Melania and the Hibiscus

During today’s walk I turned a corner on my usual route and saw these beautiful hibiscus bushes in full bloom. It struck me they looked familiar. Then I immediately made the connection. I just flipped the page of my calendar earlier in the day and noticed that Melania was wearing that yellow dress with hibiscus flowers when she went to France for the G7 meetings.

It stood out because like most of Melania’s wardrobe, especially on her state visits, it’s symbolic. It’s always sending a message of some sort. It likely means more than one thing. Being that it was France, it probably signifies the yellow vest movement as it started there. It also may symbolize Gold and how Trump is bringing back the Gold Standard. Then there are the Hibiscus flowers and I can’t help but remember this post.

Q Post 747

Slave Gardens
Flowers & Gardens.
Learn the hidden symbolism
What does a ‘Flower’ represent?
What does ‘Deflower’ represent?

I also looked up the meaning of hibiscus and found this reference which is also relates to a very prominent theme that Q has alerted us to. The hibiscus is the unofficial national flower of Haiti. Wait until the truth about Haiti and the Clinton Foundation is illuminated for the masses. I doubt there will any blacks voting for the Democrats ever again.

Isn’t it interesting too that the hibiscus is shaped like a TRUMPET?

The symbolism of Melania’s dress is multi-layered no doubt. It’s like a megaphone to me, announcing the Trump Administration is very, very aware and fighting for the children. A flower, or rather deflowering is representative of, well, most know what I mean. No other President has even attempted to combat this and there is a simple reason for that. Most actively participated in committing these crimes. So my run in with the hibiscus is not a coincidence, the message was not lost on me. I think about the children all the time with an extremely heavy heart.

August will be a very hot month no doubt, and in more ways than one. People are waking up to the fact that a demonic possessed race rules the world and they blackmail, threaten, and torture each other to stay in line. The light burns the strongest during the month of August. The veils are the thinnest, meaning the spotlight will burn extra bright on those who have been trying to remain hidden in the shadows.

When a greater portion of humanity awakens to the crimes against children, let’s hope it will unite all peoples of the world. If this revelation doesn’t do it, what else possibly can? And will humanity as a species be allowed to continue and evolve if it doesn’t?


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