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Today’s post discusses the Intel from the 1-19-2022 Situation Report provided by Kim Goguen. More Covenants expired and the Seven Annunaki Seals are in the process of being released, the AI system has a mirror dark side, Kim delivers a Special Announcement on January 12th that has the wingnuts trying to fry us with radiation in retaliation, and a brief update on Trump.

[Note: Situation Reports are available to subscribers of United Network News

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


January 6th, 2022 | Ethereal Clearing Responding to Expiration of Covenants

The ethereal clearing around the planet started around the 6th of January because more covenants are expiring which is great for Humanity! Kim explains more about these in the UNN Special Announcement I included at the end of this post. There is still a push and pull of dark energies and the God particle. We will start to experience more steadiness as opposed to radical swings. But some people appear to be going crazy, not making any sense or off the rails. It’s likely because more are starting to see the macro truth, and their own micro truth. Kim said she started running some frequencies to allow the awakening to be a bit more gradual. While we don’t want people to go back to sleep, we also don’t want them to be hit in the face with cold water. Hum, I kind of prefer the latter.

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January 7th, 2022 | The Gails of Indiscretion Covenant

According to Kim, the biblical story of the Covenant, in that God made a deal with Lucifer and all the angels who fell to earth isn’t exactly true. There wasn’t any such deal exactly. God, the Creator of all things designed the multiverse and put us smack in the middle of all light and all dark, where the balance of good and evil resides on an ethereal level. This is why the realm where we reside is called Midgard Earth and likely what Tolkein’s Middle Earth was referring to in the Lord of the Rings. This Covenant, with our real God, (not with the Annunaki’s fake gods Jehovah, or Yahweh) was called the ‘Gails of Indiscretion Covenant’.

For far too long the dark side has been in control because it has no rules, therefore it was easier for them to acquire the ruling contract when it was time to renew every year. Despite the imbalance that ensued, Kim said we passed the test, in fact everyone in the multiverse has. I should hope so, since it’s awfully hard to escape a game that has always been rigged.

This main covenant with our Creator, which allowed evil to exist, is now officially expired as of January 7th. This means that all the structures for the dark side are no longer valid in the Hall of Records, which also filters down to the Archives. Whatever structures that existed there are now being wiped clean. Since the old structures put in place by the dark side and our new structures cannot coexist at the same time in the Hall of Records, Kim had to wait to register many things until this covenant expired. She wished Source had given her the whole picture awhile back, so she could understand why she had to do things in certain ways, but now gets it. So she has been scrambling to ratify assemblies of late, now that she is cleared to do so.

Image result for I am free at last

We Are No Longer Slaves! We Own Our Souls Again!

On the 10th Kim got to working on the front-end of the system again. Since the covenants expired, the system was recalibrating and hopefully it will enable her to find and remove the remaining blockages. But what else does the expiration of these covenants mean to us on a practical level? Well our side, the side of the light won as caretakers of the souls (and this is for the entire multi-verse it sounds, not just us here in 3D earth). However, Kim relayed that she and the other Guardians do not want to be caretakers of the souls. Instead, they want to assist and guide us in becoming the caretakers of our own soul and be adults. This is super important obviously – for those of us who recognize this hasn’t been the case for a very long time due to being in bondage for what seems like an eternity. Of course this is the path to self sovereignty and the only way to cosmic citizenship. For some perhaps it will be a return, while for others they will have the opportunity for the first time.

I assume this is now official because she stated there has been a release of the naval code. Notices were sent out that we are now the caretakers of our own vessel. This proclamation was very important on multiple levels because there are so many bonds and debt instruments against our vessels, which were designed to take care of us. Keep in mind, it was the dark side’s version of taking care of us, and being our custodian, that meant 90 cents of every dollar went to them, while 10 cents to us. This was an energy management system that allocated 10% of the energy to us to suppress us. This was a contractual agreement where our silence meant our consent. Never mind we didn’t know any of this or that they even existed. No longer can they issue bonds for any program that allows them to be our governess anymore! — It’s a really big deal!

