The War for Control of Earth is Officially Over! | The Creator & All His People Now Own Earth FOREVER! | Each Continent Had a Mechanism Indicating the Status of the War & Today Earth’s Destiny Was Revealed | Operatives Waited for Instructions from Dark Mirrors Which Did Not Come | Stop Gap Measures in Genesis Program Left by Marduk Fizzled Out | Zero Point for the Multiverse Moved Back to Source | DEATH & WAR NO LONGER PAY | NOW THE ONLY THING THAT PAYS IS PROLIFERATING ALL LIFE!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on July 24, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim gave us GREAT news today and very disappointing news for our enemy! It is Earth’s Destiny Day and she has returned to our Creator and all his people on the light side! She gives us the background on mechanisms that were keeping score on each continent, that Marduk had fail safes in place if it got this far and is why the dark side still anticipated the win. What will they do now?

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Today is Earth’s Destiny Day!

Last time Kim talked about the destiny of humans and the pool of consciousness in the Cave of Moses which is in Syria. Well today is our planet’s destiny day. Who will control Earth? Will Earth be under the control of the dark or the light?

7 Gauges of War | One on Each Continent

On each continent there is a little mechanism that kind of looks like a gauge but is more antiquated than that. If you were to look at it from that perspective it resembles a metronome. The gauge reflects where we are in the war for planet Earth. On the left side it was dark and on the right side it was light. It was provided by the ‘Others’ to some member either of the Black Sun or Order of the Dragon and it would probably be in the hands of Umbrella Military Corp or one of these people.

That little dial had been moving and edging towards the dark for a long time. Then it kind of went to neutral, but then it still would hover back and forth a little bit. About 10 years ago the gauge was hovering in the neutral zone and then it would move more towards the light. But as long as it still did not hit and stick at the bottom of the right on the light side, those on the dark side thought they still had a chance at control and ownership of planet earth.

Based on all the events that have been happening of late it finally hit the light, literally 15-20 minutes before Kim started this broadcast. It is no longer lingering and everybody knows or will know shortly the war for control of Earth is over. All 7 of these devices show that it has stuck down all the way on the light side which means now it just stops, that is it. It is over and done and evidently the losers are doing a lot of yelling at one another.

The Dark Mirrors

Every year so many days after the latest new moon marked the day when the crazy people would go to get their orders and instructions through the Dark Mirrors. This would happen every year. Last year it was within a day or two of today and Kim reported on those Dark Mirrors. The crazy people were in Coney Island, Italy and Spain where these mirrors were. She removed them but left one that didn’t work in Coney Island so they would all gravitate to that area, which they did.

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So, to step it back, the ‘Others’ meeting would take place first and then the orders would come down and that was through the Dark Mirrors. The Coven Masters would go to one of these 7 locations in the world to the Dark Mirror to get the orders and instructions. The Coven Masters would then pass them down to the higher-level operatives, like Umbrella Military Corp, Delphi etc. This would happen every year like clockwork.

Well, the last time this happened without them lying about it was 2019. There came the orders for like Covid and war and money and contracts came for those types of things. So, from 2019 to 2022 it was all hypothecated lies. Then last year none of the remaining coven members and coven masters made it back and whoever replaced them because Kim took all the dark mirrors out except one or two and she got them all in one fell swoop, meaning they went back to Source. What we have left now is a bunch of operatives thinking today is the day they are going to get their contracts.

She then gave us the real story as to why they thought that was going to happen this year.

Trump Lies Have a Long Shelf Life

The dial on the 7 mechanisms had not totally reached the bottom on the light side so they thought there was still a chance they won. Actually, they were all expecting it to happen. Since the gauge had not yet been flipped to the bottom the war had not been called in their mind and so they were expecting to get orders this year.

So, everyone is in Durango today because it is where the contracts used to come, at least from the American side and probably some contracts for around the world would go out from there to everywhere else. This was the biggest city for the Order of the Black Sun on the planet, it was the headquarters combined with Cheyenne and probably NORAD in Colorado Springs. The Trump operatives are there, everybody who hate Kim is there, meaning all those who now understand what is really happening to them because she is the one who told them so I guess they hate the messenger because she was right. She told them they were fed a bunch of lies, the repeated payout days, contracts that never come and payouts that never happen. Why did they hold on so tight?

