Black Sun Heads Hoard, Minions Get Nothing | Russian War Theatre | Black Eagle Trust & FULCRUM Operation | The Carter Accord, An ‘End of Peace’ Agreement | Kim Goguen’s Black List – Part 2

Today’s post is Part 2 of the Situation Report from the 2-1-2022 Life Force Meeting provided by Kim Goguen. Topics include the latest attempts to fund the Russians and create war, the 5 Star Trust, or Black Eagle Trust, the FULCRUM under the UN that is no more, the Carter Accord was more than meets the eye, more systems identified and taken down and finally ‘Restricted Corporations’ on Kim’s newly created black list.

For Part 1 of this intel update, see my previous post, The Viking’s Order to Infiltrate Assemblies | Fallout from Ending Dark AI System JAIQS | Black Sun’s Slave Master of the Week | IBM Watson Could Have Replaced AZURE | Who is Lowell “the Patent Guy” Wood? – Part 1 | Just Empower Me

[Note: Situation Reports are available to subscribers of United News Network

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Kremlin’s Failed Attempt to Hack into TransUnion System

When the TransUnion system failed to pay out on some bonds, the Kremlin tried to hack in and siphon from it using their Dark Door, or Black System. They had no luck getting in, but they did lead Kim to the rest of the databases, so she thanks them for their assistance. On a side note, Kim said the cabal’s total income this year from the TransUnion system was around $1-$1.5 billion dollars, which was $100s of billions, if not trillions less than it was the year before. And what did they do with this year’s $1-$1.5 billion? Well the latest heads of the Order of the Black Sun took all of it as personal pay for the year. Who didn’t get any? That would be the Generals and those down the street from Kim in Durango. Evidently they are still looking to get paid. The Black Sun Heads could have split it up and given their lackies a few million dollars or something, but they didn’t, they just ignored all their cabal people, their slaves because, as Kim emphasized, they don’t care if you exist! Just like they don’t care if we the ‘useless eaters’ exist, because according to them there should be less people in the world anyway. The cabal slaves still don’t think they are in the same boat as us, but they very much are, whether they believe it or not.

Latest Attempt to Fund the Russians & Create a War

Kim explained that the Dragon families, running Crown Corp are able to manipulate markets by monitoring their respective areas (gold, stock markets, oil and gas etc.) through eleven or twelve different computer screens, and is the reason for these screens exist. The screens are named by color, Green Screen, Blue Screen, Gray Screen, Red Screen, etc. She said around a week ago the markets looked like they were tanking, but it was really the result of manipulation of some oil bonds kicking in. The wingnuts thought there were still some bonds that weren’t regulated by the Trust and this stunt was tied to some back office trading, instigated and controlled by whomever is the highest level of the Black Sun. The reason of course is because war talks are erupting, they are desperately trying to create a war, and to do that they need money, which has been promised to the Russians.

See the source image

Kim was right about the Cabal going back to the 2014-2015 time period. An obvious clue is the propping up of Putin to be the Savior again. A couple of great posts by Joachim Bartoll cuts to the chase. See his full posts for how he breaks down the script using gematria.

No, Russia is Not Invading Ukraine to Free Them of the “Deep State” – Joachim Bartoll Official
“And the Q’tards and the Trump:ets are flooding social media once again with the most retarded of ideas – that Putin is a superhero that has attacked Ukraine to help the people to get rid of the notorious “Deep State.” And also a big no, there were no “biolabs” developing “viruses” that were blown up. That is even more retarded. Viruses does not exist and the explosions were nothing more than expensive fireworks. Get a grip! For the last frikkin’ time – they are ALL following the script of their masters. It is all theatre! The puppets and actors playing presidents all went to the same Jesuit and Freemasonic schools; they are all friends and simply play along in all the scripted events and rituals. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Russia Attacks Ukraine – All by the Numbers – Updated 5PM UTC – Joachim Bartoll Official
“If you’ve followed my decodings, you know that Skull and Bones, also known as Order 322 and Brotherhood of Death, has been coded into most of this developing story, as it is the HQ for Freemasonry in Northern America. And Freemasons are the on-site ‘operatives’ of the Jesuit Order. The people in the governments, the police, the military, and so on, that are making all this happen.”

