IRS to Hire 87,000 Armed Agents? | Will the Pindar Chair Find a New Ass to Sit in it? | A Correlation Between 911 & Jan 6th | Was Mar a Lago Raid Staged? | Kim’s Message to Operatives Running the Trump Show | Humanity’s First Direct Connection to Lion’s Gate in 1 Million Years!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 11, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This Intel update by Kim includes some background on the alleged mass hiring armed IRS Agents, insight around the Mar a Lago raid and flailing Trump narrative, how 911 and January 6th are correlated, and good stuff happening to Earth and the people due to our direct connection during Lion’s Gate, a first in one million years.  

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Origins of the 87,000 New Armed IRS Agents in the Inflation Reduction Bill

Kim started off today’s Intel update with the back story to the $740 billion Inflation Reduction Bill, (see Inflation Reduction Act Tax Changes: Details & Analysis | Tax Foundation) because there is a lot of concern around the IRS hiring 87,000 new and armed IRS employees. When the IRS called the Treasury Department about this bill that just passed, because they were looking for the money to hire these new employees they got laughed at. Those at the Treasury Department said they don’t have any money, nobody has any money. So is it really going to happen? Kim said she highly doubts it. But where did this idea come from in the first place?

Tax Authorities Belonged to the Order for the Dragon Families

They are running out of money, scraping the bottom of the barrel. The last pile of money they had was about $5-6 billion dollars they had taken from the IRS. Remember that the IRS is not a US government department. Nor is any tax authority a government department for any other nation. All of the tax authorities belonged to the Order for the Dragon Families.

87,000 More IRS Agents. Plus Guns & Ammo. Scared Yet? – The Opinion Blog
Nancy and Mae Wa (Lilith incarnated) Connection

Remember in the previous Intel update about Nancy Pelosi’s involvement with Mae Wa, the old Chinese lady, or Lilith incarnate, who probably wasn’t a person anymore at the time of her death due to all her black magic. The reason Mae Wa instructed Pelosi to put 87,000 new employees into the bill is because in the past they had gold. They don’t have the gold anymore and therefore they don’t have the cash either, we do.

Well no one who was looking could find Pelosi as of August 10th. Where was she and why was she hiding? Well it’s probably because all the promises she made to her handlers, Agencies, the IRS, and Corporations. It all costs money. Increasing shortages to just about everything, well that costs corporations money.

The majority of that $700 billion dollars was to go to these companies she promised. Some on her list were BlackRock, J&J, Walmart and a slew of other corporations that are being forced to not ship their products.

When Pelosi reappeared again she went on playing the game and announced that China is a free country! Then her handlers back tracked and said it was supposed to be Taiwan. She doesn’t know what she is doing anymore except continue the ‘Pelosi thing’ until her handlers know what they are going to do next. What we do know is that ‘Mae Wa’ thing isn’t going to rise from the dead and they aren’t going to get possession of the gold. So Nancy is continuing with the narrative she was told to continue. Great Plan!

911 & Jan 6th | How Are They Correlated?

Kim mentioned several months back that Jan 6th was supposed to be Trump’s 911 moment. Here are some facts about both of these events.

911 Event Facts

Dick Cheney was a little bit different when it came to politicians because he was Bush Senior’s right hand man and Kim doesn’t mean politically. He was Bush Senior’s second in command and right hand man of the Order of the Black Sun. This meant he had access to over one third of Langley and DARPA and several other organizations which gave him the inside scoop about everything.

They rigged those buildings to implode, not explode. It was all rigged by those agency people, they all knew about it ahead of time. This 911 event was a ritual, and in their opinion the more people who died the better.

A call came in the night before from K Street in Washington DC and they said tomorrow’s the day. When I looked up K Street I found a website for K Street – DC Clubbing, which was more telling than Wikipedia. It said K Street is home to the world’s most powerful think tanks, lobbyists and advocacy groups. The planes we saw were holograms. They were not real. Actual planes were taken to a different location and all the people were taken off and brought to an underground utopia that no longer exists.

Why did Bush Jr take 3 days to show up on the scene? Well since Dick Cheney, who ran Bush Junior’s Administration knew that an additional carcinogenic was thrown on the scene after the implosion, he had him wait.

