Is Nibiru a Planet or Giant Floating Petri Dish?

Today’s post is Part 2 of the 11/08/2021 Situation Report update provided by Kim Goguen and it’s time to bring back the Nibiru narrative. It’s on course to crash into us and we’re all going to die! No, not that narrative, we have a new one and it’s quite an interesting story. Nibiru came on Kim’s radar while she was searching for root causes of the latest AI parasites, lingering mind control programs and God only knows what else. During her investigation she uncovered some new information around what Nibiru really is, and since NASA is probably still claiming Nibiru doesn’t even exist and is a hoax, I’m inclined to believe there is something about Nibiru they are trying to hide, because they like to lie a lot.

[Note: For Part 1 of this Life Force Intel report, see DARPA Coin, A Symbol Of Special Recognition – Who Got Coin #107? Hum, Does Juan O’Savin Sound like 107?]

[Note: Situation Reports are available to subscribers of United Network News

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


What Kim discovered is that Nibiru isn’t exactly a real planet but a giant black goo computer. It was filled with a red fluid, not a watery substance but a goo type substance, and Nibiru’s sole purpose was to be a petri dish for ARCHON and parasite technology. It was a tetrahedron, a triangular pyramid that was connected to Earth (until recently) in three key spots. These anchor points were in the United States, Russia, and Wuhan, China. Well, well, well. Isn’t that interesting?

She explained that as Nibiru orbited around the earth, it would utilize the energetic connections at the three anchor points to throw viruses in a machine and then disburse them to one of these locations. It could disburse all kinds of computer viruses as well as viruses into humans, at our plasma level, ethereal level, and consciousness. Since this recent discovery of Nibiru being an anti-life floating petri dish, it’s been dismantled and she said it is no longer an issue, nor are any of the machines it was connected to.

[Note: See my post Kim Goguen Reveals What is an ARCHON? Has the Root Cause of All Disease Been Uncovered? for more info on ARCHON and parasite technology].

Last Lingering Lizard, aka Mr. Black & the Giant Petri Dish Connection

Nibiru being a giant floating petri dish is not all that she uncovered. According to Kim, this petri dish is not a human technology, but alien tech, and it just so happened a member of the Reptilian race was running it. Guess which one? If I was playing roulette, I would place my bet on Black, in the Last Lingering Lizard (aka, Mr. Black). There was an odd coincidence that happened when the floating petri dish known as Nibiru went away, so did the entity posing as Mr. Black. Evidently the reptile playing the role of Mr. Black, Head of the Order of the Black Sun and the reptile running the petri dish were one in the same.

Since Mr. Black passed away, the higher up Generals were anxiously awaiting the standard seven days, to see which one of them would be providing a new home for the reptile now that possessing Mr. Black’s house was no longer available. Evidently this is a thing with the swamp creatures because Kim mentioned a similar scenario last January when the Dark Prince passed. They were all waiting to find out which one of them was to be a new home owner, but fortunately he never returned, thank you God!

The standard seven days have passed and so far none of the existing Generals had a new owner move in. Kim said they just came to the realization on this November 8, 2021 Life Force call that Mr. Black has passed permanently. But she also emphasized that doesn’t mean there won’t be another person who may be propped up to play the role of Mr. Black, you know to fool the fools some more.

For more information on Mr. Black, see my previous post, Head of the Order of the Black Sun & Last Lingering Lizard (aka, Mr. Black)

First Look Trailer (

Yet Another Black Sun System Uncovered – The TETRA System 

When Kim and her team were conducting cleaning and clearing activities of the financial system (which is a priority), they kept coming up with viruses and malware. She had to investigate where they were coming from. During the root cause investigation she eventually traced it back to the source of origin and discovered that the Space Force was running a TETRA System on planet Earth. This TETRA system is tied to 24 space stations in our geosphere. Oh yay, more anti-human alien tech to dismantle!

Kim explained that the Secret Space Force inhabits many military bases around the world and they aren’t all run by just the Americans. In the TV series on the History Channel called Project Bluebook, they revealed that many countries are in collaboration with the US, like Russia and China. They even mention the locations of the many space stations around the globe, but she said the locations are not entirely correct. Some of the bigger ones mentioned in the US are however, such as the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base Colorado Springs, CO , and in Seattle, I assume she is referencing Fairchild Air Force Base. I am not certain this link to the TETRA System website is what she is referring to, I am just making an assumption because it looks like it may be related. I also found this site referencing TETRA, US Space Force TETRA-1 satellite prepared for launch after 15-month integration (

See the source image

The Self-Proclaimed God of Semen

Kim paused a second, contemplating if she should share this next part, then she started laughing because it sounds so absurd. Just trying to fore warn folks, but here it goes.