They were all under the impression when it did happen in 2019 that it was Trump who got it done. She does not know how many times she heard that from these people. But it was not Trump, it was Kim who transferred money for the budget and Trump took that money and fulfilled contracts instead to continue with the plan for the Order.

Kim has explained how that money came from her and the 10-year extension to us a few times.

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The Safety Zone

Kim has not provided funding since, so there is not any money there. For the operatives who really wanted to continue and Trust the Plan, well they are very angry at her right now and are all down the street from her and talking about doing bad things to her. Fortunately, they cannot do bad things to people in the Safety Zone. She is thankful for that and lucky to be there for that reason. If they break that rule and Kim gets hurt or killed, they break that rule globally. That means it would be utter chaos there. So, it is not any love for Kim that rule will not be broken, it is more for themselves. But she also has her own self defense systems in place and she could call for help from the Enforcer if she had to.

Operatives Run Around Planet Looking for Remnants of Genesis Program

For the last couple of days leading up the Earth’s Destiny Day the operatives had been running around the planet looking for remnants of the Genesis Program. Why? Because before his death Marduk put a lot of stop gap measures in play for what is happening now. These stop measures are not so much a day or time but more of a sequence of events that were going to happen. If ‘x’ happens, then ‘y’ will happen. So, it is like a pocket of time set to release on a certain day, which did happen to a very small degree based on some remnant that was laying out there.

There Were More Balls Like That Found on Kilimanjaro

Kim talked about the ball on Kilimanjaro, but that was not the only one, there were seven in total probably tied to these gauges. A smaller version of one was taken to Georgetown near DC and one at NASA’s Stennis Space Center | NASA in Mississippi. Another one was in California and one in China. They did activate for a short period of time. So of course, they thought it was on, a turn of the tide at the last minute and they were going to flip the gauge the other way.

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Because there were rumors started based on information Marduk had given them almost 10 years ago, if they ever got to this point, he put enough in place so this will never occur and it will flip back in their direction and they will control Earth once and for all.

To be fair there was a lot of setups there, but since Kim had dismantled a lot of pieces to the puzzle over the last couple of years it just kind of stalled out. It was like a car that started for a second and then just died. But any kind of signal in their world is a good sign. They started rumors that everyone needs to go to higher ground, there is going to be a pole shift, we are going to have an apocalyptic type event, 10 days of darkness and the moon is going out of its orbit. That event was due to happen yesterday and if you are watching this you will know that did not happen. But they started putting fear in all the people who started moving forward with Kim about this event that did not actually take place.

They were all sitting and waiting for the dial to hit bottom, waiting for their payment, their orders and instructions and contracts because they believed they now “run the world.” And if they won, instead of payments being tied to our birth certificates it would be our death certificates. That was a special settlement from Mae Wa (aka Lilith) had this been successful because it obviously costs money to run the world and repopulate with the few of us who did not die today. That is what they were looking for while sitting around down the street only a half hour ago.

But as far as remnants left of the Genesis Program we had small cylindrical satellites, those kinds of things, some around Mars governing war because we were going to have a war today, right? Well, they were hoping. The Orion people who used to follow the Orionites talked up a good game, but nothing happened. And the use of black magic against us should begin to fade without any access to dark matter. We probably still have some bits of dark matter here but not a lot and how they can affect us as humans should fade out eventually.

Earth Belongs to the Light!

Officially our side owns Earth today, meaning Source and all the people who are on this side of the Creator owns Earth! We are officially in charge today!

It all started back at the end of January with the G.O.L.D. Agreement and Source Calling the Ball. It was all over at that point. But the crying, meaning she had to clean up the planet, beings in stasis and all kinds of crystals and dark towers and everything she could find to ensure there was no access and no more entry. She found some remnants over the weekend but pretty much the door had been shut already so there was very little affect here. To some degree at zero point in Earth if there was something there, be it a cornerstone or whatever and there was something on the other side that had been tied to it, like a dead man’s switch it would have caused a disturbance a little bit. But there was nothing that came from the lower astral to here anymore.