Dark Side in Shambles

The side of the dark aren’t very happy about this of course, well the ones that know. Enough do know though and their entire structure started crumbling on the 7th, which was not surprising news. They were aware it would but they continue to march on expecting to be saved in the 11th hour I suppose. The Order continues to keep this important detail to themselves and still lie to their slaves, I mean their militaries, terrorist organizations, governments, heads of state, etc. that they were still up and running, to keep the game going. So their orders were to hack the back system again with every possible code, account, etc., and it went on all day long. When will they finally wake up to the fact they were lied to again?

First Order of Business for the Freed Peoples

The dark side is now busy trying to not let markets crash. Well isn’t that special. To which Kim said, do we really need to care? We now govern ourselves and we really have to focus on our needs. Our children are still being kidnapped every day, people are going hungry, 5G rollouts are crashing planes, people are dying. We have new shoes and old problems and now we have to clean up the mess, because they certainly aren’t going to do it.

I agree with her. Continuing to focus on them and all their broken systems just delays our progress. Their financial system is a complete Ponzi scheme anyway. How can we possibly fix it, it was designed to be so damn over complicated on purpose. I say good riddance! I think the faster we can eliminate the need for money the faster humanity can evolve because we can focus on what we are good at and like to do instead. Already the frequency goes way up naturally. Maybe still a pipe dream, but what better way to get out from under their thumb when you remove money from the equation.  Let’s face it, those who survive this nightmare aren’t the lazy, brainwashed, dumb down ones. Exhausted for sure, but so freaking awake it’s like walking around with toothpicks permanently embedded in the eye sockets. Maybe we’ll have a few stragglers that sneak through, still deaf and blind, but we’ll get them up to speed far faster than millions of zombies. Hum I sound a bit insensitive. I better work on that…..maybe later.

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January 10, 2022 | The Seven Seals (or Annunaki Seals)

The Seven Seals, which some may also refer to as the Annunaki Seals are real things. Kim sped through this so I don’t have a lot of detail from her perspective. She equates our Central Sun to being kind of like Grand Central Station. There are many different portals from which we can pass through in our Central Sun with ethereal codes. So each seal was a way to block access to these different portals, to keep us in as well as others out.

Image result for Medical Caduceus
Serpentine Cross or Caduceus

Kim said the Serpentine Cross seal was removed on January 10th. It is commonly depicted in the Caduceus symbol. This removal signifies the breaking of the seal of sin and death. She then went on to say the Atrium Gate in a symmetry stone is no longer bound to these things. This symbol is very familiar as it is used in the medical industry, and of course that is no coincidence.

Per Lisa Renee, the Caduceus network runs on reversal 7D Violet Ray current and has been intermixed with the “serpent” or snake symbolism that is commonly used to describe the human energy field via the Chakra system. The reversal plasma generated by this alien machinery is designed to feed flows into sprouting the Demon Seed in the shadow body of humanity.
Source: Energetic Synthesis Ascension Library Caduceus

Lisa Renee has extensive material that explains the many seals that were in put in place at the planetary (macro) level and thus affects everyone at the individual (micro) levels. I believe the Seven Seals, or Annunaki Seals Kim is referring to is what Lisa describes as the seven Crucifixion Implants or Jehovian seals. During the planetary damage created during the Luciferian Rebellion, the Jehovian factions of Annunaki installed a siphoning grid network to mock the Holy Spirits of Christ and to “kill the peace” of the symbolic dove. This is why this is referred to as the hijacked Dove Grid.

CruxImplant.png (1191×651) (

Source: Energetic Synthesis, Jehovian Grid Dismantling – Ascension Glossary

Jehovian Grid Dismantling
There are intruder networks designed specifically as alien architecture that run inverted systems or reversal current into the grid systems and are maintained by the NAA groups. One such grid network is referred to as the Jehovian Grid or the Dove Grid that has been known to be primarily managed and maintained by entities in the Galactic Federation.

