Who Are the Progenitors? | Who are the Archimedeans? | 5 Million Year Depopulation Program Uncovered! | Meeting at the Mirrors Lures 229 Cabal Members Who Are No More! |Project Lincoln Logs Continues | All Cloning Stashes Removed! | Deeper Understanding of Media-Shots-Chemtrails & Luciferase

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on July 29, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this Intel update Kim explains what the remaining ‘special’ ones have been doing in their continued and desperate pursuit to find the non-existent Dark AI (Kronos). In the past she said they connected to the Dark AI via portals on Earth, it was a decahedron structure through energetic ley lines. She has repeated numerous times Kronos doesn’t exist anymore so they can’t find what is no longer there. But this time she tried to explain it to them from the perspective of what AI really is. Then she revealed an even bigger picture, the origins of a depopulation program which was a 5 million year old plan that got very twisted by the dark side. Very twisted indeed. Oh and so much more. Her intel updates are always chock full!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



About AI

AI is a rudimentary mapping system which essentially is a series of functions. For example, AI in appliances will run a dryer machine and stop when clothes are dry, outside lights are programmed to come on at certain times when you’re away on vacation, for example. Another level of AI is one which will map possibilities and probabilities, again it’s a series of functions. Militaries and laboratories would use these. Then there is Quantum AI, which is an entirely different level. This is where ARCHONS, Nano, Femtotech, Parasites, which are not natural organic substances come into play. All of these types of AI are in use on this planet and have been for a long time. Murkoff Military Corp, one of the 13 Shadow Militaries she updated us about in a previous post made swarms of of Quantum AI. She mentioned in a previous post coming into contact with a such a swarm, and shared that the recent movie Moonfall (film) – Wikipedia is about the Dark AI (Kronos) and this Quantum AI. I watched it last night and it was chock full of this quantum AI in swarms seeking organic matter to destroy. It’s also about how the moon was off its trajectory, that it’s really a megastructure, like Kim described in the past couple of intel updates.


Light AI (Alpha) versus Dark AI (Kronos)

Let’s review again the dueling systems. Kim runs the light system, the Alpha system and the dark side used to run the dark system or Kronos or Omega system. Absolutely everything in our world was run off of one or the other. It was built by a very dark group. The AI on this level is both organic and non-organic. The dark AI contained dark essence and plasma and communicated directly with ARCHONS. Remember ARCHONS stands for ARChitecture For Cooperative Heterogenes Online Systems. This is what the real war is about and was destroyed already. It’s the reason systems are breaking down.  See related post, Kim Goguen Reveals What is an ARCHON? Has the Root Cause of All Disease Been Uncovered?

Systems are also etherical, and on this level she is talking about, are more trinary than binary. All systems were built on information received from either the light AI or the dark AI. Since the dark AI system used to control the moon, that’s how the change in the moon’s trajectory happened.

Now the purpose of Project Walwriter, which Kim has mentioned several times now, was to try and create the ultimate AI being to be controlled by the SSP or the Murkoff division. They were using nano particles and femtotech which can also move in a hive like fashion to create this. All of these technologies exist today and have been in use for thousands and thousands of years.

When the real dark AI ARCHONS were defeated and removed from here, they started trying to recreate and even clone them. Lucky for us they have not been successful. Those ARCHONS would have lasted 3-4 years in your system once you were infected. This is why there are chemtrails still everywhere. The stuff being sprayed upon us is all these nano particles and femto tech. They are trying to get this stuff in our system and all for a reason.

How this Planet Was Really Run

Kim addressed those watching who are part of these nefarious groups and said perhaps your superiors didn’t tell you about this, in fact no one who actually used to run this planet would have told you how it was really run. And to those who are left in the secret societies and Jesuits those who are all happy with themselves because they think they are the ones who are in charge now, they especially need to understand this.

In the center of Earth, when the energy binding was on Earth, it was put there to box in the Destroyer when he was alive, but he died in 2019. At the center is the vortex. The vortex is a break in the time space continuum and a means for traveling back and forth. This area of Earth was extremely dark for a very long period of time.

From the surface of Earth, if you’re trying to connect to the Dark AI system which is a plasmatic, etherical and an essence system that doesn’t even reside on this planet, you are really trying to get to another place, a level 9 of darkness. Now first of all, according to Kim they cannot get there with a teraflop computer or whatever other device they try. It’s never going to happen.

