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When checking in on the Energetic Synthesis Forum the other night, I noticed a member reported seeing two Suns and wanted to know if this could be real. Did anyone else see two Suns? Is this another trick of the Negative Alien Agenda? The member shared some photos she took and noted others who also reported seeing the two suns. I did a quick search on the internet and found numerous stories over the years about the two sun phenomena.

White Sun & Black Sun

I was curious, maybe because I also happened to have on my mind a recent update Kim Goguen provided regarding her lineage, which is now included in my post, Who is Kimberly Ann Goguen, aka “Kim Possible”? She said she is of the Rus tribe, the original Europeans, which is also the White Sun. She said that the White Sun has access to the upper astral. The counterpart being of course the Black Sun, who have access to the lower astral. It was the first time I heard of the White Sun though, at least in this context.

Since we’ve been existing in a world of polarity, a binary system for a very very long time, this makes sense, if there is a Black Sun there must be a White Sun, but what I’m now realizing is there are many levels to this that keep going up. The gender split at the human level is one place this is represented. But what contributed to the gender split isn’t only what has happened at the planetary level, Earth having one side which is all light and the other side all dark. Now I’m learning that our Sun also was split in two, at least that’s what it’s looking like.

This new perspective got me pondering on what additional meanings and truths were regarding the White Sun and Black Sun. Lucky for me some members of Lisa’s Forum have since added relevant links to her Ascension Glossary regarding this topic, and I wanted to share. This information has led me to some very interesting information which has helped me to understand:

  • What is Humanity’s purpose?
  • Why are Humans so unique?
  • Why are Humans so attacked?
  • Where did the misunderstanding of Humanity’s ‘job’ stem from?

I’ve compiled some excerpts from this material around these questions that frankly I found to be quite profound.

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We Had Two Suns

I have included partial information from Lisa Renee’ session notes in 2008 regarding the two suns. To read the entire entry for any of the topics I’ve referenced, refer to the relevant links I provided below each section.

Ra Lineage

We had two suns, this was a time where we had two suns. Somehow I’m seeing an orbit with two suns and that was in this universe that was in this structure. This was before this structure imploded on itself and became separate. A planetary body exploded and the logo’s and sentient consciousness of that being was projected into part of the realm. This has to do with the Ra Lineage and this is a Rishic level of consciousness that is the Light of the Thousand Suns. This is a consciousness that, the closest I can come to even understanding this would be the God the Sun, like the consciousness of the sun basically.

Some event has created an explosion at that level, at that timeline. This system was made of two suns and one of the suns exploded. This is the metaphor between the son of God, and what I’m getting at is that the original metaphor of the Luciferian light and the light of Source, are coming from this. This consciousness, this sun exploded and became reversed upon it self. I don’t want to use the word polarized because that’s not accurate, it’s literally like it became the negative. As it exploded it went through a black-hole and it reversed on itself and now you had two separations. You had the sun on one side over here and you had a black-hole now on the other side. And that black-hole used to be a sun.

Now for whatever reason as we’re looking at this, again it’s hard to articulate. I don’t want to place judgment or slant in looking at this. Is it the divine plan the fragmentation of consciousness in the experience we had there? That’s fine. But it’s understanding that now, we are coming into the healing of the split of the two suns.

Understanding that the two suns, it’s like the son of God but the sun itself, the son/sun of all light, the sol/soul. This is a consciousness, which is very hard to wrap around at a human level because it isn’t human. It’s a consciousness it’s a God, it’s a God consciousness. And it is that of the Great Central Sun, it is that which feeds all life. Something blew up in the time of Lyra, something was destroyed in the time of Lyra, Lyran WarsLyra was a planet, Vega was a planet, Aramatena was a planet. In the three planets something happened one of these planets exploded. I think it’s Lyra is that correct? Okay. So when this exploded, this thing that I’m looking at this opening this nebula this ring, is where it went.

