Did Anu Come Back from the Dead This Time to Save the Day for the Deep State? | Rituals in Syria Didn’t Raise Anu but Eliminated Some Order of the Dragon Members Instead | Deep State’s Plan for Crashing the $ and Installing Central Bank Digital Currency All Predicated on Raising a Dead Guy | Hall of Records & Akashic Records Are Now One | All Steps to Seal the G.O.L.D. Agreement Are Nearing Completion!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on April 3, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim updates us on yet another Deep State Savior that was a no show. Once again, they anticipated they could crash the dollar, implement their central bank digital currency and get their systems back. Except it was all predicated on the arrival of the dead Draco King and former ruler of Earth who has been completely gone since 2019. Instead of regaining control they just look like fools again because they cannot deliver on any of their promises.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Deep State Awaits Return of Yet Another Savior

We all remember Anu right? He used to be the King of the Draco and the Ruler of Earth. Marduk, his grandson was only management, so he would have been the Lord and Anu the King. Well, every 7 years Anu would return here to Earth and that’s when contracts would get renewed with his brood, which is the Order of the Dragon. A review of the job his brood did would take place and they would get assignments. The same thing also goes for the Order of the Black Sun also known as the Canaanites.

Order of the Dragon Prepares for Anu’s Return

Well, the last time Anu was here was March 31, 2016 and Kim knows that because she had an encounter with him. But it’s no surprise that come April 1st the Order of the Dragon was expecting him again.

I recall Kim’s Situation Report on July 21, 2022 there was also an expectation of Anu’s arrival. If only they would listen to Kim or read my blog, it would save them time and embarrassment.

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or check out the related excerpt from that post below.

What did they do to prepare the coming on Anu? They went to Syria because apparently that’s the portal where he appears. Then they perform rituals in a specific order and specific structure and of course there is always a sacrifice to bring him through. At 12:34 am Syrian time they thought they were entering into the period when he would arrive so they had Syria bomb Israel at 12:35 in a city called Holon. (Note: I think this is the city Kim mentioned, it sounded like she said Homes but I could not find that so this must be it. This city is south of Tel Aviv.)

This is an interesting graphic. Each one of those circles when connected make a pentacle. Each circle represented a place where the Order of the Dragon, and not just the Chinese members, but the Russians, Iranians, etc. was doing their rituals to bring about the portal which would have been in the center. But they were in a few other locations as well. Paris being one that Kim mentioned as that is a potential vortex of appearance as well.

Order of the Dragon Members Partaking In Ritual Die Instead

Well Kim tried to tell them Anu actually died in June 2019, which had nothing to do with Kim by the way. She only said it was a retaliation by someone and he is gone. He is not in another realm but gone completely.  Of course, no one believed her so they did their rituals and all those people who were on those little circles are no longer with us. In addition, agreements Anu had made on his prior trip here all expired in rapid succession. So, they lost even more potential for reviving the Order of the Dragon.

If you were feeling off the last few days it was because of what they were doing to bring him back. It triggered some other things while they were dissipating which Kim said had to happen anyway, but they should be cleared by now.

Anu’s Return Was Their Plan this Week, Do Their Minions Know?

That was the Order of the Dragon’s big plan to get them out of their very deep hole. Whether the Federal Reserve and all these governments and countries they control know it or not. That is why you were all onboard hoping for their success over in Syria, because their fearless leaders were performing rituals to raise an alien to get access to some power and to some money to fund governments.

Bankers of Death Threaten Pentagon

Kim said that all Order of the Dragon members have a group of bankers. Kim knows them as the bankers of death. They are the bankers for the families. Well, these bankers arrived at the Pentagon this past Sunday and were threatening them in order to get their assistance to crash the dollar today.  There was an argument between them so Kim’s office called them and told them they do not even have the ability to do that and even if they did it’s not going to achieve their end result.

Meanwhile, in the last five days the Fed Reserve tried at least 30 times to file their same agreement in the Hall of Records to install a Central Bank Digital Currency which has been rejected every single time and it’s never going to happen. They are notified of the rejected request but clearly it doesn’t mean anything to them because they are the entitled ones. Actually, they have tried hundreds of times. Perhaps they thought their fearless leader was coming back and would be in charge of the Hall of Records again? Oy vey

After a brief conversation between Kim and the Pentagon on the diplomatic line the Pentagon got a clearer picture of what was going on here. There was a standoff between the two but the Banksters finally did leave. Although Kim kind of wished they did not. We know what that means, I think. Although the fact they showed up at all I would think warranted a permanent removal. But I guess that’s just wishful thinking on my part.  So, the Pentagon firmly took the stance they will not help in crashing the US dollar. Wow, a good choice for a change. But will they stay the course? I doubt it.