Kim reminded the wingnuts of some real WWII history. At the real end of WWII the Germans started marching into Russian territory, to Stalingrad. They made it only to a certain point. Most ended up dying of hypothermia and starvation because their supply lines were cut. She stated that right now, in Sun Szu’s Art of War, you wingnut generals are the Germans in this scenario. Do you retreat? Do you whither away and die? Or do you make a deal with the Russians? The choice is yours as to whether you save your men. Well we probably know how the worshippers of death want that to end.

The Black Eagle Trust or 5 Star Trust | Fulcrum System under the United Nations

Kim provided some history and clarifications on the what is known as the Black Eagle Trust or 5 Star Trust. There was a group of 5 Star Generals who were supposedly in charge of this Trust, but that’s not exactly the case. 5 Star Generals are of a higher rank than Military Generals. It is the 5 Star Generals who actually give the orders to Military Generals. How they disseminated communications for war was through a Black Sun, Jesuit network which operated what is called the ‘Suitcase System‘. For example, if you were a Rothschild, or a Rockefeller, you would send a communication from your ‘Suitcase’, which would then go through the communications network underneath the Vatican and disburse the message to the appropriate General in the area you wanted to start ‘trouble’.

When Marduk was running the show, there was a large fund tied to the UN which then gave the 5 Star Generals the authority to send anyone, anywhere, at anytime, as a sovereign entity onto themselves to access funding for these operations utilizing the Trust Code. The way this particular fund worked, regardless of which terrorist group you were from, and what ‘trouble’ project you were assigned, was by entering the order into a system called the Fulcrum. This is where all the orders went, and they were not secret. Money would then be released from the fund for the operation. 

Since Kim took over for Marduk, this has not been the case. However, at some point in time the Russians got the access code to the network below the UN and thus control of the Fulcrum. They then stored all the orders on their dark servers, so they have all the information on all the US Generals and all the deals that were made. Recently they fired this Fulcrum system back up, hence the reason why the Russians and Chinese have recently partnered to take over all commerce globally. The Russians know all the deals made, all the orders submitted. For example, they are in the know about the deal the CIA made with the Taliban around an opium trade, so they are making a better deal with the Kurds, like the one in Afghanistan. In addition, they have been going around making better deals with the current potential war in the Middle East.

For the American Military Generals, everything they worked for all year was lost, yet they still refuse to talk to Kim. Although she is fine with that because she can get it all back. And by the way, she too downloaded a copy of everything in the Fulcrum way back, so nothing the Russians are doing is a surprise to her. It’s helpful to know their game plan. The Fulcrum under the UN is now gone, but of course the Russians still have their copy. She emphasized that we should never look at any war in terms of borders, but rather assets in the ground. That will enable us to clearly see why they are being attacked. This is the way the world is running right now. Pay attention to these patterns because this will be the peoples job, the assemblies job in the future. Learn from the solutions being provided now to these problems being submitted.

In addition to the Fulcrum, there were also numerous UN terminal access points where the UN would conduct transfers through. They recently tried to hack into Kim’s system through these terminals using every account they used in the past to try and insert these access points. They failed.

Black Sun | Green Eagle Identified

On the Black Sun side, there are different colored eagles which Kim has mentioned numerous times. They really seem to be fond of using color coding. It probably has meaning in terms of rank, territory and which slave master they belong too. But that’s just my guess. Anyway, the first Black Eagle that Kim remembers was Mussolini. Prescott Bush and then Bush Sr. also held the Black Eagle title. Hitler was the Brown Eagle which many are familiar with. But there is also the Green Eagle she has recently been able to identify. He is in Kazakhstan, a general from the original clan and he’s behind everything going on there now. She didn’t provide a name though or detail on the original clan.

