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In Our End is Our Beginning

Election night 2020! What a show! So many twists and turns. So many lies, fraud, crimes, and exposures coming to light. My, my things are on fire. The deep state, so full of arrogance and so short on smarts. This is going to be a hell of a finale.

If Donald Trump won the election by a legitimate landslide, the spotlight wouldn’t shine so bright on the blatant stealing of this election. It’s irrelevant whether you like him, and voted for him or not, the voter fraud needs to be outed. Candidates were never chosen by the people in the first place. Always a sham, a show. This time, the difference is, many more of us are aware that we’re being played. Elections need a complete overhaul.

So what is the game plan now for the Deep State? The same plan they always use and never deviate from, which is cause more division amongst the people. They aren’t very creative, but then again, if something works, why change it? The cabal needs a civil war now more than ever. Divide the people, slice and dice and then slice and dice again. Whatever it takes to widen the gap using the costumes we wear as tools to foster even more division.

Will Humanity fall for this again? Have we not been here too long already? How did we end up in this exile to begin with, the fall from unity consciousness to one of polarity? While that is a loaded question, we need not know the details to understand the ramifications. The greater the perception of division they can convince us of, the more we empower the dark forces and weaken ourselves, the entire body that makes up humanity. Our true enemies, those that provoke us are not of this world, yet their sick and twisted games have defined and prevailed in our world. Division only weakens us. Therefore, it’s imperative we don’t fall for this yet again. We can’t let this election mess divide us. This cannot be a battle of left versus right. The real battle is between those of us who can see the truth and those who are still under the spell of the cabal’s lies. This need not cause division. We must remember, the truth doesn’t just land in our lap, we must seek it. It requires putting forth a conscious effort to walk a very convoluted, confusing, and painful but eventually rewarding path. What’s needed is compassion and patience, and memory. Remember how long it took yourself to truly see. It’s a burden, a responsibility, and a challenge, but a worthy one.

In our end is our beginning. Our return to unity will bring about the end of our exile and rebirth a new beginning for humanity, at a greater, more expansive level of consciousness than where we started. We are so many souls who have been enslaved for so long, yet we’re still here. They broke our heart, but they didn’t break us. Humanity is strong. Humanity is resilient. Humanity will heal. And like a diamond whose creation comes about only after a very long time and intense pressure, will our reflections upon our trials and triumphs shine ever so brightly in the heavens, and endure for many millennia to come.


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