More Public Indication of Systems Breaking Down | William & Harry Won’t Attend Satanic Ceremonies? | Recordings on Diplomatic Line Prove Trump Lied, Will Militaries Walk Away & Join Restoration Plan? | Plandemic 2.0 on Deck, Will They Succeed? | Rothschilds File Declaration of War in Hall of Records Against the Guardian | Do They Expect Kim to Ratify a War Against Herself? | Pelosi Dead According to Her Aids!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on April 5, 2023 news on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim is hearing many in the military are walking away from Trump since they’ve been researching all of her meetings with him which were recorded on the diplomatic line. She addresses the China Deep State’s Plandemic 2.0, and why it likely will not work. Again, both sides of the Order claim Kim works for them. Then the Rothschilds file a Declaration of War against the Office of the Guardian, aka Kim. Did they expect her to ratify a war against herself? Their lies just cannot hold up forever without people perpetuating them for them. It’s another big report.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Evidently the lies are not holding up globally anymore. It’s getting worse and worse everywhere and we are seeing more public indication of systems breaking down for them.

Trump Indictment News Story

Kim said what she is hearing behind the scenes is that a lot of military folks who have been supporting and been behind Trump are walking away from the whole show because a lot of information is getting out about his lies. All the things they praised Trump for are being questioned because all those conversations Kim had with Trump were recorded in the National Archives, as are all conversations that are held on the diplomatic line. Kim told us this before and it’s finally filtering down the ranks. They are getting the full information about all the things Kim and Trump talked about and realizing none of the stuff he promised is actually true. It was always pocket Kim. What she means by that is Trump never told them the money was really coming from Kim when he was in office. We who follow Kim have known for years of course. Then Trump had the audacity to give out all these contracts which were not what they even discussed and expected Kim’s support to continue, which it did not.

The Truth About Trump, Pfizer & COVID

Diplomatic communications are on file with the archives that shows exactly how much money Kim disbursed to the US Government during the Trump Administration. They have recordings of all the conversations, recordings of the actual transfers itself. She purposely did them on the diplomatic line because they go into the record of what the money was for. Paying off student loans was one example. Obviously if you have a student loan you know that didn’t get paid because orange man didn’t do crap for the American people except tell everybody how great he is.

The warnings about the vaccines were there. The alternative treatments were there. During Trump’s Administration she found out the Chinese were using an upgraded version of a frequency machine or a rife machine to cure all their elite members should they have contracted covid. Well, they cured 166,000 of their ‘elite’ people with this machine. So Kim had one of her ground force people pick up the Chinese man who was running it and the machine and both were delivered to the White House. What did Trump do? He ignored it. And in those machines, there was a registration of the people he had cured and he ignored that too.

Kim offered to buy these machines by transferring the money through the government, just like all the other trillions of dollars she transferred, if Trump and his Administration would buy the machines and distribute them to emergency rooms and emergency centers all over the country and the world. That would have made orange man look really good, right?

  • FACT: They refused in favor of Pfizer for their $5 million in contributions if not more, because that is all that is publicly registered from Pfizer to the Trump campaign in 2016  
  • FACT: Why were these machines not distributed? You can thank Trump.

All these conversations are on diplomatic record. She had conversations with Trump as to why this scared little Chinese man and a machine was delivered to the White House. All of that is in the archives. So, this dance we’ve been doing and killing off the military and now no one wants to join because of the mandatory jabs, this situation could have been prevented. The machine was delivered before the rollout of the vaccine itself. So those of you who still want to praise the guy go for it, I’m sticking with Kim in the land of reality.

British Royal Family Squabbling

The other thing that we are witnessing in the public realm is a lot of squabbling going on in the British Royal Family. King Chuckie is having a lot of problems with his two sons because they do not want to attend the ‘ceremonies’. Those ‘special’ ceremonies where there are a lot of sacrifices that go on and God knows what else. Kim said they are both over 40, but it says on the internet just William is 40 now and that is the age when they start attending the really crazy evil rituals. Harry is younger so maybe William shared with his brother or they brought them in early for some reason. In any case according to Kim they found everything out and now they are done. They do not believe in those ideals and don’t want to be on the throne or want anything to do with it. That’s why King Chuckie appointed baby Louis. Chuckie believes he can raise this child in his ways and continue with his family’s legacy of Satan worshipping and evil doing. But given his age and the fact that he is not well physically or in the head, the chances of him making it until Louis is old enough are pretty slim.