The Losers Have Been Notified

Someone called with the bad news and told them it dropped and that is the end. They have been notified it is the end, that is it. There will be no future contracts, no money should they continue to play on that side. There really is no reason to play on that side because there is nothing left. As long as they saw that dial bouncing, they thought they had a fighting chance. And given that never in the history of Earth had it ever gone to the bottom on the light side they were expecting to win. Failure to return to balance gave them this.

Sonny asked if there will be anyone on their side who does not know about this gauge, that it went completely to the light side less than an hour ago?

Kim said there are a lot there in Durango and they have been notified that for the first time in billions of years it has stopped. The many who are there in Durango consists of the order givers and order takers, the 15 shadow military corps and on down from there, general to general, and next level of operatives. She didn’t say definitively that anyone on their side wouldn’t know, but it sounds like they all should know where they stand now.

Zero Point for the Multiverse Moved Back to Source As Well

Kim explained in the past about the energetic vortex, when she drew on the whiteboard all the planes of existence in the lower astral up to the upper astral. The energetic vortex center is where all points meet which was in the direct center of the null zone. Then you also have the center point of null zone in your solar plexus. That is where all the swirling energy or your torus goes right to the center of your vortex, where you soul meets your body which meets Source. That is your direct connection right there. Then they divided the planes of existence in your body so you looked like you had something disrupting your energy flow.

Well Earth had the same thing as did the multiverse. So right there at that center was the crossing point between the dark side and the lower astral to our side where we live and will continue to live forever more now and that is great. That zero point was moved back into Source. If you know the structure of a tesseract you have a cube within a cube. Inside the smaller cube in the center is where Source is. And on the outside, you have different planets that make up the 8 points on the cube on the outside in the 3rd density. Zero point is in effect now complete when it moved from in between the two sides of the multiverse back over to Source and then matter is created by meeting that energy. It is kind of like a light from a flashlight and you can see it comes out like a big cone. This is quantum physics and science.

The Existence for the other side (lower astral) is not possible anymore!

So, if zero point is back there, then existence for the other side is not possible anymore. Everything else that was in zero point is now back in the center of Center Sun and the Heart of Source has returned to Earth so to speak, because there is nothing left in Earth’s zero point. It is like that reconnection of the soul of Earth, just like you do with the soul and yourself back to Source without interference.

The Black Goo Box is No Longer Needed

By the time we got to this point today there was not a lot left of anything and why God called the Destiny of Planet Earth today. Now there is no longer a need to record the information on what Kim calls a black goo box. A black goo box does not necessarily mean dark AI. It is just a compilation of metals of that color which holds tremendous amounts of data. That was what was driving that little gauge. It would record every move made on the chess board, then it would tilt it one way or the other until it finally stopped. So that went away because there is no reason for it anymore. It was decided, the Destiny of Earth.

FedNow Failed | Death Settlement is Never Coming

The Fed tried to install the FedNow system all weekend and that did not work out. The Fed and the AIIB which is the Order of the Dragon in China and the US too were promised to be paid by the end of the week. Don’t worry they have the death settlement coming. They order givers did not say that to them but that is what they were expecting to happen. The death settlement is based on how many deaths they created this year and it depends on the head. Until today, if they could kill someone on the light side, which I believe Kim is referring to a Melckizedek, then that earned the big money.

Death and War No Longer Pay, Going Forward Only Proliferating Life Pays

No longer does death and war pay. The only thing that pays now is to proliferate life, preservation of all life. It is why Life Assurance will pay out because the more we can preserve all life and are in accordance with nature the more money comes out. The better we do the better the system does and we get rewarded for doing good and that is how money will be generated for alleged governments and those types of things as well now. And that all changed today. Today is the day! As of today, the more they take care of the people, the more the money comes.

What Will The Enemy Do Now?