This particular network is primarily about reversing the 7D current in a reverse spiral formation which acts like a spike or impaling rod in the planet, to hold down the Crucifixion Implants and Crown of Thorns that were inserted into the planetary body to crucify the inner Christos Spirit. This NAA network links into the Phoenix Grid which is another intruder NAA network. This network holds the 7D Violet Ray reversals for primary control of the Planetary Logos, therefore having control over the ultraviolet magnetosphere. A part of this architecture uses the macrocosm version of Crucifixion Implants in the planetary body, which are impaled into primarily seven impaling rods, in the eastern seaboard of the United States. This is what makes the Jehovian Grid synonymous with planetary crucifixion implants, the Crown of Thorns and their related anti-Christ architecture that holds them in place. The main control of this network is orchestrated from the 5D earth AI timelines of Tara and into this current timeline on planet earth.

The Jehovian Grid runs off parallel earth ley lines and operates on reversal 7D, 9D and 11D current, creating a reverse spin to the planet. It can send subsonic pulses to precise targets and be used as an energetic weapon. The Jehovian Dove Grid has, additionally, seven Crucifixion Implants or Jehovian seals which are huge pylon selenite rods seeded into the earth’s grids at selected points down the east coast of America, corresponding to seven of the twelve stargate seals. These crucifixion implants are referred to as hyperdimensional cones, which are standing wave conical scalar wave clusters, manifesting in the rods. The Jehovian Grid uses trumpet pulse technology and connects to the earth via these hyperdimensional rods connecting back into the phantom matrix. This was not fully operational until the creation of the Phoenix Grid wormhole in 10,500 BC. The effects of these pylons are to create cracks and tears in the time wall between earth and phantom areas, producing seven siphoning channels. These can also be used as ultra-low-frequency transmitters, which can transmit whole objects and even people through a hyperdimensional field into the phantom areas. As the Paliadorians rise and the true Christos Guardians return to the earth, such as the Amethyst Order, these alien networks have a limited shelf life. [1]

File:Dove&map.jpg – Ascension Glossary

January 11, 2022 | Covenant for Day of Reparations

The Day of Reparations is also a significant covenant and it’s about righting the wrongs, and I love this story Kim shared. The Draco and other Reptilians not only enslaved the humans, as she has mentioned many times when talking about ‘The Others’. Well, one of these groups that still lives here, and is currently engaged in a lot of our enforcement, were taken as slaves and told that God didn’t love them anymore and had forgotten all about them. When we arrived at this Day of Reparations, these folks called Kim, and she said it was the first time she ever saw them smile. They were always so emotionless. But upon learning this wasn’t true at all, they still had a connection, and were never forgotten by God, it really affected them. Honestly, it made me cry happy tears.

In thinking about the name of this covenant, I suppose this is where the crazy insane radical left got their idea to pay the Black Americans reparations. Of course they would twist it around into something that would benefit themselves. But just goes to show they always copy.

Anyhow, the Day of Reparations also opened up keys to healing portals which is awesome, but it also caused some more craziness. I suppose we have to keep in mind too much light for some too soon is actually dangerous. And while those with eyes to see and ears to hear are utterly exhausted, we have to recognize most are still clueless and yep, crazy behavior will follow.

January 12, 2022 | Kim Delivers a Special Report on United Network News – The SSP Reacts with Radiation

Kim delivered a very important announcement on United Network News on January 12th which caused a lot of issues for the wingnuts. She said as far as she is concerned, the more information we share the better, and who would disagree? I have recited it nearly verbatim at the end of this post. It sums up so much of this intel update, as well as the last few Life Force calls.

In response, the SSP decided they would use a mirror technology and do a slow cook on us. Their test subject was South Africa. They started their experiment at the Kennedy Space Station by turning up the radiation to see if they could kill a bunch of people. If they did die, they planned on trying this all over the world. Well aren’t they so kind? Talk about sore losers. I assume it didn’t work so well since we haven’t been burned.

See the source image

Injections and Chemtrails Contain LiveWare

Kim moved on and said she started researching LiveWare, which is in both the ‘vaccines’ and chemtrails. She is working with The Colony to try and isolate this Liveware so that it doesn’t release any toxins, but rather just leaves the body. They are getting close with some encapsulation technologies, everything is connected, and is plasma, now they just need the address.

