The Omega Project Was Still In Play! | Global Power Shift to China, 100 Year Plan, Bush’s Non-Complete Plan & 1984 Expansion of Black Widow Program | Implants Expanded to All Involved, Including Every US President Since Ford & All People on Mainland China | ‘New Earth’ Was To Be Jupiter’s Moon Europa in Lower Astral | Omega Machine Dismantled Prompting Call to The Destroyer’s Golden Boy to Come Out of Stasis | Chinese Had Control of the 5 Pillars Until Omega Project Machine Was Dismantled | Secondary SWIFT System Also Dismantled | Believing the Fairy Tale Told by Rothschild is Over! | Patriots Chips Removed, Now Figuring Out Chinese Robot People Infiltrated the US & RV Was Always a Distraction | Is a Turnaround Happening? | Maybe, But Kim Still Has a Backup Plan Just in Case

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on July 12, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim shares even more disturbing news about another machine found in Wuhan that was tied to the Omega Project, the largest project of the lower astral which was still in play. Had the Omega Project been completed only 500 million to 1 billion people would survive to serve as batteries and would be completely controlled via chip implants. The rest of us who died were to go to New Earth which is really Europa, Jupiter’s moon in the lower astral and ruled by chipped people. Kim discovered a connection to a storage device in the 9th plane of the lower astral which carried the AI and the connection to the 9th level of the lower astral directly to China. A data center holding thousands on Chinese employees was found in Wuhan at a level 6 down in the lower astral and they were monitoring and controlling all the chipped people around the world. As you can probably already tell this is another big one folks.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Kim prefaced that she wanted to go back and repeat some things, to lay out from the beginning to the end in order to give us a better context so we the rest of the Intel makes more sense.

The Largest Project of the Lower Astral | The Omega Project

The Omega Project is the largest project of the lower astral. It encompassed thousands of agreements, one of them being Global Martial Law. Under Global Martial Law which was originally filed over 16,000 years ago, so long before we had the countries we have today. Kim cancelled Global Martial Law a few years ago and then restarted it again. Then cancelled it and then she recently restarted it again.

Since the original Global Martial Law plan stemmed back that far you can imagine how many amendments and agreements have taken place since then. One thing that was under it had a lot of do with it was the structure of countries and where the global center of power was to be. It is bounced around every 70-80 years and the next stop was China. But China was going to be the last change of hands because other parts of the Omega Project would have kicked in by then.

Transition Global Power to China & the 100 Year Plan

The plan to transition global power to China which would be the last transition we would ever see and the last world war we would ever see all coincides with Armageddon Plan and annihilations of all organic life on this planet. There was a lot in the works that Kim has been telling us about over the last couple of years to make that happen. But the Omega Project does not exist in our timeline, it exists in another one. When we started branching off to our timeline things started changing. We are over here and they are over there feverishly trying to make something happen to complete the Omega Project which had things like anti-genesis, genetic manipulation, and many other programs against organic life on this planet. Only inorganic life would exist and a select 500 million – 1 billion actual human beings would exist on this planet as batteries for all their technologies and equipment. But all those who would be allowed to stay here would have to be chipped, implanted, and controlled to the nth degree. And this is a program the China deep state has been working on for a long time now. It is also part of the 100-Year Plan. Originally that 100-Year Plan was given to Lenin from the Rothschilds to implement in the Russian Empire at the time. That basically began in 1923, 100 years ago and they feel we should be about done by now.

Subsector of Martial Law from 1947 & Bush Senior’s Non-Complete Plan

16,000 years ago, when Global Martial Law was first implemented it put Kim’s predecessor Marduk in charge of the entire planet earth, the head general so to speak. He did not like humans; he saw us as food. We were still under Global Martial Law when in 1947, per that agreement global power must change hands every 75-80 years or the empire will fall, and they know this. So, in 1947 the global power changed hands to the US. We already had the Federal Reserve and a lot of power structures in place, so the global power center changed from the United Kingdom to the United States.

So that is what we are seeing right now taking place in America.

