DARPA Coin, A Symbol Of Special Recognition – Who Got Coin #107? Hum, Does Juan O’Savin Sound like 107?

Today’s post is Part 1 and includes the highlights from the 11/08/2021 Situation Report update provided by Kim Goguen. It started off with some good news, around the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton who seems to be abiding by the recent Cease and Desist Orders sent out by the Global Health & Wellness consortium around the illegal lethal injection mandates. This consortium declared the injections bio-hazardous medical waste, and if injected into a person a bioweapon. Please let there be consequences for those participating in the mass genocide agenda!

[Note: Situation Reports are available to subscribers of United Network News

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Faux Biden Administration Injection Mandates Based On Lies Only

There is a back story to this recent action by the Texas Attorney General. Kim said that for many years she has had some direct contacts who sat on Advisory Boards in and above Governments. They are decent people who were frozen out of the system by Deep State players. Her contacts are very concerned about the military personnel in particular, as thousands are going a-wall and walking away from their jobs due to the jab mandates. In addition, commercial planes are landing sideways, some airlines are preventing pilots from going back while they were experiencing blood clots in the air, and pilots died while in flight. This group seems to be worried about what any normal conscious human, who is still in possession of a functioning brain is concerned about.

So recently they were planning on suing the Biden Administration over the mandatory vaccines across the board. But Kim asked them, why do that? Just call the National Archives and ask them for proof that the Biden Administration’s mandates, laws, and/or executive orders have been registered because nothing is ratified, therefore nothing this fake administration is claiming is actually real. They’ve been selling this lie to many corporations based on the promises of trillions of dollars from the Infrastructure bill which would then just go to lining the pockets of these corporations. That’s the reason they are all onboard pushing the injection mandates.

So they took Kim’s advice and called the National Archives who confirmed what Kim said, that none of this rubbish the Biden Administration is spewing is ratified. While the swamp can threaten the National Archives all they want, they can’t change the fact that none of the injection mandates passed, not only in the United States, but worldwide. They are selling the corporations and the public nothing but lies, lies and more lies.

A true bill pays out from the back system. If a bill is not ratified it will not be paid. Sounds rather simple. Yet every corporation that has been incentivized to force people to get the jab, thinking they are getting payouts, is remiss and ignoring the fact that past bills during this faux Biden Administration still have not gotten paid. They all have been reviewed and all were rejected because Kim won’t pay for human genocide agendas.

Proof of the falsity of these mandates catapulted this contact of Kim’s to contact the Attorney General in the state of Texas, Ken Paxton who then immediately put a federal stay on all mandatory vaccines for all corporations, companies, including the Federal Government, until a hearing could be had.

This is a HUGE win for the people. Government, corporations, and companies cannot fire anyone based on their refusal to get the jab. If anyone is in this position where they are being told they must take the jab if they want to keep their job, they need to print the current stay on this mandate by Ken Paxton and inform their company. Clearly the psychopaths are extremely desperate so I wouldn’t count on them to stop lying. But knowledge is power and let’s hope some more Attorney Generals like Ken Paxton follow suit and the truth spreads faster. Press Releases | Office of the Attorney General (texasattorneygeneral.gov)


In the meantime, Kim and her team will keep tabs on the emergency hearings and other things being proposed. Tank and the People’s Government Services Department have been notifying a lot of companies around the world, informing them that the Global Health & Wellness Consortium has ratified an order that declared the vaccines biohazardous medical waste, and when injected into a person is considered a bioweapon.  He said they are also providing the documentation of the court case from the Texas Attorney General and the order with real HR Numbers ratified by the Global Health & Wellness Consortium. The below document is available at

ff-f4092188a84f1bb0ddb0039df5ee4d66-ff-Clear-Global-Health-and-Wellness-orders.pdf (pgovsd.agency)
[Note: I erased the signatures]

In addition, Kim is freezing accounts of large corporations for non-compliance with said mandate. Freezing Government accounts is unnecessary because they don’t have anything in these accounts. The US Government has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for months now and many other countries are as well. She has confirmed this with her Treasury Department contacts.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Report and one of my favorite sources is also getting the message out in his November 8, 2021 podcast and Situation Update. The Health Ranger Report: Biden’s vaccine mandate HALTED by Fifth Circuit Court


While I am glad to see some action being taken, I also feel very sad and disappointed that people need an outside authority to lean on because they feel powerless to make appropriate decisions for themselves regarding something so extreme, so egregious that is this bioweapon. Are there really so few of us who have the ability to critically think for ourselves, have the courage, and the moral fortitude to stand by our principles and not comply with what those who clearly want to impose nothing but harm and death upon us? The human race is so stuck in a state of immaturity it is beyond my comprehension at times.

