wild fire all over the planet because people are starting to realize, OMG we might be free.

Now that leads us to another problem which she also intends to solve. The Fed no longer issues allocations for every currency in the world. That task is done by the Curator of Currency who is Kim. Now if people need new allocation numbers to print both physical and digital currencies they must come to the Office of the Guardian and now everyone knows this has to happen.

Do you think that caused a major disruption right before the BRICS meeting when they were going to issue digital currency to South Africa and fake digital wallets that they have paid people all over the world like in Israel to the Mossad, the Iraqis, and the Iranians?

All these people are coming to the conclusion that it was just a dream. Although Iran is still trying to do something, but she expects that will fizzle out when no money comes at the end of day today.

Doing These Steps Now Leads to Paper Currency

The Fed, The Mint, SICPA and Crane Currency

There are only 3 places predominantly in the world that actually print currency. The Federal Reserve prints the currency. The plates come from the US Mint, the ink is produced from a Swiss Company called SICPA which is an acronym for Société Industrielle et Commerciale de Produits Alimentaires and the paper comes from Crane Currency, which is a US company. That all together makes your US dollars and a couple of other currencies. How Is Paper Money Made? (thesprucecrafts.com)

So eventually, now that the US Mint and the US Treasury are nationalized, there is no one who can bother them from taking allocations directly from Kim and it is not considered foreign money. It is foreign to the Order but not to the country. All of these steps are taking place for securing the funding to be there for the Treasury Department, the country and the government to get things moving in the right direction. This also goes for the Americas, both North and South America.

De La Rue

De La Rue is one of the world’s largest printers of passports and physical currencies. They print the Euro, the British Pound Sterling, a lot of currencies for eastern European and African countries, Russia and Venezuela. They are the paper people for most of the world with the exception of Goznak, which is in Russia and does printing. So eventually this situation will have to be resolved as well.

The Constitution & The Hidden Constitution Filed in the Dark Hall of Records

Before she started the next topic Kim prefaced that this is an upsetting topic for many but she is only briefly going to explain something and will be keeping it at a minimum right now.

We are aware that the US and many countries around the world have a constitution and we can find out what is written on the internet. If we are in the US we can go to the Library of Congress where there is another version that you can read. It talks about We the People and how our government is going to function and all related things. How the office of the Presidency and the Congress has the right to do this or that. That is basically the base root for what we see on TV.

There are constitutions for nearly every single country in the world, even constitutional monarchies. Full monarchies have something completely different tied to people who are not our friends. It is what gave the Order the right to control every country in the world and the reason why Saudi Arabia was acting weird this weekend, it is because they are promised they are the real rulers of their country.

The Satanists are the real rules of their country. That is what the hidden constitutions say in a nutshell, the Luciferian Order and these were filed with the Dark Hall of Records for every new land that was created over the years. This was the backing as to why the Order believed they had control of the whole country, soup to notes. The currency, BLM land, and the reason they believed they have the rights to everything.

There are 2 oaths to take as a Head of State, a President, a King like Chuckie. That is the reason they do these ceremonies, because they are giving the power to the Order as the One World Government.

All Agreements in Dark Hall of Records Expired As the Day of Destiny Has Passed

All these agreements were cancelled this weekend and they no longer have any control over things they claim they control per that agreement because the Day of Destiny has passed. All bets are off and agreements are over.

Kim has to tell us this to some degree because there are people in every country who are aware this happens. Most of the Heads of State are aware this happens, most of the militaries, Secret Service, and equivalent groups or different guards and agencies around the world that protect Heads of State have seen these ceremonies happen and they know what it means. Therefore, there is a lot of fear for governments moving forward because of that second oath that they have seen. Kim needs to let them know those agreements are no longer there and if they do not believe her, they are filed with the Archivist office so they can inquire there.

We are going forward, there is no longer that threat, that power, that control not only of the UN, which is the public part of the agreement, but the hidden part of the agreement that existed long before the UN became a thing. And all of these agreements tie to the Global Martial Law Agreement.

Somethings have to be unwound before you can go forward to ensure there are no loopholes, nothing they can pull on us. Kim said she does really appreciate the Order for showing their hand this weekend so she knows what the plan was.

They are probably going to resume another meeting today and have discussions about Kim the Anarchist and she is okay with that. She is referring to the people who took over for the dead Sanhedrin people. We will see what they come up with.

Aside from all the stuff they were trying to do to prepare for the Day of Destiny, she said our side is doing very well. She is still cleaning and clearing and people are flying into Durango like crazy right now. But if they do not move fast enough before the world crashes financially there is a backup plan. She is only concerned about the people and not about those who want to remain deaf, dumb and blind.

The truth is coming out and it will set you free!

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8 thoughts on “What is the Day of Destiny & Meeting Between the Angels & Demons? | Order Tries to Bring Anu Back at Mount Kilimanjaro & Drags Trump’s Dead Body to Temple of the Crystal Skulls | NATO Tries to Take Charge | Prophecy of 7 Sleepers Underneath Kaaba in Mecca About Demons (not Angels) | Kim Minimizes a Number of Attacks on US Embassies Across the Globe with Counter Frequencies | Kim, Now Called Anarchist by the Enemy After Taking Necessary Steps Against New World Order & Nationalizes US Treasury, US Mint & Appoints GIA Administrator for All Bankrupt Nations Under Global Martial Law | Who Knew Heads of State Take a 2nd Oath to the Hidden Constitution Filed in Dark Hall of Records?”

  1. Finally found somewhere to read Kims messages. It definitely sounds like the Cabal is going down! I’m looking forward to Fridays update, because she missed Wednesdays update. I’m sure she’s busy! ✌️💖🌎✨🛸🖖

  2. Joape Baleitamana Vualiku.

    Dear Kimberly,
    Hello and you are most welcome to Fiji and spend a good weekend with us. As we all know that you a such a great warrior for humanity and we really appreciate your hard work. You’re our mighty defender.
    I wish you all the best together with your team.

  3. Rumour has it that your blog is now approved by and endorsed by Kimberly.
    Can you confirm ? 🙏

    1. I missed this comment, so sorry. Kim is aware of my blog and I got her okay awhile back. Thanks for asking. I should probably mention that. PJZ

  4. AshestToAllelulia

    Thank you for your excellent work.

    This gels together, crystallizes, and makes fine points.

    Elegant writing of substance, as always. ❤️

  5. Viliame Devo Tukai

    Thank you for letting humanity know what is really happening. Let us all anchor the light and send positive energy to Kim, the Enforcer, Silent Circle and all those that are helping Kim clean up the planet.

  6. I appreciate your efforts and how you share the back story from past shows. As a relative newcomer to Kim’s messages it helps me to understand the whole picture. Peace and thanks Scotty

  7. All good and WONDERFUL with Source Directing all outcomes I see. Thank you kindly Source and Kim , as us Galactic Folks move forward into the Newness for C.A.R.E . Always appreciate your updates beloved .

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