Deep State’s Erroneous Assumptions

  1. They think if they crash the US dollar countries will be forced to use the Central Bank Digital Currency. Except it still would have to have allocation numbers and go through the Key Integrated Monetary System.
  2. Many of the countries expected to adopt the digital currency still do not even have electricity in a lot of areas. So, it still would not happen, what are they doing?
  3. They don’t even have an infrastructure for implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency in any way, shape or form. They do not have any kind of computer program or quantum computer that they are saying they have to actually run global currencies worldwide.
  4. They always piggy-backed on another quantum system that was not their system. They were permitted to use it by agreement and that agreement ended 10 years ago. The only extension they got was from Kim for 10 years and we talked about that last year, but that too expired.  

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So, the crash of the dollar was to take place first and the implementation of a digital currency was to be next. The main currency everyone would be trading in would be the Yuan or RNB which is the Chinese currency.

But here’s the rub according to Kim

China has courted Saudi Arabia to use the Chinese Yuan for the Saudi Riyal. They have also been doing it with the Russians and are now talking with Brazil. They are trying to spread their own currencies everywhere but they cannot issue new allocations of Chinese Yuan against those production contracts. AGAIN they don’t have access to issue allocations numbers for digital currency or physical currency or otherwise in the Yuan. So, they are just as locked up as the US is over the dollar right now.

Seems like they put all their eggs in one basket. They were anticipating the alien named Anu was coming back this weekend so they went ahead and did all the production contracts with Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the Russians and thought they were going to back up their currency with those contracts. Then they had the NSA running everywhere on their behalf to see if there was an indication of getting a system back to run all this. Well, that fell flat.

What Are These Geniuses Going to Do Now?

They just made a whole lot of promises to a whole bunch of countries which entailed dividing profits on production contracts and they bribed officials all over the world. They got the Treasury Department to agree to let the dollar crash. They got the Fed who would love for that to happen. They obviously have the support of the Fed since they are the same as the China Deep State. Powell for a long time has taken orders directly from them and not the US Government. Yellen is the same. Then they tried to convince the Pentagon, and Kim’s pretty sure everyone in the government was expecting a crash of the dollar as well.

So, another global deep state failure. Do you think they will ever figure out it’s not a good idea to make promises until they know they can deliver? Nah. Even if the Pentagon agreed to help them it wouldn’t have gone anywhere. It was a giant circle of nothing and a complete and utter failure that was all based on a hope that the Order of the Dragon ritual people would succeed. Did all the countries expecting money today know what that was their plan? Probably not. Who knows what they were told. Probably that it was a special day! The gematria for this day says so! But it’s just never going to work the way it used it again.

Sunny asked Kim who are the ‘they’ running the show now?

Kim said we still have the Order of the Dragon bloodline families and now we are down to the younger generations, which means those in their 30s-40s-50s. These people are trying to execute on a plan they do not really know anything about. None of them know the ‘why’ or ‘how’. But they must have some kind of handbook or something that’s getting passed around because they do know to go to these places on specific days etc. But as to ‘why’ or ‘how’ they don’t know how things ran. For them everything just showed up when they wanted it to or needed it because they were the ‘chosen ones’ the ‘elites’.

And then we still have the other bloodline families, the Canaanites which are your Jesuits. The Canaanite Bloodline Agreement was about 5,000 years old and that recently expired. The Jesuit Order no longer has any special accommodations anywhere in the world. There is no power behind them anymore. But they still think they too are ‘chosen ones’ because they are the descendants of Cain, so ultimately Lucifer.

Our Side is Moving Forward with the Restoration Plan

As for humanity, we must secure our own production contracts in our own countries respectively, including the US. Actually, especially the US and that has to happen very quickly. The more countries that start trading in their own currencies and commodities the faster we are going to see a drop in the dollar. But we must do it, there is no one coming to save us. We are going to have to do the work, to do those contracts and support the dollar regardless of whether there is gold behind it.

All Steps to Seal the G.O.L.D. Agreement Are Nearing Completion

So, because of the psychopaths were intent on raising the dead Draco King and all that entailed, Kim and her team had to run around everywhere because what they were trying to do caused disturbances. It’s why you may have experienced a sick feeling, felt drained or nauseous. We are still squeezing out all the remnants. Once all the steps to get there are finished, we can then basically seal it with the G.O.L.D. Agreement.