In 1975 they already planned on who is next and it was determined to be China. During this time other people in the Order participated with additional sub-agreements. One such agreement that is important to understand was written by Bush Senior called the Non-Compete Plan. Bush then used places like Langley, the US military, and several other sectors in the US to further the plan to transition power to China. We all know he is evil and was the Black Dragon at the time, and we should also know that Bush Junior sits on the board of the Kuomintang which is the Black Dragon in China to this day.

The Non-Compete Plan was about control of every industry in the world. Ever wonder why everything is manufactured in China? Bush used the Anglo American Company (I think this is what Kim is referring to) and several subsidiaries alongside the DuPonts and other families who participated in the transition of power.

Now why would a former alleged American President do such a thing when this is supposed to be about the US? Why is the Biden Administration basically going along with this plan as well? Why is the The World Economic Forum promoting China? Why is the latest Klaus Schwab promoting China? Why did Janet Yellen go to China? Because the Non-Compete Plan was well underway and they used people like Langley, the CIA, the Military and all these operatives and people to collect all the assets all over the world. Oil and gas in the Middle East, rare earth minerals in the African continent and so on. They basically told everyone there who are patriots that this is good for America, the petrol dollar. But that really was not the case. Bush Senior was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing at the exact time he was supposed to be doing it with the eventual plan of crashing the dollar and transferring everything over to the Chinese Yuan or Renminbi (RMB). So, the support of all these contracts that Bush had everyone gathering since 1975 actually were going to be turned over to China.

Back in the day during the Trump Administration, Kim had written a letter to him which he did receive. She also sent it on the diplomatic line telling him we needed to nationalize the Federal Reserve under the US Government in order to begin to fix things. He told Kim, no it is not time yet. Is it becoming clear now why he told her it is not time yet?

The Federal Reserve issues US dollars therefore all the production contracts described above went to support the Federal Reserve. They used to be the issuing party for all currencies involved because they were formed under the Omega Project and supported by Marduk, Kim’s predecessor.

The Black Widow Program

There are other things under the Omega Project that came up which were very scary. China originally had the beginnings of a program called the Black Widow program. Kim has told us about the Black Widow program in the past but it was even more extensive based on what she uncovered this past week. This program originated in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union under the 100 Year Plan. The Black Widow Program was designed to create a super soldier. They began genetically modifying humans so they would be super soldiers. They did drugs and there were other pills they would take for enhancements. A lot of that started under Hitler and the Nazi regime. They continued with this under the Russians and eventually during Operation Paperclip the US adopted some of it. These are programs we heard of like MK Ultra. This was going on in the 1970s and 80s. Then in 1984 all these programs changed and they developed a program in China with the help of their demon friends called the Black Widow program. They talk about it in the movie the Black Widow but it did not exactly function the way they depict in the movie. Under this Black Widow Program there was a connection to a storage device in the 9th plane of the lower astral and there were black goo boxes which then carried the AI and the connection to the 9th level of the lower astral directly to China.

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Kim said very few things in this world surprise her, but this one here was diabolical.

They created this program originally for women which is why it is called the Black Widow. They would create the implants for all the widows. Now the widows were different than you think, and the MK Ultra program is different than you think. They could terminate a black widow remotely at any given time, manipulate or fry their brain at any given time, give them a voice in their head, eliminate fear. Think about what you could do if you could manipulate someone’s brain in its entirety and their bodily functions with a remote machine held in the hands of a bunch of Satanists.

So, these were a group of assassins essentially, super soldiers, however you want to say it and they worked for them. But then they decided to take that program another step further under the Omega Project. They filed another agreement which then expanded the program to include all members of the Order on both sides. So, in addition to the black widows all members of the Order also have implants.

Expansion of Black Widow Program in 1984

This new version implant created in 1984 allows the people in the large data center Kim and her team found in Wuhan, which is a level 6 down in the lower astral to monitor people.

They had thousands of employees in that data center monitoring thousands if not millions or even billions of people. The implants are also a requirement for other people under a secondary expansion. For example, all Heads of State at the G20, one third of the US Congress, people who we would consider at the top over the Pentagon and over Langley. Bush Senior was also chipped. Every US President since Ford was chipped. With this chip they can actually see through that person’s eyes and hear through their ears. How is that for the ultimate spy program? You do not need anything else. You can change someone’s mind and the vote of the nation.

