UN Moves to Create NWO | Jupiter & Artemis Accords Expire! | Kings of the Damned Agreement (Which Had Dead Presidents Popping up Alive) Expired! | Rain Storm Corp, Knights of the Kings of the Damned | FedNow System Using Fake Everything Goes Live, Allegedly | UN Security Council Tries to Entice Countries to Rejoin the UN | Najaf Scholars Report Event They Were Waiting For, Pool of Destiny in Cave of Moses Has Turned Light! | Kim Has Chat with God Followed by a Moses Moment | Kim Officially Declares UN & NATO Terrorist Organizations | That Resulted in 110 Dead Order Members & 86 Generals!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on July 21, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim was busy as usual. She explains the set back that occurred due to the enemy’s plan of implementing a mirror server to fake the FedNow system and get those they lost back onboard. Ultimately it was not successful as more agreements expired, a major event in the Cave of Moses happened and is spreading throughout the religious scholar’s communities and those giving the orders to get the world war going ended up dead due to their participation.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



United Nations On the Move

The UN started moving last week on the United States. They infiltrated the Pentagon, the Treasury, the White House and Congress and were ordering everyone around claiming it was under Martial Law. Then it got worse. The UN infiltrated countries in the Middle East and they were definitely in charge of Russia. That is why Kim got that phone call on Monday from the Red Dragon that she told us about in the last broadcast. When they figured out on Wednesday that Kim was not going to comply all hell broke loose and everything erupted. They started launching fake servers, moving nuclear submarines over in the North Korea area of the world. A British General with the UN was behind the orders given to Sweden to burn the Koran. The same British General ordered the protests outside the Swedish Embassy and he also tried to entice any country in the Middle East to nuke the US. This all was just on Wednesday. They created a huge mess.

Evidently there was a heated discussion on the CARE telegram chat about how this infiltration could happen if the Silent Circle took over the UN.  Well, the enemy came back guns a blazing and kicked everyone out. Kim said we only have so many people working for humanity and this is a war.

Jupiter Accords & Artemis Accords Agreements Expired

There are 2 agreements that were coming due to expire last night at GMT time. One of them was the original Jupiter Accords Agreement and the Artemis Accords are tied to that. It is called the Jupiter Accords, because Europa was the original moon of Jupiter and it was when the decision was made to sink it into the lower astral. Artemis-Accords-signed-13Oct2020.pdf (nasa.gov) | Europa – A Jovian Moon (bibliotecapleyades.net)

The Order of the Black Sun had a 5-year extension allegedly granted to them in 2018 by the Abraxas to continue with this process. They made it out like humanity is not ready yet and you guys have to get them ready to go and inhabit Europa and this whole process was supposed to begin now. But the Abraxas species is no longer existing for what they have done and a lot has changed. However, the people at this level like the UN and Order of the Dragon families do not know that, so they assume this is going to happen and they act accordingly. They are in charge because an alien race of humans told them they were in charge. Therefore, they are going to march forward and forget whatever Kim says because she is not complying, although they do not really understand why.

Kings of the Damned Agreement

The reason why the Rothschilds said that Kim is the Anarchist and reason why she is not complying with them had to do with the Kings of the Damned Agreement. These Kings were going to be the rulers of the New Earth in Europa and they were ready to do their part as of Tuesday. These people consisted of the elder people in the Order of the Blue Dragon, specifically the Rothschilds et al or remaining higher ups, as well as the Chinese higher ups and the Russian group.  Remember we are down several layers now, we are running out of family members, but the ones who feel like they were in power now. They all participated in what they thought would be their new position on the New Earth.

Rothschilds | Balmoral Castle

The Rothschilds for their part went to Balmoral Castle in Scotland where the Queen did her switcheroo and where Chuckie’s second oath happened, when he handed over the UK so to speak. The chosen ones as they call themselves all went to the castle. There is a pyramid on the grounds of Balmoral Castle and they tried to jump down to the New Earth so they could prepare for their kingship of the damned; that would be us humans in this case.

Chinese Elders | Fanjingshan Temple

The Chinese were back at Fanjingshan Temple in China doing their ceremonies to do the switcheroo where someone down in the lower astral comes here and they go down there.