She explained that in silicate or DNA based systems, which use a motherboard, you sometimes will find a gooey substance that has some metal specs in it, which are made of silicate. Well evidently, they are not using silicate anymore. Before she even got into the next part, I was still trying to wrap my brain around what a silicate or DNA based system even looks like, but when I heard her say they (meaning the SSP people I presume), are now swapping out the silicate for salmon semen, I said What? But I did hear her correctly, salmon semen, yep, that’s what she said. Why salmon semen you might ask? Well because salmon semen is the closest to a human’s DNA or mucus, and we can find that fact on the internet too, she’s not making it up. So I did look it up.

I was thinking, wow, if I share this Kim will sound like a wackadoo, and I’ve been trying to help her credibility, not discredit it. I found myself in a momentary quandary. But then I remembered, it’s because the truth is so absurd, they get away with it. So obviously I reconsidered and kept the salmon semen in.

Plus, this actually gives me the opportunity to include more information on that Annunaki family of narcissuses thanks to Tank who chimed in and said, well it makes sense then, Enlil is the Self-Proclaimed God of Semen. I didn’t even bat an eye after hearing that statement because I recall reading about that on Lisa Renee’s Energetic Synthesis website, in her Ascension Glossary. Although her Ascension Glossary says it’s Enki, not Enlil who is the Self-Proclaimed God of Semen. But why split hairs? They are relatives after all, both equally delusional and dysfunctional is my guess and probably an interesting case study in a horrid kind of way. With relatives like Anu and Marduk it’s kind of expected. I can only imagine what the female members must be like.

Enki, God of Semen
Enki is the self-proclaimed God of semen, and the mindset revealed for the new age grooming is setting in the reversals that repel ethical behavior which is required in the alignment with Hieros Gamos and holding the proper balance of Gender Principle. The motivation implanted into the predator mind is to have sex with as many people or women as possible, to develop and promote polyamorous situations in order to “spread the seed”. As sad as this delusion is, it’s clear that it is designed to propagate the Sexual Misery program and to destroy true hierogamic union or the possibility of gender principle merge, which is necessary to achieve spiritual ascension. The historical trigger event timeline returns to Thoth taking earth females as breeders to Nibiru and Enki proclaiming himself the god of earth humans because he was genetically modifying the offspring with his DNA. As a result of this human trafficking scheme for Enki and Orion Group, Thoth got the Emerald Tablets and started his own worship program on the earth. The worship program of false religions and false gods are mind control methods used to harvest energy from earth humans and further, relegate humans as their subservient slaves that are to process their karmic loads and answer to their whims, to do their bidding.[4]
Source: Energetic Synthesis – Ascension GlossaryThoth, Enki, Enlil Collectives

[For more on Enki, see the end of this post]

Back to the Viruses

Back to the viruses. Kim said she couldn’t figure out why the deeper they went and more clearing they did in the system, the sicker her team and people at large were feeling. What was the connection? Well, the psychopaths running the Space Stations were using some of their own human team members to transmit viruses and all kinds of other nasty things. Their people, used as guinea pigs were semi-connected to a Way Station on Mercury and semi-connected to the Nibiru project, and also probably connected through their own storage facilities here on Earth that are housing parasites. My brain was still having some trouble following how they used their own people, mind-controlled humans I suppose, to transmit the viruses, but I’ll take her at her word. How this then was able to have an effect on humanity I can grasp a little bit better, but only a little I admit.

She said it’s done through computer monitors, programs, software of all kinds, Google, etc. Viruses can appear directly into a person’s plasma field at random, infect them and make them ill. It’s not from the hardware itself, but from the energy transmitted on either an ethereal level or a plasma level through any kind of technological device. They also had methods and devices that could infect your consciousness and your brainwaves. The Super Soldiers are not the only ones they are using this tech to experiment on, they can use it to infect anyone, anywhere, even collectively. How comforting is that!

Ultimately, What Was the Black Sun’s Goal?

