Holy Mother’s Return is What they Fear, Therefore Controlled Opposition Must Steer

For quite some time I’ve been seeking more clarity regarding the controlled opposition agenda, to understand at a deeper level its intent and purpose. Not too long ago I sensed my head bumping a ceiling and equated it to a gate which would soon open and lead me to that which I was seeking.

There is no better time to learn as much as we possibly can about these dark agendas than right here, right now, because we are living through it, experiencing it, and it’s the ascension cycle. Whatever we learn during this experience we’ll keep forever, as we are eternal beings. We’ll pick up where we left off when we leave this dimension I imagine. So as much as I can handle and get under my belt now, the better and why I’ve been pondering of late the deception strategies of the controlled opposition. To be frank, I don’t want to be deceived again, and I don’t want to have to endure another round to learn lessons of this nature.

While the lunatic left is obvious, as they are not hiding their disdain for human beings, their elitism and their two-tiered justice system, those ‘pretending’ to represent the people are way more sinister, better liars and more adept at deception. At least they used to be from my vantage point. Now they too are falling apart. Eventually all masks will come down and the truth will prevail. But what else is behind the ‘savior’ program, those stating the facts, and revealing the Cabal’s true agenda?

I followed some bread crumbs over the last couple of months which led me to some interesting people who are very adept at understanding gematria. This in turn has helped me connect more dots regarding the strategies of the controlled opposition in a new way.

I was listening to Deplorable McAllisterTV a few weeks ago. She’s been exploring many topics and I find her entertaining, despite still being very attached to Q and Trump and the Military being in control. Oye vey! Anyway, I heard her mention some of Fritz Springmeier’s work on a site called The Open Scroll Blog. I was under the impression it was a new website of his and thought I would check it out. Maybe I was feeling nostalgic. I bought Fritz’s book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati approximately twenty-five years ago and I’ve never looked at the world the same since. How could anyone!

However, The Open Scroll Blog is not his website. Fritz was mentioned and probably more than once, but in any case, I’m glad I followed the breadcrumb because it has certainly opened doors for some new material, especially around the methods used by the black magicians to manipulate and steer human consciousness. Symbolism will be their downfall, we’ve heard many times. And now I have even more insight as to how they perform their spell casting and spell binding, having been exposed to The Open Scroll Blog.

For example, I was blown away by how much symbolism, gematria, and spell casting went into what seemed like a benign Delta faucet commercial, until the Open Scroll broke it all down. It made me realize how much crafting must go into absolutely everything they present to the sheep. It’s truly mind blowing. It must be exhausting to be so evil. And what a misuse and waste of energy. It never ceases to baffle me as to how much effort they put into controlling others. If only they put a tiny fraction of that time and energy into fixing themselves!

You don’t have to delve too much into the Open Scroll’s work before you stumble upon the fact that ritual sodomy is at the core for these dark entities. Not an easy subject to have to bring up, but it really is in our face with everything they do when your eyes are opened. Try watching ‘Back to the Future’ series on their Video “Playlist” Catalog (theopenscroll.com) after the Open Scroll breaks it down scene after scene. The symbolism, words, etc. are heavily weighted in this ritual, and it’s just so prevalent, way more than I realized. To occult worshippers, ritual sodomy is the path to gnosis, to illumination. This wasn’t a new concept for me, but the part I wasn’t really aware of was that for them it’s also linked to the resetting of time, a path to AI timelines. But that’s another topic for another time. If you are curious as to What “Back to the Future” is Really About, they break down this film trilogy and its esoteric symbolism, time-space ritual and Nazi/Neo-Nazi signaling.

The Open Scroll
Find the series “playlist” with this direct link: https://theopenscroll.com/vidSeriesListings.htm#BackFuture

1. Decoding the Occult Symbolism (10/25/15)
2. Doc Brown’s Secret Identity and Howdy Doody Time (ft Wreck-It Ralph and Rango) (10/29/15)
3. Mr. Sandman (ft Singin’ in the Rain & The Canterbury Tales) (11/05/15)
4. “Save the Clock Tower” – The Goddess and Illuminati Initiation (11/12/15)
5. Project Bluebird and Nazi Science, Doc Brown as Dr Mengele, and Die Glocke (2/1/17)
6. Neo-Nazi Racism – Dark Secrets Encoded in the Time and Speed (2/3/17)
7. The Secret of the Flux Capacitor and Buckaroo Bansai (2/9/17)
8. Doc Brown schools us in how to fix the timeline (10/20/15)
9. The McFly Photo From the Future, Doc’s Crazy Clock, and Time Reset Codes (6/7/21)
10. Tardy Marty and the Revolution, the Audition, and the Clock Tower Tree (6/20/21)
11. Ritual Continuity as FOX-666-Marty Responds to Being Judged and Rejected (6/29/21)
12. Cupid’s Influence and the Garden of Eden Allegory (7/15/21)

Joachim Bartoll | Gematria Decoder

Another breadcrumb I followed led me to Joachim Bartoll Official blog, which came to my attention when someone posted about the Trucker Convoy being a psyop in the Members Forum of Energetic Synthesis.  I have referenced several of his articles since regarding the trucker convoy in my post, Trucker Convoy! Yet Another Psyop | Just Empower Me.

