My Gift of a Wise Woman from a Mysterious Visitor

On the morning of August 7, 2018, I was in that zone where I wasn’t entirely awake, but I wasn’t dreaming either. A man in a beard and dressed in black like a Rabbi or Kabbalist (they often both dress in Jewish orthodox clothing), pulled up a simple wooden chair and sat next to my bed. He told me he was going to help me, or I hired him to help me. I’m not exactly sure. Words were not spoken, but the message he was going to help me was conveyed.

When I got out of bed a little while later, I checked my phone as I was accustomed to doing during this period to see what showed up in my Youtube application. I had been looking for some guidance about my own situation at the time. I cast a pretty wide net, and then pay attention to what comes up, knowing clues can come from anywhere.

Well this woman named Doreen Dotan showed up as the first video. She was from America but moved to Tzfat, Israel many years ago. I never saw or heard of her before. I though huh, that’s interesting and I started listening to some of her videos. I found out pretty quickly she is no stranger to the teachings of Kabbalah. Could this mysterious visitor from this morning be helping me by sending me to this lady? It wasn’t a leap for me. By this time, after nearly 25 years of asking nothing but questions, I was finally experiencing a very welcoming trend of getting answers on a semi regular basis.  

Well it was no accident I was led to her. She is definitely one of the wisest women I have ever come across. She understands Kabbalah on a level that is way, way beyond me, but I know enough to recognize that fact. The Kabbalah Center I started learning from was based on the Lurianic teachings (Rav Isaac Luria). He resided in Tzfat from what I understand, or Doreen mentioned it in one of her videos. She said that was one of the reasons she went to live in Tzfat, because there was some misunderstandings and misinterpretations in the Lurianic teachings that was passed on to the Rabbis and I guess she was interested in setting the record straight. Like I said I’m a pretty introductory level student, but she seemed to be providing answers to some things that didn’t sit right with me and she continues to shed light on key questions of mine.  

So that was my introduction to this incredibly wise woman which truly has been a gift. And I thought I would share one video in particular that she published recently about Donald Trump and the Epstein connection. It’s so crucial for people to understand the meaning behind Dark to Light. Great and righteous men and women bring light to the world, this is a given. But an individual who comes from the dark side, is entrenched in Babylon and emerges to change and (transform) the dark is capable of bringing so much more. This is the lens I look through as I watch things unfold on the global stage. Because I understand this, I have much gratitude for this courageous man.

Even IF Trump Did Associate with Epstein


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