Russian Group | Belarus

The Russians were in Belarus doing their ceremonies but no switcheroo happened. Nothing happened at any of these locations in their favor and all these people or non-people whatever these imbeciles are expired and are no longer with us.

But now Kim knows why everyone is doing what they are doing except all these agreements expired. No one got transported down to another planet in the lower astral last night and the expirations of those agreements were sent out to all those who are left, who needed to know and are still breathing.

United Nations Created Mirror Banking System

To go back to Wednesday, the UN tried to create a mirror banking system using an old line from UNESCO which is why the US had to rejoin the UN. It was cancelled under the Trump Administration and re-upped under the Biden Administration for their participation in the terrorist attack that the US is under since Monday. They were really hoping to crash the banking system so they could implement something else. White House marks rejoining UNESCO, says Trump-era absence harmed US interests | The Hill

The Crazy British General

There were also meetings going on in Iraq with this whole group of people and that crazy British General associated with the UN proceeded to tell everybody the Dark Overlord is coming back and they are going to take over planet Earth. Kim said he started talking really crazy, very woo woo. She thinks he was waiting to hear if the Rothschilds were successful in their quest at Balmoral at the time because some knew about their ‘conclave’. But he specifically gave all his underlings involved orders not to disturb them until at least 4pm GMT yesterday.

Another 110 Dead Cabal Members

By 4pm somebody entered each of the conclaves in Scotland, China and Russia which is when they realized everyone is just dead. Around 110 people in total were at the three locations. Given the fact they gave orders for an Islamic uprising, to destroy peace in the Middle East and to send nuclear submarines, under Natural Law that is considered defense of your life or life of an innocent. Kim was not going to let it continue.

So the information in the news cycle now is tied to the original orders given out before these people entered ‘conclave’. Those orders went to the UN and NATO to carry on while they were doing their demon raising rituals, ceremonies whatever they call it.

The FedNow System is Live, Allegedly

By this weekend this will tie into more orders given not only to the Federal Reserve but to the AIIB – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank over in Hong Kong. Specifically, this ties into the reason why they said the FedNow system is live, but it will be years before all banks can join it.

But it was a nice little server system they did install on Monday in Hong Kong in preparation for the crashing of the global financial system and hence the reason why they inserted a UN General at the US Treasury Department. He said, no we do not need to take the money Kim put there yet, no, not yet, we have other plans.

They had no intention of releasing this money to the United States, meaning for the people, projects etc. They thought we were all going to disappear and taken down to Europa where they could still use us as batteries but take over all of Earth nonetheless. She said it is beyond crazy the things they have done in the last three days.

So, the FedNow system was up and running in part. This was the server system where all the fake wallets are for the central bank digital currencies. Since they finally went live allegedly, it got everyone kind of excited in a few countries they managed. This was the base root behind the UK’s digital currency, the base root obviously behind US dollar, the USDT and USDC was coming from this. There were a few other countries tied to it as well, small deals were being made.

On the flip side of it the digital RMB Chinese currency is at the AIIB – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Indian currency and Saudi Riyal, the Kuwaiti Dinar, Iraqi Dinar and the Rupiah which is the Indonesian currency I think she said was there as well, meaning the new digital currency that does not exist. They installed it in South Africa as well and some of these currencies are listed on Coinbase and you can see them there. The Euro was based out of the Fed. That was their plan.

BRICS Meeting

Therefore, the purpose behind the BRICS meeting that is to take place is August is actually to get as many countries to go as possible. They have about 40+ countries interested in going, at which time they would be told to install this digital currency from the AIIB into their systems and adopt it as their national currency which of course is under Chinese control.

FedNow System, Federal Reserve Ties In to Kings of the Damned

The FedNow system and the Federal Reserve is obviously controlled by the same groups of people that were in the respective Kings of the Damned position, so that is how they tie together. One King of the Damned was going to run one group and another King the other group, but it really would take years before any lay person would have access to this.

