Earth’s 3 Million Year War | The Heart of the Matter (Creator Sun) versus Anti-Matter (Dark Sun) | Gegenschein Reconnected | Will Cabal’s Antidote Jab Backfire on April 24th Causing Rapid Degeneration for Themselves? | Part 1

Wow! This latest update from Kim Goguen is super interesting! I’m basing this post on a Special News Report she provided on April 12, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. The ending of a 3 million years war has been realized and cleanup is all that remains. The Abraxas are gone!!! An extra special planetary alignment is coming up this weekend and the deep state, especially the low level minions may be in for a big shock.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


12-04-2022 United Network Global News Desk Special Report (

A War Lasting Three Million Years

Let’s start off with some really big stuff to put things in perspective. We have reached the end of a three-million-years war! The positive timeline is firmly set, it will happen despite anything the Cabal tries to do to incur their negative timeline! All paths of the Deep State ultimately end in failure. Kim relayed that it was over for them as of yesterday afternoon (4/11/2022). Their negative timeline will not restart despite whatever they try to do.

Evidently, here in the 3rd dimension alone, where our Earth currently resides, there are millions of galaxies, billions of planets and numerous races and civilizations that would have been completely destroyed and taken over if we lost this war. The consequences are very real and why all eyes are on us, and why we do have a lot of help. We still have deep state actors causing havoc, but they are dwindling in numbers rapidly these days. Kim emphasized that these non-repairable humans really are nothing compared to what we were fighting before.

Let that sink it!

How Did All This Start Anyway?

That’s a loaded question and here is probably a very simplified answer, but it really makes a lot of sense. Kim explained that in the time before time, the Creator existed in what we would today call the 9th dimension. Everything that existed was just pure light, pure consciousness. In order to create stars and planets, something had to be created that would increase the density, so we could have bodies and be able to walk around.

How do you decrease the light, the consciousness to allow density to exist? An equal or opposite side, the Omega of the multiverse needed to be created. This is just quantum physics. No life was ever supposed to exist on this opposite side. Life was only supposed to exist in the major arcana dimensions in between. Obviously, something went awry and the result was matter versus anti-matter or the ultimate light versus the ultimate darkness.

So we are currently living in the 3rd dimension which we mentioned earlier. If we go up 6 dimensions we would be in the 9th (upper astral) where it’s 100% light, pure consciousness. If we go down 6 dimensions we would be in the 9th (lower astral) or 100% darkness, nothingness. Kim stated everything is based on 9 which represents completeness. I also recall her white board sessions where she emphasized ‘9’ when explaining the financial system. That too is how all the coding worked to get in and out of the alpha quantum system. It is very much based on the concept of ‘9’.   

Earth is a Nexus Planet

Another interesting thing to note is that around 85 million years ago the Earth became what is called a Nexus planet. She emphasized that Earth is the last planet in the 3rd dimension, which had yet to be pulled into the dark side or been destroyed.  This is why the entire multiverse is concerned about what is going to happen here, how this war that started 3 million years ago is going to progress. If we had succumbed and lost, then it would have meant an end to the alpha side of the multiverse. Another major WOW! No pressure! Nothing to see here!

Jupiter Ascending (2015) – IMDb

The End of the Abraxas!!!

And since we’re recording history here, let’s provide some more background to the latest events by the Deep State. I’m dedicating an entire section to those pesky Abraxas I love to complain about. I’m happy to relay, this is the end of their story!

To summarize who these traitors are again, the Abraxas is a very old human family name. Kim also refers to them as Humans version 1.0.  They were a fifth dimensional family who considered themselves humans of the future. She said that a layman’s term we could use to describe them would be Luciferians. They consider our version of humanity equivalent to farm animals to do with as they wanted.

Evidently millions of years ago they pledged allegiance to the Dark Overlord, so the Omega, the all dark side and opposite to where we are. They let greed consume them and were intent on conquering the entire universe. They made contracts with the Draco and the Mantid to help run the commerce operations of their conquered worlds around the multiverse ever since. In particular, their operation of collecting ‘human loosh’. Kim said they created a kind of loop directly around their home planet to the dark side of the multiverse which caused a permeation in the dark and light sides. 

