The Passing of Karen Berg

Last week I received an email about the passing of Karen Berg. My heart sank upon reading this news. I was shocked too. I don’t know what caused her passing, if she was ill, but I’m sure many would agree, she was taken from this world too early.

The Kabbalah Center

I started taking classes over a decade ago at the Kabbalah Center that she and her husband The Rav, Phillip Berg founded. My initial impression when I first started was that I learned this stuff before. A lot of it just resonated with me. But being exposed to the concepts on an intellectual level was only the beginning. It took many years before I was ready to understand and apply it to my life on a much deeper level and see what is unfolding on a global scale. I had to be patient, I had to learn first and I had to merit the truth. The Kabbalah Center has undoubtedly helped me and brought clarity. I am grateful I listened to whatever was guiding me and pursued it.

Karen’s Book Launch, God Wears Lipstick

When Karen Berg was promoting a new book of hers called ‘God Wears Lipstick’ in NYC over a decade ago, I attended her book launch event. They couldn’t hold it at the Kabbalah Center because it was too small. It was held at another venue and it was pretty crowded, there were hundreds of people, maybe well over a thousand. When she first walked up to the podium to speak, I could see her scanning the room like she was looking for someone in particular. And this will sound crazy and egotistical, which I can assure you I am not, but I don’t think I was imagining this. She stopped scanning when she saw me. She looked directly at me, very deliberately and held her gaze for just long enough to let me know she knew I was there. I don’t think I’m special, and I never met her personally, we never spoke to one another before, so she wouldn’t know of me that way. But my gut, my heart told me there was something she knew and she was trying to make me aware of it. I never forgot it. In fact, I thought about that moment numerous times for years after, and wondered if I would ever figure it out.

I finally did, on March 3, 2018. At least I’m pretty certain what was revealed to me is true. I can’t prove it to anyone but myself right now. Truth is often found in the heart first, but eventually I believe it will be proven. The answer rarely comes when we desire it, only when we’re ready for it. It was frustrating having to wait so long, but I was used to that. This was just one of many similar moments that perplexed me on a regular basis.

It took a few more months after this revelation when I found out some more about this encounter with Karen. I never stopped asking more questions. I can’t help it, every time something is revealed to me, I immediately get greedy and want to know more. And on a hot, sunny summer’s day, July 8, 2018 to be exact, I was out riding my bike, and some more pieces and messages came through.

Ending of the Roman Empire

I just realized as I’m writing this blog post that this revelation came in the month of July, the same month of her passing. And it was on the 8th day, which also triggered something in my memory.  I went back to my journal to some notes I took after listening to a class Karen had given about the holiday of Purim. It was in March, 2017 when I took these notes. She was emphasizing the number 8. She said that the state of Israel was established in 1948. So, in 2018 it would be 70 years old.  She was inferring throughout the class there was a special meaning in the number 8 and how near we are to the end of the 8th and last of the empires, the Roman Empire. Today I can especially see the very long rule of the Roman Empire is nearly ended, and the rise of the state of Israel is in the works, and has been for quite some time. And I’m not talking about the physical state of Israel, I’m referring to the restoration of humanity to a Moral State of being, which is what Israel represents to me. The rulers of Babylon are on the descent and their fall from power is accelerating. Perhaps this memory of her class was triggered to remind me of this fact.   

I have branched out over the years in my search for truth and trying to understand our world and my role in it. And the ironic thing is that while opening myself to other areas of study, I would gain more clarity of the teachings of Kabbalah. It’s amazing how circuitous learning can be.

I have much gratitude for Karen, for bringing the teachings of Kabbalah to anyone who wanted to learn. And while I won’t explain my revelation and connection I have with Karen, I will treasure it always and remember her as the great teacher she was. Her work no doubt will live on and inspire many.

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Universal love is the foundation of the world’s different spiritual practices, teachings, paths and modalities. The totality of our life’s work, collectively and individually, exists within this teaching. When people live their daily lives from a place of love & unity we can change the world.

Karen Berg


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