The Psychopaths Must Really be Afraid of Humanity

Before continuing to the next news items, Kim emphasized that due to the lengths these psychopaths are taking to control humanity, including eliciting outside ‘Negative Alien’ help can only mean one thing, they are terrified of us. This is another reason I’m so saddened. If only humanity was aware that we’ve been unplugged and working from only our first few chakras for thousands and thousands of years. Imagine being completely plugged in again, with all engines working instead of the bare minimum. These psychopaths sure can imagine, which is why they are so terrified. The Ascension time cycle is supposed to be our time to reclaim what they stole from us. The forces for good are in our favor, yet so many have no clue and are being derailed to follow the false ascension path paved in fear, apathy, and willful ignorance.

I guess I’m letting my emotions get the better of me today. So back on topic and I am actually grateful Kim mentioned this important fact because I often think about it and look forward to gaining more of true selves back again. I also wonder about these psychopaths, and imagine what could be different if they spent some time and effort on fixing themselves rather than being utterly obsessed with us. But obsessed they are 100% and they must continue to work 24×7 on handicapping and destroying our innate human abilities so they can feel self important, and powerful. It’s got to be exhausting. Aren’t they tired of constantly having to orchestrate everything to control the humans? I guess not, they too seem to be playing the same record over and over, never learning anything different. The fact that the Deep State minions are waiting yet again for promised payouts is evidence of that. They were told November 3rd 2021 was the new date, which has come and gone. This then changed to Nov 8th, the date of this Intel call, but that will prove futile for them yet again. Oye Vey!

More Rumors the Good Guys are Going to Make a Move

There was another rumor going around on the internet that Nov 3rd was supposed to be the day the good guys were going to start overthrowing the Deep State. Of course nothing happened, except Trump had a rally and proclaimed that he wouldn’t even consider running in 2024 until the midterms were through. So essentially he’s still just taking peoples’ money and will probably never live long enough to run for President, and/or the country formerly know as the United States of America may cease to exist by that time. The bottom line, there is no current ticket, there is no current campaign, so Kim emphasized to please remember that before anyone considers donating to the billionaire.

There were also many empty threats going around towards the Trump family around lack of performance. Evidently this implied that the offers of contracts to the swamp creatures were minimal and payment promises very low ball. Not very enticing evidently. While the deep state slaves are growing more desperate by the day, and the amounts being offered for contracts are getting lower, it’s only proving their overlords are becoming broker with each passing day as well. In the past, as an example, there were contacts that paid multi-millions of dollars for Heads of State to go away permanently, Gadhafi, and a member of the Saudi Royal Family to name a couple. But the low ball contracts the Trump family are tossing to the minions aren’t paying anywhere near what they were in the past according to Kim. What a shame, so murder for hire isn’t paying what it used to.

Drone Strike in Iraq’s Green Zone

There was a drone strike early this month, in the Green Zone, which is in Iraq. The Green Zone is a heavily fortified zone in the center of the Iraqi capital that serves as the headquarters of successive Iraqi regimes. The Prime Minister’s residence is in this Green Zone. One of the 3 drone attacks was reported, but the Prime Minister was not hit.


Kim uncovered a computer detection program called the CRAM system, which is supposed to detect and then protect people and things in and around the Green Zone. This computer program is actually run out of the United States Embassy which is in the Green Zone in Iraq, and it just so happened that the system was disabled during the time of the strike attack and approach of the drones. Hum, what does that tell you about who runs these operations? I spent a little time searching for information about this CRAM system but didn’t come up with much aside from this headline posted last year.