Joachim’s posts are very on point, educational, and demonstrate how every article in the fake news media is scripted by the cabal, which after awhile becomes very predictable once you see the patterns in the numbers they use. He breaks it all down with gematria tools. It’s so very apparent that not only is all ‘news’ put out by corporate media manufactured, but they are making it ‘fit’ a pre-existing script. Below is one of many examples.

Global Covid-19 Deaths Allegedly Surpass 6 Million on the 66th Day of the Year in a 666-Ritual – Joachim Bartoll Official

Another great example by Joachim was posted on March 12, 2022, When Controlled Opposition Show You that Nothing is Going on in Ukraine to Win You Over – A Decode of the Video – Joachim Bartoll Official. In this post he breaks down the below video and demonstrates how you know this footage was created by the Controlled Opposition.

The use of gematria is in absolutely everything. I first learned about gematria studying Kabbalah, then became more aware when Q came on the scene, and now my awareness has escalated yet again. It’s not only a way of communicating with other cabal members while the sheep remain clueless, and of course math is everything in our universe. But the black magicians are using gematria to constantly create scripts to steer the sheep in a direction they want us to go, which of course is towards a lower frequency, artificial timeline, to further degenerate our DNA.

Joachim Bartoll also explains how important words are these psychopaths….

“…they want to be Gods, to control everything that happens in this world, to write “our” history in their name and image.

Think Tank and Writing farms. The Jesuit educated ‘monks’ and Freemasons who are the ‘think tank’ of the parasites running the world. These are the ones fabricating all the lies and stories, matching them with dates and gematria. Making their rituals come true, shaping our reality. And pushing it all out through the major media outlets that they all own and control.

They are writing the script for this reality show we call ‘real life’.”

A quick look at the Media and the News – how they are controlling you! – Joachim Bartoll Official

Image result for alex jones nostradamus meme

Alex Jones and Controlled Opposition

So back to controlled opposition. Let’s use someone who has been a long time ‘conspiracy theorist’ as an example. Alex Jones has been around for decades. Why wasn’t he considered so threatening, especially since it appears he has been ‘vindicated’ if we look around at what’s happening in the world today. Why wasn’t he taken out by the psychopaths long ago? They don’t hesitate to murder people who find cures for cancer, for example.

Well, it’s more likely because he serves a specific purpose for the black magicians. He’s doing exactly what they need him to do. He tells us repeatedly that people question how he knows so much about the Deep State’s plan, I’m not Nostradamus! His answer perhaps is the key to his ‘usefulness’ to the cabal, he’s just reading directly from their documents.

Now it makes more sense to me why an actor like Alex Jones is propped up and needs to exist. He is ‘reading from the cabal’s script’. It’s part of their spell casting and spell binding. The more he reads, or the more anyone reads from the cabal’s playbook for that matter, the more they reinforce this agenda scripted by the Jesuits, the Freemasons, etc. They are meticulous and need to constantly steer us in order to create the reality they want us to believe in and therefore make happen, their preferred timeline. The more Humanity aligns with their ‘script’ on a consciousness level, the more likely the reality they are scripting will manifest.

It’s no longer quite so perplexing as to why many controlled opposition actors are allowed to be open and reveal Agenda 30, Depopulation plans, the New World Order, etc. In addition to recognizing they have to ‘tell us’ their plans, and if we don’t do anything about it then shame on us. But I think these actors also serve a more practical function. They are necessary tools for spell casting and spell binding, in order to manifest their desired reality, which is very aligned to their ultimate playbook, their version of the Book of Revelation.

Uncle Donnie Returns from his ‘time out’

Trolling the Senatus Consultum Site for Psychopaths

Since I’m on the topic of controlled opposition, I thought hey, it’s time to troll one of my favorite sites again. Which one? The Senate (senatusconsultum.eu) of course, also known as the Black Sun’s site dedicated to their Order of Assassins. Guess who is back in the good graces of the Order of the Black Sun? Why that would be Uncle Donnie! His ‘time out’ is finally over. Actually, I don’t know how long it’s been since his picture was restored for the second time, since I’ve been paying attention. I haven’t checked in for a couple of months. But I guess he’s no longer on the bench, and back on first string, or rather whoever is pretending to be Trump nowadays. I suspect the original may no longer be in commission.

And guess who is newly added to the member list? I’ll give you a clue. He’s been mentioned by ‘Q’ and suddenly has reemerged in the fake news. That would be John Durham. Well, isn’t that interesting? Weren’t we supposed to “trust” Durham?

