Have You Ever Noticed How Humans are Always Described in Limiting Terms, Never Empowering Ones?

Why is that? Well, it starts early, like right out of the womb. Labeled a sinner immediately doesn’t sound like a powerful first start. What sin could a new born baby possibly be guilty of? Crying? The baby just entered our upside-down world where Left is Right, Up is Down, Black is White, Forwards is Backwards, and professional basketball players get paid millions despite the fact they are 7 feet tall and there is very little challenge to get the ball in the basket. At least raise the basketball net a little higher! Oh sorry, I’m digressing. It’s just that it’s a particularly silly thing to me. Now back to the babies. Can you blame them for crying?

We start out questioning everything. Isn’t that the challenge for adults? Kids never stop asking WHY? HOW? When did we stop being inquisitive and start accepting the propaganda that is spewed out every day 24×7 on the so called ‘news’? Just how long did it take for the programming to take hold?  So few people ask the hard questions, and so many parrot what they were programmed to believe. So sad indeed.

One of the greatest lessons for humanity is to not stop thinking, investigating, and creating for ourselves. We are all guilty of outsourcing so much of what makes us human. Our capacity to create is supposedly quite extraordinary. But instead we’re now amazed by what technology and machinery can accomplish. Some even want to outsource their brains so they don’t have to think much about how to do anything.

When I ride my bike along the Hudson River, I can’t help but see that Giant Beehive Sculpture on the West Side of Manhattan, and oh how it disturbs me. Many people think it’s so cool no doubt. But I see the symbolism of it working against humanity. It is not in a good way at all. It’s at a much deeper level. To me it represents how worker bees go back to the Queen Bee for instructions. They don’t really do anything on their own, just follow instructions from the one that ultimately holds their unfortunate fate. But they can’t see that. The programming is deeply entrenched in their DNA by now, so they follow along doing her bidding.

The hive mind is dangerous to a human being’s personal sovereignty for sure. They want us to outsource our brains in exchange to be super human. What a bunch of malarkey. We were already super human which is why they’ve gone to such lengths to degrade our DNA and ultimately our potential. If our DNA wasn’t so damaged from the fluorinated water, chemtrails, vaccines, GMO food, soil depletion, etc. these elites wouldn’t stand a chance.

And that’s why they are so afraid of us. 


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