Headline News in 1918 | Who Created Communism? | Did their Savior Anu Come Back from the Dead Yet? | About Ivana Trump | Asian Assassins Called In | Where is Solomon’s Temple#1 | Part 1

This Situation Report: Disclosure by Kim Goguen was delivered on July 21, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This was a long Intel update, nearly two hours. It had a lot of information so I’ve split it up into two parts. As usual, a lot of work was done by Kim, her team and the Enforcer in the span of a just a few days. I didn’t even capture every single detail and I bet Kim probably didn’t cover every single thing that was done that week. There were many technical system topics which were a little difficult to follow in this update. I realize she is speaking to the Deep State remnants a lot of the time, to make them aware she knows everything they are up to and before they do. So as always, listen to the UNN video for your own assessment. I did the best I could.

In Part 1 we’ll visit some top stories that hit the news in 1918, who created Communism, the savior that didn’t come back from the dead, there was more to Ivana Trump than meets the eye, demonic Asian assassin groups are called in and where Solomon’s Temple #1 is really located.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Top News Stories in 1918

Kim dug up some interesting facts around the top news stories in early 1918! Here they are…

  • It’s been nearly 10 years since first cases H1N1 emerged.
  • There were now 2 years in since the first cases emerged from the virus.
  • During the pandemic people were encouraged to mask up which resulted in school closings, banning of mass gatherings such as funerals and weddings. People are encouraged to stay inside.
  • Since the re-emergence of the current variant people are once again asked to do the same.
  • Gates created a vaccine that will stop the spread of the virus.
  • The war between the Russians rages on. The war is between the White Russians and those in the South, the Red Russians, or Ukrainians. Some think this could escalate into a World War.
15 Astonishing Facts About The 1918 Flu Pandemic (buzzfeed.com)

Where have we’ve heard this before? Oh yeah, present day, except back then it was Dr. Fredrick L. Gates who developed vaccines against the H1N1 virus 104 years ago and today it’s his grandson Bill. It was the same H1N1 flu and 10 years ago the swine flu emerged.

Behind the scenes in 1918, the people running the military theatre really seemed to want their war and bad men from the Order of the Black Sun were paying for the revolution and clearly backing Ukraine, the Red Russians.

And here we go again. It’s exactly the same. They really do lack creativity. No wonder they like to keep our lifespans short.

Top News Stories from 1918 | Infoplease
Communism was the Order of the Black Sun’s Creation

Back in 1918 the instructions to the Order of the Black Sun birthed the USSR and that was the intention at the time. In 2018 during the annual ‘Family’ meeting, the same instructions came through for that year, thus the birth of the COVID virus to get the ball rolling. They are trying to bring back Lenin’s plan from a 100 years ago, but through China, because it doesn’t exist anymore in Russia.

Everyone points fingers at the Rothschilds as being the bad guys, including the Parents and the head cheese, Marduk. But it’s just a game they play on the Coven Masters, Coven Members, Governments, etc., who blindly follow the set of instructions received from their slave masters. The same slave masters who pre-determined who plays the good cop and who plays the bad cop. They remain stuck in a bad play where both sides will lose and we win because despite everyone being dead above them, no money for them appearing anymore, and things just aren’t working out like they expected, they can’t see the ending is changing every day and not in their favor! Oye vey!

As Kim mentioned in previous Intel updates when she explained the hierarchy of the Order and when the ‘Family’ meetings take place every year, the last time the Coven Masters received instructions was in 2019. The Parents were dead but they left them the instructions for China to become the global power. So the Parents also just reuse the same plans and instructions, except they are doing a combo package this time and a bunch of people were promised world domination. But that was the last time. Instructions never came from the Parents in 2020 or 2021. Kim keeps repeating this for those who are left. They are following orders your Coven Masters made up.

Ivana Trump

Ivana Built the Trump Empire

According to Kim, Ivana was the one who built the Trump Empire. She was the one who really ran the show, all of it. She created the brand and was a part owner in everything. She was also the executor of Trump’s will. The two of them still talked once or twice a week, during his Presidency too.

Ivana Murdered by Someone She Knew

Ivana didn’t fall down the stairs by herself. Kim confirmed it was intentional and ordered by someone Ivana knew, but she was not going to disclose who it was at this time. She just said that the Trump family has some very shady CIA characters around them telling them what to do. She also found out that Ivana was going to walk away from her husband and the family altogether and start a new life.

