The Enforcer, Our Central Sun & The End of the Loosh Farm (Kim Goguen – Part 3)

This post is Part 3 and a continuation of the same intel update by Kim. In this article I will relay what I found out about The Enforcer and the new Enforcement Agency which Kim Goguen re-established to help clean up the Remnants. There is good news about our Central Sun to share, and finally I’ll expound on the topic of loosh. I believe this topic deserves additional attention taking into consideration it is our loosh that was being stolen from us on an individual and collective basis for a very long time. It has been the fuel enabling our enslavement, and it’s nearly at its end, FINALLY!

Note: Kim’s Situation Updates are available on United News Network

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


The Enforcer

The Enforcer is another important person who resides above The Order in a monitoring capacity, and gets involved when there are violations to address. The Viking described him as his ‘favorite man’. According to him, it was ‘The Enforcer’ who created each of the nine energetic levels of our multiverse, in accordance with the energetic laws of Source. Humanity exists at the third level. There are six levels above us, and six levels below. In fact, we’ve been residing in the first of the nine levels of hell for a very long time. I don’t know about you, but this revelation isn’t a huge shock for me.

So who else knew all along that hell was a real place? Dante Alighieri evidently. In Dante’s Inferno he describes these nine levels of hell in quite a lot of detail. This hell place makes more and more sense to me every day. The more I remove myself from the chaos and insanity surrounding me, the longer I can stay in observation mode, the more I can comprehend that our inverted world cannot be anything but a level of hell. At least we’re not all at the bottom though. There’s hope!

According to The Viking, The Enforcer is very militant, a man of his word and he and his team are very effective in getting things done. The Viking stated that if The Order continues to play games and tries to hurt Kim Goguen they will undergo a mass sterilization and there will be no warning. According to our new Peace Treaty1 that came into effect over a decade ago after sixteen thousand five hundred years, she is the number one entity on the Planet. From what I have been able to gather so far from this video, she wears at least three hats, I know there are more though. One hat is Guardian (of the Quantum Mapping System), another is Ground Command (an Enforcement Arm), and the third is Earth Ambassador (to the Galactic Council). As she stated, it is humanity’s turn to rule here on Earth and she is committed to working on behalf of Humanity on the Restoration Plan. She expects, and rightfully so, that humanity must and will step in to fill the vacuum that the Deep State is leaving. There is much work to be done on all fronts as our beautiful planet is a mess with pollution in the air, water, soil. We have antiquated technologies, wellness issues, infrastructure that needs rebuilding, and well, you get the picture.

Back to The Enforcer. He is responsible for ensuring that all the races in the multiverse are abiding by the energetic laws of Source. Energy only goes one way, regardless of how the races may try to manipulate it. In the past, The Enforcer and his group would get involved only when issues arose with the utilization of these energetic laws between the different races. It seems to me there have been many. But evidently, these problems amongst the races, and how they relate to The Order and Hierarchy described in my previous posts, have been dealt with. However, the Remnants (Non-Repairable Humans), on surface Earth are still in the process of being dealt with. The Remnants are like the residue of what still remains after the big garbage was removed.

What I’ve gleaned from the back and forth conversation between Kim and The Viking is that final evaluations are currently being conducted. Once the evaluations of the Remnants are completed and decisions made as to who is repairable and wants to correct themselves and proves it, and who is not, it will then be up to The Enforcer who will do the ‘sterilization’, and there will be no warning as stated above. Sterilization is the term they used, but didn’t expound upon.

Global Intelligence Agency, Global Directorate Office

What Kim has also done recently to address the the enforcement issues that have plagued the transition of power back to the people, is reinstate the Global Intelligence Agency. It used to be under the Black Sun which Kim removed from them years ago. The Global Directorate Office previously empty, now has three people, The Viking, Steffen Rowe (Tank), and Thomas Melville, her White House insider. Kim has reinstated The Viking’s security clearance to five levels above what he had before the Black Sun stripped him. As mentioned in The Viking’s Letter to the Remnants (Part 1), he was stripped, but allowed to live, after his refusal to participate in the 911 ritual sacrifice.

Kim said The Viking is 100% for the people and the restoration of the planet, while on the flip side, the entire Order is afraid of him. This is a big win for Humanity. Therefore, going forward, all Agencies in the world will have to take orders and direction from the Global Directorate’s Office which will be enforcing the Restoration Plan. To paraphrase what the Viking said, they better, if these agencies around the world don’t align themselves with the restoration plan they will be taken care of, and not through arrests. They can decide to arrest their own, but that will be their only saving grace.

