Is The Age of Darkness Finally in the Rear View Mirror?

Today’s post discusses the Intel on December 30, 2021 provided by Kim Goguen. She said we barely made it, but the Age of Darkness is officially over and we’re now entering the Age of Light, despite what the outer scape looks like! Kim started out with a pep talk for the Assemblies because they are on deck. Also included are injection updates and ramifications, the Brigadiers seem to be the next level down to deal with, or not, other groups like the Cambridge Circus and Wolf-Wolfgang were revealed and their systems disconnected, and finally an overview of the Restoration Plan.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Assemblies Get a Pep Talk

Kim started off with a pep talk to the Assemblies and provided suggestions for moving forward. I had to read between the lines since it was a one sided conversation. I picked up on her concern, as I do scan the telegram threads from time to time and it’s a little disconcerting, but I’m sending positive energy their way and hope they will make some speedy progress. There is a lot of unlearning that needs to come to the forefront which in turn will pave the way for real change to take place. What we need are selfless leaders who aren’t in any kind of a box, can overcome limitations that are both self-imposed and lingering from the cabal’s failed structures, as well as not have a personal agenda. A tall order for a race of peoples who have been enslaved for eons.

An interesting thing to note was something Kim mentioned toward the end of her update. She said the Assemblies in the poorer areas and nations have their act together way better than those in wealthier areas and nations. Not surprising really. Poor nations will definitely have a clearer focus on what is essential and what their priorities are. Assemblies in wealthier areas seem to be squabbling a lot more on petty things. Kim stated that if you are not concerned with the homeless which exist in every community in every nation of the world, but more concerned with your roles, logos and what so and so said to this one or that, then maybe this isn’t the job for you.

She also stated a fact that bares repeating, which is that we have won this same war many times in the past, and then we lose everything, which by the way is why the Space Force is so arrogant. She emphasized focusing on the issues at hand and not replicating government structures of the past, being realistic with numbers for projects, making sure all voices can be heard, and there are no limits! Being patient with each other is super important. We also need to stay vigilant so we don’t get caught up replicating the ways of the past, as those systems were created for us. Make a list of everything we do not like about our current systems, so we don’t replicate them. Stay cognizant that infiltrators will try to cause division and halt humanity’s progress. This is the way of the dark, and since it’s always worked for them in the past, they are no doubt trying hard and heavy to do what they do best.

See the source image

Henry Kissinger’s Demonic Speech to the World Health Organization

I am sure many of you have seen this Henry Kissinger meme floating around. It would have been hard to imagine not very long ago that this could possibly be true. But look at how far we’ve come. Now many of us know not only that he likely said these exact words, but that they have been diligently preparing and working towards making us accept mandatory vaccines to open the door to the next level of enslavement for decades.

Of course it’s all been planned and these psychopath puppets have been diligently phasing it in little by little. They started attempting to make vaccines mandatory quite awhile ago using SARS, Bird Flu, and then Ebola as the excuse. Then they made a change to what it means to be immunized versus vaccinated. This difference is a key point and they have been working on this change since the 1970s, after they started introducing the MMR vaccine for measles, rubella, etc. It was at this time they started adding heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, polysorbate 80, because these heavy metals are able to pass through the blood brain barrier, and essentially facilitate burning the brain. Is it any wonder why Alzheimer’s has been on the rise, for example?

Immunization of the Past versus Vaccination of the Present

Before this change, vaccines were grown with traditional cultures for purposes of immunization. A vaccine’s purpose was to create immunity to a virus. To do this, they would use a was dead virus, which would trick your body into creating anti-bodies. However, vaccines today are very different. Every vaccine before this corona virus identified the dead parasite. This time they haven’t even identified what it is, and it is the first synthetic parasite, which is technically a nanobot.

The purpose of this synthetic nanobot is to trick your body into creating antibodies for everything under the sun, so you become immune to everything. However, what it is actually doing is putting your body on complete and total overload. Your body’s reaction is to create antibodies for everything. And this is just one of the things they are doing with this synthetic parasite. It’s kind of like listening to a video on fast forward, your body cannot listen and hear everything at once, but it’s trying to. These synthetic parasites do die off in a few months, which is why they want to give you regular booster shots. Ultimately, their goal is to leave you defenseless, so eventually you cannot fight anything off. They really are trying to kill us.