Note: For some interesting gematria decodes on this ritual sacrifice, check out Ivana Trump, First Wife of Donald Trump, Dies at Young 73 in Obvious Ritual – Updated – Joachim Bartoll Official

CIA Was Told to End the Trump Narrative

There were some operatives who took orders from the now deceased Secret Militaries who told these CIA people playing Trump that they need to stop, this needs to end. This was around July 7th. I guess we’ll see if anything happens, but they did say there was going to be fallout.

Kim said she did not send them there, they decided to go on their own accord because they are tired of the lies also. I get the impression she doesn’t want to interfere and wants it to unfold on it’s own. But it’s good to know that there are some patriots around the world that serve the militaries. There are probably more good ones than bad ones. Those at the higher ranks are the absolutely evil ones.

The Mess Black Sun Operatives Created

The Black Sun Operatives made a real mess not just here in the US, but in Russia, Germany, etc. But here’s the obvious messes they got going in the US these days.

Keeping the Dead POTUS #45 Alive

As I mentioned a couple of times from past updates, Kim told the Trump family back in December of this year that if they didn’t tell the world Trump died and they don’t stop using his name as a cash machine, it’s going to end badly. Well, there are high ranking people who know the Donald is dead and want it known. But the family and their handlers decided to continue the narrative. Being a month behind writing this, we can see some developments stirring there. Where it will all land will be interesting to say the least.

Setting the Stage for Biden and the Village Bicycle to Go, Eventually

They are setting up Biden with illnesses, so it’s looking like they don’t want to keep him around much longer. No one wants the VP in office either. Kamala, otherwise known as the village bicycle is a member of the Order of the Black Sun and is close with Obama. No surprise there. Hum, so the cackling VP is not working out like they expected? Must be her superior intellect. In any case, I wonder what her handlers have in store for her.

Aspen Security Forum

There was an Aspen Security Forum that was going on July 19-22. I didn’t see any buzz on this one in the alt media. But I didn’t miss much evidently. Kim said it’s so disgusting. They continue talking about a narrative that no one is buying. The Chinese Ambassador was actually saying that China is just into forming alliances and partnerships with countries, they are not trying to take over the world. Blah blah blah. Well, considering this list of supporters, I didn’t need to go any further.

July 13th | Another Missed Deadline for the Wingnuts

Annual Meeting of the New Earth Council

In the previous update Kim mentioned that the annual meeting of the New Earth Council was coming up and it went on for a couple weeks, ending on the 13th of July. This is the meeting of the Others who organized a couple of years ago and are fully onboard with the Restoration Plan. They no longer work for the Order (who were enslaved along with the Humans). Some of the races that make up the New Earth Council that we might recognize are the Saurian, Tall Whites, Short Grays, Tall Greys. These are mostly people who were left here when taken by the Draco. They live on or in the Earth.

The players have changed on this Council but the remaining wingnuts don’t know that or don’t believe it. So they were expecting to receive instructions from this Council, which sounds like they didn’t get any. If they did receive any instructions, like Kim mentioned in the past, they would have entailed restoration projects, which surely would have confused these worshippers of death.

Did Anu Come Back from the Dead on July 13th?

The imbeciles on deck now are in denial that they lost, just like everyone above them who perished. Some believed that one of their ‘special groups’ was going to be selected by Anu to rule the world by the 13th. Yep, the dead Anu is coming back to give them the good news. And it has to be done by the 13th. So either they don’t even know he’s been dead for a couple years now or they know he’s dead but think he’s being resurrected? I have no idea but they really need to start listening to Kim’s Intel updates starting two years back.  

Now to their credit, they weren’t entirely certain this was going to actually happen or not, but they weren’t about to miss it if it did, so they started scrambling around a week or two earlier and eventually were standing outside the room of Coutts Bank, as this is where they would normally stand to get orders and instructions. There was a holographic phone in that room. Except this time no one was in the room. I guess they gave up that spot eventually and tried a bunch of different places looking to get instructions but had no success. This left them in a quandary I suppose.

Kim said they never designed their own operations ever and I’d say it shows. So, as usual Kim tried to educate this level that is now on deck. We are down to some very crazy Jesuit Generals. She told them, “you are just operation runners”. You get your little bit but you don’t know the entire picture. We’ve heard that before. The lower down the totem pole, the less of the big picture they are going to have. Seems obvious for someone on the outside, but not for those on the inside evidently. Nope, they see it entirely differently. They are now on top because they are so special’, the chosen one to rule the world.