It is guaranteed every head of the Black Dragon was chipped. Everybody in his inner circle, like a Cheney, they all had them. So how many meetings were these people in thinking they were confidential but were not? How many meetings was Trump in that were allegedly confidential but were not? Every single word spoken in that man’s presence regardless of where he was went straight to China. Now if you have a person like a Biden or a Trump on ice, in stasis and all those people who were around that body hoping that a demon is going to inhabit the body soon, which Umbrella Corp would like to have happen so he can revive and do another election, well they were all recorded 100%.

There were other Heads of State that were also chipped and others who were not. But if you were in the G20 you can guarantee your President has been chipped. Every Head of State in BRICS is chipped, so do not think they are going to save the world. They are going to follow the Omega Plan that they may or may not know about in its entirety.

So now the Black Widow program also includes politicians and people who work for the Order, the loyalists to the Order. This is diabolical and China really was well on their way, per Global Martial Law on the prior plan and per the Omega Project to take control of planet Earth completely.

Where we come in, the average everyday people

This is where your Georgia Guide stones come in. They know they needed at least 500 million people to power this machine because it is a quantum machine. This also ties in to your ID 2020, the ability to affect your health remotely and all these things, but it will also tie into the global currency reevaluation internet version. So, we know the Chinese Elders have been over in Reno. Well, they also brought implant stations over to Reno and they intended to make everyone who participated in the RV accept the chip in order to participate. Out of this group they would start accumulating the 500 million to 1 billion people who were to survive. They would not let an organic human survive unless they were chipped.

The other thing we need to know is they chipped every single Chinese citizen and every single human who spent any period of time in China. She said not people on vacation but long-term students or long-term business people. Essentially people who have spent a long time in Mainland China. Although I’m thinking why wouldn’t they chip anyone regardless of time spent if they had the opportunity. These visitors probably never would have realized they got chipped as it was likely through the Wi-Fi. They have free Wi-Fi there for control of them. But they also then send these people out into the world and they can hear through their ears and see through their eyes.

In their mind 500 million to 1 billion bodies were needed to power the equipment so they could maintain 100% control of the population on planet earth. Population control is not only about killing us all, it is in part because they do not need that many of us according to them. But population control is part of the anti-genesis program, they only need 500 million-1 billion at any given time. So, they could control population by changing your fertility, making you completely infertile with this machine in China.

How is that for insane? This is what our entire planet would have become had the Omega Project completed.

The Machine in China Was Dismantled | The Destroyer’s Golden Boy Comes Out of Stasis

On Sunday that machine went down and they went into a full-on panic. The first guy called to the table was a remaining guy who was in stasis here and was like the Destroyer’s Golden boy. When he came out of stasis, he immediately began trying to grab any remnants left in the lower astral to make that connection to get the machine working again. The data center was a problem for sure and it was torched by Kim’s team, but more importantly they need that connection or no data center they build is going to work. So, he feverishly kept trying to re-up this.

He would have been considered the golden boy by both sides of the Order. Therefore, he could have called his ‘widget’ let’s say in Langley and tell him to tell the US, don’t do anything because the RV is going to happen, it’s all going to come to fruition, you will have so much power, you are going to be a billionaire, just wait. Do not take any money from Kim, just wait, and leave her aside. That is foreign money from outside the families. And everything out of his mouth could have come from a Chinese man at a terminal in China. You just don’t know.  

New Earth is Jupiter’s Moon Europa in the Lower Astral

So, this Golden Boy which Kim was surprised was still around is now no longer with us. But his job was to create new Earth. You have probably heard about New Earth in the New Age Community. Well New Earth was originally Jupiter’s moon Europa. Europa is actually a megastructure like our moon is and the real Europa is down in the lower astral and is populated by normal organic humans as well as inorganic humans. So, there was essentially, for lack of a better term a faraday cage type structure created around Europa so those people could exist in a density with no matter, complete anti-matter density. We here on Earth were tied together to power the faraday cage around Europa. There was a power cord for lack of a better term.

