All It Takes is a Title and a Costume to Fool the World (Part 1)

This is going to be a little disturbing. First, I have to preface this by saying, every single one of us has been duped, or nearly every single one of us. It’s become quite easy. The construct has been setup, drilled into us through years of repetition and humanity just accepts without question.

People in uniform, or with credentials after their names are looked upon as the authority in their respective fields. We’re supposed to revere them because they are the experts or leaders or incredibly knowledgeable, or at least more so than we are. But putting on a uniform or costume and adding credentials and euphemisms doesn’t an expert make. In fact, it’s the best way to deceive if you enjoy bringing darkness to the world.  The Cabal, Deep State, lovers of Satan, whatever you want to call them, know this fact very well because they were the ones who created it.

So, before I show a great example of this, I want to say that I went to India several years ago for my friend’s wedding. I don’t recall why the topic of Mother Teresa came up but I do remember my friend saying she wasn’t revered much in India. She never said why. I don’t know if she herself knew why. If she did, she kept it to herself. But it was clear that the sentiment for Mother Theresa was certainly not what it is in the West. Saintly wasn’t the adjective attributed to her.

I never forgot this conversation. I guess it spurred a curiosity in me. So when I pursued more information recently I didn’t find it so difficult to comprehend, knowing what I do now about how the psychopaths work and why children are their most coveted commodity. But Mother Theresa was the perfect cover for a child trafficker. Operating in a poor country where no one is looking for large numbers of children who disappear on regular basis. Assuming the role of a great humanitarian. She’s a nun after all.  

It’s disgusting, horrifying and incredibly sad how evil is perpetrated against the most innocent, most dependent, most vulnerable of all in this world. It grieves me to know this, but know we must. Turning a blind eye to the atrocities perpetrated by these evil parasites will work no more. If we don’t open our eyes to see, to comprehend that we truly have an enemy, and then start to understand how they operate, it won’t be stopped. How can the human race ever evolve? Do we deserve to evolve if we don’t bring this horrific practice to an end? Humanity must not allow this anymore. If we don’t, perhaps our species doesn’t deserve to go on.

Look away no more.


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