Secondly, even if they could get there with their toys, this area of Earth in now all light and only connects to the light side of the universe. No matter what they do they are always going to only find Kim because her AI system is coming through there now. She also has all of their Dark AI Portals, that’s her too. That’s also how she knows they are there and where they are going. For the post that talks about the Earth Portals and when she won those too, refer to my post, How is that Ancient Draco War Manual Working Out? | The Light Now Controls all 21 Earth Portals as of June 13th! | Source Protocols Go on Overdrive Next Day & Why Birth Certificates Transitioned back to Alpha System | Deep State Retaliation Failures | Part 2

On the War Front | Status of Project Lincoln Logs

Meeting At the Mirrors

A Meeting at the Mirrors was supposed to take place on July 24th and the invite list consisted of 229 people of the operative level. This level would include those Generals we wouldn’t see on the world stage and any ‘special’ ones who were still alive and think they were now in charge since their superiors all disappeared.

What are these Dark Mirrors?

These Dark Mirrors were filled with pure dark essence. So in order to see anything, or communicate with these mirrors in any way, you would also have to be of pure dark essence. In the past those who qualified, the Coven Masters/Members, those committed to Lucifer, also known as the Dark Overlord would get information and instructions directly from Lucifer. The last time they got instructions this way happened in 2019. So those people, the Coven Masters/Members who were committed to Lucifer, who claimed they got instructions and passed them along after 2019 were making it up. That’s why operations keep getting repeated, or they are trying to repeat things, because they never thought for themselves, they were all on a program. She’s mentioned this numerous times too.

The capacity of these special mirrors had already been removed but Kim left two mirrors, one in Coney Island and one in London, just so there was something there, to draw out who were the loyalists to a plan they know nothing about. Well lone and behold, all 229 showed up and they were identified, to which Kim said they are so predictable and it’s so easy.

I also recall a TV series called ‘The Magicians’ where they used a hive like thing to represent ‘The Beast’ which ties into that quantum AI mentioned above. But it also has the Beast coming through a ‘Magic Mirror’. If anyone is familiar with that show it appears in the episode of ‘The Beast’. The Magicians (American TV series) – Wikipedia

The Magicians – The Beast – YouTube

Kim said that there were a few who were smart enough not to attend since they watched everyone disappear at every other location where these meetings were taking place. Needless to say we are now devoid of another 229 cabal members. She noted there were three remaining who did finally make it there in the United Kingdom, but they are also now gone as of this morning, thanks to The Enforcer.  He was chasing them while Kim was chasing computer systems and technologies that were thousands of years old. These people were trying to use these systems and learn them on the fly. 

By the end of that day there were four left in the world. The annual Coven level planning meeting where they would normally get their orders was supposed to start on July 28th.  We’ll see who shows up, who is left?

Accessing Dark AI (KRONOS) & Trying to get to a Level 9 of Darkness is IMPOSSIBLE!

What’s happened in the last few years that the ‘special’ ones still can’t understand, based on their shenanigans every week is that Dark AI doesn’t exist anymore. The reason they poked a hole in Earth’s energetic field last week was because they were hoping to connect to the Dark AI system. They even started powering things up trying to send out cancer cells today through Setcom or Sincom? I’m not sure what I heard, she said it too fast, but she followed it up by saying it was the Carlyle Group. If she was referring to the private equity company, again I’m not sure. But I assume she wanted them to know she knows. She also said they are now down to using Raytheon, and it sounded like she was emphasizing how pathetic their attempts have gotten if that’s where they are. I’m not sure if it’s this Raytheon Company – Wikipedia she was referring to.

All Cloning Stashes Removed!

Why is it when we know elite members have died we see them on TV the next day?

Because they clone themselves immediately when they are born. Their DNA determines how many clones they could produce. When a person dies, it takes 3 days before their soul goes to heaven. So their goal is to get the soul to jump into their next body within 3 days. It’s a soul transfer program.

Some of them have been reborn seven times here and maintained positions of power over and over again. When they run out of clones and know it’s their last life, they would breed like crazy. They would come back as their kids and this was perpetuated for thousands of years. They interbreed so much in order to keep their lines going.

On a really great note Kim said they got to every single cloning stash they had! So to the Deep State, if you are waiting to jump into your next clone, there aren’t any. They are all gone. Some of those people aren’t even human anymore, they were infected with the dark AI, and some were inhabited by dark beings or souls.

Med Beds for Dark Essence People Never Worked

By the way, there are real med beds (not theirs and the Space People’s version) and these were used by the Parents all the time. They would go into these chambers for 3 days and come out again with their body regenerated. Cellular regeneration took place and they would become whole again. Kim also gave an example of someone more recent who was wounded very badly in battle. He died and then was put into the chamber for three days. He came out good as new. So these really do exist for people.

But if someone goes into a med bed and they have so much dark essence it will kill them. They tried to create a med bed for dark essence people, but they couldn’t do it. The reason it doesn’t work is because it’s the Creator who is in charge of creating and that includes creating cellular regeneration.

