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The Seemingly Insurmountable Task of Q

Waking people up who are in a very deep sleep is no easy task. Waking up a people who are zombie like, nearly comatose, under a malaise of indifference and apathetic is a tall order. Humanity has been attacked on all fronts, poisonous food, water, cleaning products, indoctrination by propaganda disguised as the news. A generation brought up on pharmaceuticals, playing video games and desensitized by endless movies displaying violence. We witnessed the breakdown of the family unit, degradation of sex and anything wholesome. We’ve become blind, willingly participating in handing over our personal sovereignty for convenience, ignorance, and out of utter exhaustion perhaps. The result, people are hypnotized. They are under a spell that’s been in the making for a very long time.

It’s painful for those of us who are awake and aware of the Q battle plan. We understand the operation we’re undergoing and we have to endure this. We can’t beat the truth into someone. The enemy will continue to attack like the cowards, and non-thinking bots they are. Bullies, pushing fear, threatening innocent people, pretending to be MAGA or Q supporters to try and trick people into believing Q followers are violent, right wing, white supremacists. In other words, trying to convince the ignorant masses we are them and they are us. The mental gymnastics again.

Q followers are simply researchers who collaborate and share facts and theories and findings. Q followers are very well aware that physical violence is useless in trying to wake people up. This battle is not physical, it’s a battle for our minds, our souls. The dark forces covet that above all. They desperately want you to hand over what makes humans so unique, our free will. But most people won’t read for themselves. They will look to someone else “in authority” for their opinion on Q. So, the battle must continue because you can’t tell people the truth, you have to show them. They need to feel some pain, to shock them and hopefully break through the programming.

And just so you are aware. Those of you with your heads in the sand are prolonging this battle and allowing it to drag on and on and on. We’re waiting for you. We are the toughest generation. We chose to be here, to finish the enslavement. You are stronger than you think. You are capable of facing the truth, and you have to find the courage to face it.

There is a silver lining for those who make it to the end. We have been watching and participating in real-time the Great Awakening, which will undoubtedly be remembered as the end of the enslavement of humanity and the hardest and greatest battle ever fought. Q, the Anons, those in the alt media who are not controlled opposition, are on the front lines and have been documenting the Great Awakening. They have everything. Nothing should be accepted based on faith alone. We need the proof to know the truth and that is precisely what Q has initiated and the people have collaborated with to document in videos, print and social media.

Dave, of the X22 Report is another favorite of mine and is very popular with Q followers. I love his analysis for two reasons. It is extremely thorough and he draws in many Q posts, and secondly he always presents his reports through a ‘glass half full’ lens. And I agree with him on that front. I am not deterred but I am tired of these swamp rats. I know we’re winning and we have to let it play out to show the people. Like Q says, “Never Interfere With the Enemy When They are in the Process of Destroying themselves,” The Art of War, Sun Tzu.


Trump Exposes The Invisible Enemy Hidden In The Dark Shadows,[DS] Panic – Episode 2265b

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