Except what we are now witnessing is Larry, Moe and Curly running around with tools they know nothing about causing serious problems. Kim said there were 3 or 4 of these nut jobs down the street from her who thought about bringing a US Marshall to her house so they could pull her out and send her to Castle Rock or Denver. Those were their orders, so she could meet with their superiors who would then try and manipulate her into doing what they wanted by any means necessary.

She mentioned that she is in a ‘Zone’ though, which means if they violate it for her it would mean violation for others who are in the protected ‘zone’ as well and there would definitely be repercussions. I can’t say I understand much about the ‘zones’. She mentioned it once before that I remember. Who makes these rules and designates these zones I don’t know, she didn’t give a lot of detail.

These operatives she is talking about, would take orders from the 13 Secret Militaries who are now departed (as mentioned in the previous Intel update, 10 Year Money Printing Extension Expired July 4th | 13 Shadow Militaries All Gone! | Cryptococcosis, the New Virus Intercepted | Candida Outbreak Diverted | Agreement with Draco Expired | The Remaining Imbeciles Have No Friends Left. Maybe they don’t know they are dead yet? Who besides Kim is going to tell them?

And then there was some remaining Rothchilians, Dragon Family members who had some old information and orders they were still following through on. Kim said they too were shocked that no alien came to talk to them on July 13th.  So they missed the deadline too. Oh oh.

Run Down | Day to Day Operations Leading up to July 13th

Now we’ll back track to some events that took place as a result of the ‘special ones‘ preparing for Annu’s resurrection and other activities Larry, Moe and Curly were running around doing.

July 6th | Systems, Systems and More Systems
Python GLU Language Again

Python GLU language keeps reappearing. It allows one type of computer to talk to another and it seems to be a favorite tool of theirs. It was being used as an entry point into everything, phones, sending etherical viruses, hacking into the banking systems. Kim also mentioned something called Cyberpunk 2077 – Wikipedia which when I looked it up was a video game. Not sure this is what she was referring to, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Somehow that was being used too.

Femtotech Again

She and her team located some new towers to use for transmission for the femtotech to get into our person and they were shut down. She mentioned Overland T Company. I am not sure if it is referring to this company (Home – Overland Tandberg), but the entire staff of the company she is referring to has a close relationship with the Obama Administration and they were playing with Elon Musk and his SpaceX program and someone on the Federal Reserve Board. They were trying to connect the femtotech so we could all die regardless of our jab status. Just having been sprayed upon or covid tested is all it would take.

Bank Transfers Again

Kim did numerous money transfers which she said worked beautifully. Evidently all the greedy piglets came out of the woodwork showing themselves every time, as well as their hacking tools. She said on July 3rd people at Camp Pendleton were especially trying this. She mentioned this in the previous update with a couple more details. They planned on launching their XUSD again and tried to access a portal in the deep deep deep web. A General there at Camp Pendleton has really lost it. Kim removed what needed to go and created her own GLU Language, naming it KIMS GLU Language.

Octagon Again

Using a Tesla Nvidia motherboard they tried to connect to the old Octagon system which is empty.

GCHQ & PROMIS System Again

They reinstalled the GCHQ and reloaded the old PROMIS system, part of the 9 Eyes to get into the old system but the mainframe was dismantled around the banking system.

Marduk’s Old Submarine

They found one of Marduk’s old submarines and they tried to connect to it so they could then establish a connection to the Alpha system that Kim runs. They were unsuccessful.


She found a lot of energetic parasites travelling through electrical lines, wifi and microwave mesh linked to Huawei. This Chinese Company had back doors to everything. A lot of cleanup ensued.

Georgia Guidestones

Kim confirmed that a directed energy weapon took down the Georgia Guidestones. They were hoping to create ultimate fear and on the flip side they intend to use it for some narrative. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

July 7th | How to Get the Old Timeline Back? Bring in the Asian Assassins!
Asian Assassin Group 1 | The Jades

The remaining imbeciles are still trying to figure out how to get the old timeline back and decided it was time to usher in the Jades (I’m not certain of the spelling). Kim described them as the assassination team of last resort for the Asian groups. They are the most brutal of the brutalist. They are trained in all of the arts. You can call them Black Shamans. They are well versed in all types of warfare and can conjure demons. They conjured up a demon called the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ the same demon who inhabited Genghis Kahn. Kim ran into it with some of its warriors. It really hated her and it started attacking her and her team. She said it was really nasty dark energy and essence and that thing had to go back to Source, which it did along with its warriors on the 7th of July.