Chinese Deep State | Plandemic 2.0

The China Deep State is under the false assumption they are going to launch Plandemic 2.0. They started their rumors through their chosen alt media people who were told they are of a special lineage. Remember Kim just talked about this tactic in her recent broadcast on March 22,2023. First, they give them positive information, make them believe they are from a special lineage to build them up and then turn the corner and use them as a propaganda machine. They will say, “This is not intended to instill fear” yet we’re going to have another pandemic and it’s called the H5NI weaponized version of the bird flu.

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The real reason why they are pushing this is because people are starting to get tired of the COVID jabs and boosting and they can’t get this mRNA into people fast enough. Now we are seeing people in the public drop like flies, all the people they convinced to take these jabs are really taking a toll on peoples’ lives now. It’s playing out in the public and it’s no secret that these jabs are not meant to be injected into the human body in any way, shape or form. But the Deep State, predominantly the Chinese and British Deep States still want to get this into the humans’ system because they still think this vaccine passport thing will still come to pass. So, they are going to allegedly try to release another virus, whether that’s a media virus or actual virus Kim doesn’t know at this point in time. She does not have any indication right now of canisters filled with those viruses coming into America or any other country as of yet. And they need people to play along with them to make that happen. In fact they would need a significant number of operatives to do this transport and make this actually happen.

Conflict in China Between the Chinese Government & The 2 Orders

There is a lot of conflict right now between the Chinese government itself, the Order of the Black Dragon, which is the Black Sun in China and Order of the Golden Dragon which represent the Rothschild family lineage in China. Will the Chinese government and military go along with the game and try to distribute the virus in order to sell more jabs? I guess we’ll see.

Kim said they did not manufacture new jabs to account for this alleged new virus. It’s the same Covid jabs with a different label on them. They just want to get it in all the humans in the world for control and money. Again, in her opinion it’s not going to work out. She just doesn’t think they have enough people to play along with the game.

Plandemic 1.0

The first Covid Plandemic was done at a time when there was still money around. The bonds were issued by the World Bank ahead of time, which were then issued to all the governments. The governments then issued loans to small businesses and tried to keep everything afloat. They also gave big grants to Moderna and Pfizer. They were all paid for by Trump under Operation Warp Speed.

Trump’s Role in Plandemic 1.0

So, do you patriots really want the fake Trump thingy back so we can do the whole thing all over again? Will the patriots still be worshipping this guy for all the things he has done? You do not have a clue what he’s done and participated in. This Stormy Daniels thing is a joke.

He intentionally injected poison into the entire military, not only in the US but all over the world. If you want to weaken a country you weaken its military and China was probably more than happy to oblige since the virus was released first out of Wuhan, although the Americans were playing along at the time.

Your Fauci and Obama, he was involved before it even got launched, before Trump became President. It was all a big well planned out event that came from orders way up the food chain when those people were still alive. And those folks are no longer here. So now we have those who stepped up to fill the empty slots haphazardly trying to put this thing together like they do everything and none of it actually works out. But because of their orders that some are still following, they are still causing situations in the world. Israel is on one right now in the Middle East. They are all over the place trying to bomb different things.

Rothschilds Claim Kim Works for Them

The Rothschild sector, which is the Blue Dragon in cooperation and the Chinese Deep State Golden Dragon, which are the Chinese Elders, the Green Dragon in the Middle East and the Red Dragon in Russia, all these different groups told the entire world recently that they run the Global Repository, even though Kim’s name and shiny face is all over it. They told everyone Kim works for them to get around that. Those of us who have been following Kim know this is not the first time either. Never mind that Kim does not know these people personally, she never talks to these people, never worked for them ever and never will. Quite frankly she thinks they are incompetent. Why are people still listening to them?

The Truth Will Always Stand

Kim knows she is very unpopular because she speaks the truth and it’s ugly and not what people want to hear. But the one thing about telling the truth, it will always stand. Someday people will say, yep she told the truth. Maybe in her lifetime, maybe not. I guess we’ll see.

A Lie Doesn’t Hold Up Forever

Their whole global machine is breaking down at a rapid rate. They can only perpetuate a lie for so long when they don’t have people perpetuating it for them.