Digital Wallets Given Out to Do Their Bidding

They also gave the wallets to other people like the Taliban and various people within Iraq to do their bidding because they are going to be zillionaires now. See everyone, we have done it now! We are a little bit late but see we have done it, we launched it! It is ready to go and your money is going to be spendable by the end of today and you can exchange your Iraqi dinar and pallets of super notes all with us. Then they are going to take back control of all the intelligence agencies and some of the people Kim and her teams have been talking to. It was a plan.

Kim said she was pretty close to completing the process here in the US, of the Congress, the White House the funding of the $23 trillion and she was the only player in the game at that time, but this threw everything out the window.

UN Security Council Holds Meeting to Entice Countries to Rejoin the UN

When they finally went live allegedly with their fake money, they decided to have a meeting yesterday amongst all the countries. Now that the UN had fake servers and fake deposits of currencies from both places and multiple currencies on fake deposits at the World Bank all in place and they were showing all the countries, it was then time to undo what Kim did just 48 hours prior. Remember she had pulled every country out of the UN under Martial Law with the GIA as the Administrator, and she has the right to do that. Every country pulled out of the UN and NATO based on the fact they were going in everywhere trying to take over countries and our financial system.

So, with the UN Security Council at the helm, mainly the permanent members they held a UN zoom call where they proceeded to hear out all the representatives, who were mainly military personnel and part of the Security Council, because remember it is Martial Law so that is who they want to talk to now, the military. They all plead their case and said they were concerned about colonization and if we are allegedly rejoining the UN what are we getting out of it? Nothing because we know their plan was based on this erroneous money that does not exist. Like they had the power to do any of this in the first place. But Kim said they really laid it on pretty thick, acting like they are protecting each country’s sovereignty and telling them how their take a Piece Keeping Forcers, aka Peacekeeping Forces are critical at this time. Look at the war in Russia and Ukraine and how NATO has been so supportive. It is to entice them on how important they are. They went through this whole speech about how important they are to the rest of the world and this went on for hours.

Then Kim figured out what they were doing. The goal is to insert the UN in every country and every country becomes part of the UN which by the way was actually part of the plan that was given to the Order of Dragon several layers down by the person who used to sit in her chair. Once again it is Anu’s and/or Markuk’s Final Plan, the 7 Settlements and 7 Currencies and One World Government right in your face again. There it almost was with China at the head, your one world government.

Behind the scenes there was also talk about alien invasions and how can they get all the countries scared at the same time. Project Bluebeam was discussed; can they use that. Nuclear subs were moving all over the place. Can we create an incident so large the whole world will basically accept a One World Government known as the UN?

Meeting in Erbil, Iraq & Syria | Najaf Scholars

Meetings also had taken place in Erbil, Iraq and is part of the reason we are seeing Syria heat up quite a bit. Many are there including Iranians, Iraqis, US military, UN military including that crazy British General, Russians, Kuwaitis and pretty much a representation of most of the Islamic Republics from the Middle East. And for the first time in a decade there have been talks in Syria between Iraq and Syria. A lot of things we would consider negative, like attacking citizens of the country, moving troops to and from, trying to arm Turkey and Armenia and other countries in the area to do a full-on assault there and essentially cause a lot of problems in the Middle East. It is the reason for the Swedish Embassy issue, the reason for the burning of the Quran. All of that is basically to get the entire Islamic world in an upheaval, but that geographical region in particular. Outcry over Quran burning in Sweden: A timeline | United Nations News | Al Jazeera

But also at the meeting were the Najaf Scholars. The Najaf Scholars told them the last event they were waiting for to move forward had taken place and Kim can now tell us what that event was.

Cave of Moses | Pool of Destiny

Hidden in the Cave of Moses in Syria was something very interesting and Kim called it the Pool of Destiny for lack of a better term. It was essentially a very large cistern of consciousness and plasma about the size of a football field. She said it went very high and very deep through the planes of existence. This is the reason why many talk about the importance of collective consciousness because there it is right there in the Cave of Moses.

The religious scholars, some who can also probably be called prophets can go there and measure it. What they are measuring is the growth rate of humanity. You could also describe this Pool of Destiny as a spark of Source and Anti-Source together in the same place. This pool would determine the destiny of not only planet Earth but also your person as an individual and the rate of humanity as a whole.

The Pool of Destiny was placed in that cave many thousands of years ago and is the reason why they try to have constant war over in the Middle East.