Asian Assassin Group 2 | The Kaifeng Jews

Other groups similar to the Jades are the Kaifeng Jews in the mountains in China that morphed into the Kuman Tang that runs San Francisco. They have a huge involvement in human trafficking and the opium trade. Again, San Francisco is the largest human trafficking port in the world. Many airlines are involved in human trafficking as well. Kim mentioned that fact a couple of times and evidently back when Pan Am was still around flight attendants were recruited by the CIA, while pilots smuggled things like cigarettes into the Soviet Union. Nowadays it’s trafficking children. Under most airports are underground railroads for human trafficking.

More groups similar to the Jades and Kaifeng Jews were found in Vietnam tied to the Russians in a place called the Maichau Rice Field. Apparently these are all sacred places to them and they were determined to bring Annu back one way or the other and to their side.

The Kaifeng Jews (Chinese: 開封猶太族; pinyinKāifēng YóutàizúHebrew: יהדות קאיפנג) are members of a small community of descendants of Chinese Jews in Kaifeng, in the Henan province of China. In the early centuries of their settlement, they may have numbered around 2,500 people.[3] Despite their isolation from the rest of the Jewish diaspora, their ancestors managed to preserve Jewish traditions and customs for several centuries. The distinctive customary life of this Kaifeng community slowly eroded, as assimilation and intermarriage with Han Chinese and Chinese Moslem neighbours advanced, until, by the 19th century, their Jewishness became largely extinct, apart from the retention of clan memories of their Jewish past.[a]
Source: Kaifeng Jews – Wikipedia

Mission Failed | Demons Get Ticket Back to Source Instead

The Jades were in Mount Fuji, Japan and the Kaifeng were in Vietnam. Three were in Iraq, some were in Los Alamos, New Mexico, some in Bulgaria, Budapest and Thailand. All those people were promptly sent back to Source for their part in bringing dark essence to usher in their old timeline.

Banking System | More Hacking

On that same day Kim was constantly finding viruses in the banking system and had to run a lot of cleanup. When sending one transfer that day she ran into hackers anonymous in Lugano, Switzerland at a CIA black site. She tried to log into an account but it kept saying you can’t until to enter a survey. There was no way to bypass the survey. She pulled the transfer back and then had a conversation with the hacker asking what he was doing back there. He was then in a full on panic. Sounds like she scared him. But he was just some computer geek hacker evidently.

CIA Black Site in Tunisia

Intel (I assume she means the company) was sending radio frequency waves to connect to qubits which led to her finding a CIA Black site in Tunisia. I assume too she cleaned up stuff there.

Ancient Tech of Frequency Generators

Some ancient technology was also found underground in the home of a Phoenician civilization. I don’t even know what that means, but I guess the Deep State does. This tech entailed something to do with frequency generators likely from the Draco and Abraxas. They recently became aware of it because they have “The Draco Manual”. That tech was also terminated.

Searching for Solomon’s Temple #1

On July 8th GPS oceanic wave lines were being manipulated by people in Germany to destroy the ecosystem and poison the water with sound waves off the coast of Norway using a machine. The sunken island of Tartaria, the original location of Solomon’s Temple #1, that the Jews celebrate on Hanukah, is what they were looking for. Kim said it’s actually called Antarctica for those who don’t know. They were also trying to do something with the glacier ice there looking for an underground tunnel and a star gate to the Sun God Ra that led somewhere near Orion.

Hum, does anyone else think she dropped some major truth bombs in that little update? I like the way she just slipped in Tartaria and Solomon’s Temple. I had to strain listening to catch if she actually said Tartaria because she said it so fast and I can’t be 100% sure. So please check on your own. But if so, I guess this is another reason why Antarctica is such a big attraction for the Deep State crazies.

I found an interesting article about Tartaria and view of Antarctica. Looking from this vantage point, you can kind of see how it could be at the center of the world. Just some food for thought.

When you project the globe from, for example, North America or The British Empire – all dominant cultures see the world from their own navel – then the world’s oceans and continents appear as separate. If, on the other hand, you project from the South Pole / Antarctica, then the oceans appear as a single continuum and the continents as a single encirclement.

In Plato’s time, three continents were known through direct experience

Source: Tartaria – The Forgotten Kingdom – mellemsteEtage

Mercator’s mapping turned upside down. We are not used to projecting the Earth vertically, because humans live and understand their world horizontally – at least in recent times.

In Part 2 Kim shares some interesting facts about who used to own the Moon and of course more deep state shenanigans.


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