The Multiple Meanings of COVFEFE

An extremely interesting decoder that goes by the name Gene ‘Cosensi’ caught my attention several months ago. Evidently, he is a former US Navy intelligence decoder. He has many contacts in the military and he has been reporting on the battles taking place underground in the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) which is a worldwide effort. It’s no wonder why emphasis on building the military back up has been so important to Donald Trump. People will be horrified to find out what’s going on below our feet. It’s an entire rabbit hole in itself which I won’t go into at this time, but wanted to mention as this is how I stumbled upon Gene.

Gene, a frequent guest on the show was doing a decode on “COVFEFE” which caught my eyes. I knew COVFEFE meant so much more than one thing, just like all of POTUS’ unusual and cryptic tweets. And low and behold, Gene confirmed my suspicions and then some!  I have included the link to the video below, and summarized the six meanings of COVFEFE he has come up with. And I wouldn’t be surprised it he finds more in the future.

1 . COVFEFE Definition

COVFEFE Definition: Ancient Arabic: I will stand up against the Ancient Fallen Ones.


COVFEFE Act: As an Acronym, COVFEFE means, the ‘Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act’. A bill introduced and fast tracked into the US House of Representatives in 2017 (H.R. 2884).
Also related:
H.R. 2881: Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020
March 12, 2020, Trump committed to Safeguarding America’s Vital Communication Networks and Securing 5G Technology

The above legislation items are for the removal of 5G made by China through Huawei and Apple that run at 60 GHz. At the approximate 15:00 minute mark in the video, Gene explains that the 5G made by China has dire consequences to the human body.

So the “Secure 5G Act and Beyond” is about cleansing the impurities from the 5G on the ionic level to keep oxygen from being depleted, rendering the signals harmless. Essentially, allowing for the good 5G by employing an Iron-Cobalt-Vanadium Alloy. This alloy is a simple solution that can change the dangerous Huawei & Apple 5G to a healthy and healing Tesla wave system. Essentially these are magnets which are being put into the 5G Towers to render it not harmful, because it works on cleaning on an ionic level, thus destroying the negative properties. The Chinese knew all along about the deadly aspects of what they were rolling out, and they knew about these magnets and how they would destroy their 5G, as Gene points out.

3. The Zeno Effect

The Zeno Effect, the final solution is 6G: Quantum Zeno Effect (QZE) 6G will use the Zeno affect and will use NO signal. Instead it will use a quantum crystal that will instantaneously transmit irregardless of the distance, as long as it has the same quantum crystal matrix (same signal). Every single creation in our universe is unique and has a quantum signature and cannot be duplicated. And it was mentioned that it is a fundamental aspect of the QFS, Quantum Financial System that we are moving towards. It cannot be hacked because of the uniqueness of each imprint. The QFS is NOT block chain, which can be hacked. (Side Note: More about the woman behind the QFS will be in a future post.)

4. 5G and the Wall

5G and the Wall. Trump mentioned in a tweet that they electrified the wall and the media went nuts saying he wants to electrocute everyone. But what he really is trying to convey according to Gene, is that the concrete footers are acting like big tuning forks. The footers put out a dis-harmonic parasitic wave to the bad 5G 60 GHz wave so that it destroys it. That’s why big transformers were blowing up earlier in the year all over the country and in South America. The technology in the wall also detects anyone within 50 feet and relays that data to ICE agent stations. Notice how he specifies “of all dimensions,” in his below tweet, (another rabbit hole, just saying.)

5. Adrenochrome Effects on Humans

Adrenochrome effects on humans. Long term usage of adrenochrome causes destruction of the mitochondria in the kidneys which causes a buildup of iron ion (FeFe). So, to overstate the obvious, humans weren’t built for drinking blood and it can surely kill us. But it gets more interesting. For long term users of Adrenochrome, if they contract Covid 19, any subsequent treatment by HCQ will be lethal. Gene said there has been chem-trailing of HCQ which is why many of the elites started fleeing the US.

(Note: HGH is also a term for Adrenochrome.)

6. COVID = Covert Identification? Perhaps?

COVID = Covert Identification? Perhaps?
COVFEFE = Covert Find Extract or Forced Elimination/Eradication – Is the Deep State being covertly found and extracted?


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Gene Decode! COVFEFE: The Evil False Darkness. B2T Show Aug 26, 2020 (IS)

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  1. As you know there is the issue of the vaccinated “becoming magnetized.” Something to do with hydrogel. However, and correct me here is COVFEFE considered a magnet? Was it added to the vaccine in order to counteract the effects of 5G? Michelle Fielding, a channeler, seems to imply this.
    I’m in unchartered territory here. any comments would be helpful.

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