While the fact they really are trying to kill us is no surprise to me, as I was aware long before Covid was even a thing, but Kim sounded a bit alarmed. I’m not sure if she was just emphasizing the point, or she perhaps is just surprised at how far they really were with this bioweapon, kind of like the BEAST system. She admitted she knew about it, but didn’t realize they were as far as they were. I honestly don’t know, but I found it a bit disconcerting.

She continued on and stated that the thalamus produces all the white blood cells we’re ever going to have. It’s a fixed amount. Add to this all those heavy metals they have been adding for a long time to create neurological disorders. Eventually, if you catch a slight cold you won’t be able to fight it off and you’re going to die. And to reiterate, this isn’t even the whole story with these shots. But what is certain is that we should be far less concerned about getting coronavirus because we probably already have antibodies for coronavirus. We normally catch some form of corona every year, so if you have those antibodies, why would you need to get more? It got me wondering if these psychopaths are going to try and claim they were trying to cure humanity of all diseases as their defense argument if we ever finally see Nuremburg 2.0, and it was just an experiment after all, with the best of intentions.

Consequences of Mandatory Injections for the Militaries

The CCP said that as soon as the US military is completely vaccinated they will have won the war. So I guess the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin is a dumbass or he’s on the CCP payroll. He is certainly doing his best to help them make that happen. He says he is going to enforce the mandatory vaccines for the US military, that it’s critical for readiness. He couldn’t be more wrong, unless he means ready to die. Kim stated that the Global Peace and Restoration of Member States (GPRC) is sending notification this week to Austin, who I think should be replaced with someone who still has a functioning brain, like General Berger, perhaps. If allowed to proceed, Austin, along with many other militaries around the world will be weakening their respective countries. They will have no soldiers left, as they will be facilitating the creation of synthetic AIDES (enhanced antibody dependency). This would make countries like Russia and Switzerland especially vulnerable because there are conscriptions for serving in the military, and Kim didn’t mention it but I think this is true of Israel as well, and being that they are on their fourth booster, Israel is already in particularly bad shape.

This is insane obviously. It’s equivalent to committing genocide on themselves. Nothing these psychopaths do makes any sense to a critically thinking person, especially when you take into account that Russia recently put out all these orders to allow more people to come into their country. According to Kim they are also promoting having more children because there is not enough people for the vast land in Russia, which is the largest country in the world. Yet, at the same time they are pushing mandatory vaccines to go to a public toilet. That kind of logic is what makes them non-repairable humans, because if they really can’t see how diabolical their actions are, then they are just complicit and playing their parts to ensure chaos ensues. I’m still willing to volunteer to help The Colony out and save some time. Just sayin! Let’s face it, we know there is no helping these wingnuts. We need more sane people in charge who aren’t brainwashed, blackmailed and bowing down to AI gods.

Recent Findings Regarding the Synthetic Parasite Injection

The chances of getting hit by meteorite debris is likely far greater than dying from Covid 19. The consequences of taking the jab so outweigh any of the benefits, since there seem to be zero. Yet the sheep continue to believe the lies and now many people who have taken the immune destroyer injections are going to end up in the hospital. Kim said she’s never seen anything like these recent tests before. A vaccinated person that is in the hospital undergoing standard hospital tests to find out the cause of their latest ailment will show one thing, and a few minutes later the test will say something completely different. Cancer shows up first, then 20 minutes later Lou Gehrig’s disease shows up, or mono, or Epstein Barr, heart murmurs, blood clots, etc. The results of these tests are revealing a complete and utter overload of the immune system is taking place.

The data is also now showing that the large and medium sized companies that advocated vaccinations for their employees are experiencing higher percentages (up to 90%) of those employees calling out sick, while the 10% who weren’t vaccinated are not missing work. And what about those of us who are not injected, but have to ride the trains, board the buses, and fly in planes with these immune impaired people? There is going to be major fallout. Kissinger said it outright, he wants to kill us and thin the herd. They look for the useless eaters by their own determination and are doing their best to kill them. They are enforcing full masks and the ridiculous lock down again, and the sheep still can’t see it. Nor can they connect the dots that the further we go down the Greek alphabet the more variants seem to be cured. The Omicron variant killed the Delta variant, and the Omega, the Lambda, the Mu, etc. And the original corona also destroyed all pulmonary cancer and the flu, and every other disease on the planet evidently. They are all gone now, no more variants except the Omicron. Oy Vey!