January 6th Facts

So how is this correlated to Jan 6th? Well the day before, on the 5th of January, Kim sent in associates of hers from a bomb squad because she detected enough explosives to blow up the Capitol building. She doesn’t know for sure how many psychopaths were in on this, but she is certain Trump knew about it and was in on it.

Will they, the ones running the narratives ever tell us about the expected implosion? Probably not, but Kim will. She knows everything and has no problem exposing what happened. For now, she is putting this little bit of information out there specifically for the operatives down the street from her who want to continue the Trump narrative.

The Mar a Lago raid happened because people, including some Generals have found out they have been lied to. This raid on Mar a Lago is theatre for us, not for them. They are orchestrating this to complete the narrative as to why certain events take place.

The meeting going on down the street from her started last weekend and was still going on when she gave this update on August 11th. Most of these people now are freelancers and fixers. They don’t work for DARPA or the Agencies anymore but they retained their security clearances. Some of the people in these meetings want to continue the Trump narrative so they can collect donations for his 2024 Presidential campaign. They want to use the Trump persona as a cash machine.

Trump Narrative Flailing

Mar a Lago Raid

Kim has told us many times that the former alive Trump made a lot of promises to a lot of people, and that included his handlers. He told everyone he was going to the Pindar, Head of the Black Sun, see my post, Which Lion Fits Trump Best? Well it’s all falling apart. The Ivana situation, which Kim touched on lightly, sounds like it has a significant part to play in this breakdown. But she said she is going to leave at that for now, just to see what the operatives running this scam do after listening to this Intel update and find a few other things she put out there for them.

Was the Mar a Lago a Staged Event?

Kim said yes and no. Yes, in that it was intended for those people to get information, but the fact that it went on live TV tells us that we were meant to see this. It’s a campaign stunt, dead Trump is now the martyr and the donation asking is ramped up. I can attest to that. I get texts constantly from them asking for money. There is also a lot of scandal going around about Ivana’s death. Kim said she knows who placed the order, who did it, who was there and why it took 30 minutes to place the phone calls that Ivana was at the bottom of the stairs. The point is this was all an orchestration and there was a strategy there.

Office of Head Dick (I mean Pindar) Surfaces Again

A phone call was placed to an associate of Kim’s by Donald Trump Jr. asking what is a Pindar? Truth seekers like myself and those who have followed Kim have heard this term numerous times. Pindar, we know means Penis of the Dragon, aka Head Dick, we can’t make this up. Anyway, the Pindar used to be the top person over the 13 families of the Illuminati. Of these 13 families some are Dragon families and others are Black Sun families. Kim was very aware of who the past Pindars were because she got the phone calls. In 2015 it was Putin, in 2016 it was Obama, then it was Hildabeast Clinton also in 2016, and the last one was John Von Wright who was on the Order of the Black Sun side. Personally I find it shocking Don Jr had to ask this question. He really is in the dark.

Office of Head Dick Was Previously Terminated

Kim explained to those operatives listening that to become Pindar you have to actually be something and have something. The families don’t have or control the codes which gave them access to the cash, the gold etc. Multiple agreements have expired removing everything from all the families, the Red Dragon family out of Russia, the Green Dragons out of Iran, Gold Dragons out of China, White Dragons out of Austria, and the Black Dragons who were part of the Black Sun.

This question was asked evidently because someone, (who Kim hinted strongly at was Juan O’Savin), allegedly came to the DARPA camp and told them he was going to be PINDAR in just a couple of weeks, which would mean he’s the most powerful person in the world, and they needed to continue this narrative, and so on and so forth.

Pindar and Anti-Christ Pillars
There is a physical entity that is White Draco or Dragon Moth that considers itself supreme royalty. This White Draco merged its hive mind consciousness with the AI uploaded brain of Thoth, along with merging its consciousness with a third identity, Azazael.

Pindar, represents himself as the supreme purebred royal leader of the earth for serving the Draco Empire, and heads up all the Bloodline families in a top-down pyramid of mafioso control. Apparently, he is at the top of the pyramid as the hidden capstone, and all under him must take his orders down the chain of command or suffer punishment, torture or death. The Pindar entity assigns positions and roles throughout the organized hierarchy of the Anti-Christ and Satanic Councils, and many are holders in positions of running specific Alien Machinery, other networks and pillars, which connect directly to run reversals in the cardinal directions, also called the inorganic four.

