CIA Dupes US Marshals to Access WH | Enforcer Removes Block Chain! | Will Trump Death Announcement Come? | Removal in Quantum Physics Means NEVER EXISTED in All Time & Space | Can Black Sun Take Control of the 5 Pillars Needed to Rule the World by June 13th?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on June 10, 2022 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this post, intel updates center around the CIA’s latest exploits and how they got access to the White House and are running business operations. The Enforcer removes all block chain which means no new XUSD on the horizon. The Trump family is perplexed about attacks against them, more systems are taken down, Juan O’Savin makes mainstream news, and more….

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Will Kim Concede Her Position? | Nah, Not a Chance!

Every year the 2 weeks preceding June 13th have consistently been hell weeks for Kim. The reason these two weeks are a special nuisance for her is because every year during this timeframe the psychopaths try to get her to concede her position. I have heard Kim mention this over the years. She didn’t give the details around where this rule, or clause extends from, but perhaps we’ll find out more in the future.

The wingnuts realize killing her is not an option. Even these remaining non-repairable psychos know that the backlash would be of epic proportions. So instead, they plague her with personal annoying attacks around her computers, mechanical devices, her car, stuff like that. This year she said it was different in a good and bad way. First because the energy has been crazy all over the place, and second because these annoyances are not isolated to just her anymore.

Those left continue down the same path of their slave masters and continue to fiddle around with old technologies, hoping to get back to their timeline and stop our reconnection to Source. What a surprise. They know even less of the big picture, don’t understand the tech left behind by those that are no longer with us, but it doesn’t deter them. So they try to power up technologies and then Kim takes it down. That was the theme of her week. Taking down frequency machines that effect the ethereal form of matter, the plasma of our person using the femtotech and chemtrails.

CIA Dupes US Marshals to Get Their Badges

Since the deep state has been losing confidence in the SSP operatives, as both General Raymond and General Milley seem to have lost their minds, the CIA decided to up their game and take over the White House. However, the CIA typically doesn’t have jurisdiction on US soil. Why they would care to abide by that rule seems silly in light of everything else they do, but such is the case. To get around it ‘legitimately’, they just lied.  

The CIA told the US Marshals they wanted to ‘clean up’ the mess in the White House and they are a white hat group. Therefore, if they agree to hand over their badges to them, they could get into the White House and other jurisdictions they don’t currently have access to and finally fix this mess.

Kim warned the US Marshals in advance of the real purpose, which was for the CIA to be able to conduct more business here in the US. Her warning fell on deaf ears though because enough US Marshals abided expecting the CIA to do the right thing and clean up the West Wing.

Since ‘cleaning up’ was never the CIA’s intention to begin with, hopefully the US Marshals can now see the issues it has caused. Not only do these badges allow the CIA to access to the WH, another thing they do is allow them to operate in any state in the US and cross borders without lots of red tape. This is also why Kim mentioned a few weeks back that the Secret Service is tired of this fake President charade, because they know the CIA/US Marshals are now the latest inhabitants of the West Wing and are not cleaning up anything, rather they are running business operations. See my related post, Secret Service Not Keen on Lying About Faux POTUS Forever | Monkey Pox Math | Can a Digital $ Exist Without a System? l 54 SSP Diehards Kind of End Themselves! | Now Only 22 Non-Repairable Humans Left!

Black Sun Runs the ‘Legit’ Market and the Black Market

The regular (supposedly legit) market is run by BlackRock and Vanguard, and the black market is run by the IRA. Both fall under the jurisdiction of the Order of the Black Sun. The IRA resides over all the mafias, the Italian, Russian, Yakuza, etc. They are all under one umbrella and the IRA says who gets to traffic what, when and where.

So now we have yet another Black Sun organization (CIA & Duped US Marshals) using their authorities dictating orders from the White House. Kim strongly advises that if you are a US Marshal and are approached by the CIA who tell you they are a White Hat group helping to clean up the White House, think again. Clearly things haven’t gotten much better over the last week or so.

CIA and US Government Make Deals with Alternative Product Selling Organization

Business was really the goal like Kim warned, and word on the street is that a global meeting is coming up next week. The CIA and US government made many deals with an alternative product selling organization. Hum, that sounds suspicious. Essentially what they are doing with mafia organizations lately is the CIA will tell them they will buy ‘x’ and they will give safe passage at corridor ‘y’, but then on the other end the CIA seizes all their goods so they get the ‘product’ for free. The CIA always has numerous deals to run drugs. If you watch the movie, American Made (film) – Wikipedia, it’s actually true and explains it. Let’s face it, how else are they going to continue to fund the government?