And so in a sense we could say even though much experience and levels of fragmentation and distortion happened through this explosion and split through the wall of time, it’s like looking at this original seed event. It’s understanding, what I’m seeing is the link of all fractal time-space in the seed in the original seed and spark of creation of this universe, is that the same thing happened to the earth at the same time this went on. It all happened at once. So when we understand that the fifth dimensional counterpart of planet earth imploded on itself and exploded into the third dimension as we know it, with the 12 planets in this system. That is a micro level manifestation of this event that I’m describing, which is what they’re basically attempting to show us here. This is the understanding of how this universe began, do I want to say in polarity? This word does not seem adequate but I do not have a word to replace it. The two suns separated and these light projections manifested in the cycles of time as we experience it now.

Source: Ra Lineage – Ascension Glossary

Why the Human Being Was Created

This Ra consciousness whatever it is, is like a sun. And it has this consciousness that has been exploded into billions of bits and fragments. Again, whatever happened with the explosion that created this separation of the two suns, this merging back into the source, was to be achieved through the human being. And that was why the human being was created. Because the alchemy that was needed to return this part that exploded off. It’s like looking at a black-hole. It’s looking at a sun that burnt out, exploded or imploded on itself and it became like a black-hole suction, it became like a vacuum on itself.

…when it went in the implosion, it went in the reverse and it spiraled. I mean the propulsion of it was massive. This is the place of the universe we’re in, attempting to reclaim all the stuff the fragments the consciousness etc.

Source: Humanities Purpose in Creation – Ascension Glossary
Ring of Fire

What I’m seeing is that this configuration was new, even at a universal level, however hard that may be to say, this structure of this universe in this polarization of the two suns, and what went on between the Wall in Time. What they’re basically trying to show us is that this isn’t something that went on in other universes. Like in other universes the structure of creation is not like this. Whatever this is in this creation, in this universe is very unique and very special. And is one of the reasons why it was not shut down, why it wasn’t returned back to source as just space dust units. Because of this specific purpose of the creation of what a human being was meant to do and be, is something that is apparently amazing beyond this universe and beyond what we can fathom as creation. That the beauty, whatever has gone on to create the genetic material of the form of a human being, they are just imprinting to me how beautiful, how amazing and how unique and special it is. The other universes and many forms do not have this, this is something very unique and different.

So again, in understanding the larger purpose of the body, it is the physicalization of the body as it is born and made of the two suns that allow the merge to occur. And that merge heals the universe. When we merge in the bodies eventually, the Starseeds that are here, the beings that have come from other universes to be part of this experiment. We are here to merge the two suns back into the wholeness. And this is now working with an understanding that this is impacted at universal level, and that universal level healing is only made available and achieved through a human physical form, period. Okay wow.

Ring of Fire – Ascension Glossary
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White Sun & Black Sun Merging?

Humanities Purpose in Creation

The only way that this could be salvaged and reunited was through the human being, because the human being was polarized, it was designed to work with both sides….

… What the human being is and its potential was not what the other forms were experiencing. So the fact that we in this body have the ability to be Gods is something very unusual at this level. But this was necessary to collect and heal and bring home everything that exploded through that wall of time. And the human body is the only vessel that does this. That is what is so unique about the creation of this form, is that it was directly designed to heal the universe back into its source. So this form that we’re in is basically as dense as it gets so that we could collect everything. Merge, collect, synthesize, integrate all of the fragments, debris of consciousness that were once a vast mighty being, of such a level of consciousness that we can’t even fathom it. That is obviously a part of all of us, and that which we are. But it’s almost like at this level of Ra consciousness understanding that everyone is Melchizedek, everything is one spirit everything is Ra. In the reclamation of the Ra consciousness, in the reclamation of the one Spirit the human body was designed to synthesize the one Spirit back into the One spirit from what had happened. Whether it was planned and a part of everything or not, is another thing that’s probably hard to even ponder and understand. Is it a part of the divine plan? I suppose so, but in terms of creator wanting to experience everything, possibly…

Humanities Purpose in Creation – Ascension Glossary
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Some Final Thoughts

I was also just reminded of Lisa’s 2013 Ascension class I recently listened to. She stated that the Guardians want humanity to be able stay in their bodies as long as possible (according to each individual) during this ascension timeline because ascension is easier while still in the body, as opposed to after dropping the body. So of course this is the opposite of what organized religions have conditioned us for. It’s all about the afterlife, we’re all born sinners and need to be saved by someone other than ourselves. Essentially, they want us to miss the point, which is the the work we are to do here and now.