Do you remember the story of Moses? He has a talk with God and the original things he came back with was God’s heart, love for the people and a few commandments. Hum, I do not recall hearing about the first part but definitely the Commandments. But when he returned from the mountain, he saw everyone slaughtering animals on an Alter and worshipping false Gods. He got very angry and allegedly broke God’s heart. In Christianity they say Moses came back with 10 Commandments. The second time he came back, which did not come until later says he had 613 Commandments according to the Talmud, and all those came from the dark side. Moses then gave the people a choice, you want to worship the descendants of demons, well here is how you do it, you have 613 commandments, but mine are very simple, they are the 10 Commandments over here.

Kim shared that part of the story, where the 613 Commandments came from a while ago.

Note: See related post, Moses Tried, His People Said Nah, We’ll Worship Idols Instead | The 613 Commandments Worshipped by Jews Came from the Abraxas | Molecular Level Connection with our Creator Has Commenced for Humanity 7.0! | Curse on Money Officially Broken June 4th | Part 1 | Just Empower Me

Essentially this choice created free will versus wisdom. We had the right to choose the light or the darkness. Remember the wolf that wins is the one you feed. If you were being negative and killing people and at war and doing all the things they tell us not to do, you are obviously feeding the dark side of the pool of consciousness. If we had ever gone completely dark that would have been our destiny. The universe would have become completely dark. What they were doing was affecting everyone. I assume Kim means those who were initially in the desert, who choose to worship the false idols set the path for everyone. Over time, because of all the wars and negativity and the fact we live in fear and lack and are never satisfied with what we have, that we do not always appreciate our families and we often get angry when there is no reason, all that contributed to the dark consciousness virtually taking over all the light.

The Creator and Fallen Angel Lucerne Made a Deal

There was way more dark consciousness than light on this planet for a very long time and this deal was originally made between the Creator itself and the fallen Angel Lucerne. They agreed to implement free will and sovereign will and it was the peoples choice which one they picked and collectively as a group. Those people in the desert affected everything that happened in the decision-making cistern so to speak. I personally think Kim is telling us those in the desert who set the course for everyone were the Melchizedeks.

But for the last 10 years since Kim has been doing this job the darkness has not grown. Despite how many wars they created and everything they did there is enough people on the side of the light on this planet that stopped the growth of the dark section in the cistern, this pool of plasma. And it got to the point where Kim and her team could then try to fix the computer systems and try to stop the UN and all the things she has been doing. So much is being fixed all at the same time.

Kim’s Chat With the Creator

Kim then said she needed to pause a moment and have a chat with the Creator.

The Creator asked Kim if she thinks they are ready.

She told him with the way things are it is impossible for us to have a true sovereign choice. Our governments are bombing us all over the place, the UN is trying to take us into a one world communistic government where we worship them as gods. They are about to sink all us light beings down into the lower astral. We do not have a fighting chance. They manipulated all our minds, our bodies, every single part of us and even lied to our soul. How do we have a fighting chance?

The Creator then asks Kim, do you think they will come to know him?

She said, I think they will.

Then she sees what they are saying on telegram and thought uh oh, maybe she made a mistake. She quickly followed up with, just kidding though. I’m glad I didn’t catch that thread on telegram and I don’t know what she was referring to aside from the little she shared, but it sounds to me like she had a Moses moment. Here she is talking to the Creator of All about whether the people are ready and she comes down from the mountain so to speak and sees the people complaining, losing patience, and not acting appropriately.

Despite that though she said she ultimately has faith in all of us but she thinks we just do not know what we do. We have not had an opportunity to know what we do; she really believes that. She thinks once we clean everything up and people stop living in lack and fear then maybe we can be nicer to each other but it is going to take some time clearly. Everybody wants drama and to be fair the UN propaganda machine was in full force last week. They picked all their special people in the Alt media and here we go again, Kim is an AI, the Bubba people and Trump ‘Duck Dynasty’ people as she nicknamed them, all these people were firing at her like crazy for four days and not just on social media, people tried to show up there in Durango. She said they will not take her out because she is a battery, although a different kind of battery for them, as are most of the few thousand people still fighting this fight. Again, I assume she is referring to the Melchizedeks, because these people are a different kind of battery for them and there are some rules even they do not break. But that does not mean they are not going to try to discredit her and do all kinds of stuff.