To summarize, over the last couple of days Kim was able to detect and trace back to its source the viruses that kept showing up on the system and making sick, not only the guinea pigs and people who were clearing them out, but the population at large, especially on November 7th. She also made a connection with all the hacking on the financial system and other weird sectors of the Quantum Mapping System, which she then realized was being caused by the TETRA System. Kim said initially she couldn’t figure out the link. Why were the sick people collaborating with the banking system while a bunch of hacking was going on in the background. All kinds of access denied messages were popping up while they were trying to access other weird sectors of the system. It’s because they were using those space stations to negatively affect people, especially their guinea pigs, to throw everyone off guard, and revert us back to a negative timeline. And that’s how it all correlated.

The Black Sun group believes that if they can harness the collective consciousness, using those space stations and their own crew as a catalyst I suppose, to connect to the plasma in our body and our emotional level, they can reset us back to a point of subservience and/or negativity. So their ultimate goal, if accomplished, would then,

A. Allow them to regain control of the back system and
B. They could revert us back to a negative timeline

SSP Lost Control of 24 Space Stations

So in light of all this latest intel, while it may have been especially rocky last week, she now knows why and action was taken and continues to be taken to finish cleaning up their mess. As of this morning, November 8, 2021, the SSP lost control of the 24 space stations. They were in the process of sending out a maintenance crew to find out why they were experiencing so many issues, so Kim thought she would inform them on this Life Force call that it’s because their access was cut off and they no longer have control of them.

The space stations are still there because she said that they can also be used to clean up the mess they caused. Lucky for us they were ultimately unsuccessful and we now know the reason why people were getting sick and being affected in negative ways. And there is another benefit to all this in that we will have a space station control system which will run exactly the way we want it to. It’s just a matter of cleaning it up to remove the negative effects of these things.

See the source image

The Travis Scott Concert – What Triggered the Satanic like Event?

Through those space stations (that are now out of the SSP’s control), people who electively received nano-bots (via the shots) in their person it has been discovered, can also emit an electro-magnetic frequency. So, if they got hit and you happened to be in their peripheral you could get hit as well. Because of what happened at this concert, Kim said we now know that these space stations not only could emit electro-magnetic frequencies thru wifi, internet and phones, they could also do it through humans.

And it’s even worse than that she said. She found all kinds of human control programs, MK ultra like programs that could affect both your brain and physical person, also a chromosome splitting technology that causes cancer and radiation issues, and all kinds of other things.

The Alliance – the ‘Alleged Good Guys’ are Bad Guys Too?

This is your Alliance folks she said. This is the group many still think are the good guys. This group is actually talking about infecting the toilet paper next and anything that touches a mucus membrane. They will settle for nothing less than regaining full control.  They have to be terrified of us to want to keep doing this. Kim said they want to be able to control when you die (and I’m guessing our soul afterwards). They believe most of us will die and only the strong will survive, and that’s fine with them because the Georgia Guide Stones says they only need 500 million of us anyway.

See the source image
Georgia Guide Stones

Oh No, The Abraxas Again!

The SSP (and this Alliance) I assume, were also making all kinds of deals with the Abraxas, those narcissistic humans of the future. Oye vey, not those dreaded self-proclaimed Humans of the Future again! But that problem has been solved. Wait, where did I hear that before? Oh in my post, Kim Goguen Reveals What is an ARCHON? Has the Root Cause of All Disease Been Uncovered? To learn more about who they are see my post A Hierarchy in Shambles (Kim Goguen – Part 2).

Female Demon Stirring Up Trouble

Now we have yet another horrid entity, a species Kim said she never saw before, and she had some trouble trying to describe her. She eventually landed on what we would consider a biblical demon, a very low astral being. What I derived was that this female demon was giving instructions to the real Space Force, which is also part of the Alliance, not the ‘Waste of Space Force’, that Kim likes to call the recently acknowledged Space Force. She differentiates the two but neither are good just to reiterate. Anyway, this demon was transmitting information on how do all these things to us humans that Kim shared above. The she demon also told them that in order to be potentially successful they need to get at least 99.8% of humanity on their negative timeline program, to then get access to a section of the system which has been switched off for 5 years. Sounds promising. Uh, not really.

This female demon is in court (at the time of this report) with the rest of them (not sure who the rest of them are as Kim didn’t say specifically). What she did share was that the she demon is in a quarantine status, in a holding cell awaiting execution, which is very different from what we know as a holding cell here in 3D. She described it as a place where no frequency emission comes through, so she cannot receive or send any instructions or orders. This demon reminds me of that Red Queen Kim mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Pre-Requisites for Genocide (If You’re a Psychopath). More just keep showing up.