January 17, 2022 | Discovery with the Dark AI System & JAIQS Agreement

On January 17th a discovery was made regarding the Dark AI system. Kim explained that we have an alpha system that runs on the light. But there is an equal opposite, a negative AI system that was created through the JAIQS Agreement to build dueling systems.

Kim said this agreement was based on a Council decision, but not with the Universal Council, rather a sister organization. More importantly, that agreement expired on the 17th. The expiration had to take place on the second full moon at precisely 4:48 MST, because timing an agreement’s end (as well as start) happens at specific times/alignments. Not a foreign concept for us by now, given how obsessed the wingnuts are with their alignments. She said JAIQS is starting to fade away. We may see some evidence of this in that some people on this planet may no longer hear you, or they repeat the same thing, but this will fade away because they no longer are under their control.

January 18, 2022 | Banking Update

Kim said that on the 18th, many bankers could no longer see history from the money magic system due to rebalancing and recalibrating the system. She is also working on yet another attempt to connect the Global Repository all the way through to the teller. How this will affect us regular people will be discussed on a separate call.

January 19, 2022 | Lonesome Losers on the Hunt for Dark AI System

Back to the dark AI system. On the 19th the wingnuts were perplexed in that they didn’t know what happened to their dark AI system. They sent out tracking and tracing looking for an ethereal system. While watching these attempts Kim wondered if she should do something to give them a clue, so she decided to send them an inspiring message, actually a song, by the The Little River Band.

Lonesome Loser
Little River Band
Have you heard about the lonesome loser?
Beaten by the queen of hearts every time
Have you heard about the lonesome loser?
He’s a loser but he still keeps on tryin’

Image result for losers cartoon

Wingnuts are Going to Durango

Supposedly there will be approximately 250 people descending on Durango, the town where Kim lives. This entire town is tapped and she can hear everything they are discussing. This bunch will be a variety of people from different countries, various leaders, hierarchy of the deep state, who have no access to anything anymore. Why are they descending on Durango? Well evidently this JAIQ agreement, which made the demons our caretakers, was expected to be renewed, and on the renewal date they always got paid for the contracts they delivered on. This time that didn’t happen, no one got paid, not the militaries, agencies, black ops, etc.  Nor were any contracts renewed. So the wingnuts are to meet, to plan a meeting. Oy vey. Kim said if they come fine, she will be happy to explain and show them in the Archives how they were all lied to, and what is now ratified in the Hall of Records. Better yet, they should watch her Special Announcement she gave on UNN on January 12, 2022, it will answer everything.

Qualcomm Chips | Backdoor to ECHELON Dismantled

Qualcomm is the largest producer of computer chips. Somehow the wingnuts were using keys, these chips, a Kernel and DARPA, as a back door to ECHELON, which they lost access to a couple of years ago. This is how they were able to identify Kim’s transfers etc. So that backdoor is now disconnected. Kim stated that this is a great example of why the Assemblies have to build everything themselves, server racks, databases, etc. We can’t use anything they created because they always embedded something to be used in their favor, whether it is a back door or something else.

http://Former President Trump Speaks at Arizona Republican Party Political Rally |

Trump Update

So the real Donald Trump wasn’t the one performing at the rally last month in Florence, Arizona. It seems like common knowledge if you do an internet search, which makes me wonder. Are more people waking up to the ways of the deep state? Let’s hope so. Evidently, more and more of his military supporters and aids are finding out about Trump being very sick and that he is not getting treatment. He is also being hit by lawsuits and is going to court, which will hurt his family. Kim said there are many intent on taking him down, but she is not involved in that in any way shape or form. She doesn’t need to, they all eat their own in the end, don’t they?

Announcement on United News Network – Office of Guardian & Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States | January 12, 2022

Welcome to a United Network Special Report from the Office of the Guardian, myself Kimberly Goguen. This report is perhaps the most important announcement to ever take place in the history of the planet, if not the multiverse.