Circus People?

The Brigadiers

A couple of days ago, Kim said she got call from the Brigadiers (another new group I haven’t heard her mention before). This group is made up of a bunch of Jesuits and Black Sun Generals. There maybe some good news inherent in this though, because when I looked them up I found out they are the lowest ranking general officers in some countries. Seems like a sign some more housecleaning above has taken place if we’re addressing this level now. And Kim confirmed just that, The Colony has been cleaning house. Most of the people these Brigadiers reported to are no longer with us.

So why is this level of psychopaths now reaching out to Kim? Well, the Brigadiers that are left were having meetings the last two days and were supposed to get confirmation on which proposals were considered and accepted. But since they still have yet to bring anything to the table other than more death to the sheep, Kim sounds less inclined to want to deal with them. She said she thought about it, and stated while she is not the end all be all, God is, she said nah. I guess she reflected on the many proposals she gave them in the past, like the 50-50 deal, etc. and they never deviated from their plan to try and kill us, so instead she told them she won’t be submitting any of their proposals at this time, but when they are ready to have a face to face meeting they should give her a call. Given their record, of having scheduled numerous meetings in the past and never showing up, I guess Kim doesn’t expect a turnaround from this level of psychopaths either. Sounds like Kim realizes she can’t keep doing the same thing over and over either. So at this point all we can hope for she said is that those who joined the military for the right reasons come to their senses sooner rather than later. But we’ll see who exists and who doesn’t a year from now.

Just Another Day in the Life of the Life Force Enforcement Team

On Christmas Eve, Kim got a call from whoever is in charge of the military these days demanding to know why the budget wasn’t getting ratified. Kim said maybe they assumed since they added 777 to their latest budget numbers it would be accepted. I suppose they assumed using angel numbers would make everything all nice nice because these wingnuts were really expecting the budget ratifications to be ratified. Gematria and stupidity rule supreme in their world, which is the actual epidemic among the self proclaimed elites, unlike Covid. Hum, let’s see what else were they up to? Oh, they planned a lot of false flag attacks on Christmas, of course they did.  So Life Force Enforcement spent half of Christmas mitigating those.

Image result for mark a. milley meme

Day of Determination for Corporate Structures | December 27, 2021

December 27th was deemed the Day of Determination for Corporate Structures, which had a lot to do with Crown Corp, in determining if it should or shouldn’t exist anymore. The decision was predicated on the latest lie from the Bank of England mentioned in my previous post, A New Mr. Black is Installed & Fails, Rothchilians Lie Again, False Flags & Satellites Derailed, The Colony Comes to Assess the Remaining Non-Repairable Humans. When official notice was sent from the GIA office, instigated by Kim, that the Bank of England in fact did not have the cash, what did they do? Well we know what General Milley did, which was use the same lie with a little bit of twist to keep it going! Yeah, that General we all love so much and loves America. He isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Then again, I wonder if there are any who aren’t retarded. Anyway, he must of said – No Worries! The money will now come from the European Central Bank (ECB) instead! Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket! Except it was then proven pretty quickly that the ECB has no money either. At this point Kim doesn’t know which central bank is next up as the potential savior.

Retards Devise Plan B | Let’s Steal Whatever We Can!

Given that the big lie about the Bank of England and the ECB didn’t work out, instead of printing counterfeit super notes they decided to try and steal existing cash. So they had big plans for the Monday after Christmas which involved trying to again drain an ACH system. Never mind they already tried to drain the entire ACH system awhile back, but this time they were going to try and drain just PayPal. Who knows, maybe they found multiple sevens somewhere in Paypal and thought it would work this time.

