Marduk’s 5 Year Extension to Bloodline of Solomon Expired, But Never Approved in the First Place | American Generals on Side of UN Try to Seize Power & Die Trying | Abraxas Agreement with Dark Overlord for Ownership of Earth, ‘Batteries Included’ Expired | So US Naval Generals Try to Submit Agreement for Ownership of Earth & Die Trying | General Michael Flynn Makes Surprise Visit to Mara Lago to See if Trump is Alive | Don Jr. Calls Tom Melville With an Insulting Proposition for Kim | GIA Orders Arrest of Baby Eaters in Treasury Department | What Was the World Government & Who Were the Humans of the Future – Really? | Source is Always Right On Time!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on July 26, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Well, like I suspected we still have some non-repairable humans who refuse to give up the dream, so Kim had more cleanup in that area. She also informs us about the 5-year extension Marduk gave his brood which also ended, even though it was never agreed to by our Creator in the first place. But another major agreement between the Abraxas and the Dark Overlord which got very twisted over a billion years ago also expired so that was a long time coming. She also talks about the World Government and the Humans of the Future, who really were the Humans of the Past, that family who sold us all out, yes, that would be the Abraxas.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Marduk’s 5 Year Extension to Bloodline of Solomon

Back in 2012, unbeknownst to Kim, Marduk had issued a 5-year extension to the bloodline of Solomon which was approved by the Dark Overlord. However, Source never agreed to it. Therefore, it was not in the Hall of Records on Kim’s side. But that did not stop them believing they did have a 5-year extension. The extension was not effective until December of 2018 but it was granted on the 24th of July in the ‘Others’ meeting that would have happened at that time. Knowing they were not going to be able to implement their plan in time they went ahead and entered the agreement, ratified it, the whole thing. That day, 5 years later was yesterday. It expired 12:01 midnight GMT and they did not understand that 12:01 meant the night before.

First Agreement | Renewal for Solomon Bloodline (aka Order of the Dragon)

So yesterday because it expired, the Blue Dragon, or Rothschild family names et al in London tried to submit for another ruling of the Solomon Bloodline, which is known to us as the Order of the Dragon. It was done at one of the sites of the old Dark Mirrors that are not there anymore and they were hoping for an approval. When they did not get anything at the Dark Mirror site they went and submitted it to the Archivists.

Second Agreement | Renewal for Solomon’s Demons (aka Order of the Black Sun)

The second agreement they applied for renewal was for Solomon’s Demons which is known to us as the Order of the Black Sun. They thought they were going to buy themselves more time. Kim thinks they asked for 10 years if she remembers correctly.

Kim Rejects Both Renewal Agreements

Then Kim had to have a conversation with herself. Hum do I want to have this happen? Well, I worked really, really hard as Guardian for the last 10 years. Whether they agreed or not her position went firm in 2018 according to our Creator because that is who she signed the Guardian Agreement with. That agreement entailed getting rid of these people, to pull them out of power at the very least and to turn the world around and implement the Restoration Plan, which is also approved and ratified in the Hall of Records. So, her answer would be a No. They really just don’t get it do they? They were also told by the Archivists their original agreement was not even official and they have not been the Guardians since 2018.

Chaos Then Ensued at the United Nations

Between that news and the Order of the Black Sun’s response there was total chaos yesterday. The United Nations was going crazy, everybody was up in arms because they had been lied to by all those Generals, especially the one in the Security Council from China.

They were also expecting their own settlement yesterday because you get paid for being the Guardian. They were hoping for that money to come back so they could nanny us again on behalf of Lucifer, it is the Order of Lucifer. Obviously, that did not happen either. And no central bank digital currency was issued either but that did not stop them from trying to reinstall the FedNow system the second they submitted the extension agreements because they just assume everything works out on their behalf.

American Generals on the Side of the UN Try to Seize Power

Also, yesterday some American Generals on the side of the UN showed up in Durango promising not to create chaos. But they tried nonetheless. They walked up there demanding Kim do whatever they say. They claimed they own this place and they were now in charge. They tried to tell the Treasury Representatives who were there that they are in charge of the Treasury and that Kim is out. They started trying to push aside everyone who was there. Well, that did not work out well for them, not at all.