  • The operatives are not listening anymore and are going into hiding. They don’t want to take orders and participate.
  • Over the weekend people in the NSA have started walking away from the Dragon Families they have been reporting to for years.
  • People everywhere are starting to figure out these Dragon family people do not control the Global Repository. Kim has been over on her side repeating herself about this fact, telling them they don’t have control of it and she’s never been a part of those family bloodlines. She knows their names obviously and did have a couple of conversations with some of them and frankly she was not impressed then nor is she now. 
Rothschild Games

It has recently come to light these psychopaths are not telling the truth. So, what do they do? The Rothschild family called Tom Melville and blamed the world situation on their older family members who do not want to change. But they want to change and save the family name, allegedly. Kim said, well that’s a nice story. Is that going to make Kim want to jump at the chance to save the Rothschild family? Seriously?

They did not get anywhere with her but that didn’t stop them from having conversations about someone else being Kim’s handler and spreading it around. So they resorted to that again too. The agencies old trick of telling a lie to someone who that person trusts and then have them pass it on and she will automatically believe it. No, not gonna happen.

To prove the point here, before the phone even got cold the Asian Chinese group started calling a bunch of Asian countries, the Russians and all these Heads of State and told them they have a working agreement with Kim and the Global Repository. Yep, we’re going to do this together and she’s going to do whatever we tell her to do because they installed the handler. Kim wasn’t involved in that phone conversation. She heard about it a couple days later.

The Rothschild Name is Mud

They have lost their minds. Kim spent years fighting these psychopaths and all their crazy operations. They have no clue how to run macroeconomics or microeconomics without somebody pulling their puppet strings and those people are dead. So, what purpose do these people play in our lives, in Kim’s life and the Restoration Plan? What do they have to offer us because right now their name is mud globally? If it wasn’t mud before with all the militaries, the governments and the people of the world, it is certainly mud now. They made a mess of the world. Their whole family, the lineage of Solomon is mud and they can’t come back from that. The fact they called somebody and told them they want to play along with us means absolutely nothing at this point because they have nothing to offer the people. Fellow humans, do any of you object? Uh no, definitely no! I vote for total removal of all of them starting with the Rothschilds!  

Rothschilds Try to File a Declaration of War Against Kim

We know Kim controls the Hall of Records, right? Well yesterday the Rothschild family threw the Royal British Navy under the bus. They went over to the Octagon in Switzerland, at least the remnants of what was there, and they went ahead and filed a Declaration of War against the Office of the Guardian and Kim! They were all sitting there at the Octagon waiting for the ratification of the Declaration of War against Kim and for all the money that was to come out. What does our Guardian do in this case? Does she ratify an order to declare war against herself?  No, I don’t think so. Before Kim rejected it though she did give them a courtesy call on the diplomatic line. She just wanted to let them know she was not going to ratify this, she was going to reject this, but if they could do her a favor and let their superiors know that when they submit something in the Hall of Records, they are actually submitting it to Kim. That’s hysterical. And the Rothschilds want to save their family name?

Then they all abruptly ran out of there. Someone probably called them because they saw the target on the Key Intelligence and Military System, that Kim had a weapon over their heads. Meanwhile Kim was saying Wait! Come back! Then again maybe she spared them so hopefully they’ll share their story.

It’s Too Late for You Wingnuts

The truth is these psychopaths made conscious decisions to get up every day and play the game until it became apparent the only way to save themselves was to try to get a working relationship with Kim. Well, she doesn’t care if the Heads of State don’t listen to her, if the militaries don’t listen to her or if they try to release a virus because she’s on that and watching them like a hawk right now. The second anything even remotely looking like a bioweapon is released her forces are there. She and her teams are monitoring everything and they know where it’s stored and if they even attempt to make that happen our forces will be there and they will be no longer!

Attempted Transition of Power from the US to China

In the previous broadcast Kim told us about the bankers of death, that they went to the Pentagon asking for their assistance in crashing the dollar. What that poor decision has actually done is make people start to question and are realizing the information they have been getting is not correct information. That is very good for the US Government and for the whole world actually.

Note: About the Banksters in previous broadcast, refer to my post, Did Anu Come Back from the Dead This Time to Save the Day for the Deep State? | Rituals in Syria Didn’t Raise Anu but Eliminated Some Order of the Dragon Members Instead | Deep State’s Plan for Crashing the $ and Installing Central Bank Digital Currency All Predicated on Raising a Dead Guy | Hall of Records & Akashic Records Are Now One | All Steps to Seal the G.O.L.D. Agreement Are Nearing Completion! | Just Empower Me

We all know the US Government is broke. The banks are barely holding on.