Infosys Vaccine Passport System, PROMIS & More Taken Down

Kim mentioned that Infosys in particular is running the vaccine passport systems and their global headquarters is in Witchita, Kansas. Now that IBM’s Watson system is no longer in affect (as mentioned in Part 1 of this Life Force meeting update), it’s not that crucial. However, just in case this nearby Infosys location doesn’t happen to be there in the near future, she thought she would mention.

Let’s hope Kim found them all, and they don’t have anymore systems that could run the Beast’s social credit slavery system. And let’s pray Kim never gives up, never loses her determination to continue to take down every nefarious one she finds, because they certainly don’t seem to be letting up any. Based on the Superb Owl half-time show, they seem to be salivating with anticipation over the next part of their plan, round-ups for their death camps.

Image result for owl moloch

Other systems that were also taken down were Creole & CRUD, which were backdoors into various systems. I assume this extract may describe some of what she is referring to.


And yet another system, that I mentioned briefly in Part 1 of the 2-01-2022 Life Force update was the PROMIS Software. This was Clinton’s baby and one of the many redundant systems monitoring currencies. It also had access to banking and all kinds of things. Well, at some point the CIA gave Promise Software to GCHQ for them to run. GCHQ is the Military Intelligence system in the United Kingdom and Kim calls it NSA junior. Kim didn’t mention when or why they gave it to GCHQ, but in any case that system has since been dismantled.

PROMIS Software
The PROMIS software is an NCIC-type tracking technology incorporating numerous databases such as court records, financial institutions, and utility companies. Inslaw was forced into bankruptcy in 1985 because the US Justice Dept., which contracted to purchase it, reneged on its obligations.[1] Pirated versions of the software were sold by the US intelligence community worldwide to 88 foreign intelligence agencies, and other organizations such as banks. The program included a “backdoor” for US intelligence to hack into. Hillary Clinton was the intellectual property lawyer for a company that obtained and marketed copies of the stolen PROMIS software.[2]
Source: Inslaw Inc – Conservapedia

See the source image

The Carter Accord | The End of Peace Agreement

Who knew Jimmy Carter was so important to the cabal? He seemed a bit more benign than many, but I suppose that’s only because the nut jobs running around today are so in our face and obvious traitors and Satan worshippers. But surely he too was doing nefarious things while the media, controlled by the same cabal put their spin on it, or rather spell cast. So evidently Jimmy Carter wasn’t just a past POTUS puppet, he holds more than one position in this world. He’s also a high ranking member of the Trilateral Commission, who gives orders to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Carter Accord was the end of peace agreement, and was actually three separate agreements. It allowed a certain amount of control over all currencies of the world in physical and digital cash, which ushered in another monitoring system, nano bots in your physical currency, and super note designs. This leads us to the Gray screen, which was a byproduct of the secret part of this Carter Accord that controlled and provided security for the monetary system, bond market, and the debt taken in by the world banks.

The reason this secret part of the Carter Accord came up now is due to another attempt by the cabal to pull themselves out of hole. Since the Dept of Treasury cannot issue treasury notes or issue bonds because they are insolvent, and they are not even a bank or registered banking institution anymore, they tried to connect to a system located in Berlin which the Gray screen runs on. The last time Kim said she saw this system was approximately ten years ago. The Gray screen is run by the Dept of Defense, but not the Dept of Defense in the US. The ones managing this system were all generals, probably belonging to the Jesuit Order, and what she remembers all those years ago is that some were German and one was Indonesian. They haven’t had access to this system to run anything anymore, but they could still see the Gray screen and the government bonds. So they tried to fake out the banks by telling them it was real hoping someone would give them money against any of these government bonds. She thinks the bonds they were trying to use were from 1963. It didn’t work and now there is no longer a Gray screen in the world.

