Femtotechnology, Not Graphene is the Replicating Tech in Vaccines/COVID Tests/Masks | China is Flat Broke | General Milley on Tour | More Dismantled Systems | The Walking Dead TV Puppets | Part 2

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on June 3, 2022 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN and is Part 2. I thought this report had too much for one post and since I worked on it as the same time I managed to get it out quicker! In this post, intel updates center around the Femtotechnology that was unleashed with help from the Yakuza, China’s financial problems, General Milley’s European tour, more systems that were dismantled, and finally, the pretenders left, the walking dead, which are few can’t keep up the charade forever.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Femtotechnology Unleashed by the Yakuza in Osaka, Japan

There was a very serious situation that was averted several weeks back, around May 28th, that has to do with Femtotechnology. Kim explained that Femtotechnology is an artificial parasite and it is smaller and more dangerous than nano tech. I found an interesting site for more about this tech here, Beyond Nanotechnology: What is Femtotechnology? (ecstadelic.net)

What was uncovered is that graphene oxide is not nearly as big an issue in the shots as Femtotechnology. Graphene oxide is part of it but not all of it. Femtotechnology has the ability to synthetically replicate in your system, and this is what they were putting in COVID tests, injections and masks because it is programmable. The SSP in Japan made a deal with the Yakuza, who are only loyal to money, to send out signals to 129 massive sized towers worldwide that are tied to the Femtotechnology.

Femtotechnology was also moving through some block chain and crypto currency websites in an attempt to launch the social crediting system. Fortunately, The Enforcer cleared out those towers and stopped the signals from being sent out. The video I included below talks about this technology. Personally I never heard of it before so I thought I would include.


Some visuals of the Yakuza.

Yakuza participate in the 2018 Sanja Matsuri festival in Tokyo
Inside The Yakuza, The Deadly Japanese Mafia (allthatsinteresting.com)

Fun Fact: George Bush Senior actually was taken out by the Yakuza in 2014 because he did not adhere to an agreement with the Yakuza. Poison fish is the signature of the Yakuza, which Kim said was the cause of death. The signature of the Colombian mafia is the necktie on the door knob. I recall seeing quite a bit of those earlier in the Q movement.

Asian Mafia Try to Open Hell on Earth

I think it’s the same group Kim was referring to, the Yakuza working with the Japanese SSP, who also tried to interfere with the timeline again by doing something with a goddess of the underworld. This time it was through a Bermuda Triangle type of place in Japan, where there used to be a direct connection to the lower astral. It’s no longer there, but they keep hoping.

Staying on theme of Asian mafias, they in conjunction with some Chinese Generals also didn’t want to give up their fight for world domination so they tried using upside down pyramids in China to open up hell on Earth on May 30th. That too was found and dismantled.

China is Officially Flat Broke

Speaking of China, there was a debt call on many of China’s debt instruments this week which is tied somewhat to BlackRock. If you happen to live in Africa you are probably familiar with the China invasion that was happening there over the last few years. China was building them a $100 billion dollar airport that is only worth about $100 million, and Africa couldn’t pay up. It sounds like they set them up to default. Why? Because what they really had planned was to take all of Africa’s in-ground resources and earth minerals.

This also relates to why there is an alleged chip shortage. All of the derivatives were issued by the Order of the Black Sun and sent over to BlackRock against all those production contracts. No derivatives exist anymore, thus the debt call. Since they can’t pay, China can’t pay. This will also trickle over to the US in a few days, so the US will be in default as well, being that it is a direct result of faux Biden/Obama donating our entire country to Asia.

General Milley on European Tour Selling War with Russia

General Milley has been on a European tour to sell war with Russia. Seems like we’ve been here before. In any case, he’s pitching Russia is super bad, they are evil and will take over the world. He’s also completely oblivious apparently. He’s been preparing for NATO exercises in the Middle East and trying to collect money to pay for said exercises at the same time. These types of military exercises typically cost between $10-30 million a day. While some countries may have some money, Kim said it doubtful they have that kind of money to blow. Maybe they can do a day here or there, but that’s about it. Everyone is pretty much broke.

NATO, the Khazarians Private Army

NATO was also expecting money this week due to their old agreement with the Khazarians. NATO has always been the private army of the Khazarians. However, none of them knew about the goings on in the mountain we talked about in Part 1 of this Special Report on UNN, Moses Tried, His People Said Nah, We’ll Worship Idols Instead | The 613 Commandments Worshipped by Jews Came from the Abraxas | Molecular Level Connection with our Creator Has Commenced for Humanity 7.0! | Curse on Money Officially Broken June 4th | Part 1, and they had yet to find out the outcome. All they knew was that they were expecting instructions from the Abraxas. Except that isn’t possible, so they either are wondering why no one is answering the phone or if any Khazarians actually made it back down the mountain alive, they received made up instructions.

