1008 Year Agreement b/w Russians & Carpathians Expires – Prompts Putin to Change Direction? | Russia Lifts Sanctions Related to Food Security | Are IRS Accounts Disappearing? | Why is the Cabals’ Money Vanishing? | Humanity’s Birth Certificates Find New Home in the Alpha System | Part 1

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on June 17, 2022 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this post, intel updates center around the expiration of a 1008 year Agreement between the Russians & Carpathians which may have turned some Black Sun Russian Generals around, the expiration of the 1972 Armistice Program, the failing Famine Horse of the Apocalypse, the fact that IRS accounts are disappearing and the Cabal’s money is vanishing now that our Birth Certificates find a new and better home in the Alpha System.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Why Did Russia Lift Sanctions Related to Food Security?

1008 Year Old Agreement between Russians & Carpathians Expires

June 17, 2022 was a very important day for the people of Eastern Europe, as a very old agreement expired. This 1008 years old agreement was made between the Russians and Carpathians, who were very heavily tied to The Destroyer or ultimate Black Magician. The expiration of this agreement was particularly important to Russians and why today’s speech by Putin at the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg on June 17, 2022 was very significant.


“A year and a half ago, speaking at the Davos Forum, I once again emphasized that the era of the unipolar world order is over, I want to start with this, there is no escape, it is over despite all attempts to preserve it, preserve it for any medium. Changes are a natural course of history, since the diversity of civilizations on the planet, the richness of cultures is difficult to combine with political, economic and other patterns, patterns that do not work here…..”

Source: Vladimir Putin’s St. Petersburg Speech | June 17, 2022 (substack.com)

The Russian Generals of the Black Sun know the Order of the Black Sun has lost. Putin had some choices to make as to what he was going to talk about, and clearly he (or rather the people behind the fake Putin) are now on the side of Russia rebuilding, moving forward and leaving their old Order days behind, because it’s pretty much just about done.  This agreement that was signed a long time ago gave the Black Sun a lot of room to roam over the Russia Empire of the day. Hence the fighting with the Ukrainian Nazis, who are tied to the Order of the Black Sun and the Rothschilds, otherwise known around the world as the Dragon Families. 

“The idea was clear as day – they expected to suddenly and violently crush the Russian economy, to hit Russia’s industry, finance, and people’s living standards by destroying business chains, forcibly recalling Western companies from the Russian market, and freezing Russian assets.

Under the cloud of inflation, many developing nations are asking a good question: why exchange goods for dollars and euros that are losing value right before our eyes? The conclusion suggests itself: the economy of mythical entities is inevitably being replaced by the economy of real values and assets. The very structure of Western sanctions rested on the false premise that economically Russia is not sovereign and is critically vulnerable.

Source: Vladimir Putin’s St. Petersburg Speech | June 17, 2022 (substack.com)

What Stand Did the Order of the Black Sun Decide to Take?

Meanwhile, the diehards in the Order of the Black Sun are still trying to ensure their already failed plans of ushering in the third horseman of the apocalypse, famine. They are desperately trying to keep the already failed commodities derivatives alive so they can usher in the food shortage. But the CIA can’t kill everyone, and the Deep State made a total mess of the apocalypse theatre as Putin kind of stated at the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.

And a key point Kim was emphasizing that came out of Putin’s speech was that sanctions have been released when it comes to food security. What does that mean? It means that anything that relates to food security can be bought directly from the government. Putin, (those backing the Putin puppet) made it clear in his speech they are open for business, especially as it relates to food security.

“Of course, sanction restrictions created many challenges for the country. Some companies continue having problems with spare parts. Our companies have lost access to many technological solutions. Logistics are in disarray. 

But, on the other hand, all this opens up new opportunities for us – we often talk about this but it really is so. All this is an impetus to build an economy with full rather than partial technological, production, human and scientific potential and sovereignty.

…we are expanding cooperation with all those who are interested in it, who want to work with us, and will continue to do so

Russia will build up economic cooperation with these states and promote joint projects. At the same time, we will certainly continue to cooperate with Western companies that have remained in the Russian market despite the unprecedented arm-twisting – such companies exist, too.”

Source: Vladimir Putin’s St. Petersburg Speech | June 17, 2022 (substack.com)

According to Kim this means that truckers can buy oil or diesel directly from the Russian government. They can even do a long term production contract if they want. This is accepted globally as it relates to food security. But know also that the government will not do the deal for you. Also know that governments will not initiate this, so stop waiting for them to help you, they will not.

So why are truckers and especially farmers not taking advantage of the fact they can buy oil and gas directly from the government? They can buy at the same prices the government pays. They do not have to ask permission, they can call their government directly. Again, there are no sanctions if you are in anyway transporting or selling food. That also applies to grains obviously. If you are a rancher and need grain, you can bypass the commodities market and buy directly from the producers of grain in Russia.