Bank Accounts Removed for Blacklisted ‘Restricted Corporations’

If you’re a member of the United Network News you might have noticed an issue with the payment system this month, but Kim fixed it. She said the cabal tried to remove the payment gateway on purpose. So in response, since she’s in control of the Global Repository, and is fed up with them, she is creating her own version of a black list, an idea she decided to copy from them. Let’s highlight the companies she remembers on her list so far. These companies are now flagged as a ‘restricted corporations’. Their bank accounts no longer exist and are prevented from getting another one because of their “restricted corporation” status. I guess they can try Paypal.

  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Dole
  • Blackstone
  • Black Rock
  • Oracle Systems
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Haliberton
  • Lockheed Martin 
See the source image

Kim’s Latest Assessment of the Cabal’s Money Troubles

Now that only the Global Repository is valid, and a recalibration took place due to the recent expiration of covenants discussed in my post, Covenants Expire, Annunaki Seals Lifting | We are Prisoners No More! | Queen of Hearts Toys with the Lonesome Losers, there is no longer the Alpha-Omega system, or otherwise known as the Alpha-Krona (after Kronus, god of Saturn), it’s just the Alpha-Alpha system now. The cabal likely cannot make enough money to keep going for much longer. She said their threats and blackmail aimed at governments to take vaccines in exchange for their inground assets won’t work because their Covid bonds don’t work anymore. In addition, she said the lives of the cabal people working for companies life Pfizer, Modena, Oracle, etc. has changed. I assume she was referring to the bank accounts she blacklisted and deemed “restricted corporations’, but I’m not sure if she was also alluding to something else and directing to any specific wingnuts listening to the call. I suspect they likely still have some other games up their sleeve. Afterall, they picked their side and there is no switching now, as she informed us in my post, The Day of Destiny – November 18, 2021 | Just Empower Me

More Progress Synching up the System

Kim said the banking system is pretty much fully synched now as a result of the recalibration, but she is still defending it from them getting in. For example, that’s how she found the Alcott system, mentioned in Part 1 of this Life Force Call, The Viking’s Order to Infiltrate Assemblies | Fallout from Ending Dark AI System JAIQS | Black Sun’s Slave Master of the Week | IBM Watson Could Have Replaced AZURE | Who is Lowell “the Patent Guy” Wood? – Part 1. She eliminated a lot of codes and now we officially have a 9-9-9 system (9 being a complete energetic cycle). The Alpha system, KIMS and the Global Repository and all the databases have synched up perfectly from beginning to end.

Note: For a more detailed look at how the banking system works I have a couple videos that were posted on Odysee which I’m providing for those who do not have a United Network News subscription. Kim Goguen – The Global Financial System EXPLAINED RIGHT Sept 12, 2020, and Penny Kelly recently published an excellent video about the financial system based on her learning from Kim called, Kim Goguen and the Financial System. They are both also posted on my blog post, Who is Kimberly Ann Goguen, aka “Kim Possible”? | Just Empower Me

Fallout Expected As More SSP Generals Disappear

The battle lines were drawn a couple months ago, like I mentioned above and Kim reported in my Day of Destiny | November 21, 2021 post. While some were clear cut as to which side they were on, there were some that were not. Hum, what was the point then? I have to say, the side of the light sure does give numerous chances to do the right thing. In any case, it sounds like as of January 30th there were 12 SSP Generals left. These remaining Generals were told they had to choose which side they will play on by January 31st. If they didn’t state their decision, The Colony, who is not tolerating what is happening here anymore, is making it for them. Kim was told it was already done, so I guess we’ll have to await an update on how many are left.