In 2018, when the agreement between the Order of the Black Sun and Solomon expired, Kim’s position as Guardian became official. At that time a 3-year extension was granted to the Abraxas. By whom and the justification for the extension she didn’t say. I can only surmise it was the Universal Council’s doing, and the rationale being that the Abraxas were also lied too and they should have the opportunity to do the right thing. But the fact they too were puppets, lied to by their Dark Lord Master who threw them into the pot to be harvested as well never sunk in. Their arrogance and superiority complex would never allow them to go there, so they continued to try and resurrect their operations. In 2018 the SSP and the Abraxas made a deal so that they could regain control the planet. After the three-year extension expired in Dec 2021, no stay of execution occurred and they continued to interfere.

Finally, the decision was made to eliminate the Abraxas! They were finally exterminated, de-molecularized, returned to Source or whatever the right term is, I’m not sure. But this is a huge relief because they believed if they couldn’t have Earth no one else could and they were intent on destroying us. Their removal from the chessboard had to happen.

Now that’s pretty big news! For more information on the Abraxas, see A Hierarchy in Shambles (Kim Goguen – Part 2) in The Order, the Hierarchy on Planet Earth series.

Planetary Alignment on April 24, 2022 | Reconnection of the Gegenschein

A very significant event is coming up on April 24, 2022. A major turning point for humanity is expected. A planetary alignment which happens around every 12 thousand years is to take place on April 24th. But according to Kim, this alignment is extra special this time because we have an opportunity to align with the Suns of six other planets. So Earth in the 3rd dimension, along with 6 other suns and the Central Sun being a 9 (or complete consciousness) will give us the capacity to completely restore the 3rd dimension!

In addition, the Gegenschein has been reconnected. Kim said the Gegenschein looks like dust but it’s a compilation of metals that connects us directly to the Central Sun, which is now a Creator Sun, which means the universe is expanding again as it should be, rather than circling the toilet bowl. She also mentioned that the Gegenschein used to be a planetoid that was reinstalled during another war Earth had. It sounds like this connection had been severed or damaged due to the Dark Sun. Which war? Who knows? But you can take your pick if you want to scan the list in the Historical Timeline Trigger Events table I included at the end of my post, The Day of Destiny – November 18, 2021.

Kim also provided more detail in a follow-up report I listened to this week regarding the utilization of the Gegenschein in the new architecture, since the Metatron codes are dissipating. The Metatron codes were being used to run the energy grids in reverse and is the foundation of the NAA’s control system. The new architecture being built is based on a Tesseract structure. And of course I found material around this topic in Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary which I’m including below for reference.

I love when I see the parallels in what Kim discusses and what I learn from Lisa Renee. In fact, Lisa’s Ascension class just last month was oriented around the reversal architecture that utilized the Metatron grid system which is dissolving and the 3D breakdown. To oversimplify a concept I find very difficult to get my head around, essentially the metatronic coding is the building block for all their inverted and reversed energy syphoning. They actually cannot exist with this gone. Lisa Renee also has been emphasizing this fact the last couple of years. The removal of the architecture, planetary grid system, etc., that was hijacked by the Negative Aliens in conjunction with the repair work and construction of the new architecture, based on natural law, the law of structure etc., will make it absolutely impossible for these dark entities to coexist with us. So very cool and mind blowing the deeper I get into this.

Metatronic Coding
The Metatronic code is based on two spheres of Bi-Wave Influences of the Vesica Pisces which is used in reversals, instead of the eternal life three spheres, or Trinity Wave. Fallen Consciousness, such as the Fallen Angelics and Imposter Spirits, are due to Metatronic Code configuration in the planet and is the result of excessive misuse of free will choice that opposes the divine plan and intention of God Source. In the cycles of evolution, the opposing expression reaches the point at which it jeopardizes the eternal life expression and continued existence of the Cosmic Order.
Metatronic Reversal means to digress from the original Christos Divine Blueprint of the 12 Tree Grid and manifest Anti-Christ life forms. When the original creation program of the Krystal Code from God Source is altered or modified in any way, the ability to self-regenerate and ascend is interrupted, leading to Fallen Consciousness and potential destruction.