But one thing has come out that was extremely important. The ‘cliff walkers’, those who are walking governments off the cliff worldwide have realized China is in a worse position currently than the United States.

Remember Kim Told Us Several Weeks Ago the Archivists Had 2 Million People Coming In?

Well, they were being put into positions around the world in order to tell people the truth, and the truth is getting out there. The truth they are telling is critical to move forward and to preserve human life because the crazies want WWIII. We know they are trying to start WWIII with Israel right now and with their puppets in Iran as well. The helpers that came here have been trying very, very hard to make it known preserving human life if critical and get the truth out there. So, it’s not only Kim on UNN but the Archivists have about 2 million people running around the planet right now telling the truth.

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A Transition to China from the US as a Global World Power is Not Going to Happen

Kim said last night conversations have gone on in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and in Russia and they are now aware these people they have been taking orders from are not the correct people. So the truth is spreading all around the world. But it is going to take a few days. We have to give these people time to absorb new information and to really verify the information is correct. And not just the information coming out of Kim’s mouth but the archives and the diplomatic lines, all that information has to be shown so they can make an educated decision on what they’re going to do and where they are going to go from here.

Do Governments & Militaries Want a Place in the Restoration Plan Now?

Kim said she saw this coming and that’s why the last few weeks she’s been putting a lot of focus on talking about restoration and where governments and militaries can find a place during transition. And how people who normally make millions and billions off war can still make money now without war. No one has to be left behind, except perhaps the line of Solomon people, the Rothschild people, because they don’t serve a purpose. But Governments serve a purpose. Hum, I guess they can if they do the exact opposite of what they are doing now. I’m still not inclined to believe they can make a 180-degree change. But I guess we’ll see pretty soon.

A Transition Plan is Necessary

We have 8 billion people now in the world and maybe a few hundred thousand but probably not more than million worldwide who even understand what Kim is saying to us right now. So, we need a transition. But she will tell us this much, if they replace the dead guy playing POTUS with the other dead guy they can kiss Kim’s support good bye because we need a living, breathing human who is willing to put on their big boy or big girl pants and come to the party and restore this country. We have work to do.

  • We must make sure to secure the dollar as we go into a multi-polar world.
  • We must take the steps necessary because what happens in the US happens everywhere.
  • She expects full cooperation in the transition to go to a multipolar world.
  • She can promise them their campaign donors and the Order of the Black Sun or Order of the Dragon whoever they belong to cannot support him/her in the way Kim can support him/her.

The Order of the Black Sun & Their Plans for the Future

Well, the Black Sun lacks creativity. The Generals decided they too own Kim like a dog, just like the Rothschilds do. And this isn’t the first time for them either. We have heard this a couple of times. Kim doesn’t work for them either and quite frankly she’s been watching their operations in the Middle East and thinks they are inadequate. She doesn’t even talk to any of them. They’ve been offered to have a conversation with her hundreds of times but they never come to the table and talk. We have heard that for years now. The last time she talked to anyone in that organization was probably in 2019, after she learned all she needed from the operative they sent her way.

By the way, Kim wants to make it clear that the Black Sun cannot supply the money or support for the dead Trump puppet that the live Trump puppet had before. Their lies are just not holding up either and having orange man in office is surely not going to guarantee they will get paid.

The Military

Just like the Order of the Dragon, the Order of the Black Sun promises are also falling flat and the regular US military people (not the Jesuits Generals and all those crazy people) are starting to notice. They had conversations over the weekend amongst themselves and they are now questioning what their superiors were doing. They want to crash the dollar and crash the US economy? Also promises of big money coming from the China Deep State obviously has not come from either side, so they started doing some research in the last couple of days, which is excellent. Hum, is there finally a sign of life, some critical thinking spreading amongst those who were trained not to think but just follow orders? Maybe, because evidently they spent a lot of time going over things with the Archivists and the diplomatic communications. They have found out the China Deep State is actually broke and if it wasn’t for the fentanyl and heroin money from the Triads they would have absolutely no money.

How Does The Truth Impact the Military Now?