Fun Fact: Remember during the Trump Administration, it was Steve Mnuchin, a member of the Black Sun who made deals with the IRA, Italian mafia etc. to fund the US government, with drug money. And since we’re on the topic of Mnuchin, remember he is also the one who ran the pedophile ring for all of Washington DC. I mentioned in my post, A Hierarchy in Shambles (Kim Goguen – Part 2). He had the big black book, and knew way more than Epstein, who was just cannon fodder. Last time Kim looked into it, Epstein and his girlfriend were still in Iceland free as a bird.

No Single Nation Shall Dominate for More than 75 Years | It’s China’s Turn

Evidently there is a rule within the cabal in that no singular nation shall be in control of the world for more the 75 years. China was supposed to take over the world by 2022 and everyone knows that.

Keep in mind the same people who run both the Black Sun Generals in America run the Black Sun Generals in China. From China’s point of view, the American Generals were clearly failing and want them to stop screwing everything up because it’s making them look bad.  

So I guess that was what that partnership with the Japanese Black Sun SSP and their mafia branch, the Yakuza I mentioned in the previous post was all about. But that failed and in order to save face and posture, they tried to team up with China and fix things, which we also touched on in the previous post and now have a few more details.

China’s Failure to Connect to Femtotech

China had several prototype scalar weapons, but because they weren’t active, they weren’t previously detected by Kim and her team. When they did try to use them to fire up the inverted pyramids in China again, and mentioned last week, in my post, Femtotechnology, Not Graphene is the Replicating Tech in Vaccines/COVID Tests/Masks | China is Flat Broke | General Milley on Tour | More Dismantled Systems | The Walking Dead TV Puppets | Part 2, it caused a problem with Earth’s plasma and our ethereal field. What were they doing? They were trying to connect to the femtotech, but they don’t have access to it anymore. That didn’t deter them and they pulled out a frequency weapon from 1977, but Kim and team took care of it so it just petered out.

Lloyd Austin Goes to China

Speaking of China, the CIA sent Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin to China where he wasn’t well received. In fact he was not allowed to meet with his counterpart in China. Why did they send him there? A classic CIA move in which he was supposed to deny then reassess blame, except he didn’t seem to even get in the door.

General Milley Peddles Some More

Speaking of Generals, Milley was still selling WWIII as mentioned in the previous update. He did manage to collect a few million dollars from various nations, not nearly what he hoped since no funds came as expected from the covid bonds. He decided to sell military equipment instead, since they aren’t buying the pharma poison, and then he promised that when war comes, expect big payouts from the new XUSD! Yeah, that’s right, the Dinar, uh wait, I mean new XUSD will make us trillionaires! Yeah, yeah that’s the ticket.

Enforcer Removes Green XUSD/Gold XUSD/$TRUHN

Speaking of the XUSD, it’s being run by a company full of CIA and Department of Justice people. They are all ex-agency people which means of course they are still agency people. These same people running the White House are pushing the XUSD and they are feverishly trying to get into the banking system without success. They tried to go through back doors to colonels, through old NSA systems and another old computer from the 1970s, the suitcase system.

The Old Suitcase System

They attempted to use some old NSA systems and another old computer otherwise known as old suitcases in Berlin from the 1970s, the remote terminals the Department of Defense used to have out of their office in Berlin. They used to tote them around from Central Bank to Central Bank and there are only seven places in the world from where they think they could actually trick the whole system. I mentioned the Suit Case system in my post, Black Sun Heads Hoard, Minions Get Nothing | Russian War Theatre | Black Eagle Trust & FULCRUM Operation | The Carter Accord, An ‘End of Peace’ Agreement | Kim Goguen’s Black List – Part 2 |.