And while I’m not certain this C-RAM is related to the CRAM system Kim was talking about it came up and is a US system, a Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar system. So here it looks like the US was orchestrating some action on themselves in Baghdad last year which they could blame on someone else surely to stir up trouble. I’m passed being shocked by anything now that I realize upside down people orchestrate everything in this simulation.

The Black Mula

A new group Kim hasn’t mentioned before is the Black Mula. Black Mula is a formal title for the head of yet another bunch of hoodlums working with the Black Sun and the IRA. She personally ran into the former Black Mula awhile ago, and it sounded like he has since been replaced with a new one. I couldn’t find anything on the internet regarding this Black Mula. I’m not sure I even have the correct spelling. The only other background she gave was that it doesn’t matter which country the Black Mula and group of hoodlums are from, just as long as they are willing to work with the Black Sun and IRA in order to create chaos. It sounds like this is the group that was behind the Boko Haram and the incident in Somalia that involved dirty bombs and uranium dumping. I think she was letting us know this terrorist group was deployed in the recent Green Zone drone strike. But that is my assumption, she didn’t explicitly say so.

Juan O’ Savin Revealed!! Updated: Part 1 and 2 (Videos) | Alternative | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Juan O’Savin, or 107? DARPA Coins – Symbols of Special Recognition

Finally, it’s time to share the intel Kim provided on that windbag, Juan O’Savin, which I found rather interesting. So DARPA is actually a front for the Secret Space Program, which is now just the Space Program. For example, DARPA runs HAARP on behalf of the SSP. Well evidently, there is something called the DARPA Coin Club. DARPA Coins are awarded by the Director of DARPA to upside down people, I mean team players, for doing something extra special for DARPA. By the way, what the heck is that phallic looking thing to the right of Juan’s big debut? Never mind, I’m getting side-tracked.

Those in the club refer to each other by their number I suppose. Juan O’ Savin, the windbag who loves to show only his boots (until recently) and promoting his book, just so happens to have been awarded DARPA Coin #107, and Kim claims he mentioned in one of his videos that he’s been called 107. I guess he was bragging or confirming to those in the know.  His job is to keep dangling hope to Trump supporters so they are consistently crushed when nothing happens So take that with a grain of salt, but know they are all swimming in the same Black Sun Pool as Trump. They are all part of the same secret society.

Update 8/3/2022: Kim stated in a later UNN Special Report on July 7, 2022 again that Juan O’Savin is #107 but to ignore the publicized version of this list, it’s not where she found this information. I can only assume there is another list which she didn’t specify. You can access the below video. She mentions it towards the end of her update. 06-07-2022 United Network Global News Desk (nunchee.tv)

See the source image

The strategy I suppose is to ultimately break the hearts of those who are awake. The heart chakra is the 4th chakra. It’s through the heart that we ascend out of 3D. The battle, we know is spiritual. If they can wear us down, and break the heart of the human collective using endless promises, dangling the same carrots and keep us focused on expecting others to fix things, they can bring down the vibration, the frequency and harness the energy for their purposes. All systems are broken and beyond repair. We need to stop looking behind us and start looking ahead and recognize only we the people can make the changes we need, not the prior establishment, as they are ones who created and orchestrated this mess. They are trying their best to extend it. The more we place our attention on Trump coming back to make everything better, the more disempowered we become. It’s interesting too that the same strategy used on the swamp creatures, with the RV, a carrot for jackasses, according to Lord Rothschild, is what they are using on the Trump supporters. So the cycle of abuse continues.

My next post, Is Nibiru a Planet or a Giant Floating Petri Dish, is Part 2 of the 11/08/2021 Situation Report update.


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  1. With all the posts from so many individuals, how is one able to discern the truth or is the truth not possible?! Has all that has transpired since the beginning of 2020 NOT about the takeover of the NWO and the financial reset? What about the human trafficking and pedophilia?

