The Five Senses – Tools of Deception

Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling is believing. Or is it?

Eyes:  Are the images projected on our television screens real? Movies run on the same technologies as the alleged 'News'. Can your eyes discern the difference? Is it not overlapping these days?

Ears:  Can a thunderstorm sound like a bomb? Can a fire alarm trigger fear without a fire? Can an underground detonation sound and feel like an earthquake?

Mouth: Can some food taste really good, but not be good for you? Can speech expel both truth and lies?

Touch: Can the touch of a faux mink coat feel like a real mink coat? Can you tell the difference when your eyes are closed?

Nose: Can incense smell like jasmine? Can a candle smell like the woods? Can perfume smell like lavender?

In this physical world, logic and left brain thinking are promoted, taught, and emphasized, while right brain, emotional 'heart' feeling objectivity is dismissed and often mocked. Many say they only believe that which they can see, hear, touch, taste or smell. That is what is real for them. Well that's very unfortunate. Deception can only have this much power in a very physically dense 3D world like ours. Perhaps it's the only place deception has any power. The brain is the transmitter of messages, and we are taught to filter through messages using only our five senses. However, truth is found within cellular memory and is very connected to our heart and emotional body.

From what I understand, in the worlds of the higher dimensions or higher frequencies, energetic impressions or signatures reign. Deception, hiding truth and negative intention is much more difficult to pull off because energy impressions are integrated with intention and are self evident. They certainly don't require attorneys to prove innocence or guilt. It's a an entirely different paradigm shift.

The World Out There & The World Within

So for those who are finally seeing that their physical world is in complete disarray, find comfort in that. The constructs that built our 3D timeline cannot be sustained in the higher dimensions. So try to start letting it go, for it was never real to begin with. Masks, costumes, deep fake videos, are all coverings for what must come to the surface. The spotlight will be cast upon everything that is in the shadows and the dark. Ninety nine percent of our world is anything but true. That's almost the entire pie. I never was able to understand this clearly until the last several years. We can see the inversion of the world in a way we never could before.

This is part of what ascension means. To graduate to a higher level, you must let go of the outside world and go inside to find truth, to find peace, to find God. Continual focus on politicians or any public figure for that matter, whether a movie star, sports star, or music popstar are distractions. They always were. Keeping us busy and confused, leading us down a path of questionable morals, consuming all our time so we can never get to know our own true selves. Our world is so much 'out there'.

But looking 'out there' will drive you crazy if you don't start putting it into perspective. The controllers want you to experience as much cognitive dissonance as possible to promote disharmony within. Fear and confusion are essential tools of the dark. At this point, if we don't seek counsel from within, some of us may not make it to the finish line. It's unfortunate, but there will be casualties. Some will choose to exit the game because it's just too much to handle. Every individual must decide for himself/herself the best path for their soul to grow and expand in not only a beneficial way but according to where they are in their soul evolution journey. I believe we all are equal in value and potential, but we're not all at the same level of soul evolution. I truly hope many are realizing that to make the leap to the higher planes requires being open to the hard truths and taking personal responsibility. We can no longer be 'children' looking for institutions to continue to guide our lives. We must grow up and be the 'parents' now. They placed the bar so low, there is absolutely no reason we can't step up into this role and embody a moral fortitude that is much more congruent with what it means to be a Christic being, one who embodies Christ Consciousness.

Are Governments the Way Forward?

When Kim Goguen questioned the need to even have a government on the Life Force Zoom Call 01/24/2021, I was truly excited. I was imagining another interim step prior to its dissolution, but when I thought about it some more, I realized it's the direction we have to take. What better way to defeat the controllers than to make them irrelevant, while at the same time it becomes the impetus for humanity to rise up. She mentioned that so many people are hyper focused on The Constitution, but we have never even seen or read the original Constitution evidently. The Templars intercepted it and revised it. This was no surprise to me. Like I've said before in one of my earlier posts, Kane is Abel (Kim Goguen - Part 4), what haven't they lied about is probably a very short list.

I could go on another tangent about the Founding Fathers, and question why they would pick a literal swamp to build our nation's capital? Why did they build a city around pagan worship? Which Founding Fathers, who were Freemasons didn't worship fake gods? At this point it's become very obvious military theatre was at play during the birth of our nation because all wars are. Fritz Springmeier saw this was the case long ago. In his book Be Wise as Serpents he wrote:

"The Revolution was basically a Masonic show, with most of the Revolutionists ' initiatives and directives coming from Masons. To argue that Masons were on both sides, therefore they could not have been the initiators of the war, is as ludicrous as arguing that the Vietnamese were on both sides of the Vietnam war therefore the Vietnamese didn't initiate and plan it. The Vietnamese began their war even during W.W. II, and the Masons began their revolutionary planning even before Nathaniel Bacon, who the New Age Magazine (Apr. '64, p.43) calls "a great lover of freedom."