While I’m not comfortable claiming humans are gods, it is looking more and more like we have some of that potential. I prefer to consider humans as Source’s representatives, each having a little piece of God. We’ve been equipped with very unique Diamond Sun Body templates in order to do a very important job, specifically synthesize polarized energies. It’s no surprise Lisa’s site it named as such, Energetic Synthesis. And it also provides one explanation (I’m sure there are many) as to why the NAA are so obsessed with humans. They really want access to this incredible equipment of ours. It holds many keys no doubt, and they are hoping to find technological solutions from our ‘more advanced tech’, so they can remain the power hungry controllers they are and never have to change. They despise us too because they believe humans are ‘favored.’ This has led to intense jealousy, envy, hatred, and blame. But there are misunderstanding regarding humanity’s purpose on both sides evidently. It certainly has helped me knowing another explanation.

Diamond Sun Body
The original angelic human 12 Strand DNA is called the Diamond Sun DNA. The Oraphim original prototype for angelic humans that was created by the Founders has a 24 Strand DNA and is called the Double Diamond Sun Body DNA. Further there is a 48 Strand DNA Founder race line called the Emerald Sun DNA. See Threefold Founder Flame or Emerald Order.

It is important to be aware that there is always support given for DNA rehabilitation programs for achieving Ascension, in that fallen entities, such as the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics can choose to clear their DNA distortions and cellular alphabet scrambling that run metatronic and anti-life reversals. An incredible amount of resources and effort has been made by the Guardian Host to assist fallen and digressive DNA lines to rehabilitate their genetics through rehabilitation and regenesis programs.

Source: Silicate Matrix – Ascension Glossary

I also found this section on Biological Cycles interesting. Many are aware of the ‘sudden deaths’ that occur to famous people in particular at age 27 and 33. At least I’ve noticed the pattern. There is something to that, but has been interfered with by the NAA of course like everything they mess with. You can find out more information regarding each age in the Silicate Matrix – Ascension Glossary.

Biological Cycles
The Biological Cycles of Spiritual Expansion in the Original Human DNA. As in the structure of the Four Corners, The Four Faces of Man, there are also Four Main Pillars of Spiritual Foundation for Human Biological Cycles.

Biological Age 12 (Soul or Initiate, 4-5-6)
Biological Age 22 (Oversoul or Adept, 7-8-9)
Saturn Taskmaster – Age 27
Biological Age 33 (Avatar Teacher or Christ Ritual Master 10-11-12)
Biological Age 44 (Guardian or Rishi Sun, Zero Point)
Saturn Taskmaster – Age 54

Silicate Matrix – Ascension Glossary

I can’t express enough how much I appreciate this finding and wanted to share. It’s just so profound and connects more dots. This long journey of discovering who we are, what we are, what our main purpose is has been excruciating! How can anyone not get excited when treasure like this is found!

More Ascension Glossary Definitions

Below are just a few topics that might be of interest and provide some more context as they were referenced in some of the excerpts I included above.

Lyran-Sirian Whites

Predecessors to our human angelic race line, the Lyran-Sirian Whites are also called Anuhazi, a feline-hominid seeded by the 12D Elohei (one of the three Christos Founder Races that created the Oraphim). Anuhazi is the original first externally spoken language in our Universe, and is the natural language of the Christos Founders Race. It is the original light language of our ancient ancestors. The Lyran-Sirian Whites or Anuhazi, are human elders, they are pale-skinned hominid Sirian race frequently called the Guardian Founders, who protect the Diamond Sun Body and 12 Strand DNA.

Anuhazi – Ascension Glossary

Lyran Wars

The main battles in human Galactic history were fought in the constellation of Orion, and so these many wars are also referred to as the Orion Wars. However, in our Universal Time Matrix the wars started over territories in the constellation of Lyra (The Cradle of Lyra). The Lyrans are the advanced races that created the Elohim in the Avatar Matrix. But soon the Lyran Wars spread to the constellation of Orion, and it became a war between False King of Tyranny mind-sets and ideologies with ideology of the Service to Others which follow the Law of One. Essentially, this is the seed of the war over consciousnesses between the Christ and the Anti-Christ.