So where did they go? I honestly don’t know. Kim mentioned where they didn’t go. Not to Germany or Iran, because they already tried those places earlier in the week. They couldn’t go to Russia obviously, that is a dangerous place for them due to all the money they stole recently and because they lied to them so much. (See my post on GPRC Hijacked from Within | USSR Oligarchs Lose $1.8 Trillion | ARPANET Dismantled | Russia & Ukraine War Theatrics & Fundraising | SSP Generals Set Sight on Big Pharma Profits). They couldn’t go to China because they couldn’t let China know they didn’t deliver their part of the bargain in connecting the frequencies through the ley lines with the scalar weapons. If it was successful it then was to connect through Tai Yong which is like a Chinese version of a Milab. It functions like Wuhan except it’s more than just biological weapons. This is where they had another medical data system. They intended to connect the vortex section of that medical data system into the femtotech, so if the jabs didn’t kill you, between the chemtrails and the femtotech you’d become a cyborg. That medical data system is no more, and was removed by Kim and team. Perhaps Tai Yong was the place they went to and Kim was alluding to since it’s where another system was dismantled.

3 Types of XUSD | Green XUSD, Gold XUSD, True Human Nature $TRUHN

There are three different types of XUSD and they were trying to connect them one way or the other.  Some were going to be tied to the old Greenback System, except the assets of the Greenback System are in the Trust, and were always pledged to the Alpha System, not to the Green Dragon Family, in any way, not ever. I guess they dismissed that pesky detail because they thought they had an access point in Iran to that screen. That would have given them a connection to all commodities trading worldwide and why they called it the Green XUSD, which is also referenced in my post, Black Sun Heads Hoard, Minions Get Nothing | Russian War Theatre | Black Eagle Trust & FULCRUM Operation | The Carter Accord, An ‘End of Peace’ Agreement | Kim Goguen’s Black List – Part 2. After accessing the commodities trading they must have thought they could access the in-ground gold assets and connect to the Gold XUSD.  And then finally they planned to connect those two to the new XUSD, called True Human Nature ($TRUHN), which I assume was to have the medical data center connection. It’s hard to keep this all straight. 

The GLU technology Kim has been mentioning in the past few posts was supposed to speed up block chain so it could hopefully function and tie these 3 different coins together and they could then claim they have trillions worth of assets. Except what new assets are really backing this? All the production contracts, all the derivatives, the Farm Account at Deutsche Bank, which is all derivatives against Iranian oil, all these assets were all leveraged to the hilt, and they know that. Kim said with some sarcasm that maybe it’s cocaine they stole from the Colombians that was to back it?

Enforcer Removes Entire Block Chain System!

It’s all irrelevant though, and it took the wingnuts a day or two to realize it, but it all fell apart. Their entire block chain system fell apart. Poof all gone! The Enforcer took care of it all. The servers are gone, the master nodes don’t exist. The connections don’t exist. No matter how much GLU and Python they use there is nothing there to glue together.

What this level of wingnuts fail to comprehend is that because they are so compartmentalized, none of them know the whole picture. Kim is actually trying to help them by telling them this so they stop wasting their time trying to achieve an agenda that is never going to work. All they are doing with these old antiquated machines is hurting people and that will not be allowed going forward. Let’s see how many heed her warning.

Existential Rules for Existence

What we can’t help but derive from their actions is that they are still intent on the program of connecting our person to a social crediting system that determines what we can and cannot have or spend, and it’s all tied to a medical data records system, which they have been unsuccessful at reconnecting since Azure came down well over a year ago and mentioned in my post, BEAST System Takedown by Kim Goguen Causes Black Sun P3 Lodge to Concede & Sanhedrin Steps Back In – Part 1]. They just keep doing this over and over again, except now we’re dealing with the next lower level trying to achieve what the level above them could not and were sent one-way tickets to Source for.

Why, well it could be because of an old agreement the Draco put in place a long time ago, which has passed down to these people since their slave masters have expired. The old agreement that came up this week, by which all of the War Manuals extend from is called the Existential Rules for Existence. This was mainly an old plan. Their rules are not like our rules and they are following an old plan of which they only had part of in the first place.

They just can’t believe it’s over. So for all their attempts, all they managed to accomplish were energetic disturbances which can be corrected. She’s telling them this hoping they will give up, and telling us so we understand why the energies are all over the place.

Let’s Talk About Dead Presidents

The CIA/US Marshals who are running the WH are also running the Trump and Biden things now, just like the SSP was running both sides of the show. The focus lately in the mainstream and alt media seems is that Jan 6th was Trump’s fault. More blame will continue to come. The American Deep State sector and many in the military, those who were promoting Trump and were loyal to him have turned on him and are now blaming him for their failures.