    1. Dracos and Draco souled humantypes for the most part are the pedoperv horribles.Theorionlines.o,TheinformedAmerican.o,educate-yourself.o,ascensionglossary.o,ascension-research.org,stopthecrimes.org,LawofOneSociety.org,llresearch.org,are very useful for many reasons.Re:discernment,you have a Spark of Divine/fractal of whole of the ONE SOURCE as well as spiritguides and Guardian Angels to help.Pray for clarity and guidance and meditate.Put yoyr myndane human ego in a symbolic corner,quiet your monkeymind,and listen.Suzanne Geisemann is also super helpful as she channels Sanaya and Archangel Michael.Grow your compassion,tolerance,patience,gratitude,and peacemaking.Do not take the lowvibe bait as this Literally feeds the oppressors=Loosh.Monsters,Inc. Movie from years back illustrates this and this is why entity known as Jesus said to turn the other cheek,so as not to strengthen the negative polarity.Lovingly praying that the negative will repent and turn to seek light and love helps you,humanity and weakens the negative which seeks selfish control over loving respect of freewilled spiritual beings like us.Self-service vs. Service to others.Namaste!! 🙂

    2. How about.. one question to be answered at a time….
      And I want you to understand… when we speak.. we speak face to face and you look me in the eyes to [ as you put it ] ” DISCERN ” the TRUTH.
      … THAT is how it is done.. THAT is how we communicate… THAT is how we
      ” DISCERN ” or have a chance to ” DISCERN ” and evaluate the information
      we gather and reflect on… moving forward to.. a higher knowing of things…
      Anyone entertaining… that, THAT is NOT our minimum expectation…..
      Which becomes confusing since your thought was to DISCERN truth…. and you are so aware… of things and issues and events and abhorrent circumstances….
      In general we must REQUIRE people to GAIN OUR TRUST… which is not a gift
      handed on a sliver platter…. Scammers are looking for suckers.. suckers are easily taken in… if when we meet… I do not smile and look you in the eyes to communicate as we share thoughts… CALL THE COPS… 🙂
      We are: THE_AMERICANS

  2. Thank you for your summary of Kim’s presentation once again. I have little time available these days to be watching endless videos so your efforts are much appreciated.

  3. 107 windbag is perfect description felt something was off about him from the get go along with many others. Just found your pages tonight and have been reading, thank you for posting these pages up.

  4. Aside from this DARPA list, what proof is there that Juan O Savin is Neil? I”m sure he has many pseudonyms but I don’t like to share info that I haven’t vetted personally. I have confirmed that he is Wayne Willot (aka “W”). I can’t find a single thing indicating “107” is Neil Bryans, who seems to be involved with University of South Australia. This is all I could find on Neil Bryans. Professor Neil Bryans is the chair of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR) at the University of South Australia. He has been a member of the advisory board for the ITR and its predecessors since the mid nineties. In March 2008 he was appointed to the inaugural chair of the Advisory Board for the Defence and Systems Institute, a position he continues to hold. Over the years he has also assisted the University more generally in relation to various initiatives it has undertaken. From 1995 to 2005 he was a board member of the Distributed Technologies Cooperative Research Centre which the University of South Australia joined as a second CRC round member. Neil is currently the Executive Director of the Counter Terrorism and Security Technology Centre at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and was previously a Deputy Chief Defence Scientist within DSTO and head of DSTO Edinburgh. He was a member of the South Australian Government’s Premier’s Science and Research Council from late 2003 to March 2008. Neil is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia. The University of South Australia conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of the University in August 2010.

    1. I look at his actions. He pushed his book a lot and strings people along dangling a carrot.

  5. 777OfLibertas

    Wayne Willet is Juan O Savin. A publisher with a non-Australian accent, and doesn’t specialize on photonic energy sensing devices related to online security like Neil B does. Wayne has a ranch in wyoming, a pad in Las Vegas and travels ALOT. It was also said that when JFK jr allegedly died in his plane crash, he had to hide out awhile in a gov’t protection program…. and he was good friends with Wayne and stayed there for a time. JFK jr was also a publisher … they had alot in common. I didn’t resonate with this post, which is ok. I’m interested in validating the National Archive stuff. Otherwise, this is my first time here. I know it’s hard to keep up with all the info coming out, and hard to know who is real these days. We’re all wading through the much together.

    1. btw – Kim mentioned in the July 7th UNN Special Report we should ignore the publicized Darpa Coin list. I guess there is another list she was referring to. So I included the update in the post.

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