Kim said allegedly they have decided to move forward with us. Allegedly, because she’s heard this before. They set up a meeting with her this past Monday and they didn’t show up. They claimed the reason they did not show up was because of General Milley, or whoever that is who is playing him now. Remember Milley doesn’t work for the US Government, the US military is not part of the US Government, he reports to those crazy people who think Kim is going to save them in a secret conversation so nobody knows they had a conversation or knows the money actually came from Kim. Sound familiar Trump?

Will the Militaries Come Forward in Light of All Their Recent Truth Findings?

After days of research about Trump and where the money really came from the Military people have figured out a few things.

  • The China Deep State is broke and bears repeating! They spent all their money on their global takeover plan.
  • They confirmed Kim’s position as Guardian.
  • They know for sure Kim is the one who created and manages the Global Repository.
  • This is another thing that was hidden from the US Military they found out. Kim did transfer a few billion dollars to the military a couple of years ago to pay for some contracts that were actually a security situation. She did perform but ended up having to pull the money back because it never got to where it was supposed to go. Since that time, she is the only one who has transferred a single M1, which is new money, or new allocation or new $1 to the military and this information was hidden from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • They know the Federal Reserve has not issued a single new $1 or M1, or any other currency in forever. The only person who has done this successfully is Kim
  • They figured out there is only one way to go. They are either going to survive and work on the Restoration Plan and look toward a way forward or they are not because Kim and her team are very competent in their role forward to transfer dollars to the people, in which case the people can start to protect themselves. So, it’s their choice, their call. Are there any in the military who have any balls left? Sorry, that’s crude. But if they have to use Milley as an excuse I’m inclined to write them off. They may have been experimented on just too much and are too damaged to be of help anyway.

Truth is Trickling Down to CIA Aids

The information that the Black Sun’s plan is not going to come through and the entire China Deep State plan is also not going to happen is also trickling down to the CIA Aids, the people who run the politicians, the string pullers on behalf of the string pullers on behalf of string pullers above them.

Kevin McCarthy

But why is Kevin McCarthy going to Taiwan then? It seems like that is what the Speaker of the House does these days, which is not part of their job description. They have no capacity to perform foreign relations. That is the job of the State Department and Foreign Ministries. However, Taiwan is a hub for the Order of the Black Sun and Kim’s guess is he is probably going there to beg the Chinese Elders for money, except they don’t have any. Pelosi didn’t get any money from them either when she went. Kim did tell us she told McCarthy Trump was dead on the diplomatic line, so I guess he’s trying the other side now? What a loser.

Pelosi Finally Dead!

Speaking of Pelosi, Kim has a fun fact about her. The real reason Pelosi stepped down is because she is no longer with us according to her aids. I guess her last usable clone is finally no more. A few months ago, she appeared with a different facial structure so that was the point they switched people. Are they ever going to announce this publicly? Who knows?

The Black Sun is running all this, the Hollywood show for ugly people. They are walking all governments off the cliff and while no one wants to be ‘Mr. Black’ because they are afraid to be, it has not prevented them from trying to file agreements in the Hall of Records to get anyone else who is not Kim take that seat. For example, they tried to file one with the Abraxas again just 24 hours ago. And again they tried to file an agreement for the Central Digital Currency after Kim rejected it at least 30 times in just the last week.

Just to make it clear she does not need you people. She will never work for you crazy people. We can do what we need to do without you.

Final Note

Kim knows people are suffering in all kinds of ways and she and her teams are putting things together as fast as they can. As soon as she is in a position to help the people she will and she means immediately. For some it’s not fast enough and she understands that. She knows thousands of kids are starving for example and it kills her every day that she has to sit here and fight these people and she can’t do what she wants to do. She wants to start providing relief but we will get there. We have a lot of people who offered to assist CARE and the more we have who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help out the better.


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  3. Is there any word about how it’s being said that the jab is now going into our food? Cows and pigs, and spinach, Kale, and some types of carrots are reported to contain the mRNA jab. What do we do about that?
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  4. Despre Calivita

    I have done my best to find more about Kim since first interview with Chris Rice. I had to put my lateral thinking hat because what she said was either the best fiction or the most interesting map to reality. Due to a background in finance many things were clarified just listening to what Kim said; well that was about the old system, and I’d love to know more about KIMS, but probably time has not come. I am also very interested to comprehend more about G.O.L.D. The division of control between the Orders and the Families appears to have more explanatory power than anything else.

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