I get why Kim was emphasizing this, especially when she stated that by doing so means going around the seven sisters of the oil and gas industry. The farmers and ranchers would actually be helping to remove that unnecessary part of the supply chain. The supply chain has to be completely revamped, in other words, cut the cabal out. At least that’s my understanding, but I would listen to Kim herself in case I missed something.

Now on a side note, Kim also said she/her team made a call to these oil and gas companies for the sake of farmers and paid for a large commodities contract, and paid for the transportation directly to farmers and ranchers for free. Payment was backed with gold. So if you are a farmer or a rancher and are interested in this contract, you will be obligated to give the same value in food items directly to the consumer in your community first. It will cut out the middle man and provide food directly to the consumers. It’s a win-win for the farmers, because they will get paid much more than selling to the big block grocery stores, and the people will thrive because food prices will be lower than they are paying now.

Win-Win for the People

“We believe the development of a convenient and independent payment infrastructure in national currencies is a solid and predictable basis for deepening international cooperation. 

Russia enters this nascent era as a powerful sovereign nation. We will definitely use the new immense opportunities that are opening up for us in this day and age in order to become even stronger.

Source: Vladimir Putin’s St. Petersburg Speech | June 17, 2022 (substack.com)

For governments to be interdependent, going back to a gold back ruble is essential. Production contracts with a gold backed ruble provides a win-win situation for the Russians, for us here in the US, the Alpha System, and money starts flowing again. Kim said that she transferred rubles personally to the Russian Central Bank. So it’s there, take it or leave it Russians. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if these Black Sun Russian Generals really have turned the corner, or it’s just a ruse.

The Food Shortage Orchestration is Not New

History of World Bank 1984

These planned food shortages actually started seeing the light of day a couple of years ago. We saw Bill Gates of Hell buying farmland all around the world. If you are in Africa you saw that the Bush Foundation and Clinton Foundation did the same thing years ago. Thanks to the World Bank in 1984, we saw the salting of the lands in Ethiopia which is what prompted the famine and all the starving kids in Africa commercials here in the US. Ethiopia was the bread basket for all of Africa, as they were the largest producer of food, more than any other country at that time. The World Bank needed Africa to become dependent on their food sources and other food suppliers. Another example happened in Mozambique. They cut down all the cashew trees, which take 50 years to grow, and moved all central control of cashews to Malaysia and their partners, the Knights of Malta.

So this isn’t anything new. The only difference is we’re seeing more of it as well as the rising prices in the grocery stores.

Paying Farmers Not to Plant

More recently the Federal Government made promises of drought payments to farmers. The Water Board which governs over water rights is now run by the CIA, thanks to enough US Marshals handing over their badges which gives them jurisdiction. By the way, on a side note, it was the CIA who created water boarding as a torture technique. They must like water a lot. Anyway, the drought payments were significant as the farmers were promised amounts over what they would get for their crops, so many farmers decided not to plant. Except most farmers never received the payments. What a surprise. For the farmers who did plant, they’ll likely produce less bushels because fertilizer prices were so high and they had to scrimp down. Therefore, expect a significant decrease in food to be available in the grocery stores.

Armistice Program of 1972 Expired

These sanctions in the form of fictitious drought payments, and the fact we have food zig zagging all over the planet are strategies under a bigger plan that was many years in the making. That plan of the Order of the Black Sun originated in 1972 and is called the Armistice Program. All production line contracts are issued in US dollars and then typically sold to Vanguard and BlackRock. What the grocery stores pay to farmers and ranchers is pennies compared to what we pay, sanctions or no sanctions.

The good news is there is no funding anymore for this 3rd Horseman of the Apocalypse Plan by the CIA and the Armistice Program expires in a few days, so it’s likely to get even worse for them this week. We’ll likely see the last breath of their ridiculous plans and further changes going on throughout the world due to the expiration of that agreement.

We Must Take the Food Supply into Our own Hands

Kim’s advice to the wingnuts. Don’t buy into this Apocalypse Plan by the CIA. We all know about it. At this point more people finally want to move forward rather than continue with their dying plan. Let’s hope it’s because most who opposed it are finally dead!

We the people need to work with our local farmers to make deals with them for farm to table food boxes. We’ll be required to pay in advance but this will help the farmers with their rising costs while we also benefit by not paying the big box store prices.

June 13th | Source Protocols Started Implementing

The remaining wingnuts, still unable to let go of their dream of world domination, were anxiously awaiting for the Dark AI Omega system to come back online to save them, bring them back to power and bliss out I suppose. Instead, nothing happened, at least not on their end.

IRS Accounts Start Disappearing!!!