Kim said she cannot lie, there are some lives she would like to see go that are still kicking around generation after generation, they just keep going. But she has no idea what they and the 15 shadow militaries are going to do now that they lost. Are they going to agree to work with Kim or are they not going to do that.

Guilt and shame are the lowest vibration on the planet. We all have gone through this stage at one point or another. We say to ourselves, I cannot believe I did that, I cannot believe I worked there, I cannot believe I thought that. But you cannot fault yourself and some of these guys, those believing they are the ‘white hats’ are going to do the same thing. It is going to take them a few days to realize that. Unless it is an ego thing, Damn! We lost, now I must commit wrath on the blonde lady! or something to that effect.But that is not going to undo it and make them win now. There is no going back, all roads lead to the blonde lady and the people now.

Kim Will Have to Handle a Negotiation with the Losers

It is Kim’s job to negotiate in a way the losers will understand. She has to be realistic and talk real numbers and real things. We are a diverse world and horrible things have gone on around the world to humanity and there are going to be people who are not going to know how to exist. We will still have people who are going to want to lie, cheat and steal so we are going to need global security for at least 10 years. Kim has talked about this numerous times. And now the more they do to protect lives the more they will get paid.

We are going to have crazy people for a while and those who lean toward that side just do not know any better. We have a lot of education to do. What has been done to us has been totally unfair. But everyone who has held and anchored that light, all the warriors out there have done a tremendous job. Even our police officers and military, those who are actually trying to protect the people that is. For that we should be thankful otherwise we would not be here.

Operatives Playing Trump

Each operative who is playing Trump was promised a billion dollars in the future, that is why they keep up the façade. They are all part of Umbrella Military Corp and they were all waiting for money today and they just realized it is never going to happen. A lot of Alt Media people too were made promises. To them this is just another job. That is what these people do, they take contracts and do jobs for people based on a promise of x amount of dollars. They have done this their whole life. Some of them think they are doing the right thing and think they must toe the line, save the line. I guess those thinking they are ‘white hats’.

So, are we willing to pay a billion dollars a head for these people to stop lying?
Is there some happy medium in between?
Sure, but Kim did not hire them in the first place.

But how much is that worth, to stop lying to the American people? To the whole world? It has got to stop. All this baloney in the media about Trump being arrested again and Trump going to jail. The reason they say that is because the first time they did it they made over $3 million dollars in one day from donations. That is a money maker right there and all the operatives are trying to make money in the meantime. They are making a lot of it too, look at all the merchandise they sell as well. They have probably made many millions already, probably hundreds of millions.

So how much is it going to take to stop it? That is the question. These are all things to consider is all she is saying. We do not like these people, they have done horrible things to humanity and she understands that, but how much is it going to cost to stop?

Sunny commented that it is like negotiating with terrorists so how can you trust them? Kim said you never trust them ever. She would give them a task and they must complete it A to Z. If she sees them delaying, they will die. For example, announce Trump is dead, have the whole state funeral and every step in between. If they do not complete the job they do not live. She is not their friend here, they do not share the same ideals and thought processes, but do we continue allowing for things to be done using a dead man’s voice? When that voice makes a phone call to China, Iran, Israel, what happens? So, who is working with the terrorist here? See what she means? What kind of decisions will they make? These are things to take into consideration.

Is the world going to die if orange people continue to be played by third party entities on the promise of a billion dollars tomorrow? Well, sometimes yeah. Wars have been started. People have been bombed. Countries have droned other countries because a phone call was made by that voice. So, do we let them continue or decide the world is a better place without them. Do we wait until they leave at least 6 miles from the Safety Zone? Kim is okay with that. This place is like Hotel California for her, they can check out but they cannot leave. 

They have been this way their whole life, they were raised this way. Are you going to change that? Who knows. She is just here to tell them the truth. What they do from here is up to them. 

What Does this Mean from a Restoration Standpoint?

Kim has worked her butt off. She has 700 pages of notes that are just bullet points for the last 2 years. Those bullet points do not include what it took to get there, what it took to be there. It does not include all the time the Enforcer has spent and this fleet and all boots on the ground to at least get Earth to the point where she was able to be restored.

