GPRC Hijacked from Within | USSR Oligarchs Lose $1.8 Trillion | ARPANET Dismantled | Russia & Ukraine War Theatrics & Fundraising | SSP Generals Set Sight on Big Pharma Profits

Today’s post discusses the Intel from the 3-6-2022 Situation Report provided by Kim Goguen. Topics include the hijack of the GPRC site and UNN from within, Dept. of Transportation leads Kim to yet another backdoor, this time to ARPANET, the Sanctions Deal masterminded by highest level Space Force Generals & Russian oligarchs vaporizes $1.8 trillion, and the Deep State running out of options decides stealing from their own is now the way forward.

[Note: Situation Reports are available to subscribers of United Network News

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Hijack of GPRC & UNN Content

In my post, The Viking’s Order to Infiltrate Assemblies | Fallout from Ending Dark AI System JAIQS | Black Sun’s Slave Master of the Week | IBM Watson Could Have Replaced AZURE | Who is Lowell “the Patent Guy” Wood? – Part 1, which is based on Kim’s Intel from on February 1, 2022, it was certainly clear to me the Order of the Black Sun was intent on destroying the Assemblies and incurring as much damage as possible.

So were they successful? Appears they were, at least in the short term. Kim decided to press the pause button on the Assemblies. She had been encouraging the Assemblies a month or two ago to start holding regular press conferences. In addition they were being advised to submit their issues to a main Think Tank for the time being, so she could take all the heat from the Deep State. But due to another Chinese Invasion a few weeks ago, it just became too dangerous, to which Kim said, “maybe it’s Source’s time, honestly.” I can’t agree more. If most of the time is spent on defense, how can we start moving forward? The number of non-repairable humans causing interference and blocking the Restoration Plan seems to be endless.

GPRC & PGSD Sites Stolen by Tank & Friends

Speaking of which, this has led to some more bad news. There has been a fallout from within. As a result, most of the new sites, namely the Peoples’ Government Services Department (PGSD) and Global Peace and Restoration Consortium (GPRC) were hijacked, or as Kim said stolen. The hijacked site, which bears a lot of similarity in name, logo and mission, and is a regurgitation of the news on UNN looks to have been done by Tank, Kelly Asay, who was helping with Assemblies, and Matt Omerta, a relatively new guy who was reporting on UNN. At least these are the only names that are familiar to me when I checked into that site, which I don’t care to name, except to say it’s very similar. You can all look it up for yourselves if you wish.

I have no idea what the disagreement was about. This was news to me. Kim said she was taking the high road, so no details were given. And I have steered clear of the telegram channel for several months now, ever since that too was hijacked. So if there was chatter there I wouldn’t know. I never have been able to find the original Life Force telegram channel after Lane, who also left the team decided to hijack it. She just renamed the channel to Life Source and didn’t inform or ask subscribers if they still wanted to subscribe. It was very poorly handled in my opinion.

While I will refrain from speculating, or articulating an opinion on why the split, I can’t help but observe their actions as a result. Is this the behavior of high frequency, spiritually evolved beings? Again, I have no knowledge of what went on behind the scenes, but frankly they look like actions children would take, not adults. So all in all, I guess The Viking succeeded somewhat, or perhaps he did us a favor and just accelerated events that would have happened eventually anyway. At least we have a better picture of their character by their actions.

New Sites Coming Soon

Kim said the creation of UNN and PGSD etc., was based upon downloads she was given from Source.  Source’s projects are Source’s projects.  Life Force was always supposed to be for the people, not followers of Kim, or Tank, or anyone for that matter. The purpose was to assemble people who want to change the world for the better and provide a platform to exchange ideas. So now, as a result of the hijacking by Tank and his team, since they think they own the existing site, Kim said that a new GPRC site, with a new name will be created soon.

UNN was also created to be a platform for the people. Until we can ascertain through our collective consciousness the real news, Kim said her download from Source was to create a platform that would allow anyone to report news from their local areas, both good and bad news, informational videos, etc. And this is still the case. Hopefully the new messenger, Sunny Gault lasts, I think she is doing a great job!

Kim also emphasized that soon there will not be any government services, government militaries etc., as they will cease to exist and we have weeks before this all starts to implode. So the timing for this separation may, or maybe not have been opportune, as it’s just another glitch to deal with. But in any case, it sounds like it’s going to get real interesting real soon.

