Kim Wins Battle for Gold Against Lucifer’s Wife | Which Body Was Lilith Inhabiting? | Karat Consortium Trust Agreement Expires! |Ivana Trump’s Karmic Legacy | Insights from Agency Guy Juan O’Savin | Pelosi, Not Your Average Politician & Not Your Average Mess

This Special Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 4, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this Intel update Kim drops bombshell information as usual. Demon Moon God Lilith finally found and is dead, which means Kim wins the Gold for Humanity and it’s no longer cursed with dark essence. More on the mess the Operatives are causing for the Trump Family, Pelosi’s mess and how war with China was diverted, and more.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Juan O’Savin’s (aka, DARPA Member #107) Interview

Kim started this update by showing a clip from a video of David Nino Rodriguez interviewing the man in the boots (aka, Juan O’Savin, DARPA Member #107). The points Kim was trying to ring home, at least what I got out of it, was the fact that Juan essentially admitted he’s an Agency person and he explains how they work by saying something along these lines….there are 3 letter agency people who are willing get other 3 letter agency people into office – to become President or Governor. The second point derived from the interview is about whether a particular person in power, regardless of which agency group they are from, is ready to give up power. It’s all about ’timing’, when is the exit of one actor to take place so the next actor can enter the stage.

Juan O Savin with David Nino Rodriguez. (
We are Down to the Operatives Level

These operatives are running programs that were written for them. Their up-line ran programs written for them, and so on up the chain. Except today, all the up-lines for these operatives are gone. Therefore they are trying to run operations themselves and it’s really becoming quite evident they are not good at it.  

Like Kim said, this has been a major breakthrough year for all of us, because we are now down to the Operatives level. Politics was designed as a show from the outset, to give us all the illusion we were participating and give us the illusion we had a democracy. Now the show is breaking down and at a rapid rate.

04-08-22 United Network News Kim Special Report (

All this resigning we’re starting to see really means that it’s time they exit the stage as stated above. Their message, their platform, their face isn’t believable anymore. These actors brought out what needed to happen based on their up lines’ instructions within their respective camps (when they used to get the instructions). They never make these exit decisions themselves.

There are different groups within the Agencies which are aligned by who they are loyal to. Some are with the Khazarian/Rothchillian group, others like the CIA are split up by Farm Groups, such as the Reganites, Bushites, Trumpites. They could be from different sectors of the Agencies too, like the SES, Space Force, or SSP, etc. So Pelosi is with one group, Trump another group, and the Biden thing yet another group. They are told what to say about everything. Pelosi, for example didn’t make the decision to go to Taiwan on her own. And if an actor dies before the program is finished they just keep it going. We see this happening every day. Now we even have a more detailed description of what ‘die’ means which is their last usable clone is no more.

The Trump Family Shit Show

The shit show going on in the Trump family these days continues. Ivana passed away and the eulogy information was leaked out by a reporter which wasn’t very flattering to Ivana.

Reported details of Donald Trump Jr.’s unconventional eulogy about his mother. He remembered how Ivana showed him “what Eastern European discipline was really all about,” recalling one incident when his mom spanked him with a wooden spoon after his sister, Ivanka Trump, blamed him for breaking a chandelier. 

Many on Twitter weighed in on Don Jr.’s eulogy, as it was not a traditional funeral story. “If these are the kind of memories I leave behind when I go to that big farm in the sky, I’ve failed as a parent and decent human being,” one user commented. “Imagine, at your funeral, your child speaking about the times you beat him until you were exhausted,” another tweeted.

However, the most unusual eulogy for Ivana seemingly threw her famous family under the bus was from the former Nanny

Source: The Unusual Eulogy For Ivana Trump That Seemingly Threw Her Famous Family Under The Bus (

According to Kim the burial on a golf course was all about Ivana’s control over everything. Remember she updated us on the fact that Ivana was the executor of Donald’s will and really ran the show. Refer to my post, Headline News in 1918 | Who Created Communism? | Did their Savior Anu Come Back from the Dead Yet? | About Ivana Trump | Asian Assassins Called In | Where is Solomon’s Temple#1 | Part 1. Ivana is the one who created the Trump brand. Well after she died they found out there were a lot of contingency clauses in Trump’s will that she the executor of. Ivana told her son Eric she will live until 120. And she will, at least theoretically.