More Dismantled Systems

Graphene Tied to Hall of Mirrors Removed

Residual in ley lines is a specific type of graphene that was tied to the Hall of Mirrors. It was causing some disruption as we merged with Terra and Midgard. Graphene works with terra hertz and quantum computing somewhat. This tie was removed on May 30th.

Lime Software

Lime Software Company has contracts with the Department of Defense and many other companies around the world. They sell security software and banking systems and they have deals with IBM. This was the latest and greatest attempt to install The COVID social crediting system, also known as ID2020. But it’s no longer functioning. They were trying to coordinate this with the XUSD coin, which was supposed to be launched by the 30th so they could take over the world, except they failed.

Special Intelligence Service (SIS)

Kim briefly mentioned something called SIS. I looked it up and think she was referring to the Special Intelligence Service. They have offices in DC and have a cyber division cooperating with some rogue admirals, mostly in the navy. She didn’t give any more details about that effort. Maybe there will be an update in the future.

The Special Intelligence Service was a covert counterintelligence branch of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) located in South America during World War II. It was established during the term of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt to monitor Axis activities in Central and South America.

And More Deep State Failures
  • It looks like all the SSP locations have finally been removed.
  • Their promise of the XUSD failed to launch.
  • I’m not sure I’m spelling this correctly because I can’t find any reference, but Gosen? an accelerator AI chip is not working the way they intended.
  • Lone Admirals are still playing the violin on the deck of the Titantic, touting the money will come. Except on the 30th no money came to pay covid bonds. Since the lockdowns were only being enforced because they were supposed to get money for doing so, countries started opening up fully, Italy being the first.
  • They are still looking for ways to get the social crediting system because they think that will enable them to regain control. Except it’s still just block chain, and it’s still not going to happen.

Will There Be a Run on the Banks?

Further integrations into the banking systems have happened because of some of these events she was talking about above. The wingnuts decided to use old leased maintenance lines into the banking system thinking Kim would be making transfers after May 30th. They got impatient though waiting for transfers of money, so they started making phone calls to her. Kim replied she would be transferring as soon as they get out of the maintenance lines. She then kicked them out and that was the end of that.

The banks are all talking about a crash. Kim said she didn’t know if this would happen. She did however follow it up by saying if they do, we won’t have to care because she’ll fix it. If money is lost, it will be put back and the tide will turn. But if you are in the stock market Kim advised to get out. If you have less than 100k in the bank, which is the case for most people thanks to Covid, etc., the FDIC will kick in. As far as retirement accounts, she claims that Life Force Essentials will be handling anyway, so it won’t affect us and is not really that big of a deal. We’ll all be fine. We will also learn what gold is really used for in the future. She said the dark side really don’t understand it either, but it’s for energy management and disbursement.

Hum, those are some pretty bold statements. How this will all pan out, time will tell.  

Who Are the Walking Dead Now?  

Remember when Kim told us what our choices were in relation to the election of POTUS in 2016? I mentioned it in my post, BEAST System Takedown by Kim Goguen, Black Sun P3 Lodge & Sanhedrin Super Villains Eliminated? Who’s in Charge Now? – Part 3. Well were all supposed to die, but the only choice was how. If Hildabeast won in 2016 we were supposed to have the fake alien invasion and they would kill us all. If Trump won there would be the zombie virus. We obviously have the latter and like Kim said, we’re kind of seeing karma at its best. These remaining wingnuts we see on TV are literally the walking dead. 

But Will the Dead People Stay Dead Publicly Soon?

The fact that those things pretending to be Klaus, Biden, Putin etc., are dead is coming out in the news. Today they had a celebration of that other dead person, the Lizard Queen of England, celebrating her jubilee. I remember that day because I happened to be listening to Mike Adams and he stated it was a hologram of the Queen. And they weren’t even hiding that fact. Yet the sheeple who are still in the dark lined up to wave at a hologram! So in other words it’s coming out for those of us who are capable of critical thinking! As for the sheeple, well I’m leaving that up to the Creator.

Like Pregnancy, Lies Can’t Remain Hidden Forever

Kim gave a good analogy of the situation. Say you got pregnant. You could hide it for the first few months and make up excuses as to why you’re feeling a little sick, but you can’t hide it forever. The same thing will end up happening to them. Soon they will have to allow the dead to be dead. Now that the seal was released, they will not be able to contain the truth. It’s like releasing the fulcrum, all will just all come out.

Discernment of truth will continue to get easier for us depending on the level of wakefulness we are at. Humanity’s connection will continue to get stronger which they can’t stop. It will just keep getting better and better for us and worse for them!


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