Trucker Convoy! Yet Another Psyop

When the Canadian Convoy started getting momentum I had a good feeling. I loved seeing the Canadian people unite against this utter insanity. I love that it is inspiring countries all over the world in doing the same. I posted a video clip of a guy from Alberta who is documenting what is happening on the ground in my the post, Is The Age of Darkness Finally in the Rear View Mirror? He has a channel called Tireroaster’s Garage – YouTube

I’ve been checking in on this guy over the last couple of weeks and started seeing the red flags. First I heard him say that his business is ecommerce. Hum, so he’s not really a trucker like I thought. Maybe I missed that and it’s in an earlier video. I guess that’s okay, he’s supporting the effort. Then a day or two later my friend forwarded a video clip of the Simpsons. Which episode? The Canadian Convoy of course. Well that’s a glaring red flag. The creators of the Simpsons are not fortune tellers, likely they are Jesuits. In any case, black magicians, creating a reality that suits them.

By now it’s impossible not to recognize they control both sides, so of course the Trucker Convoy is a controlled operation. In addition, this convoy operation is looking way too organized. So I started researching to find more on what could support this likely theory.

In my pursuit I found a very interesting gematria decoder. I was on his site all last weekend. He has a ton of short blog posts on many topics, including the alleged fake virus. He supports what Kim said in my post, Kim Goguen Reveals What is an ARCHON? Has the Root Cause of All Disease Been Uncovered?, that there are no such things as viruses, none ever existed here in nature. But I digress, back to the Canadian Convoy. Joachim Bartoll has an interesting take and it’s hard to unsee what he has put forth in his post. I included part of his post below.

Trucker Freedom Convoy – come on, it’s a Psy-Op!
At first, I thought that this Psy-Op was so obvious that I wouldn’t have to write about it. But alas, diet-woke lukewarm truthers and anti-vaxxers swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. The original groups on social media have fundraisers that have raised million of dollars from gullible people. Some will go to the truckers, and the rest to Freemason “charity”, but none to all the businesses that will have to close due to empty shelves. And some people are even starting up groups and fund-raisers on social media for their own country to join. Although some people might be that stupid, it surely has to be freemason shills and controlled opposition, playing on the emotions of gullible people.

At a first glance, it might look as a good thing. Yeah, they’re doing a strike against vaccine mandates and other fascist government crap. Sure, but never forget that they always control both sides. That is called Controlled Opposition. No movement will be allowed unless they control it. It is that simple.

The Jesuit’s foot soldiers, the Freemasons, are heavily involved in everything in society, and especially the government, all its branches including unions and the higher-ups in every large company.

Always ask yourself these simple questions.

1. Who will benefit from this?
If you can’t think of an immediate answer, it will come to you as you continue down the list. Here’s a hint though, it’s always the ruling elite and their henchmen, or it would be stopped dead in its tracks before it even started.

2. Who will be hurt by this?
This should be obvious! Ten of thousands of trucks. That is a lot of goods deliveries that will never reach its destination. Well, the big global companies own by the elite has their own trucks and delivery system. So, that is a lot of small business owners missing out on deliveries. Not to mention local businesses selling food. Empty shelves. No income. And people might even have to go hungry and be without essentials. The perfect teaser of what is to come when the economy finally collapses. And this is why it is so darn obvious that the whole strike is organized by the enemy, by freemasons following orders from the Jesuits.

So, at first glance, this “movement” seems to be for a good cause, but if you take one second to use your brain and look at the consequences, it is not! Jobs and services that are crucial for society, for living, and for the people should never go on strike or play the game of the ruling elite. If you want to protest, rally your own troops in cities or choose workers that are not important for the livelihood of small businesses and ordinary people. Also, big protests like these that are a ‘danger’ to society can be a trigger to mobilize and put military in place and also make it easier to use military action in the future (Emergency Measures Act) – as in a police state. It’s also an incentive to replace truck drivers with Tesla’s new auto-driven trucks (the Tesla Semi and Roadster.) So, the poor truck drivers fooled into participating could end up terminating their own jobs – not to mention the extreme fuel costs for those involved (who is paying for that?) They always have hidden agendas for everything they do. If you can not see this simple logic, you have been severely brainwashed and dumbed down!

Also, the symbolism should be more than enough to make even the diet-woke pay attention. Freedom has the double ‘ee’ as in the Freemasonic ’33.’ And ‘Freedom’ sums to ‘66’ and reduces ‘33’. 66 is what ‘Number of the Beast’ reduces to. That is why the evil forces love to hijack and control ‘freedom’ movements.

First, their logotype they use on social media was made by Mobile Marketing, as in MM, as in ‘33’ when flipped. Classic sign of a Freemasonic company. The logo itself has the typical circle formed by three sixes, just like Google Chrome and so many other graphical logotypes. So, there is your 666, or ‘Number of the Beast’ right in your face. And a double at that, since ‘freedom’ sums to 66 as well.