On our end, some IRS accounts started disappearing and this will continue until the end of day on the 21st of June. The reason why the IRS accounts started disappearing is because The Order lost its access and control of the birth certificate bonds which bound us into slavery!

Birth Certificate Bonds

All birth certificate bonds are issued by the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) in America. At least I think this is the system Kim is referring to. This company is part of the Order of the Black Sun. It was formed that way from the very beginning in the early 1800s. Our birth certificates were actual bonds, they had a number. Important to note, the birth certificate bonds had nothing to do with the Department of Treasury, nothing to do with any government departments and neither does that wingnut Janet Yellen have anything to do with them. Our governments never had control. Therefore, people who tried to cash in their birth certificates at the Department of Treasury were at the wrong place. Deep State actors in the Dragon Families, the Order of the Black Sun, the SSP if you’re in the Military, the Jesuit Order and the Black Pope controlled the birth certificate bonds.

In the USA the deal made was with the Order of the Black Sun along with the Dragon families to manage the ‘security’ of your person, which of course means the opposite. Security really means un-security and control. Now we learned from Kim in her education video in Nov 2020 (See my 5 part series, The Order, the Hierarchy on Planet Earth), that the Order of the Black Sun run the ‘security’ for the Dragon Families. They run the Treasury of USA, Treasury of Africa, Treasury of China, Treasury of South Africa and so on. For some countries these birth certificate bonds were visible, while for other countries they were not.

The Treasury of USA, which was a registered corporation in Delaware, was the place where the Black Sun put our birth certificates so they could then go through to someplace else. That someplace else was to the Holy See, never the Vatican (don’t forget that). This is where they maintained your ‘security’ and where the funding would come for the Agencies and Militaries. So again, to the people who tried to cash in their birth certificates at the Department of Treasury, you were at the wrong place.

From the Holy See, Where Did They Go?

The Holy See, as the supreme body of government of the Catholic Church, is a sovereign juridical entity under international law. The United States and the Holy See consult and cooperate on international issues of mutual interest, including human rights, peace and conflict prevention, poverty eradication and development, environmental protection, and inter-religious understanding. (Source: Holy See – United States Department of State) — And of course they do the opposite of everything listed here.

In their inverted way of looking at things, they needed monetization of these certificates ‘on our behalf’ to pay for things like socio humanitarian programs. For example, social security programs. If you were in the military or police force they would pay to clothe and train you. They would pay for your public education if it was available in your country. Then when we reach the age of 18, we would have to start and repay the coupons on those bonds with our taxes.

That is the reason the Rothschilds’ took 80% of the taxes worldwide since the inception of this program. Our taxes went to any program that relates to our ‘security’ (control) and ‘education’ (indoctrination) and anything else the government would provide for ‘free’ like food stamps. It would also ‘secure’ things like the FDA, the CDC, and the WHO.

The Committee on Ways and Means

And these funds were managed through the Committee on Ways and Means. The Government talks very little of this committee, but every year they received funding to manage these programs. These programs were long running but ended in 2007 predominantly. Although they still tried to sell our birth certificate bonds to different people and places, probably BlackRock.

The Committee on Ways and Means is the chief tax-writing committee of the United States House of Representatives. The committee has jurisdiction over all taxationtariffs, and other revenue-raising measures, as well as a number of other programs including Social Securityunemployment benefitsMedicare, the enforcement of child support laws, Temporary Assistance for Needy Familiesfoster care, and adoption programs. Members of the Ways and Means Committee are not allowed to serve on any other House Committee unless they are granted a waiver from their party’s congressional leadership. It has long been regarded as the most prestigious committee of the House of Representatives.[1] The United States Constitution requires that all bills regarding taxation must originate in the U.S. House of Representatives, and House rules dictate that all bills regarding taxation must pass through Ways and Means. This system imparts upon the committee and its members a significant degree of influence over other representatives, committees, and public policy. (See also, the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance.)
Source: United States House Committee on Ways and Means – Wikipedia

So when Kim says the birth certificate bonds were the roots of the tree, she means it funded things for your person and was managed by our governesses. And there was less and less funding for these programs. It’s been dwindling until only about 10% went to these programs. Where did the other 90% go? In every country around the world the other 90% went towards genetic modification programs and MILABS. It’s not only an American problem, but America is where it started and got the ball running after WWII.

Source Protocols Grant Every Human Being a Personal Account in the Alpha System!

Once the 13th of June passed, the system started automatically implementing Source protocols, or God protocols or the Alpha protocols, and they no longer allowed for governesses. Rather, each of us as an independent human being have a personal account in the Alpha System that holds our birth certificate. What does that mean to us personally? A lot of ownership over things we do and our own money, and we better get ready because there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with that.