Fritz Springmeier, Be Wise As Serpents03.pdf (

Fritz's book can really set your brain neurons on fire, so tread lightly before you dive into it. It's very heavy, particularly around mind control programming. But I digress. Let me return to Kim Goguen. She brought up the idea that the Bill of Rights is perhaps more important and a better starting point for the Restoration of not only America, but the world. The Restoration Plan she mentioned in earlier calls is about going back to the beginning, which is a constant theme in our world, or at least in mine. See my earlier post In Our End is Our Beginning. Anyway, I don't think we had a government in the beginning, never mind a monstrous and corrupt one. Nor did we have religions that are so far off the mark at this point. We didn't have an entire industry around synthetic pharmaceuticals. We used natural botanicals and self healing I imagine. Just things I ponder about but won't miss by any stretch of the imagination.

Controller Pillars of Society

What Kim is planting the seeds for I believe, is a complete overhaul or demolition of what Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis calls the Controller Pillars of Society. Control over anyone or anything is indicative of lower vibrational, parasitic beings. Controller Pillars on Earth mimic the systems the negative aliens are accustomed to, which are very hierarchical and compartmentalized. They have always been creating a world that is conducive to themselves in order to have access to a food source. Humans, who are natural generators of life force energy provide that for them. They can't prey and feed of us if we are aware of our own personal sovereignty and remember who we are. And while they cannot combat the planetary ascension and mass awaking of the people that will surely continue, they will never stop trying. And it seems like they are focusing heavily on technologies, bioweapons and making the narrative so completely crazy to instill confusion on a level like we've never seen before.

Human evolution will push many who are still reluctant forward, while others who know they have been stuck in this lower dimension way too long, are running toward it like the 50 yard dash. Do we honestly think we can't do a better job of taking care of ourselves and each other compared to these overt psychopaths who created and dominate all pillars of society? It's essential to learn and see who is behind the curtain, because the truth will set you free. Cliché as that sounds, we must know what was hidden before we 'graduate'. You can't go from kindergarten to grad school by resisting learning the difficult truths. Ignorance may seem like bliss, but the majority that have knowingly persisted in this state have enabled tremendous harm to themselves and the world.

Five Controller Pillars of Society:

Holographic Inserts

For the ending of this article, I'll go back to the beginning. Seeing is believing, in my opinion, is one of the Negative Alien Agenda's (NAA) favorite and most effective deception tools. They have been using it throughout the ages, especially within the context of holographic inserts. This is going to require some mental gymnastics for sure if it's a new concept for you. They use this technology for the really big lies. This can really take you down a rabbit hole. As this is a very complex topic, (and I'm not an expert by any means), my goal is to just introduce this topic for anyone ready to dive deeper down the rabbit hole.

Mental Holograms and holographic inserts have been used throughout our historical timelines by the NAA, including during major historical events in order to manipulate and eradicate true events in human history. Holographic Inserts can be used in many sophisticated ways to alter perception and install programming through the manipulation of the human DNA code, by altering how this signal is being sent to the brain and neurological system. The human body and energy field is a living light hologram, thus through Holographic Inserts, the entire physiology and consciousness of the individual can be altered.[4]

Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, Ascension Glossary, Holographic Insert

Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis: File: AI-Timeline-Wars.jpg - Ascension Glossary


6 thoughts on “The Five Senses – Tools of Deception”

  1. Barbara L. Dewey

    Okay, since you where talking about Solomon and the Draco’s, and Knowing that not only is Putin a Draco but Trump, Jared and the rest of his family are Draco’s, Why would we want to hand our freedom back over to the Draco’s, I’m thinking more along the lines of our sheriff of each county And then having the Election for the Top of the State being someone like Sheriff Grady in Polk county Fl.

    1. Thanks for you comment. Not sure why you think I want to hand over our freedom to the Dracos. I believe the power structure needs to collapse and we the people need to stand up, take responsibility and forge a new path. We especially need not to copy the hierarchical structure that is indicative of the Draco. It’s a structure that is based on power and control. It’s a low vibration system for beings of low frequency. Hope this clarifies. PJZ

  2. Love your clarity Pam…for myself I admit that I wanted a savoir on a white horse to come in to expose and destroy the NWO players as well as taking down the controlling pillars of this world.
    Maybe Mr T will be that being for all the planet to see…..bottom line is that we all must stand together with eyes and hearts wide open to create our new beginning.
    Here in Australia we have 2 states that are being heavily controlled with enforcement of the narrative and while we are far away from the epicenter of the “action” some say that Australia and NZ have been the testing ground for this whole plan of control!!
    I have been down so many deep rabbit holes that it now feels impossible to know where to begin to explain what is happening on the planet to people without getting the “you must be crazy” response. So many people are just doing what they are being told to do and going about their daily routines as if not much is happening…….
    Thank you for being such a messenger

    1. Marc, thank you for your comments. Going down so many rabbit holes and learning the truth certainly does not win us many friends here. But I try to remind myself (and often!) that learning the truth is building my spiritual core which is essential. A strong spiritual core allows us to synthesize higher levels of frequency which is what the dark is desperately trying to prevent. Through seeking you are helping for sure! Many blessings to you! PJZ

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    Указанные устройства помещается в емкости из стеклокомпозитных материалов. Кнс – насосные станции длительное время изготавливали из железобетона – монтаж подобных изделий тяжелый. В настоящее время такие изделия делают из композитных материалов.
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