Trust Durham, Q

Since I subjected myself to going through their ‘presentation of honorary members’ while the godfather mafia music was playing in the background, I figured I would collect names of some other steady, public facing, and generally known puppets for the US folks. The familiar faces that I mentioned in a previous post are still there, although I think Condolezza Rice may be a recent addition.

  • General Michael Flynn
  • Ron Desantis
  • Mike Pence
  • Mike Pompeo
  • George Bush Jr
  • Condolezza Rice
  • Robert Kennedy Jr. (under Ambassador tab)

Since Putin is so popular these days, let’s not forget he’s been a steady Member, at least since I first learned about this site from Kim Goguen.

Putin Clone #?

Ask What is Still Hidden – For it Holds the Keys

Back to the cabal’s obsession with the Book of Revelation. It has me asking an obvious question. What about all the books that were deliberately removed from the bible? What else did the Vatican hide? One of the most important principles I ever learned, which has been coming up more often for me of late, is that the hidden stuff is where the real gems are. What about the Book of Sarah, the Book of Mary Magdalene? These days I’m way more interested in what they left out than what they left in and twisted.

There is so much they have hidden from us. Likely everything that ran contrary to their desired outcome which is why they need to ‘script’ an ending suitable for a psychopath. Does it mean there are no other endings to our story? I don’t believe that for second. It’s probably why I resonate with Kim Goguen and Lisa Renee. I see their roles, their work running in the opposite direction of the dark agenda the cabal is scripting and their controlled opposition is trying to reinforce. Lisa and Kim are deeply entrenched in repair work, a restoration plan, creating a roadmap so we can return to the beginning, before we went down the road of destruction. It’s this path I choose to align with and not the misunderstood and maligned cabal version of the Book of Revelation.

Why the Emergence of the Divine Feminine is the Dark’s Biggest Threat

The hijacked version of the divine feminine template is a major tool used by the dark side. We’ve never, until recently had the Holy Mother energies flowing properly in our reality system. They’ve been abused and inverted in the most horrific ways for so long. And I believe the reason for that was because the Keys to the Kingdom is through mind control. If you’re a predator race intent on keeping your sheep in a state of enslavement, you promote the left brain, male principle logical mind and down play as much as possible the intuitive, right brain, feminine principle.

How much easier it is to deceive and promote an artificial aligned timeline when left brain thinking is the dominant force. Unchecked, the five senses take over and mental slavery can be accomplished much more easily. I wrote a post about this called, The Five Senses – Tools of Deception | Just Empower Me. We have been so fooled this way because the balancing side, our intuitive side, that which is heart based and the path to wisdom comes from our divine feminine side whether we are born into a male or female body. Our divine feminine side, which is needed to better discern has been downplayed and practically dormant in many.

EARTH – An Anagram for HEART

And at the macro level, our beloved planet, Earth, which is an anagram for HEART, is a feminine planet, and she too has been running anti to divine feminine principles. To say we’ve been running amuck here is quite an understatement.

According to Lisa Renee, in an Ascension class recording in March 2013,

The returning Christ energy, the embodiment of Christ energy is a female principle will largely be in female bodies in the first wave of the ascension at this time. It’s not a value difference, it’s understanding the female principle coming into form. But the integration of the male and female principles needs to be integrated. The spirit of the female principle in each one of us whether male or female will override the mental principle of this electron mental reversal masculine which has been used to distort the gender on this planet.

The Torah is also a feminine principle according to Hebrew Gematria. I’ve learned a few things from Kabbalah and Torah teachings despite not being able to read Hebrew. Most importantly, the path to gnosis, to expanding consciousness, to wisdom, is a journey inward. Know thyself. Ultimately, this is the gem the cabal doesn’t want us to realize. So they create much theatre to distract and confuse us. It’s no wonder the dark side despises our Holy Mother, the divine feminine principle. Her return to her children most certainly means their end.

Honoring the Emergence of Divine Feminine – Ascension Glossary

A couple days after I published this post I found a video clip that a member of the Energetic Synthesis Forum posted, as it was just so poignant, I had to provide the link. Princess Diana On Whether Or Not Shell Ever Be Queen – YouTube


2 thoughts on “Holy Mother’s Return is What they Fear, Therefore Controlled Opposition Must Steer”

  1. I’m keeping Kim at arms length. Not quite sure she is not CGI. Be careful the lines of reality are blurred! Now she say’s Trump is an imposter.

  2. Andrea Gutierrez

    I appreciate this blog very much.

    I found it when I was researching Kim Goguen on Duck, Duck, Go. I do not subscribe to United News so I cannot watch the Lifeforce meetings. But I am very interested in the information.

    I believe Kim has a very relevant point. She is saying that we have to save ourselves. And that all this theater is designed to distract us from this real fact. I value the premise that if any change will occur, it will be up to us. I like how she is encouraging us to reverse engineer everything so that we can create a new. I am sold.

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