Another reason why the elites are so nuts is because they have also been told they will become the rulers of Europa after they wipe us off planet Earth, leaving about 500 million of course for control. But all the rest of us are going to Europa. This was also part of the Armageddon programming. We were to exist and procreate only in the lower astral and they would shut the door to the upper astral. Months ago, they said they were waiting until we were connected to all the planes of existence. That is because they were going to take over all of them, that was the plan and then they rule everything. They were going to put as many human beings and species they could on Europa to procreate, to preserve the batteries.

So, they were looking forward to ruling in hell, I guess.

Remember when Kim ran into Winston Woo several months ago? She gave him an opportunity to leave because allegedly he could have done something good with this world? But unfortunately, he had been so brainwashed that he thought in order to preserve the species of humans he had to do what he was doing and that involved telling us we all had to go to Europa or we are all going to die.

We would have lived in a faraday pocket, but you still need some people up on Earth to power it. This was all part of the Omega Project which takes you back to the Global Martial Law Plan and then the revisions, the last one being 1975, although that does not mean the Omega Project had not been revised in the meantime. 

The Nevada Test Site, the Second Site Similar to Wuhan

The second site that was being prepared to be like Wuhan was under the Nevada Test Site. They were still a year or two away from making that happen, but now with no power none of that is going to happen. So the Destroyer’s Golden Boy ran around trying to give power back to the data center Kim had destroyed until she could find him. 

Time to Raise the Demons

When Golden Boy died the elites tried to raise 9 demons who were in stasis on this planet and they began helping them about 72 hours ago at the time this broadcast was recorded. Kim could not figure out where this stuff was coming from. The demons told them about different sites, other demons, and technologies, so they made a deal. They lied and told the demons they were still the Guardians on Earth, the line of Solomon for 3,000 years so nobody had dethroned them except they were dethroned in 2018. They have not been the Guardian of anything since 2018. That did not stop them from offering up all our souls to the demons in exchange for this technology. That did not work out and needless to say all those who made the offering are gone, but not before Kim had to chase them around the planet to many different locations. She had to go where 8 more demons were, the ‘she’ demons. The first 9 were the ‘he’ demons. They are 9th level lower astral demons in Antarctica and then there was another one in Jamaica to make 9. She thinks maybe they were going to procreate? She does not know for sure. But they were given instructions by those who are also no longer with us.

Kim and her team were running around for days removing them and when that did not work out for them the next thing they did was go back to the 15 secret militaries like Krueger and Umbrella Military who went everywhere trying to hack into computers. This morning they went back at the Dark Tower, 33 Thomas Street in NYC because over the course of the last few days something important has taken place especially here in the United States.   

The Dismantling of the Omega Project

Everything began to change once Kim and her team figured out who were the moles, the walking Chinese with the chips in their heads that are within Homeland Security, within the political sector etc. She is now questioning how Biden was dead only 7 days after allegedly winning the election. Was that a termination button? There are a lot of patriots in Langley and the Military who are in Reno and they really do think it is the good guys in the military who are going to make it happen with the Chinese Elders. But the whole story all came from this machine.

This takes us back to the changeover in 1975 of the Global Martial Law plan and transfer over to China.

Patriots Involved Are Figuring Out How the Chinese Robots Infiltrated the US

People are starting to figure out now that Kim is not full of it, maybe she is telling them the truth because they could not understand how they could have alleged American patriots give them information that is going to burn the country to the ground. They all think they are fighting a hostile takeover of the United States but in actuality they are just listening to someone who looks very American but is actually a Chinese robot telling them the story. It is a hard pill to swallow and it took them a few days to realize that OMG this is really happening right under our nose.

Patriots Involved Are Figuring Out How the RV Was Created as a Distraction

The creation of the RV by Rothschild and Bush Senior is also part of this. That creation was so that patriots would have a distraction and constantly be waiting for something to happen. Pushing around pallets of cash, the $27 trillion that Bush created and used to get countries to go to war and do other things but they can never cash them. All this ties to the ultimate Omega Project which would have been the control of humans. The RV was just a distraction to get people to wait and do nothing except what these people told them to do. They have been thinking they are going to fund the US economy and save the US economy but instead they are doing all these things to destroy it.  

Under this rewritten plan in 1975 the Federal Reserve would have moved to Hong Kong after the decimation of the US. It would have been run by China and every single Federal Reserve Board Governor has been chipped with the exception of two people. Two African Americans got on the board and neither one of them has been chipped because they are new and this program keeps faltering.