The Agency group behind this operation thought if they removed the executer of Trump’s will it would clear a path to the next executor. However, what they failed to check out before they went through with their plan is that there is an extremely long line of executers, attorney after attorney etc. If they were good operatives running the show they would have checked that out first. Instead, they are now stuck with what Ivana left them, which is quite karmic.

Although I admit I’m not sure where Kim was going with this regarding the burial plot and leaked information. Maybe she was saying these operatives were pissed so they put her in a modest grave and tried to slander her memory? I do think it is characteristic of spoiled children who didn’t get their way, which probably makes up this crew of wingnuts who ran this operation.

Pelosi’s Mess

Why did Pelosi make such a mess? Well her handlers are also not very bright. While she’s an arrogant and cantankerous old woman, Kim said she is a little different than most politicians. She pushes when she doesn’t like her handlers and she actually made it all the way up to the ‘order giver,’ which is kind of unheard of because they are usually isolated. The ‘order giver’ usually gives orders to another General in China who then gives those orders to all the other agencies around the world.

Nancy Took Orders from Some Old Chinese Woman

So who told Nancy, the Speaker of the House what to do? Well that would be an old Chinese woman. And since Nancy is especially arrogant, self-entitled and greedy she was determined to bring home the gold (that this Chinese woman ‘promised’) by herself. After all, Nancy believes she is at the top of the food chain.

So at the same time Piglosi was flying over to meet with the old Chinese woman, the same Chinese woman also gave orders to the China deep state and whatever other groups of Agency people needed to be involved, to run all the drills. Then the old Chinese woman sat back and clapped at her hands admiring her own handy work.  

Chinese Woman Dead | War with China Diverted

Kim said we almost could have gone to war with China. She and Tom Melville, who is part of the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA), were on the phone all night talking to people in China. They had to explain to them what that Chinese woman, who lives in their country, orchestrated for Pelosi to actually be there. That she was promised wealth beyond her imagination and whatever it was she desired would be given to her.

Fortunately, Kim and Tom were successful which led to an early departure for Piglosi when she got information that her dream wasn’t going to happen. Nancy tried to call the Chinese woman herself but no one answered. Why? Because she the Chinese woman is now dead. The Chinese woman’s second in command, General Tsu (no idea of the spelling) told Pelosi what happened.

Will the United States Go to War with China in the Future?

No, neither countries want to go to war now because Ma is dead. General Tsu (spelling?) tried the ‘fake it til you make it route’, but the orders he gave out had zero benefit. China is very happy that the old Order is not coming back, at least the majority of them.

Nancy Pelosi mocks China in ‘avoidance of conflict’ speech (
Wanna Be Queen of Microchips Pelosi Left Empty Handed

So the arrogant Piglosi had no choice but to leave empty handed, which is in stark contrast to what she believed before arriving. She was actually under the impression she was going to control the world’s microchip facilities which are in Taiwan. She made a lot of promises to the Taiwanese government when she was there talking like an idiot. Essentially she was claiming Taiwan was going to be her business partner. They are going to run the world’s microchip supply and she is going to be their queen of microchips!

And just like Mr. Powell did a few days earlier on live TV, Pelosi made a lot of promises which she is going to have to fulfill, but can’t. Congratulations to them both for losing all credibility with everyone they made those promises too!

So Pelosi is now just Pelosi again and her handlers have told her to keep doing the Speaker of the House gig, say this about lockdowns, monkey pox, or whatever, until they can figure out what else to do. There are many people in the US, in opposing Agency groups who wanted to get Pelosi arrested when she returned. Would that ever work? Kim said no it wouldn’t. Why? Because it’s not in the Agency peoples’ code of ethics, the puppeteers, those people who run them. That’s why she wasn’t arrested.

So that is what happened with the war with China that wasn’t. Well, the good news is Nancy is on her last clone now. What will they fabricate next?

Karat Consortium Trust Agreement Expired

Over the last 2 weeks, since the 19th of July we’ve had some very important agreements expire and a lot had to do with soul contracts. The major one Kim mentioned was the Karat Consortium Trust Agreement. Essentially it stated that ruler ship over the ‘security’ of the gold belonged to a certain group of people with dark essence. Those people were supposed to make sure the light essence never got into the gold. 