General Michael Flynn Gets a Reality Check

Kim said General Michael Flynn has gotten a lot of information lately. Although I thought Kim had told him weeks if not months ago Trump is dead, that man he believed so much in, but nonetheless I guess he was told again. And he wanted to verify for himself which is a good sign, so he took a trip down to Mara Lago about 48 hours ago because Trump was supposed to be there. Well, the operatives from the Umbrella Military Corp, affectionately known to Kim as Duck Dynasty because that is kind of what they look like, would not let him in the door. They did not know what to do because it was a surprise visit.

I had to give you the visual

But not letting General Flynn in was enough confirmation for him because he knows Trump very well. Why would they not let him in the door? They did call him later though and told him if he wants to come now, he can. But it is too late. The Duck Dynasty also tried to get General David H. Berger who just retired onboard with them. But General Berger gave no response either way.

Still, Many Are on the Trump Train Despite Knowing He Is Dead

There has been a lot of talk about bringing Trump back in the alt media and there is a lot of people who still would like this to happen even though he is dead and that is because of the operatives. The operatives would like to have their power back so they can continue to sell Christmas ornaments and hats. That is Kim’s guess.

Don Jr. Called Tom Melville With a Proposition for Kim

Oh, and she forgot to tell us in the last broadcast that Tom Melville got a call from Don Jr. last Saturday and offered Kim money. Yes, he did, because they were supposed to be getting money on Monday as well, just like all the other operatives. So, they offered her money to work together with them again. After some swear words she said, are you nuts? Offering her a few million dollars does not quite cut it when her 2% administration fee for all the funding she gave to the government during Trump’s term that he stole from her was nearly $100 billion dollars.

But this is kind of ironic, karma if you will. Of the $100 billion that was supposed to be Kim’s administration fee Trump handed out a small pittance to the operatives that work for him now, the Umbrella Military Corp and then some of the other militaries too. The rest of it he decided to pocket in offshore accounts under Ivana’s name. She was heavily in charge of a lot of his corporation, especially when he was President, which is why they would talk. It was Ivana who built him empire in the beginning. Yeah, Trump’s father was part of the Order as well and there are certain rights and privileges extended to members of the Order of the Black Sun, but she did a lot when she was alive.

So, is there any coincidence, any correlation between the day Ivana died last year at this time on July 22nd? Hum, just a couple days before the day contracts were to go out, she was murdered?  Were they trying to get their hands on money they stole from Kim that was squirreled away in those offshore accounts? Kim would say yes, they were. They promised all the operatives they would have that money but that did not happen. That money in the offshore account disappeared at that time. Kim was not going to let them get it ever. And that is when they began selling Trump merchandise. Kim is sure Trump still had his own money and money he and Ivana had together, but remember Ivana tied everything up in a will that lasted about 50 years. So, no one got anything including the kids because she knew what was going on over there.

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That is what is going on in Trump land. They do have their alt media people still saying he is coming back and that money and contracts are going to happen. Everything you hear in the alt media is based on the success of the Order of the Black Sun and their control mechanism, which they thought they were originally going to get from the Dragon Family.

Abraxas Agreement with the Dark Overlord for Ownership of the Planet, ‘Batteries Included’ Expired

Flash forward to today. Another agreement expired 2 nights ago and that was the Abraxas Agreement with the Dark Overlord for ownership of the planet and all the souls on it. It comes with inhabitants, batteries included.  They had ruled the planet and assigned the Draco their positions of management, the lords of the land so to speak, but technically in their minds the Abraxas was the owner.

A few billion years later that agreement finally expired because at the time it was agreed upon it was based on different pretenses that were definitely skewed over the years, especially agreements between Source and Dark Source. It was supposed to be security, gate management and a lot of things and it was not any of those things by the time we got to a billion and a half years ago. So, this gave them the right to loosh us and create havoc and do a lot of things in the grey zone that were not technically breaking the agreement but they definitely were. So once that expired the Order of the Black Sun, Solomon’s Demons so to speak, did not get what they wanted yesterday.