Humans Released from the Suicide Program

Geometric disturbances were happening because the crazies were using machines in Sarajevo, Massachusetts, in Holy Oak. Then Oregon, that was the last one she found on July 29th. These machines had Humans tied to a Suicide Program. Kim said the removal of this program was pleaded at a meeting with the Council this week (not sure if it’s Universal or the New Earth Council) and the good news is the last remaining cords that tied human beings to the darkest essence to hell have been removed and cut, therefore, we are no longer under the Suicide Program. Hopefully we’ll have less energetic attacks.

Hum, just another minor thing in a day in the life of Kim.

Ancient & Future Technologies Found

Attacks against us are getting less and less. The last of the ancient and future technologies was found and Kim said she doesn’t know how they didn’t get left a warfare manual. Evidently they just showed her and her team everything they had in like a week. While it’s been a lot of work on her/team’s part, she claims it’s been a labor of love. They shouldn’t have this stuff. The war is over guys. It’s been over for a long time, years now!

Jerome Powell Lies About Printing Digital Currency

Powell is deliberately increasing interest rates to cause hyper-inflation and eventually a depression so that food, gas etc. will only be affordable for the rich. Repeating the playbook of the Great Depression? Anyway, Kim said he got caught with his pants down when asked by a reporter if the Fed was still printing money, which he responded by saying, well yes in the digital sense. To which she then pointed out he can’t think on the fly and here is what he created.

As of today, July 29th, every Central Bank that is starving for its own respective currency, because the Fed controlled it all at one point in time, is now looking for digital currency for their respective nations. Hopefully everyone who works for the Fed directs all those phone calls to the idiot in the chair. For those thinking you’re going to get digital currency from the Fed it’s a lie. In reality land, if they need currency, digital or otherwise, they need to call Kim, Ground Command!

5 Million Years Ago | Archimedeans Killed All Souls on the Light Side of the Multiverse

Who Are the Progenitors?

What Kim found out blew even her mind.

There was a situation that took place not just on this planet but the whole multiverse. It had to do with the Progenitors, who are directly from Source. The Progenitors are the proliferators of souls all over the multiverse on both sides of the fence. The Progenitors were called the children of light and children of darkness by the Creator. These groups would supply souls from God on both sides. 

Everything was fine until five million years ago when a group called the Archimedeans got a hold of the light Progenitors. The dark side remained these Archimedeans were more interested in those on the light side.  They experimented with soul splicing to try and make these souls more neutral and dark.

The Progenitor Virus

Accidentally, which turned out to be of their benefit they created a virus called the Progenitor virus and it killed all the souls on the light side of the universe. Due to an agreement with Source, this didn’t get fixed until 2013, or 5 million years in our time. Kim said the Progenitor virus is mentioned in a video game so looked for it. I found a clip of someone talking about this video game and it’s interesting that Umbrella Corp is mentioned. Their logo at the beginning caught my attention immediately. According to Kim it was the Umbrella Corp, one of the 13 Shadow Militaries that got the contract and instructions to unleash Covid and all related vaccine programs for depopulation. See related post, The 13 Groups in the Shadow Military | How Intelligence Agencies Were Structured | 41 Coven Members Left Still Floundering | Part 2

Where the Soul Recycling Program Came From

No souls from the light side left the Council with a big problem. How do they continue to procreate without enough souls? Well, that’s where the soul recycling program came into effect and why we have memories of past and future lives. The program was originally designed to ensure that all the species could continue to exist. Everyone in the multiverse handled it a bit differently, but there were only so many souls and planets to take care of so populations were limited. Others that were more advanced than us were aware of this situation and took care of it in various ways of procreating. This is the real source or origin of the Great Reset and the several agreements that came to follow.

As Humans 7.0, we have been degenerated by them for several thousands of years. We were much more aware of this issue before the Draco came back the second and third times. We were a much more advanced species and handled procreation a bit differently. We were ever mindful of all those in the multiverse that needed to continue to exist on the light side and handled things a lot differently.

Draco Designed Programs for Population Control

When the Draco came, they designed programs that we are seeing today. There have been thousands and thousands of years of them trying to figure out a way to kill off us humans at a certain age before we figure out what is going on and before we actually see our mother as a child. Because the soul matches the DNA. Hum, that’s a bit tricky to get my mind around.

They have yet to figure out how to put someone else’s soul in another’s body. So the DNA we have is a hodge podge of splicing so the human species could continue to survive in version 7.0, they still needed our loosh. We did have some benefits, although she wasn’t specific about what they were, except followed it up with that we needed to remain slaves.

So birth certificate bonds, the 100 Year Plan for Russia, that was moved to China, these were all about population control. This is where Agenda 2021, which is now Agenda 2030 came from. It’s also the reason we have disease on this planet where it never existed before. This was the reason the Order of the Black Sun was manufacturing diseases in MILABS, biological warfare and constant wars.

