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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

I listened to an update by Kim “Possible” this morning entitled “Demolition of the Dystopian Underworld”. It was my second time around. I joined the zoom call on Sunday and then replayed the upload. If you don’t know who Kimberly A. Goguen is, I recommend you look into finding out. A few years ago, while on my quest for truth about the battle humanity is actively fighting on planet earth, I was guided to her. She is without a doubt a key person who has been handed a boat load of responsibility, and hardly anybody knows who she is, or what she has been working on for over a dozen years.

She is the last standing guardian of the earth’s assets. She never asked to be, but was selected based on her qualifications and DNA. She cares about humans and making the world a better place. I can’t say that for any of her predecessors, as they were anti-human, to put it mildly.

The battle on surface earth is in full force. The end of world ‘purple programming’ is just that, programming, and the psychopathic slaves that are executing it will never stop in my opinion.
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They don’t function like humans, and many probably aren’t. For those who started out as human, by now have been reduced to puppets through MK-Ultra programming, greed, blackmail, and threats. Their humanity is buried so deep or completely inaccessible that it can’t ever surface.

But, as Kim revealed this week, their safe place below surface earth has been destroyed, reduced to dust. Will it stop them? Not in my opinion. The heads of the Dragon and Rothschild families were eliminated last month, along with the heads of the Black Sun, (Vatican/Black Nobility/Mafia), but that didn’t deter them. They are cyborgs, or bots, or just empty vessels obsessed with their genocidal plan and are basically killing machines. They possess no conscious from the sounds of it. They are unable to experience empathy. They are trapped, a mix of artificial intelligence that has hijacked their organic human selves.

So, is this the best of times?

Well, yes, if you are aware that humanity has been enslaved for thousands, and possibly millions of years. Not only in the mind, but there is a real slave trade going on below our feet. The DUMBS are real. It’s how they have been able to operate in secret for so long. They are not divided by countries below us. The cabal for the most part is united in using humans, particularly children as their main food source. And their food source is diminishing. Their supply lines are being cut off, the DUMBS are being blown up, the cargo ships being severed, the wall continues to be built. The online selling like the $10,000 Wayfair pillows as a cover for buying children was revealed and has come to light. I’d say we’re winning when we take this all into account.

So much has been brought to light, but only for those who seek it and understand how important that it’s brought to the forefront. Evil doesn’t just go away, it has to be transformed. It must come out of the shadows and into the light for that to happen. Unfortunately, this task is in the hands of still too few. Too few have the capacity to handle the hard truths and it’s a heavy burden. My heart hurts so much for Kim. She’s had to make some unfathomable decisions. She’s been hunted and targeted for years. She has a responsibility that is enormous. But she is appreciated by those of us who understand the position she is in and support her 100%. The trauma, enslavement, violence, control, it all has to end. The entities who are playing for the dark can never be brought to justice by us the people. They must answer to a higher court, the Creator of all needs to step in, if you ask me.

Is it the Worst of Times?

For the majority this will be seen as the worst of times. Their reality is but an illusion and most don’t want to burst that bubble. They are used to it. Some even like it and prefer it. They don’t want to rock the boat. I have ‘x’ amount of years until retirement, I have ‘x’ amount in my 401K. I just want to make it a few more years and all will be well for me. Let me bury my head in the sand until it’s all over and things go back to normal.

I sent a friend a text, of an actual bill proposed by approximately 15 New Jersey Senators and Assemblymen stating that public health emergency credits be awarded to certain inmates and parolees during this public health emergency. Essentially this bill will allow stated prisoners to be released early, (like the day after the election). Although the date is not verified, I can take a guess. The New Jersey Senate Bill 2519, was posted on New Jersey’s government website. I sent it to my friend and he said, “you don’t actually believe that do you?”

This is the level of denial we’re dealing with. People are shutting everything out because they can’t (or won’t) determine what is real and what is fake and therefore everything now is fake news that seems too absurd. But the truth is absurd! How do we, who are awake explain that to people who are so lost? They would rather wear masks and submit and submit and submit, and live in denial that anything is that wrong. They think it will return to normal soon if they just keep pretending the truth is a conspiracy theory.

Back to the psychopaths. I don’t care what these people or creatures look like on the outside, they are determined to keep running the purple ‘end of world’ program, therefore reasoning with them is futile. And humanity can’t fix them, because we are in varying degrees of trauma ourselves. Once again, God, the true God, Creator of All, please step in and help clean up this mess. Please hear my plea!


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