US Naval Generals Agreement to Own and Control Earth

Therefore, some US Naval Generals thought it was a good idea to go to that San Diego Naval Base again in California, deep down into that bunker where there is nothing left and they tried to resubmit another agreement. However, this time the agreement stated that they would like to take the place of the Abraxas and own Earth. Kim has watched these people run operations for years now, and seeing them down there she was wondering if they truly are missing some brain cells. What happened to these people because they are not chipped? What makes them keep doing this? Everybody they know who does something evil to the planet dies. So why would they go? Kim had another talk with herself. Hum, does she want to give ownership of Earth to these crazy people? Nope. We are kind of done with these people running earth and being cattle.

When the Abraxas Agreement with the Dark Overlord expired Kim declared Earth as a sovereign being itself, under the Destiny of Earth. We are not here to own earth but to cooperate in the natural process of restoration of all us including the Earth.

And that was the end of that.

US Government | GIA Orders Arrest of Baby Eaters in Treasury Department

This update is mainly about the US at this moment in time because the ‘people’ who are working behind the scenes who decided to work with Kim have recently gotten the list from her of those who eat babies and work at the Treasury Department. And there may be some in other government positions that are seen and unseen. In other words, people who are not in the news necessarily but you can see their pictures on the Treasury website and different places. Those who received Kim’s list are part of the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) and they ordered the arrest of these people with the US Marshals.

Everyone has been notified about what is really going on. That they were lied to by the Fed and in turn the Fed has been lied to by the Order of the Dragon, the world has been lied to by the Chinese Golden Order of the Dragon and that there is no central bank digital currency coming and the clock is ticking.

It is now the 26th of July and the government will be completely broke in just days. They borrowed from other countries, little bits and pieces to keep the lights on and there has been some money donated to the cause while they waited for their agreements and alignments and new moons and big meeting that was supposed to happen. And they are waiting again, until 1pm today. Why? Because they sent a bunch of Navy Generals down to the San Diego naval base, about 6 levels down and they are waiting to get something from that. Except they are all dead now.

What Was the World Government Really?

Additional cleanup has been going on behind the scenes that has to do with the remnants of the ‘humans of the future’, that is what they were called as well as the ‘World Government’. Kim said she talked about this 3 years ago and caught a lot of flak for it. She talked about the origin of the World Government and who they really were. By humans of the future, they mean technically humans of the past, human version 1.0 which was actually the Abraxas.

In certain places on this planet were causal overlays or causal plasma filters which allowed them to project from the 5th density to the 5th plane here on Earth. This is what they used to call the Utopia and the reason why a lot of people go missing. For instance, these large plane crashes that may or may not have happened like the Malaysian flight. The people are taken down and are servants for humans of the future. They travel back and forth between the 5th plane here and 5th density there. That was your World Government. It was also sometimes known as the Planetary Congress. They have not been here since 2020, although they had influence until their death. And the Order of the Black Sun thinks, well they are all dead so let us do it now, we are the bloodline of the Abraxas therefore should be kings of the world. That is why they thought they had power to do things and take over. Since they are descendants, or rather splices of the Abraxas they feel they are superior human beings to us. Well, if we have proved anything correct that is not the case. Kim said they look like haphazard hooligans with the way they operate. In Kim’s observation of these people their ego and quest for power overpowers critical thinking and they do not know how to run a planet. Just because they are descendants does not give them the right to anything. We are moving into a world where we do not care who you are related to. If you are an organic human you qualify. If you have a great idea, a great plan you qualify in this world. We are here to do this together. These people cannot get over that, they cannot let it go.

What’s Happening With The People Who Are Left?

Non-Repairable People

If they are dumb enough to keep doing this like those Naval Generals in San Diego, then they are considered non-repairable because you cannot fix it. They are organic humans and no longer have chips and they are not superior in any way, shape or form. They are just people. We were all lied to and the amount of ego is directly related to your ability to accept that you have been lied to and that things are not going to go the way you thought. Can they change direction? For some they cannot. While others just do not know because these people were not read in. But a lot are starting to get read in and starting to see the real picture here while there are others who are still on the fence.

Fun Fact: Speaking of non-repairable people, Kim made a comment about Elon Musk at the beginning of the broadcast regarding his Twitter rebranding to the letter ‘X.’ She said in ancient times the’ X’ was the symbol of the soul and the hour glass is the symbol of extinction. Elon really likes X, look at Space X, the other name he is associated with. So, she is wondering what he is trying to tell us.