In Summary

DARPA, the front for the SSP who think they are working for the good guys are actually working for the people who want to infect our toilet paper, are creating salmon semen systems and potentially yeast based system, (forget to mention that earlier) with the help of their giant petri dish, otherwise known as Nibiru.  They are putting stuff in and on our food. That’s the reason for the graphene oxide and all the other toxic metals in the shots, because they are super conductors for all this crap they’re throwing our way.

These irreparable humans are looking more like bots or cyborgs every day. They consistently use the same strategy hoping to be rescued by these negative aliens. They will settle for nothing less than full control of the entire system not just the money. Kim said it really has very little to do with money at this point. It’s about absolute power. And what do we know about absolute power? It corrupts absolutely, and to say they are corrupted absolutely is no understatement. There is no changing them. These psychopaths have zero intention of letting us be healthy, well and living to our fullest potential, they want the complete opposite.

FYI – The November 22, 2021 Life Force Intel update is another doozy.
But Humanity is resilient and will prevail!
At least some of us will – I Hope!


See the source image

Building Enki’s Army

Source: Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, Ascension Glossary

Dear Ascending Family,

Lately, it has been brought into my attention to observe the recruitment and grooming techniques of the Annu Hybrids in the 8th portal that have contacted their preferred male bloodlines on the earth for the express purpose of creating the next generation in the worshiping mind control program that the Guardian host refers to as the building of “Enki’s Army”. I’ve been an observer on the periphery of this agenda for a while, it may be helpful to become aware of this alien false God propaganda when exposed to this type of delusional sociopathic behavior demonstrated through some new age spiritual groups or guru types, so that this energy signature can be recognized for what it is and that the real goals of that system are understood.

I first started to see the culling of primarily males on the ascension path to be recruited into the worship program by making a deal to be an earthly representative for the “herd” on behalf of allowing Enki, Enlil or Thoth to have access to their physical vehicle. I have observed the otherworldly communication occur to an awakening or Starseeded male that gradually shifted their potential of actualizing a heart centered purpose, to forge a direction into the narcissistic wound which leads into the negative ego behaviors of tyranny, manipulation for control and predatorial polyamory. This has been observed as occurring in low profile starseeded males behind the scenes, who slowly become more corrupted over time with normalizing predatorial behaviors and a lack of empathy for others. As well as those motivated for achieving a massive impact in social media to promote themselves and thus have amassed a lot of followers on social media or from related group events that are used to market their brands to be associated with awakening consciousness.

God of Semen

Enki is the self-proclaimed God of semen, and the mindset revealed for the new age grooming is setting in the reversals that repel ethical behavior which is required in the alignment with hieros gamos and holding the proper balance of gender principle. The motivation implanted into the predator mind is to have sex with as many people or women as possible, to develop and promote polyamorous situations in order to “spread the seed”. As sad as this delusion is, it’s clear that it is designed to propagate the sexual misery program and to destroy true hierogamic union or the possibility of gender principle merge, which is necessary to achieve spiritual ascension. The historical trigger event timeline returns to Thoth taking earth females as breeders to Nibiru and Enki proclaiming himself the god of earth humans because he was genetically modifying the offspring with his DNA. As a result of this human trafficking scheme for Enki and Orion group, Thoth got the Emerald Tablets and started his own worship program. The worship program of false religions and false gods are mind control methods used to harvest energy from earth humans and further, relegate humans as their subservient slaves that are to process their karmic loads and answer to their whims to do their bidding.

In my personal case studies over the years, the Enki program is installed in the willing male participant, who has been unknowingly exploited from their previous lifetime power abuses, and to which many males on the spiritual path have personality weakness when offered money, fame, status and being able to have easy sex with your own personal harem. As they engage further with the Enki program to build Enki’s army, they are mind controlled and bonded to the Enki God personality, in order to generate possession or a dark portal vehicle when that entity desires to be operating on the earth surface. So there are many Enki candidates, all acting out as Enki, in his worship program, thinking that they are the only chosen one that is the supreme god sent to the earth to save lowlife humans from their miserable existence. They tend to use all the key words and themes for swallowing the new age bliss pill, in order to assure that their naive followers believe they will be led into a world made like heaven, when its actually designed for their own personal pleasure, while enforcing the consciousness slavery of others. At this level, the person recruited to play out Enki, is role playing in the spiritual guru archetype and expects the human followers to be rejoicing that he or she has been picked for this honor to serve him for whatever he wants to manifest on this realm by using their energy resources. He believes he is an invincible creator god, so everyone else is beneath him. This superior mindset is downloaded into the willing earthly male, who may at first realize that he cannot say that fully out loud to the public, but over time he gets more comfortable blurting it out when he really starts to believe this delusional narrative of his own superiority and special-ness, usually connected to his male organ. Only he can save the world with his special powers, or it’s his personal job to save the world, and impregnate his seed into the many females he must service, to create an improved human race, etc.

