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MASK = Mankind Aligning with Satan’s Kingdom

Can the symbolism be any more obvious? Shut up and do what we tell you. Leave all common sense to the wayside.

That’s how I see it when I go out for my daily walk, jog or bike ride. Not that I think people wearing these masks have any clue they are aware of what they are really doing. I don’t leave my house much these days and it has nothing to do with any fear of catching COVID. It’s because I truly grieve when I see so many people in my neighborhood still wearing masks. It’s 85 degrees out and people walk around and even jog wearing masks. Then there are those by themselves driving their cars with masks on. I grieve because I doubt that the silent majority really is growing. Granted I do live in a hot zone, right outside NYC, but by now, I truly thought people would be more awake, and I’m not so sure that’s the case.

Mask wearing is the next phase, an extension of the ‘Politically Correct’ culture that was manufactured (there was nothing organic about it), over the last decade or two. How does 1% control 99%? They don’t have the manpower. Obviously, it cannot be enforced by a physical army. So they make us do it and the masses delude themselves into thinking it’s righteous, and a benefit to humanity because no one can offend anyone else. Stifling our speech is so essential to those who want to control us. The throat chakra is where we were cut off and our connection to Source severely damaged. Speech is more powerful than we can comprehend, but that’s for another blog post.

The dark forces that ruled our world know this. They are evil geniuses. I don’t underestimate this fact. They have managed to make us police ourselves, shame our fellow man, make us feel uncomfortable for not complying. It’s brilliant how they use the herd mentally to their advantage.

They know if they set up the right narrative, have the mainstream media flame it with some low vibration emotion, they can wait it out just long enough to appear like they are working on a solution (which was already planned before they brought in the problem). They are helping to save us right?

The Vaccine, The Un-holy Grail

Then they will unveil the holy grail, the solution to save all, the VACCINE! Yay! Now they can corral the sleeping masses to hand over the little freedom they have left to the same psychopaths that brought them this plandemic. And what do the masses get in exchange? The illusion of security? Have you not yet figured out the sheep in wolf clothing are one in the same.

I suppose not. So, in the process the sheep, driven by fear, will hand them the keys to the kingdom! Direct access to their DNA, to aid them in completing the ultimate goal which is to genocide 90% of the population. And many will line right up and hand over THE most precious thing a human being can possess, their personal sovereignty.

To quote David Icke, Problem – Reaction – Solution.  The same playbook over and over and over, except this time, we’re at the end game.

It’s incredibly exhausting to be awake for so long and have to bear witness to the masses who just can’t see that the world is wrought with deception and that they are walking right into a trap. Q is right and I have lived it over and over and over again. Truth cannot be told, it must be learned, experienced, and internalized by each and every one of us. But so many can’t confront the truth. Whether it be willful ignorance, weakness, genuine lack of knowledge, and who knows what else, but there will be a price to pay for it. I don’t wish that on any human being, but we are coming to a cross roads. Surrender your freedom, then your brain, then ultimately you soul. Exchange it all for that illusion of security so we can ‘get back to normal’.

I have news for you. Returning to normal is not an option. The truth cannot be stopped. While we might not have a majority, we have reached a critical mass in the collective consciousness to keep the spotlight on these psychopaths, and JUSTICE IS COMING!

We have a choice, keep submitting or stop playing their game.

If you’re interested in a resource to fight the MASK tyranny, please check out the following site:

The Healthy American

This guy really gets the agenda behind the mask…………


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