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World Debt Reset Program – Will You Comply?

It’s hard to believe I’m actually writing about this, but the absurdity going on now in 2020 opens the door. So here it goes. A government official from the Liberal Party of Canada leaked last week what the psychopaths are planning for us over the next several months in order to implement their New World Order. This is also known as the Black Sun’s ‘Sunrise Program’ and called the World Debt Reset Program.

Those still left in the world’s elite are intent on following their marching orders. Since they are so incapable of realizing they are more enslaved than we are, they think this is still a good idea. Despite the fact that they have no control over the global monetary system since 2012, their underground world of horror, where the real heinous stuff took place continues to be dismantled and destroyed, and their underground utopian cities where they were promised refuge have been reduced to dust (according to Earth Ambassador, Kim Goguen). See last week’s post for more on Kim, It Was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times.

But what’s a mind-controlled slave to do? Proceed with the next phase of the plan evidently. I’m not trying to spread fear porn, but I do believe we have to know what the enemies’ game plan is, in order to make informed decisions to protect ourselves. I believe humanity can choose a different path, that path is the Great Awakening timeline. An awakened and informed public armed with the truth is a force to be reckoned with, impossible to defeat and our greatest weapon. In order to pull this insane plan off, the psychopaths NEED us, the 99%, to comply. And given that they won’t surrender, I can only guess they really do believe the majority of the population remains deaf, dumb, blind and stupid. Or maybe they think their fake God is still testing them and will be resurrected to save the day. Well I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

They are relying one hundred percent on the spreading of misinformation to foster a perception of reality that just ain’t so. If this pandemic was truly organic and it came out of nowhere, logic says you don’t know about it in advance. But they have been telling us a biological weapon was in the making for quite awhile now, just like they have been telling us for years about all their plans for global domination, if you were paying attention. This is what waking up means. You see the truth in plain sight everywhere. The ways they try to disguise their plans just don’t work on you anymore.

Below I outline the scenarios this Canadian political insider revealed and Tank, of the Speak Project reported on this week. Please see the link to his video below for more details. I outlined them because videos revealing this information are being brought down by the Deep State Tech Tyrants.

World Debt Reset Program Roadmap

Secondary Lock-Down Schedule
  • They are moving towards secondary lock-down restrictions to be implemented on a rolling basis starting in major metropolitan areas. This is expected to start in November 2020.
  • Construction of ‘isolation’ facilities expected in December 2020. Let’s just call it what it really is, shall we, ‘detainment/concentration camps’ across every province in Canada and state in the US.
  • Daily new cases of COVID 19 will surge beyond capacity of testing, including the increase of COVID related deaths. This is expected by end of November 2020.
  • Reform and expansion of the unemployment programs to transition into the Universal Basic Income plan (1st quarter of 2021), which will encompass the Nesara/Gesara plan. Because they intend on succeeding in destroying most businesses and thus the economy, people will become desperate to feed their families and will need assistance.
  • Total secondary lock-down to be completed by the end of Dec 2020/early Jan 2021.
More Enhanced Lockdown Restrictions (3rd Lockdown)
  • Expect a COVID mutation or coinfection with a secondary virus, called COVID 21. This will lead to increases in new cases daily, so many, that the number of people will exceed the capacity of the medical facilities. The overflow will be so great the ‘isolation facilities’ won’t be able to handle it, so the overflow will be sent to ‘concentration/detainment camps’.
  • Complete blocking of supply chains, meaning movement and delivery of goods, by 3rd Quarter of 2021. [Note: The president of Mexico has already started shutting down water sources on the farms to cause a food shortage. So they are already ahead of schedule in these areas, because it’s an area they still have under their control].
  • Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas to establish travel checkpoints, as no travel will be allowed from city to city or out of the country. [Note: Travel checkpoints are already being implemented in New York, again because this is an area they still have under their control.]
New World Order / World Debt Reset Program
  • The World Debt Reset Program, will forgive all of our debts and provide you a regular income stipend in exchange for forfeiting your right to ever own anything, forever. Therefore, the state will own everything, including you. It will be worse than communism.
  • Also required are mandatory vaccinations for both COVID 19 and COVID 21. Vaccines will contain a device/technology that will track absolutely every move you make, everything you do, financial-wise, health-wise, communications of all kinds and even your bowel movements. But you will be able to move freely, since they will track everything you do anyway. Yipee, it will be so worth it!
  • Those who won’t comply with the vaccinations are to be moved to the concentration/detainment camps’ and then well, who knows. I doubt they will tolerate non-cooperative slaves forever.

Remember, only you can save you. You must comply to make their plan work. Will you?


SITREP 10/23/2020 “Darkness dwelled on the face of the deep

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