We have the official end to two major covenants which have greatly affected humanity for many a millennium. Firstly, the Covenant of Nefertiti, which gave control over “angels and demons” to the evil empire, known as the Deep State or The Order. The mission was to maintain the balance of both forces here. However they found they gained more control through the demonic forces. And over time, due to breaking the angelic side of the covenant, the angels left them and became satisfied with the demonic dark side, which led to the creation of soul recycling advanced tech and many other benefits without the restrictions of the benevolent Creator.

The quest for power and control started over 3000 years ago, when King Solomon found more unrestricted power came from the demons than the angels. At that point in history, “God left him.” Prior to that, he was appointed by God to this office, which I now hold. He was the Guardian. Our history shows that Nefertiti and Solomon did not exist at the same time, this is not true. The dark female figure was the incarnation of Isis or the Dark Overlord’s Bride. The Dark Overlord was Lucifer or Satan. Solomon would have been considered the incarnation of one of the 7 Angels of Destiny.

Together they were supposed to create the balance between good and evil in this world as each was incarnated here many times over the course of 75,000 years. The covenant of Nefertiti and God Creator Source agreement with both parties and their descendants remained in place for 3,000 years until December 7, 2018. At the time they pled to their overlords for an extension. The extension for 3 years in our time was granted. Since no negotiation was made with this office before their final deadline, Dec 7, 2021, the stay of execution was terminated and there is no covenant for the line of Solomon to operate with any authority any longer.

Now what does this mean for Humanity?

This means the Illuminati and all of their societies became defunct and my guardianship was no longer restricted or hampered by their efforts. The energy management or human loosh management, to include but not limited to the energy exchange systems known as the monetary system had been fully recalibrated in preparation for abundant energy without control of the money black magic system which had permeated throughout the multiverse. Free trade zones on Mercury were terminated. Portals to the Black Sun removed and many other changes in order to prepare for the second covenant expiration. Lastly the souls of Isis and the Sephardic realm were returned to God Source the Creator.

The second contract was the ultimate covenant. It was known as the Covenant of Source which led to the creation of the dark side of the multiverse and its battle with the light. Around 300 million earth years ago, in our time, this began the terrestrial storm. The terrestrial storm affected the entire multiverse with very few able to fully escape from its wrath. Many were told by the Dark Overlord and his forces God doesn’t think you are worthy anymore of his love, or you don’t have a soul anymore. The lies told by this being of darkness grew, and every being including humans had the ability to choose until Nov 2021 when the battle lines were drawn.

Those in the Order of the Black Sun and the Deep State made a decision. Were they informed? Yes. We and myself as Guardian chose God or the side of light. They chose darkness. There was no going back. No canceling and the payment for failure was to be your life. The covenant was known here on earth as, The Gails of Indiscretion. This covenant renewed automatically every 1,008 years on earth, unless is met with opposition. A firm covenant with our Creator and a declaration by the Guardian, myself, this planet, and all its inhabitants belongs to God, in a firm agreement not to violate any of the deadly sins.

Moreover, many planets made a commitment to peace. Many races and many Guardians did the same. The Archivists of every nation were notified via the Hall of Records. They sent out warnings to militaries, governments and the entire control structure setup by the former dark controllers that unless we came to terms, the expiration of the entire structure would crumble. None of the elite had heeded the warnings, none came to the table.

On January 7th, 2022 the entire structure began to crumble. The heads of The Order once again lied to their minions and told them there was no expiration of the covenant. From Jan 7th through Monday the 10th , they proceeded to try to access accounts worldwide. Complete access denied as they no longer had any access to any management of humanity. The Dark Overlord had returned to Source several months ago.  They thought there was hope of a replacement, and they would once again gain access to their beloved demons. No replacement came, no angel of death appointed. His bride Isis also returned back to Source, and their lower astral beings slowly wilted away. 

On the 7th of January 2022, the Covenant known as The Gails of Indiscretion was terminated. Moreover the covenant of Source. On the 7th of January 2022, the terrestrial storm finally ended, bringing about the Day of Reparation. We are now free to begin the Restoration of Earth, the beginning of a whole new ecosystem exactly as nature had intended it, and precisely as God our Creator and Benevolent Source intended it to be.