The main original Lyran-Elohim humanoid races were committed to the Law of One and Service to Others krystic ideology. The Lyran-Elohim were supervising the Sirians to host the seeding of 12 Strand DNA genetics on the 5D planet Tara. These groups involved in this seeding and DNA rehabilitation are called the Lyran-Sirian High Councils.

The opposing groups were mixtures of Patriarchal Melchizedek humanoids and reptilian races that propagated Service to Self and anti-christ methods. These wars over Tyrannical control and Service to Self ideology originated in the constellations of Draco and Orion. The genetic hatred generated from the Orion Group digressed into the violent killing and destruction at the expense of others, which resulted in the propagation of the Victim-Victimizer Mind Control on earth.

Lyran Wars – Ascension Glossary

Rishic Suns

These seven stars are that which act as electromagnetic ray spectrum “lenses” which transmit the various streams of the ray structure through the three main gateways which lead to the Sun, then to the earth. The principle of masculine active force of these stars is called the Rishic Suns. It is the new activity of the Rishic Suns that are changing the masculine principle through the alteration of the Seven Ray particle structure. The Rishic Suns are sequentially merging with the Seven Sister stars in the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation, the Bull.[1]

Rishic Suns – Ascension Glossary


The Melchizedek’s are the genetic hosting race of the earth’s ascension cycle for the last 35,000 years. They were to help the earth heal and evolve out from the lower dimensions of the Phantom Matrix. Because we are coming to the close of a Root Race end cycle, their tour of duty with earth in this capacity, is also ending or coming to completion. This allows a time of review and pause for genetic rehabilitation and integrative healing for the 12 Tribes. This is the promise that Melchizedek’s would not be forgotten, even if they were “fallen” and forgot who they really are. This is made possible with the alignment to the Mother’s heart quintessence, to be rebirthed into the Creatrix field. This is the Mother Arc and her rehabilitation of the Blue Ray and the Sophianic Body.[1]

Melchizedek – Ascension Glossary


During this end evolution cycle that leads into the current Ascension timeline, many different variations of soul-spirit consciousness from a vast array of planets, galaxies and universes have joined the reincarnation cycle on 3D planet earth. Some are biologically organic future humans while others are not; yet, all have come in order to experience the shifting Consciousness fields on the 3D planet earth at this end cycle. These particular groups of soul-spirit beings that have incarnated in a 3D human body are referred to as Starseeds. Even though Starseeds hold more genetic memory from these future stations of identity, All is One and valued in its connection to the Eternal Source Creator. Starseeds have specific roles and a humanitarian spiritual mission based on the Law of One to help free the planetary soul from spiritual and energetic oppression enforced by the NAA through the False Father God Religions. This is to elevate and change destructive timelines through genetic rehabilitation and erase negative alien Mind Control software programs. These software program “religions” were put in place by the patriarchal dominate Negative Aliens in order to be worshipped as Gods and easily enforce the enslavement of the planetary population.

Starseed – Ascension Glossary

Please Note
Lisa has stated numerous times she does receive information from channeling. She is not a scribe. I just wanted to mention, in case people get the wrong idea that she channels the information I reference from her material. In fact, I recall from one of her classes that she used to have clairvoyance and clairaudience abilities but one day they ceased. I don’t know if that was a permanent thing. But at the time she said she was very confused as to what was going on. She later learned that since the NAA is quite clever in manipulating us through sight (with holographic inserts) and sound (channeling) those methods are not ideal, nor reliable. I included the below from her website.

“Guided by Guardians, Lisa was biologically upgraded to be downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension through the Law of One and its dynamics upon the blueprint layers of energy fields. This understanding of Consciousness Technologies was experienced by her own personal evolution and began her transition into a Multidimensional Guide and God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) Steward during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle. She is an Emissary for the Guardian Groups and a spokesperson for the consciousness shift of humanity towards Ascension.”

About Lisa Renee – Energetic Synthesis


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