Sumerian Religion Timelines

The religion of Sumeria, at the time of invasion is being systematically returned through the Enki worship program to build his army. Thus, the Orion Group contacts males, willing to play this game of spiritual guru or celebrity and then make the deal to sacrifice their body and spirit. The Enki related groups are especially proud of stealing the Hyperborean genetics in the Electric Wars and preen around in the other dimensional planes exclaiming how perfect and beautiful they are. Which in their mindset means they should be worshipped as Gods, and they really pull out the vanity card or super special DNA or semen to impress, whenever possible. The Hyperborean human body is not their native body, it’s been stolen and created in a lab, thus they need slaves to worship them in order to get the energy they require to keep it youthful and functioning. When I had contact with Enki in 2008, he was blond, blue eyed, muscular, like a Greek god type, and was incredibly narcissistic and emotionally infantile. He covets that kind of body, it’s his ideal. Over the years, it does not appear that he’s changed much, but after millenniums of acting like two year old babies in massive monadic bodies, screaming mine! mine! all over the universe, it’s understandable. When you understand Enki, then you can see the predictable profile in those males that he is culling for his army to carry out his agenda with a new age religion of Enki based worshippers. I’ve noticed he does not reveal himself upfront, but usually carries himself upon the most current fad in the spiritual network on social media, because his priority is to cull a large following and use sensationalistic tactics to get the most attention. Here are some thematic patterns in the culling of Enki’s Army through those recruited to play out the spiritual guru archetype.

Contacts preferred are males on the spiritual path or those willing to play out the worship program, celebrity, fame, money, power of attraction and trendiness for the cool and hip are all components. Enki wants to use a male body to get around, and seems to stay mostly away from possessing females. Intends to build an army of Enki personality types that self-proclaim that they are Gods here to save the world. He does not reveal his identity, and may mask it behind other popular new age belief systems that are trending on YouTube or social media. The main goal is to gain followers and the more the better. Similar to the pied piper leading people to the Enki slave colony to worship him in a world he says will be heavenly and utopian, but he needs you to build it for him. Some of these devotees can appear like glazed over zombies with a permanent plastered on smile. Recruits are given basic parlor tricks on the astral plane to trick followers into having what may appear to be special enlightened powers. The NAA knows that earth humans have a primitive understanding of the multidimensional nature of reality, so they exploit ignorance with astral glamour tactics to build a following.

Guru or Black Magician Profile

The perfect candidate for Enki’s Army is the typical Guru type or Black Magician. Many attracted to this energy signature are soul groups that have had extensive spiritual trauma leading back into the Nibiruan Breeding programs and forced genetic modification with Annu-Enki genetics. Narcissism, vanity, pride, self-entitlement, superiority, polyamory, lack of accountability, no self responsibility with little to no emotional development. Empathy and compassion may be mimicked in words but not genuine, because there is no higher heart complex development. They may be highly mentally developed, but incredibly emotionally stunted. Many have been involved in power abuses, black magic ritual and spreading Baphomet forces in sexual addiction at some point in their lifetime(s), many going back to the Atlantian Conspiracy.

The result of the lightbody invasion appears that the person is spiritually decapitated, and the Enki worship program put in its place, from collarbone up. It’s a severe spiritual disfigurement and I’ve not seen a person be able to rehabilitate from this on the earth plane. However, with true love anything is possible, although it must take some time if that person actually chooses to rehabilitate themselves from committing severe power abuses. The hijacked community seems to thrive in the black magic Baphomet field and astral fields which are like a recreational drug of choice for these groups, people that have an addictive tendency profile that are very attracted to the drugged out bliss pill transmission that the Guru type gives them from the 4D.

Enki groups actually have respect for higher knowledge, and consider those with some knowledge to be better in the hierarchy than the rest of the asleep humans. They have disdain for those they consider sheeple. Unconditional love and practicing compassion is not a part of their equation, unless they seek to gain something. They mimic these emotions by covering them in flowery words in the best imposter copy they can muster. This is a person that says whatever you want to hear from them, in order to get what they want in the longer term. Once they have you snowed over and deeply invested in the group, then they may abuse you verbally or otherwise, and say they are helping you and should be grateful for their dispensation of grace. They are charismatic liar’s and deceivers, with a flavor for righteous self-indignation whenever they don’t get what they want.