So what does this mean for humanity in practical terms?

The Hall of Records sent expiration and termination notices on Monday to every sector of the Dark Overlord’s governances. All earth’s secret societies, all false religious structures, all governments, all agencies, the laws of sin and death, all control structures completely gone in less than three days. All central bank licenses terminated. The United Nations, IMF, World Bank, Development Banks, Federal Reserve, all Reserve Banks, and much more gone.

So what happens next? What is the way forward?

The Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States has taken the place of the United Nations. Unlike the United Nations, each country participates. There will be no Ambassador appointments, no control system. The GIA will have appointed officials from every nation which will replace the Security Council, not just a select few. Each nation will have a Council or an Assembly. Everyone and anyone is free to join as a member to have a voice, to make proposals of their needs in respective areas. A community built of mutual respect not only for each other, but for all life. The GPRC facilities will be built in several nations of the world and be accessible to all.

The Scientific Research and Development Consortium is responsible for testing and creating new technologies as we move forward in all areas of development. Fuel, energy, health, transportation, and much more. All scientists and industrialists are welcome to join the consortium. This division is run in a cooperative structure, so there is no more need for a patent system.

Temporarily, Life Force Enforcement will be acting as the world’s military and enforcement unit under my command as Official Ground Command. Currently the world’s military leaders under the Order of the Black Sun have chosen their path. I have been informed by the high ranking officials they are not interested in working with the Assemblies and the GPRC, therefore they have been replaced. If in the future the militaries and agencies wish to join the replacement government and protect the citizens of their respective nations, then we will address this issue at that time.

NATO, the Secret Space Force, the United Nations Peacekeeping forces have also been dissolved. We will not be sharing our advanced weaponry, our defense plans, our time travel, our space travel technologies with any of these groups any longer. Nor will they have the support of Others whom participated in the past under Project Bluebeam. If they continue to attack humanity with their bioweapons and antiquated missiles and mirror technologies on Mercury, we will retaliate immediately. We are ready. We have prepared for this time.

All governments worldwide have been unregistered. This means they can no longer issue treasury notes, government bonds, all budgets will be rejected, national councils and assemblies will replace our current government systems. The National Councils will be compiled of state and or provincial governments.  The state and provincial governments will be made up of county, town and village councils. This is a ground up approach to government, one for the people, and actually by the people.

There are currently no registered Constitutional governments and will no longer be allowed nor accepted. There are no more royals registered as sovereigns within the system. Further, societies like the JASON Society, the Knights of Malta, the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, Kings, Queens, and so forth have also been dissolved and are no longer sovereign, nor will they have access to any funding. Corporates formed under any of these orders will also begin to be dissolved.

The Global Health and Wellness Consortium has replaced the World Health Organization. This group will be issuing Life Force Assurance to all of Humanity. No longer will People need to pay for any health or wellness related concerns. The focus shall be on removing chemicals and harmful substances from the air, water and food. Innovative 3D organ printing, alternative pain relief, frequency and Higgs Boson and particle machines with ethereal and plasma healing known to you as med beds. The eradication of manmade diseases manufactured as bioweapons and population control by those who chose the dark side agencies, our military and other Black Sun run laboratories. New research and development centers will replace all biological weapon centers in every nation and shared internationally through the Science and Development Consortium.

The financial system will revert to an asset base system. Debt instruments are only valid during war time and we are at peace and will keep this peace at all costs. This is our commitment. It is also your commitment. All exchanges of money shall remain in place for a period of 10-15 years. Once humanity rises beyond a slave mentality, we can convert to other means of exchange in the future.

News channels and information shall be available for all. Assemblies are now required to broadcast weekly press conferences to be shared with everyone. The first annual meeting of the GPRC will be the end of March. Each division will be discussing initiatives for the year, structuring nations, peace agreements and global efforts. We are expecting these meetings to take place virtually due to the current circumstances forced on us by the dying deep state. 

This is just a glimpse of the way forward. I have a plan. We have a plan. The world waits no longer for elite dark orders. We have won the longest war in human history, if not the history of the universe. The rest of our lives begins today. The most precious gift we can give to ourselves, our neighbors, our nations and each other is time. Choose wisely how you spend it.

