All it Takes is a Title and a Costume to Fool the World (Part 2)

If you are on the awakening path and reached the point where you’re looking at everyone who crosses your path with new eyes, you’re probably saying, how could I not see that before? It’s seems so obvious. It’s disturbing to see so much, to truly see what apparently was hidden in plain sight all along. But we were blind. Don’t feel so bad, you’re not alone. We’ve all been bamboozled. Just because we’re told someone or something is a certain way, by the ‘experts’, ‘authorities’, ‘learned’ people, we were programmed to accept it as fact.

But what happens when your eyes tell you differently? I admit, one of the most disturbing truths for me is the gender inversions I can spot everywhere now. My mind has done some mental gymnastics in going down that rabbit hole. There are so many layers, so many sinister and twisted beliefs around this agenda. And an Agenda it is. I’m not sure what the elites are being fed to believe, but I can venture a guess. Their fake god is neither man nor woman, so to be in the likeness of their god they decided to accomplish this on the surgical table and through chemistry by injecting hormones of the opposite sex. Already I’m lost on why their god would make them so imperfect to begin with.

But there is more undoubtedly. This is a real status thing for them. I’m pretty sure as they go up the ladder in their satanic hierarchy, it’s like some kind of right of passage. Some that are born into Illuminati families are inverted from the start, as a form of sacrifice, albeit, I’m not sure they are told that. Then there are those who rise in their cult and are inverted after an achievement. For example, the movie The Matrix, , written by the Wachowski brothers, Larry and Andy are now Lana and Lilly.

It’s all very disturbing, but so is the satanic belief system which ultimately is all about mind control. Satan believes the keys to the kingdom is through mind control and this he/she has been working on creating a mind-controlled army for a very long time. That is why the demon seed blood lines are so intent on keeping their blood pure. This slave making process is a project that’s been passed from generation to generation for a very long time. Just like us, they have undergone DNA devolution, and to a much greater degree.

Satan understands that our chakras are our electrical system, and how we are plugged into and connect with the soul matrix, which is connected to Source. One way to damage this connection is to interfere with our electrical circuits and plumbing, and cause confusion within. We come into this world as one gender in a body that supports an organic ascension. This is what Satan wants to mess with. Satan is desperately trying to inhibit our natural ability to ascend because it enables us to connect with higher levels of frequencies. When you align with higher level frequencies, your EYES are opened. If your eyes are opened, you can identify the opponent, their lies, and their death cult agenda much more easily.

This is one of the reasons the Gender Inversion Agenda is so critical to the cabal. It’s another way to enable and prolong mass mind control. If only these elites could see themselves like those of us who are awake can see them. While we have all been slaves, the so called ‘slave masters’ are way more so. Most still cannot comprehend this fact. They are so brainwashed into believing themselves special they will never accept that this wasn’t a gift, but a sure way to keep them on a shorter leash to do Satan’s bidding. But Satan has no love for anyone, only power and they are surely being thrown under the bus as they are becoming less and less useful and more and more a liability.

Martha, or ‘Marty’ Washington?

Below is a link to a video from Deplorable Mcallister, one of my favorite researchers who emerged from the Q Movement. Like me, she has no fear and will go down any rabbit hole in search of the truth.

How Many First Ladies Were ACTUALLY MEN? Into The UnknownTransWorldOrderAGENDA In PlainSight!

Is Lady Liberty a lady?

statue of liberty, landmark, close


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