Metatronic Reversal – Ascension Glossary

Geometric Tesseract
The All Seeing Eye of God projects its Divine Mind blueprint as an imprinted Geometric Tesseract called the Cosmic Cube Matrix. It is the schematic being projected into the brains and bodies of the Blue Ray’s at this time, those with the “mark of the lamb” on their foreheads as created by the opening of the seal. This imprint of a Geometric Tesseract is being referred to as the Cosmic Cube Matrix of God’s archetypal matrix of the 144,000. The Cosmic Cube holds the schematic and blueprint to God’s Laws by building the architecture of the City Four Square or Krystal Cathedral. This represents the Four planes of matter in the Four quadrants of our Universe. This is also representing the four elemental bases of our raw material making up the planes of matter (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). These four elementals make up the main chemical constituents of our DNA code and are being re-encrypted by the Aurora‘s through the Crystal River. The City Four Square or Krystal Cathedral contains the blueprint of the Solar Christ identity of the 144,000 archetypes of the sons and daughters of God. This new life foundation, which is the new grid for building base matter in the blueprint as designed by the 144,000, is necessary in order to focus the Divine Wholeness of God consciousness in the given dispensation of the Ascension

Cosmic Cube Matrix – Ascension Glossary

Non-Repairable Human Wingnuts Expecting Mass Depopulation on April 24th

Evidently the wingnuts have known about this planetary alignment for quite some time because they have been planning for it. Oh boy have they been planning for it. April 24th is the main event, as the fruits of their labor around getting the sheep to take the jabs is supposed to manifest in a mass depopulation, and usher in a time of complete darkness which will permeate throughout earth. That is their hope.

Deep State’s Expectation for the Jabbed on April 24th

The jabbed allowed themselves to be injected with a concoction of heavy metals, nano tech and who knows what else. This cocktail is supposed to have a negative impact to them during this blast, as there is a link obviously with the magnetic field and whatever else happens in quantum physics as a result of this event which is beyond my comprehension. But this is also why they are spraying us like crazy with chemtrails, because not enough people have taken the injections which is critical to bring about their mass depopulation event. They are desperately trying to get these metals and nano tech into our bodies one way or the other.

The wingnuts are in for a big disappointment though. What most of the non-repairable humans are unaware of is the change in status of the Central Sun. They still believe we have a Dark Sun, but it’s definitely a Creator Sun now. Why do they not know this? According to Kim it’s because no one informs them otherwise and they don’t have the capacity to check these things. And they obviously don’t listen to Kim’s intel updates (nor read my blog ha!) See excerpt from my below post from a year and a half ago.

Status of Our Central Sun
“Great news! As of last year, a spark from Source entered our central sun. Previous to that spark, our central sun was a black hole sucking in everything it possibly could, acting like a giant toilet bowl. But since the spark from Source was reinstated, the multiverse started creating again. To reiterate what was explained in the previous post, The Black Magician had used his star breaker technology to take out our central sun. This then required power packs to power up the sun. The loosh from humans, which we can naturally generate, is what was used to power the sun through these power packs. Without loosh from humans, the galaxy would be destroyed.”

Source: The Enforcer, Our Central Sun & The End of the Loosh Farm (Kim Goguen – Part 3). – Based on Life Force Call 11/15/2020

What is Likely to Happen to the Jabbed on April 24th?

Since we have a Creator Sun instead of a Dark Sun, the jabbed are not expected to drop dead. However, those people are not going to cease being sick suddenly either. Kim said there are ways to correct the damage and they are working on this. In the meantime she has been recommending anything with pine bark. This is a great help in removing radiation, and the Folium product the Global Health & Wellness Consortium has been advocating is also very beneficial.

In addition, keep in mind there is a shelf life of 3-4 months from these jabs, unlike the original ARCHONS. This is the real reason why the boosters are necessary, because it wears off. Kim has mentioned this numerous times. For more on ARCHONS, see my related post, Kim Goguen Reveals What is an ARCHON? Has the Root Cause of All Disease Been Uncovered?

But is there any truth to the snake venom rumors that are now going around? Kim said there is some truth to the snake venom but it is not affiliated in any way with the MRNA. Some people did likely receive venom and they are the ones who experienced severe neurological disorders and other side effects that snake venom would cause. There are antidotes for snake venom which is what the medical professionals could be disbursing instead of pushing the jabs.

