First MASKS, now Goggles and What Does Purple Have to Do With It?

Fascist Fauci suggests wearing goggles and in less than 24 hours the program works like clockwork for at least one person. I was taking a walk and noticed there were only a couple of people in line at Trader Joe’s so I headed over and then I took a double take. I had just finished listening to a video by a woman named Gina Phillips.  She was guest on the McFiles Network. It was a very informative video about programming and brainwashing and in particular explained what the Purple programming is about. It relates to MK Ultra programming. She explained that each color of the rainbow is an umbrella program and there are several sub-programs under each color.

Purple Represents the End of the World Programming

Purple represents the End of the World Programming. The signal was clearly received by Level 2, because you see at the super bowl that year a tribute to Prince, who represents Purple (Purple Rain album, and he wears the color purple, etc.). The half time show which is always a satanic ritual was bathed in Purple during that night among many other interesting symbols. Then in 2019, the Emmy’s award show switched the traditional red carpet for purple.

So back to the goggles. What signal is really behind the goggles? Aside from the side effect of regular sleeping sheeple following along picking up the signal, perhaps the higher level (Fauci) was signaling their lower level slaves to wear goggles during the next phase of their insane plan. Protesters, Antifa cowards and the newly released criminals, compliments of Cuomo, Murphy and Newsom to name a few, will be able to operate even more undercover with the the added goggles. It protects against tear gas and from being detected by facial recognition technology (which we do have, just like China). You will be free to harass, intimidate, and cause as much mayhem at the voting booths as you can now and in the fall, you’ll be protected. Clearly they are in desperation mode and need a reason to call this election a bust. Just a thought.

Check of the link below for the entire talk by Gina Phillips.

Mass Activation By Sinister Forces with Gina Phillips

Here is a link to a video clip of the super bowl half time show.

2016 Super Bowl – Prince

Why is the Emmys Red Carpet Purple? The Color Change is Mystifying

Note: To borrow from Thomas Williams of THI, the cabal uses a lot of word magic. For example, Super Bowl, likely means SuperB Owl, the owl is a symbol for Moloch, one of the names for their fake god representing child sacrifice. It’s no coincidence that numerous crimes are committed against children at the super bowl event.


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