We are also experiencing manipulation of clock changes? (I think that’s what she said) and also seeing dead man switches going off and essence in all levels of your person including mental and the physical. It does appear sometimes that time speeds up and time slows down because we are getting rid of artificial time.

There were a few things that happened today regarding the Anu expirations and some of the Fallen Angel Covenants where they have the right to be any sort of guardian for the dark to create balance. That is why that was done. We have Guardians of the Light and Guardians of the Darkness. But they no longer have any kind of agreement to do that. She told us about the bloodline agreements expiring for both the Draconian Bloodlines which are the Order of the Dragon and the other side. Those expired today. Some of those had dead man switches that went off and we had some etherical parasites coming out everywhere because of those agreements. So, Kim and her team were racing after dead man switches because they just don’t know what to expect. It’s not like someone says you’re going to have an improper protein synthesis in your clock genes. I didn’t quite understand that, but I’m including anyway.

I wonder if the Bloodline Agreements that expired today are related to the Reign of the Bloodlines Agreement, she told us about in her February 20, 2023 report. There are so many agreements! But they sound related. Perhaps additional levels of that agreement?

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Hall of Records & Akashic Records Are Now One

Sunny asked Kim if she knows which covenants are about to expire? Kim said she usually does not get a notification an agreement is about to expire until it has expired. What she does sometimes get is an indication that something is about to expire or is expiring today and then once she has that she asks okay what is it? Then she looks for those key words to see where it is. There are billions of Earth years of things in there.

The Hall of Records has collective agreements whereas the Akashic Records are your individual Hall of Records. But the Hall of Records and the Akashic Records are one now because you are a sovereign onto yourself and you will make other agreements with other sovereigns. Those will go into your personal records but also goes into your collective records, like Earth is going to do this. The Restoration Plan is one of those things where we all kind of agree to restore the planet. That is an agreement between yourself personally and the Earth itself and then also us together as a group in the Earth.

Below excerpt is from Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary:

Akashic Records
This is a quick reference term used to define the Universal Matrix of Cellular Memory that has contained within it, the recorded event of every possible experience and permutation of consciousness existing in our 15 dimensional Universal Time Matrix. Many times other healers refer to this term as a part of clearing the soul record memory in the “Akasha” field of memory. The Akashic record or Akasha is a reference to the name of our Universal God Seed Code system that carries all the frequency and coding that created our Universe. The Guardians refers to this Universal System as the ” Eckasha” or Ecka Universal System. Akasha is a more common terminology that many of us have heard before that refers to the same meaning. When we are doing emotional clearing work, many times we will state with the power of our declaration in self sovereignty that we clear and dissolve its trauma effect upon our spiritual bodies karmic record. Hence clear this ” pattern” from my “Akashic Record”. You are stating you command its clearance from the record of ever existing in your holographic energy field across all time and space.

On a planetary and solar level, the Halls of Records are tubes leading to spherical probability fields that one can walk through, if your body can pass through Stargates, and watch existence everywhere in every time frame. They are like surround-sound-and-vision theaters.

There are many references to the Akashic record, Hall of Records or the Eternal Book of Life from the many sacred texts of the ancients. The Akashic records emanate from the primordial substance of the Eternal God Source of which is projected as the DNA record and its instruction set (morphogenetic field) of all creation over time. They are comprised of the memory record of the entire consciousness journey over time, so every idea/thought, word, and action is registered in the Akashic record which can be accessed and interpreted over any point in the spiral of time. Each Universe, Galaxy, Planet, Being, has its own Akashic record memory, and there are many collective memory records of all spiritual families on their journey throughout time. The way we receive the intelligent information from the Akashic Record is through transmissions via encoded Light language, which is sacred geometry of words, symbols, glyphs, as the language encoded in “fire letters”. There are stages of access in the Akashic Records, and very few beings at this time on earth have the purity to access beyond the soul planes of the second density.

One must be purified to exist within the higher ethical standards of spiritual morality, and it is impossible for the accurate representation of the Akasha to transmit through a being with purely selfish motivation of Negative Ego desires or Service to Self orientation. This manifests as a “partial access” or corrupted view to the historical record or Soul record under the guise of the ego’s slant or judgment of circumstances.

With pure heart based motivation in sacred and reverent prayer towards Life, one may request to access one’s own Akashic record to view other lifetime identities, histories, patterns and related issues that may have imprinted in the current lifetime. This may be very helpful in clearing and releasing painful patterns in the soul memory and emotional body.