With the formation of the Global Intelligence Agency, there is now a way to bypass the psychopaths legally. For example, New York’s Governor Mario Cuomo was recently served notice. He is being charged with many crimes including, genocide, constitutional violations, human rights violations, informed consent violations, waging war against the people. The New York Assembly, which is part of Life Force drafted a formal bill which will provide lawful authority against the Governor for his misuse of power, dereliction of duty, etc. It will require signoff by The Viking, and Kim and her group, (although she didn’t elaborate on who these other people in her group are), and it will be given to the President of the United States for signoff. However Trump’s signoff is more of a courtesy, if he does not signoff it still won’t prevent enforcement. But, as The Viking mentioned, he expects that Trump will be very willing, especially in light of the Abraxas’ latest stunt played on him. They deliberately tried to screw things up for him because he was stepping back from the Black Sun. They offered him a new position with more power and control, and then days later told him he wasn’t worthy. But, those nasty Abraxas are no longer around to interfere, which is a huge win for Humanity.

[Note: The new position Trump was offered was mentioned in my previous post, The Fox, the Savior and the Global Chessboard.]

solar flare, flare, explosion

Status of Our Central Sun

Great news! As of last year, a spark from Source entered our central sun. Previous to that spark, our central sun was a black hole sucking in everything it possibly could, acting like a giant toilet bowl. But since the spark from Source was reinstated, the multiverse started creating again. To reiterate what was explained in the previous post, The Black Magician had used his star breaker technology to take out our central sun. This then required power packs to power up the sun. The loosh from humans, which we can naturally generate, is what was used to power the sun through these power packs. Without loosh from humans, the galaxy would be destroyed.

chess, chess board, black

It’s All About Loosh

The Abraxas, the ones who claimed to be our Gods, coordinated an agreement thousands of years ago between two covens, which will be covered more in the next blog post. These covens were the line of Solomon, also known as the 301 Families or Dragon Families, and the demons of Solomon, also known as the Black Sun. The agreement they brokered was that the line of Solomon would rule for 3,000 years. This then commenced the game of chaos, thus the black and white checkerboard (tile floors) that is seen throughout the world. It represents this tug of war, and has worked brilliantly for the Abraxas in generating and harvesting loosh. Generating loosh goes very deep based on the reading I’ve been doing on the Energetic Synthesis website. As one short excerpt from Lisa Renee on Energetic Synthesis explains in her post entitled, Checkerboard Mutation.

“Essentially, the Checkerboard Mutation is generated from multiple alien machinery systems that reverse the energy current throughout the planetary grid networks to split them into bi-wave frequencies. The bi-wave consciousness allows for extreme polarity amplification in the collective consciousness energies, and the splitting between the polarities to generate extreme densification. This is also what produces gender reversals in the human light body and gender splitting. These reversals are intended to maintain the reversal networks on the earth plane that keep human DNA unplugged and the NAA in control of the timelines on the earth grids.”

Tank also added some interesting comparisons. One was the Old Testament god, which we should fear and obey, the Yahweh – Jehovah god, versus the more loving, forgiving, and benevolent New Testament god. He also mentioned that the Tabernacle described in the Bible can also be read as a handbook on how to contain the loosh when it leaves the body so they can encapsulate it, and then of course sell it. It was all about commerce for The Order from the beginning.

The Loosh Farm run by the Abraxas was forced to shut down last year on Dec 25, 2019. It happened to be the day Kim took the Abraxas to court for the first time before The Counsel, so I suspect there is a correlation. The Abraxas were so angry at Kim for getting them shut down that they made a deal with the Black Sun to help them defeat the Rothschilds. In return, the Black Sun (through some of their groups such as the Earth Alliance, Galactic Alliance, Galactic Federation, SSP, etc.) was going to harvest everyone completely, meaning everyone was going to die. The objective being that they would get all the good little slaves back in line and then recommit their souls back to the Abraxas who were still left. Thus was the advent of Covid 19, otherwise known as Project Lock Step. They care not about anyone.

The King’s Chamber, The Queen’s Chamber, the Capstone & Loosh

So the shenanigans’ are still in play this year, at least the Remnants think so, since they never give up. Evidently they’ve been farming the loosh all year long, as they always have done, and like every year before, Harvest Day is December 21st, on the winter solstice. This day is important to the entire Gnostic Illuminati who worshipped Egyptian and Greek Gods, because it is the day earth is aligned with one or two other solar systems. And since their fake Egyptian Gods (who are actually The Parents and descendants of the Abraxas) told them it was important, so it must be.
[See my previous post, A Hierarchy in Shambles for more on who are the Abraxas and The Parents.]