It also has the ‘Dove of Freedom’ symbol made in black and red (like the devil)….

This is simply DC Insurrection 2.0. Not to mention that puppets such as Elon Musk and Trump Jr is promoting it, and it’s making it’s way to Europe – all by the plan.

Check out Trucker Fr33dom Convoy – come on, it’s a Psy-Op! (updated Jan. 29) – Joachim Bartoll Official, for the complete post. He breaks it all down using gematria. I have since bookmarked him and check his site daily now and I’ve concluded it is worth learning gematria. Once you understand how they craft their messages across all type of media, it’s easier to discern what is true and what is spell magic.

The Controlled Trucker Convoy Successful as Predicted – Emergencies Act Invoked
(Published 2/15/2022)
Canadian Police Begin Arresting Trucker Convoy Protest Organizers – All Scripted by The Numbers
(Published 2/18/2022)
As Predicted – Ottawa Police Arresting Trucker Convoy Protesters on Trudeau’s 56th Day of His Age
(Published 2/18/2022)
Fabricated Story About Stella Luna Owner Breaking Down Over Threats for Donating to Truckers – How They Operate
(Published 2/19/2022)
At least 38,000 Truckers Preparing for Bolus’ Bogus Convoy to D.C. – Did You Learn Nothing?
(Published 2/23/2022)

Excerpt from Jochim’s above post:
“And here we go again. Controlled opposition fooling gullible people and truck drivers to participate in a convoy. We already know how that played out in Canada. Trudeau could use their Emergency Act and pull in mercenaries and UN troops on the streets – military forces with no sense of morality and no ties to the country they operate in. Where Canadian police or military might hesitate to go against their own people, family and friends, a force of paid soldiers from another part of the world will follow every command. And after invoking such an act, it will be easier to do again for any reason – and they now have experience in how to go about it and quickly assemble forces. Just wait until some sheep start waking up and realizing that the whole pandemic was a scam and that people are getting maimed and dying from the vaccines. Or when the economy really hits the pavement, inflation skyrockets, shelves are empty, the power might go out, etcetera. It will be too late by then to do anything. They will block off the vital parts where the leaders are gathering while letting the rest of you fight each other for food, water, and other essentials. And now the sheep in the United States follow the same controlled opposition and the same script. In the article, they name one of the organizers as one ‘Bob Bolus.’ Bolus? As in a ‘large dose’ of something given to ‘rapidly achieve’ what is needed? As in a new ‘Emergency Act’ for the U.S.? There is nothing organic or ‘grassroot’ about these trucker convoy protests.”

Symbol of the Dove

The symbol of the Dove reminded me of my previous post, and probably ties in with the Seven Seals (or Annunaki Seals). To reiterate, Lisa Renee explained that the planetary damage created during the Luciferian Rebellion, involved the Jehovian factions of the Annunaki. They installed a siphoning grid network to mock the Holy Spirits of Christ and to “kill the peace” of the symbolic dove and this is referred to as the hijacked Dove Grid. See that post for more detail, Covenants Expire, Annunaki Seals Lifting | We are Prisoners No More! | Queen of Hearts Toys with the Lonesome Losers

Back to this Canadian from Alberta, the Tireroaster Guy

I checked in again last weekend on some more videos this guy has posted. I remembered watching his film on two young guys he ran into, who were walking by and they had a few friendly words of support. Then they both proceeded to give the devil hand sign and this Tireroaster guy acted like he was all cool with those gestures and seemed to be in agreement. When I decided to write a post about this, I went looking for that video. I couldn’t remember which video it was and I just couldn’t find it. Instead, I found the author, this Tireroaster guy also giving the devil hand sign in a truck and then some. Oye vey.

What a shame. Just goes to show you, it’s so difficult to trust anyone these days. He really comes across as a genuinely nice guy. I know there are many people in Ottawa, and around the world who really do have the best of intentions, supporting the Canadian Truckers, and it’s just so disgusting how they are being used in another psyop. But the Annunaki Seals are being released according to Kim Goguen, I hope that is really true and starts to make difference. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see this backfire on the Cabal? Time will tell I suppose. In the meantime, I’ll pray.


On a side note, I was driving home from a friend’s house last night and saw a huge bill board. In giant red letters on a black background, all it said was HADESTOWN. I was so taken aback at how in your face everything is I nearly missed my exit, which would have diverted me right to the underworld, I mean New York City. It’s a show on Broadway, I’ve since realized. I don’t know about any of you out there, but I think I’ll pass on this one.


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  1. The protests in Canada and the disputes along the U.S. and Mexico border are designed to usher in the North American Union.

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