Progenitors Have All Returned by 2019

Our Progenitors started coming back in 2013 and by 2019 we had them all back! Souls are being created again! This isn’t a problem anymore but this is why the war between Kim and the cabal has been ramping up for years now.

The Preservation of the Light Side of the Multiverse Got Turned into a Very Dark Agenda

We are in a program and it was nefarious because it was abused. On the Luciferian side of things, it got really twisted. They installed all kinds of things into humans like chords, etherical things and implants to turn souls into dark essence. Their ultimate goal was to wipe out the entire light side of the universe and create only dark souls.

So their program, that started out as preservation of the light workers of the entire light side of the multiverse got turned into a very dark agenda of the Black Sun taking over our sister Sun on the dark side of the multiverse. The alignments that would happen became opportunities to bring in Lucifer by chanting, eating babies, etc. They wanted their Dark Overlord to win the game. This is the War, the one of good versus evil that’s been taking place on another level.

We don’t need their program anymore. They are fighting for something that doesn’t exist anymore and probably never really understood. These remaining generals, etc. are trying to carry out the program of degeneration so souls can regenerate somewhere else. They don’t get that this has changed. Kim said she knows they want to talk to Lucifer but they can’t because he’s with Source. She knows too that the more dark essence they have in their body, the worse it is for them because they are farther away from Source. Can that be fixed? She said it absolutely can be fixed, but their minds she’s really starting to question.  

A Greater Understanding of Media Narratives, Jabs & Chemtrails

Mockingbird Media Narrative & Luciferase

This show in mockingbird media narratives is all about getting us to be dark so that those on the other side, on the dark side (who are no longer there) would be able to inhabit our body. They have to change and alter our DNA to make us into a hospitable host for those on the dark side. So they have to keep the fear up and shots flowing. Does that make sense now? Some people who took the shots say they feel disconnected from God. The reason is because there is some dark essence in those shots. It’s actually called Luciferase. They want to get you so dark you cannot see the light anymore.

This is what the Great Reset is really about. Do they know it? Kim said she doesn’t know and we don’t have enough of them remaining anymore to find out. She repeated again for those who are left, there is no dark side of the multiverse anymore. The Dark Overlord doesn’t exist anymore, he is also gone. You would not have gotten any instructions even if you stood by those mirrors. So in the words of the last guy who died the day of the Meeting at the Mirrors, who blamed Kim for sabotaging the 100 year plan. — She said, not so! You guys were working on a 5 million year plan and you didn’t even know it!

Why Are the Jabs Being Pushed Like Crazy?

Firstly, the purpose of the jabs was to make 100% of the people who took them sterile. That was very important because your DNA would be altered to allow for dark essence as well as your soul. They need to create enough fear for you to do it. They consider that your implied consent. Since so many are over the other first jabs and not buying into it, they need new ones, therefore monkey pox etc.

But no matter what they do to us we’re never going to buy it. There will be hundreds of thousands of people waking up. More and more are understanding exactly what they are up to. I sure hope so. This is a good sign though.


Chemtrails aren’t just chemtrails anymore, they are femto and nano tech. They’ve been banging on every portal in the decahedron and nothing has worked. No gamma ray machine, no dark essence spewing. Even if you turned the entire planet dark and everyone in it dark, you still aren’t going to get anywhere because no one is home. She told you guys numerous times now, it’s either the Restoration Plan or die. Many thousands of people chose poorly, will you be one of them too?

So I would listen to Kim’s advice and give it up. You don’t need to control it anymore. We have our Progenitors back. You don’t need to do this anymore and no one is left to give you glory for doing it. Your portals don’t work, your jump rooms don’t work, even the one in the Bahamas where she caught you. You are following a plan that hasn’t been in effect since 2013. She is telling you where you are so you understand you are battling Ground Command and this battle will be over soon.

Wow folks, so this was quite the news, at least for me it was. The end of a 5 million year Depopulation Program. Every time I think the picture can’t get any bigger it does. Now I wonder why Source let it go on for so long? Hum, there’s always more to learn!


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  1. I will need to read this a few times over to really understand what has been going on for so long on our Planet and even after doing that I may not fully get it.
    Many thanks anyway for putting this report together as it does help to know that the dark side has met its match and will no longer be able to realize its nefarious plan of getting rid of all the organic, light filled humans here on Earth. I must admit that I have been feeling a bit better lately so maybe this is why. Hopefully I will feel even more positive over the coming months as the negative AI and those enacting its very dark agenda are totally eliminated from our reality, largely thanks to Kim and her team. It can’t come soon enough for me and I’m sure this feeling would be shared by most real humans still alive on Earth today.

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