The Dark Web is Down

Moving on to other topics. Kim decided to address how the Dark Web works because there is confusion as to whether it is still up and functioning. Since there were many technical people making claiming it was she broke it down on a whiteboard and explained the layers of the Web, how it is all connected to telecommunications, to the internet, to banking, to everything. All was interconnected, however and more importantly, the Dark Web is down.

Highest Level Space Force Generals’ Deal with Russian Oligarchs

The Space Force’s highest Generals, those still remaining, came up with another genius plan to get money. They decided to sanction all the Russian oligarchs, but first they were going to make a deal with them. Kim said they promised them the moon, the stars and the sun would revolve around them, not the country, just them, in exchange for the sanctions happening.

Why would the oligarchs go along with this? What led them to believe the Space Force Generals could deliver? Well at some point prior to this operation, it was brought to Kim’s attention that there was yet another backdoor access to the banking system. This time she was led to find a connection to an old system called ARPANET, in the Department of Transportation, which is located in Massachusetts. Why would the Department of Transportation have access to the banking system? I know! Because this is what psychopaths do, they create backdoors to everything and duplicate systems so they never have to work on fixing themselves. Oy Vey!

Anyway, this newly found connection also led Kim to find those who had the access to ARPANET, which were the highest level of the Space Force Military. Since only this level knew that a connection even existed, she could deduce who controlled ARPANET.

ARPANET | Definition, Map, Cold War, First Message, & History | Britannica


As the sanctions were imposed on the oligarchs, the money syphoned traveled to Norfolk where they were collecting it, as this is where the Space Force Generals had a connection to ARPANET for the operation. Once they collected all the money they planned to issue bonds, which would allow them to get started on building a new World Trading System Platform for all Commodities, based solely in ARPANET.

So the plan was to distract their underlings and the sheep by letting everyone linger in the world of zeros and ones, the Dow Jones, EBS systems and market crashes, while under our noses the select few, who are still left, in the highest levels of the Space Force take control of the entire world’s commodity supply chain. And they had much bigger ideas after that.

So why is the price of gas soaring really? Why is the price of wheat also rising really? Sanctions on Russians are what they are claiming of course. But we know the real reason now. It’s all a show, the purpose is to siphon as much money as they can and build a new platform which they would control.

Siphoning Plan Goes South | Where Did $1.8 Trillion Go?

Now this is where it gets really interesting. The Russian oligarchs’ money that was syphoned and collected in Norfolk totaled $1.8 trillion. These oligarchs had money, these are your oil and gas guys, big heavy hitters. They controlled all the commodities, diamonds and what not.

Kim watched all the money they syphoned on its way to Norfolk. She sat and waited until it was all collected, and then uh oh! Where did it go! It disappeared! Well isn’t that interesting?  Then ARPANET disappeared, then the rest of the system disappeared. That too seems very interesting.

“Far be it from me to interfere with the deep state collecting money from the deep state.” — Kim

See the source image
ARPANET is No More | Wingnuts Pissed

The removal and dissolution of ARAPNET has left many wingnuts very angry. Evidently they were promised many things. And it sounds like it had even bigger implications because she went on to say that in the basement of every Central Bank in the world there is a whole separate bank within your bank. It just makes my head spin sometimes. But again, I have to remind myself that this is the only thing the dark does. They waste all their time and energy controlling people, programs and things and making backups for backups for backups.  

Now Playing in a Theatre Near You! | A USSR Oligarch Puppet Show!

The Kremlin is made up of the Russian oligarchs, or the clans. They are the ex-KGB guys who sold off everything in the 1990s that wasn’t nailed down. See my post on Kim’s January 5, 2022 Intel update when she first mentioned this, GPRC Meeting Scheduled for March | SSP is Shrinking | More Systems Found & Dismantled | Colonel Klaus Klink | Military Theatre in Ukraine & Kazakhstan.

Is Russia attacking Ukraine? Not so much. Deals have been made between both Russian and Ukrainian militaries to protect the citizens between both countries, at least the best that they can. But that doesn’t mean the Zelensky henchman and Russian Oligarch Military henchmen are not trying to kill as many people as possible. Unfortunately there are many soldiers dying because of this and civilians are very scared and in a tenuous situation.