Overlay Was Removed from Pool of Destiny on Wednesday

Wednesday before all those meetings she talked about is when that overlay was removed from the Pool of Destiny and the Nasaf Scholars know it. A lot of others like them from different countries all over the world who also have the original old books she talked about also know the signs that indicate the light is now in charge. So, they did their very best to convince the UN, the crazy British General touting the Dark Overlord is coming back what has taken place. There were other people in the room who are very religious and understood the meaning too and they were like, wow that is happening, then they kind of stopped listening to the crazy UN Brit and the crazy Americans.

UN People Ignore, Decide to Fight God Instead

The UN and the Americans who were there in that meeting still marched forward and agreed it was okay to have a small terrorist attack in the US. Just a small one but enough to give us a new Islamic terrorist group here, but they need everyone there to get on board. That was the purpose of this meeting and the reason the Najaf scholars went was to stop this from happening. They knew the crazy Brit ordered the burning of the Quran etc., and they are well versed in real history. They knew what was happening and where the orders were coming from which is why Kim said you could almost call them prophet-like. They have the sight and she would not doubt many are from the Melchizedek line based on the amount of information they have and what they have been waiting for which was all passed down to them from generation to generation.

Najaf Scholars in this Meeting Were Successful

So, it seems like nobody at the UN meeting wanted to create another Isis or Islamic terrorist group, so the scholars in Kim’s mind in this meeting were successful. No terrorist attack was agreed on for the US to get a real world war going.

Kim also reported that others like the Najaf scholars have seen the signs. There are monks in Russia and China who are not compliant with the crazy people and there are some different groups in the North American, South American, and African continents that have this information as well. Now they have realized the light has won because there is no more dark pool of consciousness in there. It turned light and they can physically see that and can measure it if they go there.

So, in a nutshell, all these meetings by the UN were just to sell more lies to get participation for the One World Order, the ID 2020, etc.

Rain Storm Corporation | Knights of the Kings of the Damned

Kim shared some information about the Rain Storm Corporation group which was formed under Umbrella Military Corp. The original implant system that was designed to work together with the ID 2020 program came from them but they did not create it, it was given to them by what she called the Knights of the Kings of the Damned. In other words, lower astral beings gave them the technology and had them set up the implant stations.

Rain Storm Corporation – ACIO Official (acio-official.org)

Those stations tied to this implant system were in the Cathedral of Santa Ana (El Salvador), in a temple in the Seychelles Islands, Senegal, Africa, and I think she said Mayan Ruins at Tazumal. Those were the main implant stations for your ID 2020 program. Many sites are UNESO sites and very old. Either a building was already there or it was a site where major massacres happened, or a location where important religious figures were murdered. By the way, these chosen ones, the Kings of the Damned included former US Presidents and that is why JFK Junior is suddenly coming back according to the Q crew. They are all going to pop up alive again and be your master.

The other things they thought would come back today were the surveillance systems that were provided to groups like the NSA and Langley to form ECHELON which was created by Enki and Marduk many years ago in the lower astral and they had lost connection to it. They thought they would get it back and it also would have come with its own set of implants.

The Fed also had a system they lost in the lower astral, the Money Management AI created approximately 500 years ago upon the issuance of the first currency ever. They thought it was coming back and is the reason they announced the digital currency yesterday. By the way, today at 10:57 EST is the last day of the Solstice’s influence. It did not exactly go in their favor despite their attempts.

Kim Officially Declares the United Nations and NATO Terrorist Organizations

Because of the all the havoc the UN caused, the potential for nuclear war, etc., Kim had to formally declare the UN a global terrorist organization and enemy of state for all the reasons she just told us. She also did the same for NATO for their participation in the Middle East and potential attacks in Georgia. Once that was done it gave her the right to hunt down the 86 generals and their cohorts like dogs and as of this morning all 86 generals no longer exist. These were the ones who were predominantly at the head, those who gave orders to kill people in the last week or so and/or caused enough of an issue like the potential launch of nuclear weapons by North Korea on the US. When no one in the US would do it they went to North Korea who finally said alright we will do it. They are Rothschild people, the descendants over there and thought they would also become Kings of the Damned.