How Does the Karat Consortium Trust Agreement Affect Us?

Once the agreement started expiring, the dark essence which provided ‘security’, which we know just means control of the gold, started dissipating. Kim expected that it would complete very soon, only taking a couple days due to the alignment on August 8th when we’ll receive an enormous amount of light essence. It’s been gearing up and there will be a crescendo around that time. That day is also known as Lion’s Gate.

Attached to this agreement are many other ancillary agreements like soul consecration. That means committing our soul to hell or to the dark side for ‘our security’. Another ancillary agreement had to do with everyone being cursed with greed if you were to utilize this gold directly and not indirectly through them. This is one of the 7 deadly sins which are real things.

This Agreement Was Related to the Moon God, Lilith

The moon is not a rock, it’s a megastructure, so it’s actually a ship and it was ruled by dark essence for a very long time. Kim told us recently it is associated with Lilith the Moon God and there is more to that story. It turns out if you are the one who is supposed to be the head of the Satanist Karat Consortium, then you are the one who is inhabited by the demon known as Lilith, the Moon God, otherwise known as Lucifer’s/Satan’s wife. Kim used both names as the husband so I assume they are the same awful entity?

For several years Kim has been fending off the dark side from using the gold and they have been fending off Kim by not being able to use it.  Every time they tried to register this gold with any market, exchange or anything like that, Kim would kick it out and say hey you owe us trillions of dollars. Depending on where you are in the world the amounts would vary, but they were all ginormous. For all of Eastern Europe it would amount to approximately 4 quadrillion that they owe us. For the US they would owe us quadrillions of dollars to use the gold as well. This is because they already leveraged it, and I think many times over.

Who Did Lilith, the Moon God Inhabit?

Kim knew she was fighting this Lilith thing all along, but she didn’t know which person was inhabited with Lilith in this whole grand scheme because there were so many possibilities. Finding which one was actually Lilith, in order to free the gold was quite an undertaking. Now on their side, they also needed to find Kim if they wanted to issue money against the gold. So it’s been this battle between the two of them. Kim is looking for ‘it’ this Lilith thing and ‘it’ is looking for Kim.

So who was the mystery person? Well now we know that her name is Mae Wa (not sure I am spelling correctly). Kim said in China and certain circles they called her the ‘Ma’. For lower end agency people, they would know this person as “headquarters”. This Ma character is the one who has driven everything from the plandemic, to almost war with China and its orchestration, on the promise of gold coming to you wingnuts. This is the entity who sat back and was clapping her hands enjoying all her handy work.

When Russia announced it was going to the Gold Standard, it was because of the deal they made with Lilith. That agreement expired and was the basis for why BRICS formed. All these things that were taking place over many years happened because this woman had been driving all their buses.

BRICS is the acronym coined to associate five major emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The BRICS members are known for their significant influence on world affairs. Since 2009, the governments of the BRICS states have met annually at formal summits

Kim has been battling with the liens on all the assets and they have been battling us people and controlling governments all over the world. This Lilith demon signed an agreement with over 200 countries telling them they were all getting the gold come the 8th of August.

Perhaps my past post on Russia, when the thing playing Putin appears to change direction and states they are moving to the gold standard was not because their 1008 year agreement expired and they decided to change direction for the better, rather it was because they anticipated the demon Lilith to come through and make good on her agreement? Huh, well that actually makes more sense than believing these mind controlled slaves saw the light. See my related post, 1008 Year Agreement b/w Russians & Carpathians Expires – Prompts Putin to Change Direction? | Russia Lifts Sanctions Related to Food Security | Are IRS Accounts Disappearing? | Why is the Cabals’ Money Vanishing? | Humanity’s Birth Certificates Find New Home in the Alpha System | Part 1.

Did I Find the Body Inhabiting Lilith?

This is pure speculation on my part, but I might have found the one who goes by this ‘Ma’. I happened to be trolling my favorite site, the Senate ( several weeks ago, before Kim updated us on this demonic Moon God, and I noticed a new face added to their Society Members page. It was an old Chinese woman. I figured she was probably one of those infamous Chinese Elders that Kim brought up many times, and they were propping her up to continue the carrot chasing. But maybe this was actually the one who inhabited Lilith?

