When you’re not ready for Truth you Reject the Message, and Often Hate the Messenger

I was texting with a friend of mine today. He couldn’t understand why the mass arrests haven’t happened yet. The Q team has yet to deliver. While I too find it frustrating that not enough of the criminal elements have been brought to justice as yet, I do understand why it is taking what appears to be a long time. The deeper down the rabbit hole you go, the more extensive you’re understanding of this evil Cabal becomes. We have to remember that the dark side has been methodically plotting and planning for thousands of years. Humanity has been unaware for the most part, and didn’t have an extensive counterpart planning and devising an elaborate plan to combat them. The average person still doesn’t understand we have an enemy who hates us just because we’re human. It’s just beyond their comprehension. The horror of what these entities have per perpetrating against us, particularly to children goes against the grain of the human heart and mind processing, therefore people just cannot go there. They won’t believe the depravity because they automatically filter these acts through their own cognitive, emotional, and innate experiences. They won’t believe a human is capable. And that’s the catch. Who said they were human?

Disclosure must be dripped out little by little. It has a dual effect. The perpetrators are being tortured because they are not in the know anymore. Their ability to communicate with one another is not what it once was. Their bankroll is no longer, their projection is off the charts and they keep making mistakes simply by showing themselves as they really are. They have never been on the defensive before and clearly are not very good at it.

Their hierarchy has been removed for the most part. The puppets have fewer and fewer puppet masters and it shows. These puppets probably never had a single thought of their own. They are order takers, not leaders by any stretch of the imagination. And since they know little of the plan outside their little enclave, they are going along like the destruction of the human race is on tract. If they did know the big picture, they would have realized by now that they were all going to be thrown under the bus. This is exactly how it was designed. Every level above throws the level below under until ultimately there was one left holding all the goods. Fortunately for us that one demon is no more.

But Humanity also benefits from the slow drip. Too much truth that is hard to swallow in too short of time. It will just be rejected and this is problematic on both an individual and collective basis. Humanity keeps these systems afloat and it’s humanity who has to bring them down, simply by not supporting the old ways that the psychopaths have taught us.

Fortunately we have a stronger force in our favor to help us along, which is the increasing frequency of our dear planet. She is busting through the frequency fences and all the damage as her ascension started over a decade ago, and she is far from finished. There is no stopping her progress and the Deep State cannot operate in a dimension where the frequency is so much higher than they can withstand. The had to really work consistently to keep us and our planet at a very low vibration because this is conducive for them. They are a death cult, a parasitic race that feeds off of hate, misery, torture, depravity, anger, depression. They operate in the dark (and literally underground). All along they have been creating a world for themselves and we’ve been going along with it, none the wiser, until now that is! Earth is a learning planet, but even she has her limits. It’s time for her to purge the parasitic elements that has plagued us for far too long. So we must choose too, will we raise our frequency and embrace the truth no matter how horrible it is, or will we resist and fight to maintain the very systems that have enslaved us for thousands of years? There is nothing for me to contemplate. I know where I want to go. Besides swimming against a tsunami is futile.

Like Q says, nothing can stop what is coming!


2 thoughts on “When you’re not ready for Truth you Reject the Message, and Often Hate the Messenger”

  1. Thanks for this I needed this again. I am so glad to have found you and Kimberly Goguen and Lifeforce. Boy, when all the Q folks and Trump fans come to realize they have been duped it will be momentous. I happen to think Trump is no longer with us and he should NOT be what a sham he has been placing on the World and especially The United States.
    We will prevail Humanity we are strong and we should be for all the SHIT we have went through all the lies and pain for nothing except some Demons who wanted full control of Earth and it’s inhabitants. WE WON HUMANITY!

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