They were expecting the Abraxas to step in next along with the Draco and begin humanity’s demise and movement to the damned section, which was Europa, but nobody came. They tried calling places in CERN and caves in Idaho as they were contact places at one point but no one answered the phone. Wow, if they still believe the Abraxas and the Draco are still around, we must be at a very low level.

But the agreement for this expired at midnight GMT. The ones who were dissatisfied with the results are dead. All those in conclaves at Balmoral Castle, in China and Belarus and the 86 generals who participated are dead. Those still alive who are dissatisfied and do not believe the scholars can be dead too if they choose to continue.

Today’s Informative UN Meeting

There was another UN meeting planned for today around noon. Kim said someone who is not part of the UN but she thinks from the US did attend and informed everyone they are all dead, that we are not doing this and why we are not doing it. They even called in the scholars/religious prophets to attend and share what they had learned in Erbil, Iraq. So, the scholars are doing their best to teach the world what is happening here and Kim is thankful for those who are protecting them.

In Conclusion

Kim had yet another very busy week. She had to remind us (due to that disturbing telegram thread I suspect and her Moses moment) that we are still at war and that we must make sure the oppressed do not become the oppressor. Remember we won once before only to end up losing because that happened. She emphasized that she does not want to see anyone infringing on someone else’s freedom and rights. Please try to treat each other and her team with respect, understanding and patience. We have been under attack for 3 billion earth years. She understands we are still paying taxes and hopes that does not continue past this year but, give her a break.

She does have help. We still have those millions of visitors she told us about in the past helping us, plus a few humans, the Council of 5, and the Universal Council. All these groups of people and non-people are participating. But there are some things only she can fix and it is just her against thousands of them and many are not even human. We are still fighting a real war folks, but a lot of positive things happened too.

So to add my own 2 cents, let’s remember all the wins and keep things in perspective. A lot has been done in a very short period of time in the grand scheme of things.


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  1. We all want to help and we can (we are already very special people).
    We are able to hearing and understand Kim’s words along with the the words of the Creator….
    There is roughly 6,000 of us.
    (Why is it, such a small group of people have this Ability).
    I believe this group was placed here
    To help others. There will be a time when people will need help Understanding, how and why the 🌎 world changed, but most of all who Source is….Source asked Kim a simple Question 🤔 will they come to know me ?… We must believe this question is not only aimed at Kim but at all us as well…. ( Through Kim He talks to all of us) We must continue to learn so we can help others.
    Wisdom is power, We must use this wisdom to spread source’s message when the time is right. By being there for others, when it will take wisdom to change ❤️ hearts and minds and answer the question of who truly is the Light 🙂

  2. Kim’s conversation with God was very poignant and beautiful. We are all feeling so tired and worn out right now. Kim is right about the Trump and Kennedy families. We the people do not know how to function without leaders, and yet how many leaders do not betray us? It’s always about the money, everything that’s going on right now, the ghastly atrocities, how do we change ourselves? Kim is right, we’ve been infected at every level.

    1. 🙂 I have no doubt we are all part of the plan not just kim.
      We just need to keep learning and understanding… And one day Source will light our path or Task us in a way we have not yet come to see….we are 6,000 people
      Bless to hear the changes going on and I believe that’s for a reason.

  3. Andrés Díaz.

    vibrar hacia la 5t dimensión es el reto que nos elegimos nosotros mismos antes de reencarnar, muchos recién despertamos, otros están despiertos y están cansados, otros están frustrados , sin embargo no es a caso la experiencia que elegimos.???…gracias por compartir esta información sobre Kim…y aquellos que se quejan de las suscripciones…en verdad desde Venezuela leo en forma gratuita este blog y otras páginas de muchos canalizadores , es mi propio discernimiento lo que me hace encontrar la verdad …que si tuviera que ver los video de Kim se me complica por la traducción…así que le doy las gracias a la IA de Google por la traducción significa que hay mucha más cosas en la luz que la oscuridad… sin embargo que hace más ruido en sector aquellos de buen corazón o los otros.

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