What Does this Mean for the Dark Side’s Control System?

It means all the derivatives and government bonds they were issuing to things we mentioned above started disappearing. For example, funding for the Department of Education started disappearing and military contracts are no longer valid.

The Agencies started losing systems and money started disappearing left and right from cabal members. It was still going on and continued until the 21st of June when the Source protocols were completely implemented on the front-end of the system.

Taxes are Just One Part of the Removal Process

We no longer need to pay a governess for the use and exchange of energy. When we go to work, we had to pay income tax, which means we would give our energy to our employer in order to receive energy in the form of money coming back. Now those things are no longer taxable and the reason accounts are starting to disappear, as well as the files in those systems. Does this mean the IRS buildings will go away? No. Are the human beings working in those building going away? No. They are just people who are working there.

United Kingdom and Commonwealth Nations Tied to ID.ME

Kim asked us to bear with her as transitions take place. Some of the countries that are the most difficult are the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations because they were heavily tied into the ID.me program and those of you who signed up for that. Those using and tied to the ID.ME program were also tied to the Apple blue software? (I think this is what she said), so their entire set of records were being copied by ID.ME. And where is the ID.ME headquarters? Why, that would be in Bethesda, Maryland, which means NSA headquarters. So we know who was running that control program.

The 9 eyes countries, not just the 5 eyes countries (and there are probably more countries than 9, but we’ll leave it at that for now), that had deals with the NSA and GCHQ (which is likely above the NSA in 9 eyes program), those systems are falling apart now as well.

Five Eyes Plus
Since 2018, through an initiative sometimes termed “Five Eyes Plus 3”, Five Eyes formed associations with FranceGermany and Japan to introduce an information-sharing framework to counter threats arising from foreign activities of China as well as Russia.[105][106] Five Eyes plus France, Japan and South Korea share information about North Korea’s military activities including ballistic missiles, in an arrangement sometimes dubbed “Five Eyes Plus”.[107]

Nine Eyes
The Nine Eyes is a different arrangement that consists of the same members of Five Eyes working with Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Norway.[95][96]

Fourteen Eyes
According to a document leaked by Edward Snowden, there is another working agreement amongst 14 nations officially known as SIGINT Seniors Europe, or “SSEUR“.[108] These “14 Eyes” consist of the same members of Nine Eyes plus Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden.[95][96]

Source: Five Eyes – Wikipedia

Some Taxes Still Need to be Paid During Transition Period

Companies won’t have to do payroll taxes, however if you’re paying for any National Health Service (NHS) fees as a corporation, you’ll have to continue to pay that. That still needs to exist until Life Force Assurance is out and running everywhere. Also during the interim transition we still have to pay back tax, sales tax or vending tax. Until Kim/team figures out another way to get into communication with the local fire departments, road departments, city workers, in other words all things handled by our local taxes. So this also includes property taxes for now too.

Life Force Assurance provides coverage for all types of holistic treatments, medical procedures, and preventative care. Health practitioners are reimbursed instantly, we are vetting the highest quality care providers with a focus on holistic and integrative medicine and treatments.
Source: Home GHWC

Eventually, once the Assemblies get up and running the local communities, there will be more budgets available for these things and we won’t have to pay for them out of state taxes anymore either. Again Kim wants to remind us that something has to fall down before something else can rise in its place. And that is now happening at a very rapid rate.

What Else Did the Expiring Agreements Impact?

NATO Lost Communication Systems

NATO was also very upset this week because they had people in the field trying to create another exercise to scare the Russians somewhere around Turkey. That’s why Kim slipped that in last week’s update. Anyway, Milley couldn’t collect enough money, or sell enough US military equipment to countries to get that exercise under way and then NATO lost a lot of their communication systems. So they were all complaining because they had people in the field and they couldn’t communicate with them anymore. To which Kim replied, you’re not getting your communication systems back but there are these things called telephones that still work.

Global Martial Law Cancelled

Under another part of the agreement related to AI things expiring was the cancellation of Global Martial Law. That means Kim is no longer our Commander in Chief, but since no one was listening to her anyway, she said who cares. However, Kim is still our Ground Commander!

So Much Good News for All of Us!

Those who saw their tax accounts disappear, congratulations! They aren’t coming back. If they do it’s temporary and because the system is just glitching. It has to do with backup databases, but the system is taking care of that. Keep in mind there are billions of people on earth, so give it some time as it will take a few days. Also, Kim had a message to Assembly Members, this gives you the opportunity to try and figure out a way to restructure things for the better! Wow, this was just Part 1. Tune in for Part 2 and learn about the Seven Seals of Marduk, and why there are no more dark portals here on Earth!

As part of the Real History Series Kim is going to explain the governance of Earth in more detail.
Personally I can’t wait! 


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