Is Eve a Mother of the Indigo?

Several years ago a rabbi presented a hypothesis during a class I happened to be listening to, and it intrigued me so much that I never forgot it. I knew in my heart there was a nugget of truth in the scenario he laid out, and it has taken me some time to uncover more about that famous event in the Garden of Eden, but I think I’m on to something. My hunch is that Eve represents a Mother of Indigos. I just didn’t have the right vocabulary all those years ago.  

What Was Eve’s INTENTION in the Garden?

The hypothesis presented by this Rabbi was that perhaps Eve wasn’t tricked by the serpent in the Garden at all. There was a lot that went on in that Garden no doubt. As your consciousness expands you start to understand more and more meanings and my revelation was that Eve’s intention may always have been to ‘eat the apple’. In other words, perhaps sexual union with an unsavory character was always a big part of the plan.

Now this union of Eve with the serpent was her choice, because the intention behind that choice was to be of service to others. I believe her intention came from a very high place, of great love. I suspect very strongly that Eve was in complete alignment with Source on a plan which commenced a very long journey to bring balance back to the multiverse. The rehabilitation of the serpent races was an imperative. The appetites of the parasitic races would only continue to grow. If a plan wasn’t devised to facilitate a change in course, the consequences would become very dire indeed, for everyone.

I believe Eve understood that in order to ultimately solve this huge problem infecting both the Christic races, those who embody Christ consciousness, and the serpent or Anti-Christic races, those who generated their own DNA template and don’t want to co-exist in the Natural Laws of God, required getting her hands dirty.

In Guardian context, the Anti-Christ or Metatronic Spiral are made up of immortal consciousness gestalts that generated their own DNA template that specifically do not want to live under or co-exist in the Natural Laws of God in a base 12 Christos architectural matrix and instead, chose finite forms that require energy siphoning from others in order to survive in their preferred form and artificial creations. There are embodied and disembodied anti-Christs that are expressed in human and nonhuman forms on this planet and many other fallen systems.” Anti-Christ – Ascension Glossary

Evil Cannot be Eliminated, it Must be Transformed

Evil cannot be eliminated, it must be transformed. Therefore, the plan to commence the possibility of transformation entailed rehabilitation of the serpent races by getting into the ‘mud’ so to speak. It would require that both genetic material and consciousness of Christic beings ‘marry’ with those of the serpent races in order to rebuild a template, a form for them to embody, so that they have a chance to heal and transform. Saving ourselves required a plan to help them save themselves as well.

What I recently learned from listening to Lisa Renee’s August 2010 Ascension class gave me even more confirmation, but she has the language that I couldn’t articulate in my head. She gets to the core of what the Indigo’s role is and it sure seems to be on track with respect to Eve’s actual role. At least it makes a lot of sense to me. Below is what I captured during the Q&A part of her class, Ascension Q&A August 2010 – Energetic Synthesis Foundations ( which provided the clarity I was lacking and it brought the pieces of the puzzle together.

“Insectoid & Reptilians created damage of our DNA material. Indigos hold a piece of both the Oraphim and Reptilian consciousness in order to perform polarity integration. Both genetic material is in a single body and are becoming a synthesizer of this consciousness material. They are creating a template and a body in order for that consciousness to be rehabilitated. We, Indigos are here to rehabilitate everyone, not just the planet and human race. Indigo 3s that is. We bring god consciousness. We’ve essentially gone in and taken unsavory genetic material and put it with god consciousness to create a pathway, neurology, a body so these beings have something to reincarnate into in order to heal. An Indigo 3 is an extreme polarity integrator. It’s why they have a lot more problems with their nervous system because they are trying to synthesize and create new pathways. For example, some are working on soul mapping, others brain mapping. They are building a road map so they can provide a form to embody into so they can incarnate into a form to heal.”

Was the Story of Eve’s Deception in the Garden a Deception?

Almost everything we’ve been taught seems to be the opposite of what really is. A constant theme for those of us who on the awakening path. Kane is Abel, for example. The bible story we’re familiar with puts the blame on Eve for defying God’s order, for being tempted, for being deceived, and the human race is paying the consequences. So, there is a very good chance she may not be to blame. I suspect that the trickery, the deception that happened in the garden was about the intent of the Serpent races. It’s very likely the Serpent races said one thing and did another. Was it ever their intention to become rehabilitated? Did they lie going into this from the beginning? Probably. Did the Serpent races view it as an opportunity to steal the light body template of the Christic being and all that came with it, in order to hijack, corrupt and use for their own purposes? It’s very likely. They do think themselves extremely clever. They now had in their possession the keys, the human light body blueprint to mold for their own nefarious agenda. But because they are so blinded by their own arrogance and never could understand god consciousness, they can’t see what else is in play behind the scenes.

Creator versus Imposter Creators

I’m not an expert, just a perpetual student on a truth quest, but I feel in my gut that intention plays a way bigger role than they can possibly comprehend.  While it’s been a long journey, it’s been a huge task. I believe our reward will commensurate with the work each of us has contributed towards manifesting some very difficult goals. These monumental goals of restoring balance to the multiverse, transformation of evil through service to others, ascension out of a prison planet, ultimate transcendence on an individual basis, has been a path riddled with challenges.

Will the plan commenced by Eve ultimately be successful? If my hypothesis regarding intention is correct, then Eve’s intention carries significant weight in the eyes of our Creator, and yes, success will be inevitable for everyone, although it will be in accordance with each individual’s will and readiness. Not all souls evolve at the same rate. But what I am learning from Lisa Renee, a path is being forged to allow all who choose this opportunity to do so. I will bet on the love and guidance from our Creator over the wanna be imposter gods every time.


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  1. I’m still learning from you, but I’m making my way to the top as well. I definitely love reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!

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