The Putin actor, representing the clans was right last week when he said that the Russian and Ukrainian militaries need to look at what drastic effects to the entire hemisphere could happen, if there is another Chernobyl incident. He then followed that up by saying he would rather negotiate with the Ukrainian military than with its political leaders because they are all on drugs and Neo Nazis. According to Kim, he’s right about that, they are. Zelensky has a known coke problem. That’s a fact. They are all part of the same organization.

Next Plan? Fundraisers & Prop up Putin

Jerry ‘Zelensky’ Lewis Telethon

The Zelensky puppet has been very busy running his telethon to raise money for Ukraine. While he personally has millions of dollars in his own bank account, which even Forbes magazine has written about, it hasn’t stopped him from contacting anyone and everyone he can for money, including of course the US Congress. Just for fun I poked around and found he owned a villa in Italy, Zelensky sells a villa in Italy for 4.5 million euros – media (photo, video) | Global Happenings. So he’s not poor.

Since the oligarchs in Ukraine are friends with the oligarchs in Russia, this alleged animosity is all a sham and Zelensky is raking in millions and millions of dollars promoting this theatre. And he doesn’t seem to want to be bothered with getting his own people to safety. Why? Because if they don’t keep the war going no one is going to donate. According to Kim his telethon has yielded planes, MIGS and jets and all kinds of military equipment. Therefore the Russian mafia was just fed tons of weapons. They just created the new Alibaba for planet earth’s underworld.

Why does this guy need planes again, specifically MIGS? Why would you want to have Russian aircraft? Because if you plan to start WWIII you need a boogie man, so obtaining their equipment is necessary. It’s not that it’s superior or better. MIGS just are the Russians’ preferred planes because they are manufactured in Russia.

Trucker Convoy Fundraiser

When the London money deal failed, which Kim told us about and I reported in my post, A New Mr. Black is Installed & Fails, Rothchilians Lie Again, False Flags & Satellites Derailed, The Colony Comes to Assess the Remaining Non-Repairable Humans, and then the TransUnion money deal failed, which I reported in my post, Black Sun Heads Hoard, Minions Get Nothing | Russian War Theatre | Black Eagle Trust & FULCRUM Operation | The Carter Accord, An ‘End of Peace’ Agreement | Kim Goguen’s Black List – Part 2, the Space Force had to come up with alternatives.

This is the reason they had the trucker convoy, which was actually a fundraiser for themselves and why Kim tried to warn the US truckers on United Network News not to have a convoy in the US. All the money is really going to the militaries, not to the people and it’s certainly not helping the truckers. But now the trucker convoy in the US is completely overshadowed anyway due to the Jerry ‘Zelensky’ Lewis telethon going on in Ukraine. I guess they didn’t time that very well or they are just getting sloppy.

Putin Plays the Savior….Again

Another plot circulating is Putin being propped up as a white hat taking out the bad guys and the bio labs in Ukraine. I see the alternative media and Q-followers eating this up. These labs they are targeting according to Kim are actually weapons manufacturers, and they are the weapons manufacturers for all of the USSR.

And just so everyone is aware, numerous Black Sun run bio labs exist all over the globe, not only in Ukraine? But they need for a Savior at the moment since Trump support is waning and Putin fits the bill I guess. But let’s not forget Putin is dead and has been since 2014 or 2015.

The low IQ members of Congress, which they all fall under, are calling and asking if Ukraine is really in big trouble, and if Putin is doing this! To which Kim emphatically said No! There was a deal between Putin and Ukraine to start a war! How much longer can they keep this up! Oye vey!

For the last frikkin’ time – they are ALL following the script of their masters. It is all theatre! The puppets and actors playing presidents all went to the same Jesuit and Freemasonic schools; they are all friends and simply play along in all the scripted events and rituals. Nothing more, nothing less.

In 1992, the Jesuit Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) established a parallel institution, the ‘Global Leaders for Tomorrow’ school, which was re-established as ‘Young Global Leaders’ in 2004. This ‘school’ is about brainwashing and ‘educating’ puppets for Rome and the Jesuits, puppets that can be placed on the world stage following their script as faces to the ignorant masses.