Trump Family Meeting Called

A big meeting with the Trump family and their advisors was to take place this week to decide if they are going to make the announcement that Trump is really dead. He died of prostate cancer several months ago according to Kim. The Trump family and his imposter can’t seem to figure out why they are being so attacked, even by those who were loyal to him.

They called Tom Melville to ask what to do. Tom is a contact of Kim’s who deals with many in the federal government. I don’t know his role, but I’ve heard him on a few Life Force meetings in the past. It sounds like he has tried repeatedly over the years to reason with the wingnuts in the WH on many things, with no success. Anyway, I assume he repeated the same thing he and Kim told them when Trump first passed away. He would die a hero or be blamed for everything the longer they postpone the truth.

Kim said the reason for the continued attacks against Trump and family is pretty simple, it’s because the CIA people are not his friends. They never looked at Trump to be their leader, they used him, propped him up as the Savior because they knew he had a super huge ego and would buy into that crap. It was just branding. Now they need another with a big enough ego to prop up as the Savior. Putin is not a candidate anymore either because there are rumors he’s sick. They will probably prop up another golden boy in Russia at some point in the near future and the war will be over. Kim will likely be right again.

But the longer they keep up the façade with the imposter, the worse the attacks will be. All those of the Order of the Black Sun ever wanted was to use him to take control and run the world. He was a CIA President the first time, and bringing back the Trump imposter would mean the same thing. That’s all he was ever going to be.  And since no announcement has come, and it’s July when I’m writing this post, we know what they decided to do. Personally I’m glad. I want the truth to come out. His supporters need to know what a deceiver he really was.

Fun Facts: Trump invested in one of the companies that produced monoclonal antibodies, so if it really worked to cure cancer why did he die of cancer? Monoclonal antibodies is really just another form of femtotech. The Deep State is using this as another avenue to get their stuff into our bodies. It is not the cure, instead it’s a win-win for them to sell another drug to people who were healthy pre-pandemic. They are reclassifying the symptoms as cancer in order to qualify for coverage and payouts by insurance companies.

The CIA worked with the pharma companies years ago (they are their people too), to create cancer in a lab to use as a biological weapon that would be amplified by your life style. They have the cure, the super quick fix, like it never happened kind of fix. They never create anything without creating the antidote. It’s one of their many ways to get people to do what they want in exchange for the cure. But no antidote was offered to Trump? Kind of tells us who was running Trump doesn’t it?

Let’s not forget how Trump forfeited the Presidency for a more powerful position, head of the Black Sun, Black Eagle like George Bush Sr., only to be told he wasn’t worthy. He was chasing the dragon ever since to get that role and more. Remember too how the Chair of Destiny was brought to Mara Lago? He sat in it expecting to instantly get access to Kim’s alpha system and be bestowed as the next Pindar. He didn’t get that job either, in fact the role of Pindar ceased to exist at that time. See my related post, Which Lion Fits Trump Best?

It’s all CIA Theatre

The people who didn’t design the savior program, those who really thought Trump was going to save America, that he was Jesus incarnate or whatever they believed, now realize it was all a lie and have turned on him, or rather the ‘thing’ playing him. They found out the money never came and he’s never getting back in office. So they all lost faith in him and blaming his plan for their own demise. Their handlers are no longer here, their ranks are dwindling and they have to make decisions now, which they have no practice in, so they are all blaming each other.

Super-Secret Meeting

Last week they tried partnering with the Japanese section of the SSP, which failed. This week it was China predominantly which also resulted in failure. So they just switched the finger pointing from Japan to China and then told them they were out of the program.

Then they immediately took to the skies and had a super-secret meeting that no one is supposed to know about, to discuss how Kim knows where they are all the time. And why is she always a step ahead of them?  She said it went on until around midnight and they didn’t come up with an actual plan. They re-adjourned this morning though, June 10th around 10am EST. She said perhaps this computer incident in Louisiana was like their last Hail Mary?