They geared up their attempt to drain Paypal, and simultaneously tried to make a connection to where the former Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) ( was. They thought if they could connect there, they would then get control of the entire financial system which they could drain right after Christmas, sort of like a Christmas present for the useless eaters I guess. Fortunately Kim and her team at Ground Command, who are always a step ahead of them thank God, made sure the connection was not established and now no longer exists at all. By the way, the intel being fed to the alt media stooges that the internet is going to go down and the emergency broadcast system is going to come up was predicated on this connection. So at least we know where that intel was coming from.

Dinar Land | Disneyland for the Delusional

Kim said she doesn’t know how anyone who is still reading the stuff published in Dinar Chronicles, or any other related publications regarding Dinar-land can think crashing the markets, and well crashing anything and everything is a good thing. Not that she agrees with the market, who does?, but the point is, these are not good things. Siphoning all the money out of the banking system, stealing out of Paypal after a holiday, these are not good things.

What is the Cambridge Circus?

Kim discovered that the wingnuts had yet another system that was still active and it was communicating with a location under the Cambridge Circus in London. Fortunately, that system has also been terminated a few weeks back. She said the reason they call this area in London the Circus is because it was coined that years ago as a code name for MI5 and MI6, the British Secret Service. There are large underground facilities there and it’s called the Circus because it’s run by the Circus.

At the time of this intel update, the wingnuts were still waiting for guidance, even though this connection was terminated because they are expecting it to work again. Perhaps it’s extra special because they are still expecting some guidance from what Kim described as a ‘Looking Glass’ type of thing, but it’s more like the ‘Phone a Friend’ option. This was very unclear to me and it’s likely she was speaking to some nefarious types who might have been listening, or it just went over my head. In any case Kim brushed past it pretty quickly and I’m guessing this is yet more smoke and mirror technology to fool the fools. But it does now have me interested in those spy novels by John le Carre’. We know how they love to hide the truth in books they pretend are pure fiction.

See the source image

The Wolf & Wolfgang Group | Black Sun’s Economic Assassins

Surprise, surprise, there is yet another nefarious group under the Black Sun. Of course there is. Kim said in this group everyone’s last name is Wolf or Wolfgang and they have 12 leaders. Their purpose is to go around and perform economic assassinations all over the world. This Wolf Group had an extensive wolf data tracking system which was attached to the banking system. Fortunately since she discovered this too, it is no longer there as of yesterday. But Kim still wants everyone to be aware of this group because once you are worth something, they will probably be coming to you too. She left out what their criteria is for ‘being worth something’ is. Personally I don’t think I have to worry, but I assume she is referring to Assemblies and/or Groups for when they finally acquire funding for their submitted projects.

It got me thinking about people on the world stage with the last name of Wolf. That Governor in Pennsylvania is certainly no gift to anyone. Then there is that Martin Scorsese movie, the Wolf of Wall Street. I remember having to turn it off after about fifteen minutes. I couldn’t stomach it.

What is The Restoration Plan?

Kim has explained the Restoration Plan before, at least the big picture and she thought it prudent to revisit it again, especially now that more structures are being put in place and humanity is on deck. And since it involves us, and she wants everyone to participate and get the ball rolling, which is very different from that other plan I keep hearing about. She said if we take a step back and look at the planet and all the antiquated technologies, know that as part of the Restoration Plan these technologies are going to change and new organizations are being created to replace existing ones that are not aligned with restoring our planet, and all that goes with that.

Waiting for Q – Year 5
Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States (GPRC)

The GPRC | Global Peace & Restoration Consortium will replace the United Nations, but it will not be structured like the UN. The United Nation’s contract with the Trust expired, their sovereignty has been pulled, yet they still decided they are going at it alone. Kim claimed that the UN wasn’t so bad before 1975, but once the Black Sun was allowed to come in, they ruined it. But I still wonder about that. Anyway, the GPRC will be responsible for handling disputes and ensuring resolutions of all kinds, large and small. This means they will welcome assemblies on the national, state and local levels. There are no communities that are too small. Another thing to note is that there will not be any Ambassadors appointed because in the existing UN structure they had become so far removed, so why replicate. Bringing sovereignty to our world is absolutely essential if we are going to evolve in the right direction, but what does being sovereign mean? The GPRC will help and enable everyone around the world to participate and collaborate. Some ideas around her vision are as follows:

Service Providers

There will be service providers, such as the Science and Technology development area which will be a cooperative and replacement for the patent system. Anyone can participate and information shared.