Thank you for watching and being part of the greatest victory in history, and remember we are the victors now, no longer the victims.

Kimberly Goguen

Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis updated her entry on Nefertiti in her Ascension Glossary which sounds like additional support of Kim’s announcement.

During Guardian Host gridwork and ongoing revelations about Guardian Akhenaton‘s authentic Ruby Order mission, we learned that Nefertiti was negotiated to be the Queen wife consort as a result of the Isis Treaty. The Isis Treaty was connected to the lunar female lineages of avian Egyptian-Serres in which the controlling forces wanted to impregnate for the purpose of breeding programs that were designed for alien hybridization.

The marriage between Guardian Akhenaton and Nefertiti was orchestrated through the Isis Treaty by off planet controllers in order to allow a Guardian presence with 9D Ruby Sun DNA template to incarnate upon the Earth. Akhenaton fulfilled his marital duty in generating offspring with Nefertiti, however his hierogamic union partner was made minor wife. Thus, the marital bed and marriage with Nefertiti was not a happy one.

Recent reclamation of Akhenaton’s solar female hierogamic partner and genetic equal effectively cancelled the Isis Treaty from the 18th Dynastic timelines, rendering it null and void.

Source: Nefertiti – Ascension Glossary (This page was last edited on 31 March 2022, at 00:11)

Thothian Leviathan Anti-hierogamic Rod and Staff (Redirected from Isis-Osiris Cloned Hierarchies)

Saturn is the seven dimensional and is sending out, and was responsible for, false feminine inverted Violet Ray false feminine problems coming from Saturn, and the anti-Christ couple is Osiris and Isis that hold together that balance. Anti-Christ 7D Isis was connected to lunar demon Nefertiti clones. This is a trinity of Anti-Christ entities that are imposters of the masculine and feminine. In this principle these are entities in themselves. And the thing that’s really strange about this as well is that what we are coming to learn is that the Anti-Christ entities like Enki embody into and through this structure. Over the years you may have heard me say, we embody our creations, right? The Christ embodies their creations. The Anti-Christ did the same thing, they cannot embody or exist in our organic creations so they made an AI version with inverted codes in order to exist in our world. This is an Anti-Christ structure. And this is a level of embodiment that is inside Anti-Christ entities that are living inside the structure which is an artificial system for powering their AI Timelines.

Source: Thothian Leviathan Anti-hierogamic Rod and Staff – Ascension Glossary (This page was last edited on on 5 February 2022, at 03:11)


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  1. Smith, Cassandra

    OMG I am soooooo excited about all of this! These announcements have been in my prayers for several years now. THANK YOU to all involved in ending the darkness! All my love to you.

  2. Much thanks for posting such thoughtful, well considered insight! From my point of view, I try to do little focus on all that is wrong and mostly stay focused on my path which is mostly all about Pure Love and how it applies to our time spiritually, energetically and relationally. I do also like to know what is truly going on, not that this is even possible but like to understand as best as I can. Thus the Kim Possible info has been attractive. To jump right to what I find repellent about LifeForce in general is its similarity to the Dinar Scam that amazingly is still running and that many still believe in after all these years! What I mean by this is the “out-of-the-blue” promise of monies in interesting amount showing up in everyone’s acct, of the “Assurance” healthcare program that looked and sounded like, to hear the lovely sounding, mysterious Lisa tell it, was about change healthcare “next week” (pardon my over exaggeration). In my own final analysis, I am reminded of what I have always known, that simply being that there is NOTHING outside of me, No one outside of me that I can depend on at all and that my chosen path to BE what I wish to SEE and experience in the world, continues to be the path I walk out every day. This is really NOT a put down of anyone or any system, it is just an authentic viewpoint without malice or agenda – put simply, I Accept, Allow, Embrace & Release everything, including me, every day attempting to choose the Loving choice rather than the Right or Wrong choice ever again, for myself and all in front of me in each moment… What a trip it has been and is being human! Thank you for all you do!

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