The Pindar oversees the geo-political operations globally, but his merged AI consciousness with AI Thoth and AI Azazael holds the antichrist architecture for running the beast machine throughout the Northern Pillar. This position is the most important cardinal direction, which oversees the land mass of United Kingdom, entire North America and Antarctica. This means Pindar is overseeing all the main spiritual gateways such as the 11D Stonehenge, 9D Antarctica, and North America, such Stargate 1 Inner Gate Cyprus, and Northern Arizona.

The point is knowing that Pindar is the top of the chain holding the Northern position, and he assigns other entities to hold the Southern position, the Eastern position and the Western position for running beast machine reversals and carrying out the NAA agendas for the One World Order.

Pindar seems to be heavily involved giving orders to run the world conglomerates of transnational businesses, such as giving orders to the Council of 300, with the main goal of manipulating the geo-political environment. Pindar enjoys staging proxy wars for proxy nations for their massive corporate entities and running of industries that serves the Draco Empire, such as mass Human Trafficking and child trafficking off planet, and setting up empires or colony’s on other planets from the earth’s stolen resources. This is run at the top by anti-human, non-human forces, these are Draconian entities that comprise the Orion Group and Alpha Draconis who created partnerships with those Luciferian bloodlines that have the most significant amount of reptilian DNA from thousands of years of genetic modification and alien hybridization.[4]
Source: Pindar-Thoth-Azazael – Ascension Glossary

By the way, there is a specific Chair of Destiny that was used by each Pindar and Kim gave more information on this chain which I found interesting. It had a few little keys that went into or around the chair. The chair itself doesn’t do anything for you. You had to sit in it, then the combination of your body, the mineral composition of the keys and the Stone of Destiny that is underneath the chair allowed for an essence change which would put the one seated in the chair into a situation where they could be possessed. It is an essence change and possession by a third party entity which we could call a demon. That’s why a year ago that chair was brought to Mara Lago, but when Trump sat in it nothing happened. See my post, Which Lion Fits Trump Best?  — Well it’s been 8 months now since Kim told the Trump family if they didn’t announce his death it will go south. My crystal balls says Kim will be right again!

Pindar Chair with Stone of Destiny

Will Annual Family Meetings Take Place This Year?

It will be interesting to find out if they pretend these meetings took place. And if they do, what will be fabricated this year? Kim repeatedly tells us instructions stopped coming in 2019 and we’re three years past now.

New Moon

Coming up on the next New Moon, which would be August 27th, the meeting of the families would typically start and then end on the Harvest Moon, which this year is September 10th, that is after their regular activities of baby face eating and adrenochrome injecting.  

Harvest Moon

After the Harvest Moon, the Operatives, like those who are hopefully listening to this Intel update, would get contracts. But again this hasn’t happened since 2019. Kim rehashed some history that took place in 2018 to dispel the confusion these operatives might have. The last time Kim transferred money to the governments was in 2018 and it was stolen by the Dragon Families. This is how they paid you operatives in 2018. There were some other things Kim did during the Trump Administration in terms of money transfers, when she actually thought Trump was a decent human being. But all that has ceased.

So, will anyone sit in Pindar the chair? Well that’s in a future post. But it won’t matter, it won’t work. Nor will anyone get cash after the Harvest moon. Not unless they go to Kim and want to be part of the Restoration Plan.

Kim’s Message to Operatives Running the Trump Show

To you operatives running the Trump show, she will not support in any way shape or form anything you do. You are lying to the American people and stealing from them and you need to tell them the truth.

You can work with her in a certain way where the Trump family and all of you will be fine, you can come out smelling like a rose (except to people like me and everyone who follows Kim). Keep in mind you both know all about those Israeli contracts, the Saudi Arabia contracts, and deals with Putin and the Black Sun in China. Don’t forget the lease back of all the military equipment underneath the Obama Administration. Kim has it all.

She said you can be good friends, you can work together and build great things. She can even help unravel this narrative you made a complete mess of. You know the Biden thing in the White House and the Pelosi clone thing making deals with people who think they are Lilith incarnate.

Start worrying about the future of this country and the world and start planning accordingly, because the Restoration Plan has already started in many ways. Restoration of connections through etherical planes, restoration of our DNA, soul connections. She destroyed every bit of military equipment that the 13 Shadow Militaries had left, that you guys were running around trying to operate, including in Cancun where she found you today.