Supercomputer in Louisiana

A supercomputer in Louisiana from the 1970s that is tied to a NASA silica based system was being used to cause disturbances. She found this out when the wingnuts tried to fire up that computer. They thought they could get some dark AI, archons, ether or plasma from Mercury. Maybe because they believe it was still connected to something, like the Lord of Mercury who rules all commerce?  In any case that supercomputer is no longer functioning. The Enforcer went to Mercury and whatever needed to be done was taken care of. Since she and the Enforcer are dealing with systems from the 1970s, it’s likely we’re getting really close to them only having Lincoln logs to play with.

Fun Fact: The Last time Kim ran into this Louisiana computer and base was in 2016, the night after the Presidential election. She had conversations with Blackwater people and offshoots and they kept talking about a $14 trillion dollar contract to be Isis, where they would go to the Middle East, plant a Ghost flag and wipe out the entire Middle East. Nancy Pelosi was toting this contract around trying to sell it to the military and telling everyone they would get trillions. Kim said they (I think those who were flying around holding the secret meeting?) are actually the ones who took the contract that started pushing Iranian oil out to China and they are actually making money on that, at least pieces. But not to recover being Isis, that was expensive. Anyway that computer she explained to them had derivatives leveraged against all of that oil and explained they would never get a $14 trillion contract out of that. Then immediately, like the next day, Isis pulled out and we haven’t heard much about Isis since. So maybe they thought it was still connected to the system and could get something out of it, appeal to the God Mercury or something?

Some Other System Take Downs

Amoeba System

Around the 5th of June, the Amoeba System, out of Norfolk, originally a level 8 system (of the deep web) was detected. This femtotech acts like archons. The etheric amoebas were transported through light systems to the eyes. They were messing with neurological systems and central nervous systems so people experienced anxiousness and if you have neurological issues it was worse that day.  That facility is no longer there and the Amoeba programs were removed.

Crank? Machine in Ukraine

Kim detected a Crank Machine in Ukraine? (Not certain I’m spelling it correctly, I can’t find anything on this) and also in Poland and Romania. They were probably trying to connect to some star system, probably Alpha Centauri thinking it would change the timeline, but that will never work because it’s not an effective thing anymore.

Alpha Centaurians are also known as Centaurians and are Annunaki hybrids from Alpha Centauri and Omega Centauri that are under the enslavement of Draconian and Necromiton armies of the NAA. They are used to infiltrate the Astral Plane reporting back to their supervisors, and battle for control over the Planetary Gates in the middle East, such as the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx location in Egypt. The Necromiton are the entities that project themselves as Men in Black to clean up and sanitize UFO or related extraterrestrial evidence that reveal their agenda on planet. They cannot exist on surface for long periods of time, so they have built bases underground with the cooperation of human military.

Alpha Centaurians are involved in genetic experimentation with humans, they have been exchanging military technology and weaponry with earth human governments. [1]

Source: Energetic Synthesis, Alpha Centaurians – Ascension Glossary

What Happens When Something is Quantum Physics is Removed?

When something is quantum and it is removed, it is removed from all time and all space, so you can’t time travel back and get it. It goes back to day 1 like it never existed. So to paraphrase Kim….you wingnuts trying to cause geopathic disturbances to attack a planet that is tied to something that never existed is not going to happen. You cannot connect to something that never existed in time and space. We can only remember it in our memory, but from a quantum physics point of view it is gone!

Omega Project, RV Quantum System Doesn’t Exist!

So that means the Omega Project, also called the RV doesn’t exist! These lower level wingnuts know Kim is Ground Command and they wish she wasn’t. But she gives them this information so they can go back and check that what she reports is true. She reiterated again that the people who know the entire story are gone, those who had contact with the Abraxas and the Draco. No orders will ever be coming for them again. Know that orders you get are coming from handlers and on down the line and they just don’t understand the Omega Project. That quantum system doesn’t exist!

June 12th | Last Day for Wingnuts to Connect to Non-Existent Quantum System

An energy cycle started on June 3rd and will continue for a full energetic cycle which is 9 days. For us humans, we’ll get increasing downloads and connections to Source. For the wingnuts remaining here, it’s their final drop dead date to connect to the quantum system that they think will reset the timeline. Except our Ground Commander is ahead of them again and the quantum system that we just discussed above doesn’t exist. So their drop-dead date means nothing to us because their section, the Omega section doesn’t exist.