The final phase of restoration is about the way we do things in the world. It is going to take a lot of education and a lot of time to change. To change the way our factories work, change our energy sources, to change of lot of things. And unbeknownst to John Kerry and the Climate Change people we do affect the climate of the planet. It is not caused by plants. Kim said fifth grade science photosynthesis is definitely not how it works. It is going to take time to learn the truth.

We who know more than most of the world need patience. Kim has told us blow by blow, play by play, day by day the real-world situation report and now the world is a changed place and we just need to get on with fixing her.

I know she is very tired and has not slept in three days and is really glad it is over. How can we ever thank Kim enough for all her hard work. It has been a heck of a ride the last few years.

In the end is the beginning, and in the beginning there was only light,
Personally, I never doubted it!


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  1. I am sure everything will be fine. kim told us it will take time for all of us to awaken – kim also said it will take time and help from the people for the transition. we all stick together – we are more! the creator and kim will stand by us!

  2. If all this is true then surely Kim should be mainstream and all those “useful idiots” should be paraded before the world cameras to explain themselves. The truth of our reality and our world has to come out. Otherwise humanity continues to be pawns in a big man’s game played by privileged “elites”. By virtue of our existence we have the absolute Divine right to know God and the truth. It is not for anyone to decide what we should or should not know. How else can we evolve as Spiritual Beings connected to Source? There are enough good hearts in the world today, enough true leaders who will support those who are too traumatised to have know the truth before now. “Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe”, no longer holds water. In fact, it’s a self imposed curse on the mind. It’s Sanatic. Incidentially, do we know what becomes of Lucifer?

    1. In the beginning of 2023 I listened to a person vlogging “predictions” – Bits I recall was she said….. “sovereignty and freedom, lots of chaos and confusion, awakening and decernment. We had to get to a place individually and collectively where we did not know what to think or believe anymore. So we were forced to awaken. The only truth is within ourselves. We will eventually get to the point where we are our own navigator. Then there is Going to be a no name that will come on the scene that will be a powerful player, politically. This person is known by some and has strong male energy, but can be a female too. This person has been around but it will be boom, suddenly she will be there. The impression of this future powerful player is good. This person is really going to help and make a huge impact”. Kim immediately came to mind for me.

    2. The problem is that most people are still looking for a “Savior”. Thus the huge support for Trump within the alternate media etc. The elites are obviously controlled opposition, including Juan de Savin, who is thought to be JFK Jr. (John John). Nauseating.

      1. PS: note that Trump is ALWAYS asking for money. Juan O Savin is asking people to please post bumper stickers and signs in support of Trump, as in the same dialog he interprets the Bible for us (appealing to the Christians) while letting us know that he is in touch with the power players, is himself a power player, designates us regular people as outside the realm of those who make the decisions. Nauseating.

  3. Andrés Díaz.

    lo más interesante y a la vez frustrante es que desde mi punto de vista, hay más despierto de lo que se cree, formó parte de un grupo familiar principal de 8 hermanos que ninguno se atrevía a hablar de su despertar y de las cosas que hemos leído, comprendido y entendido… mayor sorpresa que una pequeña conversación entre dos hermanos fue una pólvora que hoy todos entendimos que habíamos despertado … y ha Sido un intercambio de información que nos permitió armar este rompecabezas de experiencias creadas por nosotros mismos…gracias a la persona detrás de este blog y gracias a los herman@s de la federación galáctica y gracias a mi Yo Superior que me lleva de la mano a mi propósito más alto de la fuente que todo lo es.

  4. This is great news but you can see these sleaze balls forming new ways to gain control and threatening people with bankruptcy if they do not adhere. I would be very obliged if someone can make sure that Kim gets these 2 videos. I am very concerned about the United Kingdom B Corporation movement: and also What the WHO is really doing: . I would like to thank Kim for everything she is doing for all her hard work she is a dynamo and I like what she is saying and doing we are on the same page. I respect her office and her position. Thank you for typing out the report. it means I can send the information out to people who do not have a subscription. If anyone reading this is subscribed to UNN on Telegraph can you please pass these videos over to Kim – thank you & God bless

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