Like all Black Magicians, they are able to take nuggets of truth mixed in with their own belief systems and lies, and hand it out to the adoring public as an emotional bait hook to reel people in. Abuse of power is the main theme. They get off on adoration from others in the worship program, like many people that crave fame and celebrity for some kind of personal recognition.

As we take into careful consideration this information about Enki building his army in the male guru types on the earth at this time, by observing this agenda in action and seeing it accurately for what it is and not what it falsely represents itself to be, we are the compassionate witness. I believe that this is the best service we can be in this difficult situation. It is not productive to use accusing language towards any public figure, but to educate people about the predator profile and how the NAA uses those that are the most emotionally fragmented to become recruited into the new age guru programming. There are many people who really cannot tell the difference between a charismatic narcissist acting in the role of spiritual authority/guru and those that are actually heart centered and loving people that are dedicated to be compassionate truth seekers. The only place we can start is to educate people about the NAA and the parasitic predator type person that has sociopathic tendencies, and help them realize that charm and seduction, with a few parlor tricks is not enlightenment. Like Alistair Crowley who got a lot of help directly from the NAA to make him popular on the earth to be lauded as a genius by some, there are so many other black magicians that mask themselves as spiritual gurus or spiritual leaders. Most people can feel the supernatural presence, but don’t realize it’s the NAA using this person to manipulate the crowd.

Enki has distributed a mixture of materials to the groups that he has found are the most effective in gaining a large amount of followers, and has attempted to hijack the Law of One with his own bastardized version. The Law of One is synonymous with Cosmic Christ Consciousness, and the authentic principles are practicing love, kindness, compassion, and empathy towards others in everyday life, no matter what situation we find ourselves. Any imposter can mouth the words and distort the meaning, because they speak about the Law of One does not mean they know what it is or that they are actually embodying the values of Christ Consciousness in their every day lifestyle. There is an agenda to distort the Law of One by disconnecting its association to the Krystal Star and Christ Consciousness, and accusing it of only being an AI program. This is false.

Ultimately, impostors are revealed over time if we are willing to know the truth. This is an important case study to pay attention to at this time in some of the spiritual communities gaining momentum. We can learn a lot through observation to see what happens to the Vandal groups. We also have to consider the humans that are feeding into the Enki worship program and the reasons why. We must always allow choice and let situations organize themselves without any undue influence, letting the krystal frequencies and krystal grids do their job organically. May peace and love be in our heart. With Love, Lisa[1]

  1. Enki’s Army Blog

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4 thoughts on “Is Nibiru a Planet or Giant Floating Petri Dish?”

  1. Anton Parks tells a very different version of the same events and characters.

    Of the brother clones, Enlil and Enki, Enki was the good guy. He is is represented as the god of semen because he was a master genetic engineer. He wanted man’s body to be a vessel for source, but his higher-ups—the Kingu, now known as the Draco, wanted slaves only smart enough to carry out orders.
    Enki did not follow their directions, and with his [by genetics] Mother/lover Mamitu Nammu, he gave us our better genetics. His brother Enlil was the Satam, Chief executive of Uras [Earth] at the time, and came down to us as Satan. He was an asshole and eventually killed Enki. Mamitu cloned a body for him and used the Cheops pyramid to bring back his consciousness into the body. He was then know as Osiris. Mamitu is historically better known as Isis. The paintings in the Egyptian temples of beings with green skin are not symbolic; they are realistic.
    Enki was originally known as Sa’am, and later in history as Petah, Osiris and Horus.
    As a young man, Anton Parks was gone from this reality into the body of Sa’am for extended periods. He knew a language that he eventually learned was ancient Sumerian; the language used by the males of Sa’am’s race, the Ginabul. That word means, “True ancestors of splendor “in the language of the male Ginabul, and in Sumerian means, “lizzards.”
    See also, fragments of the monumental web site, “The Ages of Uras” by searching for that. Have you ever wondered why eating the fruit of knowledge was a bad thing? Enki was the serpent in the garden who gave us intelligence.

    1. James, Thanks so much for your comment. I am familiar with the Enki being the good guy story. I can’t say I resonate with that theory though. The Annunaki have been trying to take credit for creating humans but I don’t buy it. They copy and mess with existing things, I doubt they create much on their own. I’m certain the event in the Garden of Eden has multiple meanings. I wrote about one in my post below if you want to check it out.

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