Advice From Kim to the Order Takers (which I’m paraphrasing)

Don’t let the people (who didn’t let you on the plane on Thurs afternoon) lie to you.  The reason you weren’t permitted on that plane is because all of this really happened. Everything they tried, all those they partnered with (Japan, China), made deals with, nothing worked. The XUSD is dead. They handed out a lot of this XUSD to countries and politicians around the world (during General Milley’s telethon) trying to start war and saying it will have value on this day or that day. They gave away a lot of currency for free to many of the same people who got the dinar currency, but this too will never have value again! There isn’t even a block chain system anymore. Don’t believe them when they tell you they found a new section of Project Looking Glass that says we can extend this date until all eternity and go for it every June 13th. That is a flat out lie.

Some Other Things to Note

Agenda 2030 Needs More Chemtrails

We can’t help but notice chemtrails haven’t stopped. They continue to spray us daily with nano and femtotech. They are hoping to attack whatever our particular weakness is until our bodies will no longer be able to make any more white blood cells. So for those who don’t die off will become big pharma customers for life, because they have more drugs you’ll need and be dependent on if you want to survive. Who is going to miss these evil imbeciles? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

Testing Therapies for Booster

There might be some good news on the horizon hopefully, although this may be premature. Kim said they were testing some therapies for the boosters. After running the first round of therapies they were able to remove the time release in the booster and then it also starting killing everything that came out of it. They are still working on that and don’t yet have the end result since she just found that out before she gave this update.

Child Trafficking

Not so good news. Kids are still being trafficked with absolutely no consequences to the deep state in any court. The largest port in the US used for human trafficking is in San Francisco. While the puppet slaves in California are focusing on reclassifying bees as fish, yes that is a thing recently, child trafficking continues. Kim said what they are doing at this time is focusing on cutting off the transportation routes which will eliminate a lot of the passage ways. Bees now legally classified as fish in California | National |

Agency Guy, Juan O’Savin (aka Darpa Recipient of Badge #107)

Juan O’Savin hit mainstream media (MSNBC) this week stating he’s with the Q movement and of course attacks ensued that he is bad bad bad. He’s allegedly working to fix the electoral system with a bunch of RINOS. While he isn’t wrong about the electoral system being totally corrupt, we have yet another wolf in sheep’s clothing proclaiming how he wants to help Americans. He’s just another agency guy of the Order of the Black Sun. It doesn’t matter which 3 letter agency he comes from, he’s on the same bus as the Order of the Black Sun. The new Republic he purports to want to create wouldn’t be the USA, rather it would be the exact same thing we have now, which is the CIA. They just want to rule the world. See my related post, DARPA Coin, A Symbol Of Special Recognition – Who Got Coin #107? Hum, Does Juan O’Savin Sound like 107?

MSNBC does a Hit Piece on Qanon & Juan O Savin (VIDEO) – PAL Bulletin

Does the Order of the Black Sun Control of the 5 Pillars Needed to Rule the World by June 13th?

In order to run the world you need to control the five pillars:

  1. Politics: Do they control politics? Granted they are working their way through that, but we shouldn’t care because nothing is approved in the Hall of Records and every government is broke thanks to their failed plandemic.
  2. Military: Do they control the military? Well probably, but they don’t have any new equipment, they don’t have money and they can’t get the NATO exercise north of Turkey going. They are not good with the war thing lately, and wars are expensive. So they only kind of sort of control the military.
  3. Financial System: Do they control the financial system? Not even close. And just in the last week yet another attempt was made when they tried to fire up an old VTX system out of the Circus in London and failed. And they don’t even know how money works. If they did they would not have gone to HSBC last week trying to get a line of credit. [Note: I’m not certain what she is referring to with this VTX, but she obviously wants the wingnuts to be aware she knows. Maybe VTX is referring to some virtualization technology. What is Virtualization Technology VT-x? – SYSNETTECH Solutions]
  4. Intelligence: Do they control the Intelligence? Well apparently not since no one left has the big picture, knows the whole plan or how to use the tech left by their order givers. Kim clearly is always a step ahead, so much so they had a secret meeting in the air to discuss how that could be.
  5. Media: Do they control the media? Their media narratives are failing. C’mon Man. Really? It’s pathetic. Their viewership and ratings go down every day.

So will they be able to control these 5 things to control the world allegedly by Monday, June 13th? Nah, they may have infiltrated politics, but they forgot everything else. It ain’t gonna happen!


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