So with regards to the event on April 24th, the expectation is that the jabbed will get a boost in a positive sense. They may even start to wake up and actually be able to see what we can see. That in conjunction with the narrative really breaking down now, it hopefully will make them start to question soon. That would be a huge relief for those of us awake because frankly they are more exhausting than the deep state these days!

What is Likely to Happen to those Already on the Awakened Path?

We’ll likely start to experience a gradual upgrade in consciousness. Perhaps we’ll also start to experience better sight, better hearing, an increase in brain function. I guess we’ll find out and we won’t have to wait long. Personally, if I could keep what I have from breaking down I’d be happy. Seems like every month I wake up with some new annoying pain or stiffness to deal with that never goes away. I just keep adding to my collection. I’ll take any improvement I can get though!

What is Likely to Happen to the Non-Repairable Human Wingnuts?

Now this is going to get really interesting.  Actually, not only will this alignment not yield their desired outcome of mass depopulation of the sheep, the complete opposite is likely to happen. Why? Because these wingnuts have been taking an antidote to the jabs they gave the sheep. They were told the antidotes will protect them from the blast on the 24th, so they won’t be swept up in the mass depopulation. Not only that, they believe it will give them an intellectual and physical upgrade, complements from the dark side. They would become more intelligent and have more longevity. Hum, is that so? Well they possess about as much smarts as a box of rocks now, the bar can’t really go any lower, it can only go up. But my guess is any intelligence upgrade bestowed on them would still be undetectable.

Kim said if her calculations are correct, they will get a giant burst of the exact opposite. It will cause rapid degeneration and we may be seeing a lot less of the Deep State by the end of the month! Why will it reverse on those who chose the side of the dark? Because their antidote works on the premise we still have a Dark Sun, which we don’t anymore. If you’re trying to function on anti-matter (dark energy), meaning you must destroy to create, it’s a different conductor than Creator energy. It’s a different compilation. They took the antidotes so their bodies can be inhabited by a demon. But no matter what they do at this point, it won’t change anything. They really should have listened to Kim’s Intel Reports instead of their puppet masters. Oh well!

We might still have to endure several more months or a year of turmoil before they dissipate, but we’re going forward regardless! And this has to be a lot more manageable compared to what could happen if the plan goes their way. We would be under their total control. They plan to kill off the rest of us who didn’t get jabbed. So obviously the fact that our Sun is no longer a Dark Sun, and most of the wingnuts have no clue that has changed is very good news for us!

Cross Your Fingers!

If everything lines up properly, we’ll all get that blast on April 24th, and it will begin our Ascension back to where Earth really belongs. Kim said it already started cresting around April 7th. That’s why the psychopaths keep calling in for help to stop it. I provided more on that in Part 2. But it’s time for everyone to wake up. Resisting will be counterproductive. Hopefully our friends and family who have been thinking we are crazy will start looking at us differently. Wow, won’t that be a switch!

The hope is that this major event will reverse their actions. The highest level non-repairable humans will probably continue to believe they are immortal, but maybe their minions will start to see it’s going the opposite way. Not likely, but if they do, maybe they will finally stop taking orders from them. We’re going to reach a point very quickly where things are going to turn around. Then we can finally proceed with the Restoration Plan.

This war we are coming out of, that lasted 3 million years was with the real enemy. Everyone else in the multi-verse is celebrating while we still have the crazy deep state people. But that’s all we have left of this war, these non-repairable humans. And hopefully, there will be far fewer in the very near future!

For Part 2 of this Special Report, see Real Alien (Super Demon Level) Invasion Thwarted | Will There Be a Twist to Agenda 2030 on the Horizon? | Cornered Cabal To Hurl Whatever’s Left in Their Quiver | Part 2 04/22/2022.


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  1. Wow! that certainly was interesting. Thanks for distilling the important stuff out of Kim’s reports for people like me who don’t have the time to listen to them directly. Bringing in Lisa’s corroborative information adds to the authenticity of what Kim is presenting.
    I have had my own precognitive experiences of something major happening in my lifetime which would eventually result in a type of ‘heaven on earth’ existence for us humans on this planet but the visions were very broad brush without too much detail. The extent of the evil that seems to have been overcome is beyond comprehension and it will be amazing if this feat has finally been achieved, as Kim claims.
    I am really looking forward to your next installment. Many thanks again for this and all your other reports.

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