Global Intelligence Agency (GIA)

One of the responsibilities of the Global Intelligence Agency will be enforcement. For example, if an assembly ratifies an order but nothing happens with it, the GIA will come in and help with enforcement and security until every single country has an office of the GIA. Once all countries have their own, then enforcement will be conducted by the respective country offices.

Another important purpose for the GIA is to stop false flags and the theatre of war. We need to all get along and make this restoration plan work, and that means no one works for anyone else and anyone can participate. The GIA already has a couple of intelligence offices registered in the Hall of Records for the Middle East, the UK, and some in the United States and they already have been provided security clearances. We will still have militaries and intelligence agencies, and it should be noted that in the past they all took orders from the GIA, they just are not following orders from the GIA today. All treaties have expired, and the bonds were cashed out from the GIA, so we have a clean slate and Kim is the one who runs it.

Court of Ethics

A Court of Ethics will enforce the Charter and mission of the GPRC. This Court will resolve disputes for violations of the peoples rights and is part of the reverse governance so we can protect the oppressed from the oppressors. This Court will help to raise the people as leaders so they can be the best they can be. This Court will also ensure that programs get to the people.

Global Health and Wellness Consortium

The Global Health & Wellness Consortium | GPRC is focused on caring for all peoples health, preventing issues and solving health problems. Many things around health and wellness will become available in our respective locations and this consortium will be making sure every citizen in their respective state/province/community has every technology available to them. The consortium will also help to make sure what they have is within a certain distance so they are available to everyone, and this includes those places in the world that don’t even have a road to get people to a hospital.

Image result for Age of light

Age of Darkness Officially Ends | December 28, 2021

Dec 28th brought us to seven days after the winter solstice and the official end of the Age of Darkness, at noon UTC time. We are now moving into the Age of Light. Of course this doesn’t mean we’re out of woods just yet and don’t have to be vigilant, but it does mean it’s finally our turn. Kim said that we made it, just barely, and this is why she was really pressuring the Assemblies this week. I tried to capture what I think she was trying to convey when she said that the Assemblies need to start asking what happens next? I think she was trying to convey that the Assemblies need to be prepared once the public finds out that Assemblies exist. They are going to want to know what the projects are about, what they are doing when they put forth proposals, budget numbers etc. She wants them to keep in mind transparency, as the public will also know how much they are getting paid. Knowledge of the existence of the Assemblies will only continue to grow, so they need to anticipate this and account for it, and keep in mind how they want to be perceived by the public. Tank also added that some people who worked for the old governments are coming over to join Assemblies. Some to infiltrate and try to take over, of course, and others because they recognize the old structures are going away and things are changing, and who knows, maybe some are actually good people who were stuck in the bad system.

Kim emphasized that everyone all over the world is going to be able to share solutions around every area of our lives. Remember that there is no box to be out of because no box exists and there are no limits. We need to focus on what we want to create. She also said she is going to start giving the Assemblies tasks so they can speed up the ratification and funding, so they can become efficient and can start helping the rest of the world. But this is a small part, it’s what comes after that really matters. It’s essential we empower the entire community, so they can start defining where they are going.

To the Assemblies, she reminded them to understand there are consequences to their actions. Recognize too that many people don’t know what is going on and they will need to help people understand we do not have to copy old structures. We are lucky to be here as leaders on the front lines protecting the lives of innocents. Things will change as we go along, when we finally start to live and not survive in lack. We have to unite and support one another. That is the key!

In Closing

Well this is a very tall order! I sincerely hope people realize what a blessing this is, despite the hard work that will be required. But if we really have passed the Age of Darkness and entered the Age of Light, we’ll be swimming with the current and not going head first into a tidal wave, so that’s a plus. Let’s not be our own worst enemy. This time may Humanity truly unite and let our diversity complement us rather than divide us, so as a whole we succeed and excel in all things! And there is no better example of this right now than the Freedom Convoy. I really feel the positivity and light shining through from our neighbors to the North. God Bless all of our Canadian friends and those who are supporting them from all over the world uniting for freedom!

It just might be an amazing 2022!


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