Rudolf Steiner spoke about what he considered to be his direct experience of the Akashic Records (sometimes called the “Akasha Chronicle”), thought to be a spiritual chronicle of the history, pre-history, and future of the world and mankind. In a number of works, Steiner described a path of inner development he felt would let anyone attain comparable spiritual experiences. Sound vision could be developed, in part, by practicing rigorous forms of ethical and cognitive self-discipline, concentration, and meditation; in particular, a person’s moral development must precede the development of spiritual faculties.[1][2]

Source: Akashic Records – Ascension Glossary

Wrapping Up

Lots of things are changing. This is restoration.

Kim’s hope is by the end of the day we will be finished with all the steps that need to take place in order to finish the requirements under the G.O.L.D. Agreement (Giver of Life Declaration). Once that happens then we should be good to go!

Now what will the crazy people do? She has no idea yet. She does not yet know what their reaction was to all that didn’t happen. She has not heard any responses or chatter yet. Maybe she will have something to share on that front by Wednesday.

Well, it’s Tuesday while I’m writing this and I’ve been watching the chemtrails all day long over NYC and the Hudson River. They’ve been off the charts. I guess the minions didn’t get the memo and still expecting success with some system somewhere?  

So that was Kim’s busy weekend. I hope she does get to take that vacation to Maui this summer. Good Luck on that Kim!


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  1. Perhaps Kim put it this way.
    Israel actually bombed Syria at 12:35, so exactly one minute later, no coincidence. and a city called Holmes Homs is the name of the city.

  2. AshestToAllelulia

    Wonderful writing! Things change when people know the truth—as they say, “You can’t unsee the truth.” Keep writing the truth, as best you can understand the truth—I believe that’s all that is expected.

    Have a satisfying, comfy, Easter weekend, full of Christ’s love. You deserve a chocolate bunny all to yourself, for the kind service you provide consistently to all your peeps!

    Again, many thanks!!! 🐇🥕🌸🐣

  3. Your coverage of Kim Goguen’s efforts on humanity’s behalf is much appreciated.
    Thank you for taking the time to listen and summarize her situation reports.

    In response to Cynthia Lynn Burns, “if you do the math and add up all the people in the US that are powerful psychopaths you have millions of people that will have to be removed before restoration projects go forward.”, it looks like that may happen if these faithful minions choose to commit to the path of Service for Self. Ethics, Love, Truth based on facts, heart connection to higher spiritual dimensions are of no concern to this group.

    I am looking forward to participating in the Restoration plan. I am grateful for the preparation done by Kim, her team, you and all concerned to give humanity a way to free those who see, accept and take responsibility for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sovereignty. I intend more and more everyday folks wake up as soon as possible and walk, talk and work with Source all with love, in truth, creating peace, promoting freedom, etc. We can do this!!!

    How would I, or anyone who is interested, assist with creating production contracts or business projects, educational or creative efforts in the Restoration Plan?

  4. Chemtrails of death need to stop!Thought these only happen,”When the Generals get some money?”This is what Kim said many months ago. By the way,the giant X drawn in the toxicsky is from a Teutonic rune meaning,”Sacrifice of the lower to the higher.”We are literally being marked as sacrifices for the regressive antihumans.Hard to be self-sufficient when you can barely breathe and the plants all die due to toxicskies.Is the Enforcer still neutralizing the murderers and people-eaters? Anu,I thought was on an Elena Danaan vid recently which discussed a trial of his son,Enki or whiichever the a.hole was.Supposedly,Anu was alive and well a few months ago,or maybe I misremember.Galacticanthropology.org.Exopoliticstoday.com.When do we get all harmful a.i. gone?Draco queen still under Vatican or in Israel?Wgen does the femtotech from Hitachi get out of our food and products??When does the Blatant weatherwar stop???If the U.N.is without charter and power then why does it operate a secret space program/alien intervention program?Why are supersoldiers discussing talks involving U.N. staff in meetings with various aliens?Why was Discord recently hacked by antihumans or a.i. and broadcasting harmful things?disclosenews.it?In Illinois,I see much higher prices and alot less food and foidbanks or kibblecorners drying up.Landlord nust raised rent for second time in 10 months.How is any of this better?Violet streetlights which read Luciferase enzyme have popped up everywhere.Chicago supposedly talking about antihuman,15 minute city b.s. killzone.When do we get Real Healing,not deathd.r.s who work for the deathcult??Namaste!!

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