Kim went on to explain what the Pyramid represents in relation to the harvest in the above screen capture. The King’s chamber goes one way, and the Queen’s chamber goes the opposite way. I think what she is trying to illustrate is similar to what Lisa Renee described above. The splitting between the polarities to generate densification and to produce gender reversals in the human light body and gender splitting.

Below the King and Queen chambers are the storage tanks for encapsulating the loosh. There is no capstone on the Pyramid because if there was, the capstone would allow the loosh to go directly to our Central Sun, and they can’t let that happen. They would lose the entire harvest. Evidently this capstone alignment only happens once every 1,000 years. This has me wondering, is Dec 21, 2020 this rare alignment? If so, the capstone will be returned, I’m guessing? While Kim has downplayed any negative effect this Dec 21st will have on humanity, I’m not so sure it won’t be so negative for the psychopaths. Especially since shortly after the 2020 Presidential Election, the Abraxas were permanently removed, and can no longer interfere or run anything on Earth.

The Dealer & The Drug Addicts

Nikola Tesla is probably the most well known scientist of our time who was able to create free energy devices. But he was not the only one, there were many other scientists in the past who also knew how or did create free energy devices. These energy devices did not use loosh from humans, but accessed the energy directly from Source. However, because this would put a monkey wrench in the Abraxas’ game of commerce, they made sure these free energy devices never got any traction.

Essentially, if humanity experienced a utopian existence, they would be happy and the quantity and variety of loosh would go way down. They definitely didn’t want less milk from the human livestock, as this would adversely affect their business. They had quite a racket going. They knew how to gather loosh under all kinds of circumstances, and then they would mix and match the loosh like a street drug to create uppers, downers, hallucinogenic, etc. And they were also users of loosh themselves. So, while at our level, the blocking of free energy is usually attributed to greed and money, I now understand the bigger picture behind the block. If we train ourselves to always look at the inverse of what they do, we can only find common sense, natural law, and sanity. Just sayin!

Part 4 Kim and The Viking break down the two covens who are in constant battle by design.


To learn more about The Order and what has ensued over the last couple of years, be sure to check out my previous posts which is a Six Part Series Based on Kim’s Education/Intel:

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Future post will be about The Enforcer and Kim’s explanation of the levels that make up the Deep State.

1 Peace Treaty, from: To the Heart of the Matter, THI Source to Action Book Series Vol 1 (page 19)

“16,500 years ago, some tribal ancestors, the Maori and Aboriginals, were engaged in a worldwide war which involved the Atlanteans and other on-planet and of-planet forces. These tribes, in an effort to win this war, signed an agreement, a treaty with the opportunistic Draco in exchange for technology. In one swift stroke, they won the war… and lost Midgard-Earth. This treaty had the effect of putting the whole of Earth under martial law and complete Draco domination – until very recently. (Note: it was these same tribes, with the assistance of the Manna World Holding Trust, that initiated the start of The Peace Treaty, which was completed in August 2016. The Peace Treaty ended 16,500 years of martial law, the shipping war, and admiralty law or maritime law that has suffocated Earth for these many tortuous millennia.

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  2. KT Wilson
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  3. So much knowledge denied to us.Imagine where would be now had we not been enslaved.
    I believe because School History was always full of unanswered Questions that no teacher could ever adequately explain.I remember being caned when I told my 65 year old History Teacher that what he had just said was bullxxxx Their version of the 2nd World War does not withstand intelligent free thinking.They lied so many times that it was like reading a film made in Bollywood.So glad to bear witness to the ending of their control..and the beginning of Heaven on earth.I will help those in need of understanding to adjust to the New Normal( ours) not theirs.Neil

  4. Hi I have recently joined life force and very interested in the history of how Kimberly came to be the guardian. In this blog you have a screenshot with the whiteboard where Kim has a diagram of who was in control. You say this was from the LF meeting of 11/15/20. On the UNN app the meetings only go back to December, do you have a link to this meeting?

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  8. Any reasoning person know understands the earth is not rotating at 1000 mph around the suns, which is in turn rotating at 10,000(?) mph around a galaxy, which is in turn rotating 1,000,000(?) mph around a cluster of galaxies. If this were the case wind speeds would +500 mph every day all over the earth, and every time we encountered space debris we would loose atmosphere. Anytime people try to sell this galactic narrative, should be a gut-check that something is awry! We live under a firmament, just like the the The Book of Enoch describes. Only way you leave this plane (not planet) is interdimensional, and I have seen real craft that exhibited these attributes…………Something (many things) is not right with above narrative!

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