So, this explains why the ‘patriots’ could not see how they were not destroying the US. Everyone had a chip and were controlled. Everything they have been doing has been a distraction and instead of saving America they have been burning the US to the ground financially, economically, militarily, and agency wise. Essentially every aspect in breaking the US.

The China deep state also bought AMC theatres and owns Fox News. So, all those things come together to make a big picture for not only financial control of the planet with the Central Bank Digital Currency under their control when the Fed moved to Hong Kong, but they were also going for Media control. They are buying up all the US Media they can buy, plus BBC which is partially monitored or run by the British Government.

So, I wonder where that leaves the Silent Circle who supposedly took over the management last week?

The Chinese Had Control of the Five Pillars Until This Machine Was Dismantled

So, all of this comes into play with the 5 Pillars, the Intelligence sector, Military sector, Financial sector, Media sector and Political sector. They have their Chinese eyes and ears in every one using this machine. They are like robots doing whatever they say. But the machine does not exist anymore. Now what do you do? They lost their Intelligence control, Military control, Financial control, Political control and Media control mostly, because they cannot feed journalists as much anymore remotely. They still have the old Project Mockingbird, but if the CIA now realizes they are working with China they probably will not continue with Project Mockingbird on their behalf. But Kim said that is just a guess at this point.

Their Intended Next Steps

The BRICS Meeting is in August and the Heads of State in BRICS and the 41 other countries are told by the China Deep State that the entire world’s financial system is going to crash. But your country has been ‘selected to participate in the BRICS currency’. It is not the USTC that was supposed to back the entire world, it is now the BRICS digital dollar and then the US would have to accept it because the US is also destitute at this point.

So, the installation of a central bank digital currency would be forced upon the world with full control of all humans who remained. They are still trying to kill us anyway they possibly can, with vaccines, food, another plandemic being launched out of China which they could have done with this system. They could actually insert a disease into a Chinese citizen or a person who has traveled over there or went to school there. You can insert them with a disease and then send them to America and before you know it he is patient case #1 and spreading it all over the country and eventually the world. They would have been well on their way to killing us all if nobody stopped it.

China has told the entire world, especially the 41 countries who have accepted digital bank currency it would be backed by Chinese RMB currency and the Azure or the BRICS currency as they are calling it. It would be the BRICS version of the SDR which is like special drawing rights issued by the IMF. Then eventually those SDRs would take over every digital currency in the world. They would have been able to control who got what. They would have also told them they had to put up all in-ground assets to them, which they have been doing now for years. They have been trying to register the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the US to the Shanghai Exchange as one example, which Kim has prevented many times and has told us about that many times. It included the entire African continent, all of South America, everything would have been included and we would have all been communists in the very near future. And we would like it because the chip in our head says so. So now we know what Klaus Schwab meant by we will own nothing and we will like it.  But Kim said she would never have allowed this to happen. That is why she is Ground Command.

Wow, that is the Omega Project!

What Happened When They Were Unplugged?

Kim was not sure what was going to happen when these people were unplugged. Are they still waiting for money? Well Yellen is still talking and waiting for orders. The Black Sun is pretty much gone except for some in China. So we are down to Generals here in the US who do not have a clue about anything we are talking about right now. But they started to get a clue over the last few days and they are doing their research and it is sinking in. Hopefully they are realizing OMG this is real. That just started yesterday.

Like Kim has told us many times, she does not know what she does not know. She is only given information when it is time for her to have it. Thank God she is still persevering.

A Turnaround is Now Taking Place

So, Kim could not talk about all of this on the news, not before everyone involved had gone down the rabbit hole, at least in part so they could understand what they were up against as the US and actually the entire world is pretty much out of money. Fortunately, the rest of the Omega Project did not come to fruition or Kim would not be having this conversation right now.

Kim Has Been Cleaning Up & Answering Questions

Kim now has every single site that system had been tied to, where the sub-sites were, where the keystones were, where anti-genetic keystones were, cellular degeneration, etc. Aside from cleaning up that mega mess, Kim has been answering a lot of questions for operatives as they come in. It takes a few days for people to wrap their mind around this. It took Kim time too. But they officially gave the Chinese or Rothschild, whoever they were listening to until noon EST today to provide the funding they claimed they were going to for the US. Nothing happened. Yellen went over there and gets this whole big spiel that all this money is going to come to the US Treasury and everything is going to be fine.