More People are Going Crazy

As dark AI dissipates, past traumas and memories are coming to the surface which is making people go a little bit crazy. Kim called it the ‘Great Wreck’. People are literally wrecking themselves. It’s not a spell or dark magic, but a result of having complete light on one side and complete dark on the other. So people who are more on the negative side are going to experience more darkness, while those who possess more light have faster moving particles within and can better handle what is happening as the dark AI pulls back. The pull back is causing space, and The Colony is helping to fill the space with light, which is also driving people crazy. So we should try not to take it personally. The waking up process for everyone is difficult and most have no clue why they are feeling this way, do your best to help them through this process. And for those super dark and evil, well I guess they will continue to become super apparent which Lisa Renee’s latest newsletter at Energetic Synthesis touches on as well.

Lisa Renee’s Newsletter this month was quite extraordinary and I recommend reading or listening to the audio. I have copied just one paragraph some may find intriguing, although her entire newsletter I found fascinating. We truly are embarking on new territory. An extraordinary time for human evolution is upon us!

Depolarization, Folding Identities into Radial Body
“The Cosmic Clock Reuche initiation begins a global awakening of the eukatharistic body which will function to purge and detoxify the foreign material, parasites, shadow forms, clones and artificial intelligence from out of the planet and humanity. This planet is about to get extremely inhospitable to any nonhuman species acting as energy parasites or controllers to enslave the human race. This is a tough realization because it surfaces more about who is who on planet Earth, and whether the organic God Source currents generate biological and spiritual healing or rapidly cause the physical body to expire.”

Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation – Energetic Synthesis


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  2. I SOOOOOOOOOO APPRECIATE your breakdowns of the LF calls! I’m entering my third year now of following Kim’s MIGHTY WORK and complex intel, along with the entire LF team’s collaboration and work in the world, and I still have to listen more than once to grasp the weight and mind blowing brevity of it all! As someone who researches and writes, I can only imagine the time you probably give to breaking this ALL down the way you so FAITHFULLY do!!! TRULY, the words THANK YOU can’t begin to touch the surface of the gratitude I want to express here for everything you are contributing, and for the giving of your own LF energy so that we ALL might better understand these UNPRECEDENTED times in which we are only beginning to find ourselves…
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    1. Alyson – It really made my day to get your comments and Hanna’s earlier. I’m so glad you find value in my posts. I feel like the way to really understand how much is going on behind the scenes is write this all down. I couldn’t possibly absorb just how much Kim reports on if I didn’t take on this on and write it all out. Thanks again, I feel compelled to do something to contribute! PJZ

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  4. Have only in the past two weeks become aware of Kim and her work and she has put a totally different perspective on everything that’s been going on, watched her with Benjamin Fulford and she has talked with Charlie Ward, I tried asking Charlie Ward who was in control of the AI in star link and AI in Gesara but didn’t get a reply and Benjamin Fulford said in his post that Kim was an AI construct managed by the Rockefeller faction of the deep state. So as you can guess this left me some what puzzled, it’s confusing and who is telling the truth, my heart is saying that It hopes Kim is real and that she does have this control over the system, this would be what humanity needs, a strong woman with a heart for humanity, but my head keeps questioning everything. Why I want to get this right is because I have a patented idea that generates electricity, it is only in the concept stage and I am trying to show that it would work, but what I would like is for it to be a world community owned idea, with no control from any governments or corporations. I only have very small funds so this could take me some time, as well as others ideas that I have, but I want them to be used for humanity that’s why I’m trying find the right path and figure out who’s telling the truth amongst all this confusion. I have no religious beliefs and have always looked at nature as the source of what I feel, but like most humans outside forces keep trying to manipulate. I will keep with hope and that the planet will change for good and if there are other entities amongst us, that they have the same love to make this happen.

  5. Wondering how much longer until the weather warfare technology is dismantled forever?
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  6. This is my first time here. I thought I was keeping up to date. Now I’m wondering how in earth we could have all been so blind. Also, did I hear Kim say that President Trump is dead? I believe her exact words were “when he was still alive.” That made my heart sink.

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