I check in with Hugo Talks every week as he has interesting but short video clips. He talked about Elon Musk back in October 2022 and had a follow up on July 24, 2023.

Hugo Talks

Repairable People

The non-fence walkers, those who already digested their plan is not going to work have seen the amount of money in the Treasury and transfers of spendable cash out of the various accounts. They know it is real and they have spent small amounts of it. They also know the 10% in the GIA is there and real because they spent money out of that account as well. So, they know it is not a fake server and not Chinese people and any of that. They have been doing a lot of back work to prepare to make sure no one steals the money and sends the government in the wrong direction and cause a nuclear war. They have been very strategic and very careful and Kim is impressed with these people. They are very good at what they do.

Having Faith in Our Creator

Source is always right on time. He never shows his hand or gives the information ahead of time. You do not know what is going to happen and what you are doing is walking essentially in faith. And Kim had to add that he makes her look smart.

The wisdom behind what she has been witnessing is that just when you think everything is going to fall, within 48 hours before if falls apart, everything is right there for you.

She asked that all of us who talk to the big boss in whatever way, keep assisting us in the manifestation of an abundant overflow because the more of us that believe in what he is doing here the faster this is going to go, and you must have 100% faith in the Creator that it will always work out for your best and highest good. And remember, we are not asking for money here, we are asking for the things we want as the direct result of the energy. And be thankful, gratitude for where it came from is important too. Remember we did it together with Source because we are co-creators.


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  1. Thankyou Kim and God bless you for all you are doing for humanity and our new way forward.
    I think the Trump support continues due to his promoting of a better future as MAGA and its really the MAGA concept people are still embracing which is a good thing – to have so many good people wanting a good future – and nobody else is promoting a good and prosperous future. DJT is the public figurehead of living a life in freedom and eliminating the swamp, and until Kim Goguen is a wide and publicly acknowledged figurehead then MAGA will continue as it is currently.
    When Kim can safely come out of the shadows then MAGA can move on out of the picture – but until then not many people know about Kim and what shes doing so their hope clings to freedom to live their lives as DJTs MAGA promotes. Every DJT MAGA supporter is clinging to the only public entity available right now and this is why its important for Kim to come out of the shadows some time soon – and before the 2024 US elections.
    Lord have mercy and please help your child Kim Goguen to do Your will. Thankyou Jesus. Thankyou Father. Thankyou Holy Spirit. Thankyou for setting the good captives free. Amen.

    1. Yeah, I agree with you Barbara. Kim has to come out of the shadows now and become mainstream. Everyone has to face the truth, like it or not, otherwise we’ll never evolve to become cosmic citizens as part of creation.

      1. I completely agree with both of you. Something major from Kim has to be seen to get the MAGA’s off of Trump. The people need to see to believe…

    2. I agree with Barbara. Kim needs to come out of the shadows. Trump and RFKJR are both hugely popular. The people want leaders.

  2. Kim is waiting until Source Creator gives the go ahead. Like she says, she doesnt know all until its time. I guess its to prevent chaos. Drip by drip people are learning of Kim. just like that she will appear on all screens and we will all witness this. September might be “fall”. Stay blessed all you good ones and especially to this blog. Would be good in book form to re-read. “all good things come to those who wait in patience and trust” Sunny greetings.

  3. Andrés Díaz.

    gracias por compartir, uno de los puntos importantes es que atraves de la historia siempre pero siempre el cartero es el que matan, o en mi caso que soy mesonero, si la comida no es del agrado del comensal la culpa es es de.nosotros, dicho esto, Kim es la suma de todos nosotros, la fuente que todo lo es , comentado por ella, solo le dará las respuestas en el momento justo y en la hora indicada, digamos que es un reflejo de.nosotros mismos, hemos encontrado respuesta en la misma medida que hemos vibrado a una dimensionalidad más alta… nosotros al despertar nos aterramos de nuestras propias experiencias y la locura de este planeta….. sigamos solamente sosteniendo la luz que está al final del camino…somos co creadores de nuestra realidad … significa que nosotros somos Source.

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