Many Recent Arrivals in Durango

When that did not happen, Durango got a lot of visitors because everyone is ready to move forward. So big progress for us and the world because whatever happens here in the US happens everywhere. Currently in town is the Treasury Department, a bunch of economists, as well as a lot of people from Langley and the Pentagon. No one from the Fed coincidentally. They are probably wondering what happened to the chip in their head as it is not there anymore. It actually caused a disturbance for them because they grew so dependent on it, they feel weird because their brain has to fire again and work on its own. Their leaders who fall under the Crown will probably pick up the phone and tell them some crazy story. But the good news is that all the people we just talked about from those different departments know it is all a lie. They have been briefed and continue to be briefed. Thankfully they came to the party before this got a lot worse. But they now know the Central Bank Digital Currency is a lie and we do not need the Fed, that it had not been transferred to Hong Kong yet. There are people who were promised to be in control of the Fed in Hong Kong because the Nevada Test Center was not yet finished and they were ready to crash the world’s financial system and implement digital currency. Eventually that tied to this system in exchange for selling all our souls to Satan.

Now nobody has a chip in their head anymore and Kim is guessing, based on how the new visitors in Durango are currently moving they should be ready to go by Friday or over the weekend. But this removal of chips has never happened before. This program has run since 1984 and no one had ever lost implants like this, unless they died. So we will have to wait and see but she is optimistic and looking forward to having all hands on deck. She repeated that she does not care where they have been. Everyone has been lied to including herself. It is what they do now. But if we must go it alone, she is still has prepared for that because she did not know if any government was ever going to come to the party. Nobody wanted to listen. And China is still trying to implement their plan. They called Iran this morning to try to get them to launch a nuclear missile at the US because the US decided to move forward in another direction. But even Iran said no.

Kim also managed to discover a few other things related to blocking money to the people and how they intended to institute the central bank digital currency.

China Utilized a Secondary SWIFT or S2 System

When you make an international transfer most banks use SWIFT, but there is also a secondary SWIFT and it is called the S2 system. S2 is predominantly used by Tier 1 banks and the Federal Reserve and it was predominantly used for transaction purposes. Allegedly in the past there had been no money sitting in S2. It would just go from one institution to another and that was the end of it.

Kim then explained the origin of the S2 system and what else the Chinese were doing and what she had to do to correct the situation.

She returns us again to the 9 planes of existence which as we know also exist in computers. The S2 system fell within a section in the middle of those planes of existence and was basically an overlay. When she was transferring money, it goes to level 3, we can see it in the back office. Now where does the money go after that? It was not there, so where did it go?

Once Kim started submitting to level 1 and level 2 where our account is, this overlay would actually take over and the money would be transferred to a secondary system, like a sister system. A command that was still in level 3 sidelined all regular money to over where we see it on the internet.

Rothschild and the Chinese Elders were registering weird account numbers that do not exist anymore into the Secondary SWIFT so the banks would look at it and say, oh look we still have money, our balance sheet is fine, and oh the Federal Reserve still has money, but they cannot spend it. So, this was the ultimate server which was linked to 3 locations in Japan. This system was more neutral in that it contained both dark and light, but by the time you got down to level 2 and 1 the majority was dark so it would have degraded the data package by the time it got to our accounts. That was the goal.

I think Kim is trying to explain here more detail on how they were able to divert the money in relation to the KIMS systems she built.

We have KIMS 1, the Key Integrated Monetary System 1 which is the monetary one. That is the one that looks for the currency changes, valuations, asset backing, projects and monitoring these things worldwide for every currency because there is zero cooperation from anyone at the Fed. So, what does one human do when we are told we must go it alone? Everyone was going it alone and Kim too had to prepare to go it alone which is why she created all these systems.