Update: This character was another piece of work, but not where Lilith was hanging out. See my later post for more on “Grandma’, Latest Wannabe Chinese Queen Now Dead | New Black Sun Head Dead Too | US Rolls Out Welcome Mat for China | US Government Gets Help to Traffic Children from Texas Rangers and US Marshals | Marduk’s Plan Says 2022 is When it’s All to Be Completed | Just Empower Me

Lilith? Were You in there?

Two Women Duel for Control of the Gold & Cash | But Only One is Believable?

The dark ones who still remain and understand this major ‘win for humanity’ are having a hard time believing one lady could do all this, get all the cash and the gold. So Kim said she deliberately leaked to someone, all the information of what she accomplished to obtain the new agreements, the cash, the gold, etc. Well it got to DARPA, probably her intended destination. They actually did run an intelligence report on Kim, which is funny, because Kim automatically gets a notification for the approval (she does sit as the head of the GIA). She released the approval to run the report on herself.

They got the report and overnight they actually did an analysis to check if all these changes actually took place. The next morning they called the one who leaked it and they told them, yes they checked everything and it was all accurate.

The funny part is they still can’t believe that one lady could do this all by herself. While at the very same time they believed some old Chinese lady could. Why is this so unbelievable to them? Well we know with the Creator in Kim’s court she can’t lose!

Archivists Make Global Rounds

To add more icing on the cake the Archivists did global rounds (on August 2nd I think) of releasing all of the agreements/expirations/new registrations (that the ‘meek’ are in control of our own souls). We no longer need the dark to control our soul, our free will is our decision. We are no longer cursed by using gold directly, etc. The fact that Kim is the Guardian of all the cash and the gold is registered in the Hall of Records.

Kim also knows everyone the Archivists visited because she is the one who made the list and sent it to them. She also knows all the couriers sending the information to insure they get it. She’s is making extra sure they get no instructions from any Lilith beyond the grave.

Where Do We Stand Now that Humanity Won the Gold (Thanks to Kim)?

All of the gold belongs to the side of the light, it belongs to Earth itself and serves as a benefit to those who live here and anyone who passes through. While she is the Guardian of the gold, she does not own it.

What to Do with the Gold?

Kim being the Guardian of the gold said she has no intention of using it to start wars. Nor does she want to control anyone’s country with it. All she wants to do with it is the Restoration Plan. She wants those who are left across the board to restore their respective countries with it. To the people who are going to be in these meetings coming up and mentioned below, know there are trillions of dollars in contracts that can go out. You can start as soon as the essence clears with the gold.

August 6th | Collaborative Meeting Schedules

For the first time, a meeting has been scheduled with the CIA, DOD, NSA, DARPA, Foreign Militaries and Agencies around the world. These groups never sat in the same room and collaborated before. Who knows, maybe they will discuss all the people who were removed in their respective groups and see a pattern. Maybe they will finally figure out the money, the 100s of billions they’ve been promised for so long will never come.

The Federal Reserve & Treasury Department

The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are to have a meeting as well. They are still giving instruction to Central Banks. Kim said there are rumors The Alliance is in charge, but that too is expired. There is no contract and that fact can also be found in the Archives for every country affected by the Federal Reserve, which is pretty much all countries. So come Monday, maybe they’ll realize the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, etc. will still be broke unless they decide to talk to Kim. Or maybe not.

To Pelosi & Her Handlers

Regardless of how much Pelosi and her handlers want to continue with lockdowns etc. and to hang on expecting orders to come out after the Harvest Moon, know that no one is up there anymore. If you are from the Agencies and you want to continue to take orders from those who have failed, go right ahead, but don’t expect to be here much longer.  

Number of Operatives Expected to Decrease

I’m speculating on my own here, but t doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there will be less in this group. While not many want to continue playing the game, there are still a few 100 people who don’t understand how the game is really played. There are a few loyalists left who are still shocked it sounds. They can’t wrap their brains around the fact that no instructions are coming.

So to those dark ones, loyalists, you are on the short list and probably should make educated decisions going forward. The Order controlled both sides, but that was in the past. Who controls both sides now? That would be Kim, Ground Commander and Guardian. She asks self, ‘do I want to do this for the Restoration Plan?’ she answers self, “Why yes I do!”

It’s hard to get in between that chain of command… just sayin!


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