Hey people who invaded Mar a Lago, did you happen to find the Pindar chair by any chance? And do you know Kim is also aware of the meetings that took place underneath Moscow. It’s no coincidence they took place there and it was no coincidence she had just been there shortly before. Hum, I wonder what she was referencing there?

Operatives Need to Get a Grip

Pretending a dead guy is alive to collect donations is not an operation. It doesn’t even make for a good narrative anymore. Even if Kim did nothing it’s falling apart so badly you will sink like a stone. So make some smart decisions. Get a grip about your failing operations and you and she can work together. If you don’t make the right decision today you will be running counter to her. Look what happened to all of those who ran counter.

Kim also purposely wanted to relay this information to them about Jan 6th and 911. If the incident at the Capital building wasn’t curtailed it would have been blamed on the Russians and the perfect time to call Martial Law. Why was this important? Because there could not be any change in the President during Martial Law. This information was given to Trump on the diplomatic line by Kim herself. She knows he signed Martial Law, but not until he was walking off the tarmac and it was too late then.

Know too what she contacted Trump about the student loans and transferred the money to buy the portfolio, $1.3 trillion dollars that she ended up having to take back. They were paid off for only an hour. These operatives need to understand it was always Kim who paid. The Federal Reserve liens being paid off, that was Kim too. Diplomatic terminal told all you guys to leave the office didn’t he. He didn’t realize everything is on camera and recorded. FYI – it’s still available for your viewing pleasure if you ask her for it. It’s still available in the Archives.

Is Trump coming back in 2024? No way. Continue the narrative, but it’s not going to happen. In this country, just like every other country in the world, if the office of the President or any Head of State around the world is to change, the Agencies have to change

The State of the Earth and the People

Lions Gate | Our First Direct Connection in 1 Million Years!

There have been some disturbances for us because we are still in the window of a period of time called Lions Gate. We just hit peak a couple of days ago. It’s very different for us this time because for the first time in 1 million years we actually had a direct connection with the light and the light essence during this period. The reason it was so different had a lot had to do with the clearing and cleaning of all the curses on the gold. There were many curses, but Kim only pointed out one tied to Vikings. It was a 500 year old curse from Loki. She emphasized that it took a lot of work, a lot of clearing and cleaning to enable us to accept the most important agreement, the Lions Gate alignment.

Alignment with Orion’s Sword

Kim said that inside the earth there are a lot of gold veins. There is also a ballast, which is a giant ball of gold. The point where it hits the earth’s surface closest is at Malakoff Caves, which is a national park in California Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park – Sierra Gold Parks Foundation. It goes all the way over to Yellowstone Park. When the alignment starts to happen with Orion’s Sword, the 3 stars in Orion. It will automatically provide a booster through this sword when aligned with Earth. Kim said that because the scalar weapons are no longer there we are not losing any of the light.

What does that mean for us? We have a ballast ball that goes right through the central vortex of earth, shooting through the veins of gold pure light essence in the earth on the inside and we’re also receiving it on the outside.  

Fractional Light

Some things coming through the archives right now have to do with fractionated light. Expect to start seeing the world differently. You may be experiencing bursts of energy or the opposite, feeling tired off and on. The good news is we saw our boost this year for the first time ever. The wingnuts are still trying to reverse what has already been done mainly for ownership of the gold.

When you find gold in the ground you often find diamonds nearby and other rare earth minerals. The diamonds, just like crystals can hold essence and energy and they were also cleared this week because it was causing a problem in the energy flow through the veins in earth.

We’re getting cleaner and clearer which makes it easier in direct connections with our Creator. We’ll start to see the world differently, we’ll see colors differently and this is because the planes are coming together. The physical plane, soul plane, causal or emotional plane that affects our physical person. When you go higher up the planes, that is where the fabric of reality. So imagine what the matrix really looks like from that level.

Big Changes Filed in the Hall of Records!

These are big changes recorded in the Hall of Records and a lot of people have started receiving this information. It went out last week and it’s trickling down the ranks to the operative level now. They are starting to figure some things out. There is a lot in there they don’t understand and they wouldn’t have been privy to the information nor do know what to do with it. But it’s important they try to understand how it affects themselves now, how it affects the governments and we the people.

I’m trying really hard to catch up on these reports!


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