Members of the first class in 1992 included Angela Merkle, Nicolas Sarkozy, And Tony Blair. Other notable names on their roster include Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand,) Emmanuel Marcon (President of France,) Sebastian Kurz (former Chancellor of Austria,) Viktor Orbán (Prime Minister of Hungary,) Jean-Claude Juncker (former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the European Commission,) and Annalena Baerbock (leader of the German Greens.)
Other associates include Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and the Clinton Foundation’s Chelsea Clinton. And of course, both Vladimir Putin and comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Source: No, Russia is Not Invading Ukraine to Free Them of the “Deep State” – Joachim Bartoll Official

Military Generals Hold Super-Secret Meetings

So what do they have planned next? Well, even they didn’t know at first. Then rumors of a Russian private jet for government officials took off from Saint Petersburg and headed toward the United States on Saturday, March 5th. They flew around to have super-secret meetings to talk about what to do next, mainly, who made money? Who still has money?

Meanwhile Kim was eaves dropping, I mean monitoring the situation since a Russian jet was heading towards the United States. She is Ground Command after all. Anyway she contacted the Pentagon to make them aware she knew what was going on, and since she had them on the line reminded them yet again that she has control of the QMS alpha system and transferred a dollar$, just to prove she could.

Now this did make some people start to question for a couple days. They even went so far as to set up meetings with Kim. Then all of a sudden, they reneged and went into hiding again. Where did they run to this time?

Can you Say Big Pharma?

Here’s where it gets interesting again. Kim shared, that they figured the only ones who made money during the pandemic, and probably still have money are the pharmaceutical companies. But of course! And for the record, all of the pharma companies are run and controlled by the CIA or its China affiliate. That’s a fact, 80% of the world’s pharmaceuticals are manufactured in China.

That’s their plan, to start targeting the pharmaceutical companies by imposing sanctions on them. They think by now everyone hates big pharma for the jabs, and they will look like the heroes while they take all their money from them. 

“I’m just going to watch this.”– Kim

Since the latest absconding of funds by herself put them in a bind I guess Kim thought she would help them out with their search for money by reminding them about 3M. They made a lot of money too! 3M doesn’t actually produce anything, which I reported on in my post, The Viking’s Order to Infiltrate Assemblies | Fallout from Ending Dark AI System JAIQS | Black Sun’s Slave Master of the Week | IBM Watson Could Have Replaced AZURE | Who is Lowell “the Patent Guy” Wood? – Part 1. 3M takes 10% of all the manufactured goods that it certifies, and they made a ton of money on PPE through this pandemic. Hum, who else has money? BP and Shell do too! Look at the price of gas! They absolutely have grounds to sanction them also, for genocide in practically every African country!

“Maybe if they get the money from all these companies they will get to keep it, and maybe they won’t! — Kim

I’m all in favor of them trying! Let’s see if they are that dumb. I can’t wait for find out! This is what I’ve been waiting years for. One faction taking down another all because their greed for money and power consumes them! I imagine it might be akin to watching the Hildabeast and Piglosi in a cell together, throwing in a single vile of adrenochrome, then watching them go at it.

The Colony

Kim said The Colony has been very busy, which also makes me ecstatic. They have been especially busy eliminating people on the Coven level. Apparently one of the covens took up shop in Washington D.C. a couple of weeks ago. Hum, that’s weird, I thought they had been there all along.

Attempt to Fire Up 5G

Around the 16-17th of February, the wingnuts tried to fire up 5G. The CIA hacked into the backdoor to access the 5G they had lost access to a while ago. This was before she found out about the ARPANET situation. Many people were affected by headaches, stomach aches, anger, and who knows what else. Kim and her team sent out frequencies to counterbalance the effects going on at that time. Based on what I’ve been learning though, I’m guessing they have more backup systems somewhere.


Kim said she wishes she could have found all of their hidden systems, backdoors, etc. in one day. But she believes everything happens as it should, according to Source’s timing. Perhaps if we had pulled the trigger one day earlier or known one day earlier about this system or that system, it might have tipped them off, and they would have stopped what they were doing. The guidance, the timing and notifications she gets are exactly when it’s supposed to happen, and she has come to trust that.

And I’m so glad she’s still a trooper and doesn’t quit! Thanks again Kim!

In case you missed it…


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