The next thing she created was the Key Integrated Monetary System 2 which has been around for about 1.5 years now. That is her direct line from Alpha to ‘we the people,’ to the banks. Apparently, it got diverted at level 3, but now it is fine and goes directly to any bank account. She created those systems in order to create a direct transfer line from one place to another and that is what she has been using. Say Bank of America gives her a SWIFT code or routing code or IBAN # if in Europe, then it created on a VTN a port system that replaces the old back port system which used to exist in plane 3 of computers. It created this port system and then each bank had its own port. This is what she had to do, because obviously everyone is drinking the Kool Aid.

Kim could not understand why they kept they kept expecting this digital currency to actually work when from her point of view even if she did transfer all the money to the digital currency it wouldn’t. But now it makes sense to her how that would have been done. That is what she is explaining above. That in conjunction with all the politicians, agency people, and military being delusional due to the chips in their heads and because everyone has a digital wallet and was promised they will be billionaires, it is how the Order got everyone to work for them when they could not sell them dinar anymore.

The chip in their heads keeps telling them it is all good. But there is no way they could believe this story without a chip in their head. In reality what they were doing with this story is they were burning the world’s economy to the ground and not caring because remember we are all going to die anyway. The few left would take your digital money and you are going to like it. If you step out of line and have a thought for yourself, they will take you out. They do not need nor want non-compliant batteries.

SWIFT S2 System Was Removed & Backup Plan in Place

It is important we know and they know this structure has been taken down. There is no secondary SWIFT anymore and this was a big win for us.

What Kim did was create billions of threads from Alpha to each individual person’s account now and she bypassed the banks. So, in case the banks and the governments do not come forward now, every person who has an account and if they have multiple then all their accounts she replicated in Alpha and now we are communicating directly as a transfer line to each individual. She got rid of those overlays so we can see this in our accounts. This process and program would have bypassed all governments, all banks, all compliance, CMS, and the only thing she would use of theirs is their app and website, which is already duplicated in the Global Repository anyway. That is it. Even if the recently removed chipped people cannot make a decision and figure it out in time this is the back-up plan should there be a problem. We will still be able to eat and go to the grocery store.

They on the other hand think we can change the entire way we do commerce in a single day. And at the same time intend on giving out chips to determine who is on the slave program (which will determine if they live) and who is on the extermination program.

So we are on the brink, probably by the end of this month.

Next Steps

Kim said she anticipates fruitful conversations with Government officials in the near future, other than just fact-finding conversations. She looks forward to preventing any kind of government crash if that is the case. She also has talked about things like the formation of a CARE American Development Bank, which every country would have. That would be for private projects and private funding and private grants. And it would also take the big corporations away from needing government funding, like the airlines and take away support of the thievery that BlackRock is doing for example. BlackRock needs restructuring, they need to go over to the CARE American Development Bank. Also, the quantitative easing, the bailing out of the big 3 auto manufactures, all of that stuff would be redirected over to CARE for a restructuring because if you are bankrupt there is something wrong with what your company is doing.

Restructuring To Take Place

She is not running things like the Order where everyone just gets money. We have to figure out how to make this work. There will probably be some government departments that do not need to exist. Obviously, some big ones like the Tax Authorities, the IRS here in the States. That is a private organization that the government does not need to fund. Again, if they have an issue with this, all the personnel who work there, we can restructure them in the Tax Authority in our newly acquired buildings called the Federal Reserve. The ones we just acquired; it is very easy. We can still calculate spending tax but it is going to take time. Do not get impatient because this is not going to be an overnight process. We are restructuring the way things have been for 100s of years and in some cases, like she just showed us with the Omega Project, thousands of years, for those in the know, those who knew how the Omega project used to work and how it all tied back to the Omega system in the lower astral.

If they do not have that system their program does not work. But that has not stopped a bunch of family members who do not know what she is telling us right now from running around like crazy people and trying to send nuclear missiles all over the place because they are having a bad day and people are not believing their stories anymore.

Backup Plan in Place

The point is she has a plan either way. If they do try to crash the financial system on the planet, we are good on this end. If they try to increase food prices then hopefully in the very near future she will be able to just increase how much is in our bank accounts to account for that. We will end up with hyperinflation but who cares. Is anyone paying attention to Powell? Eventually we will be able to grow our own food. Do you know how much $10 million given to a farmer would do? They stopped producing crops over a drought that did not exist for about $1,500 per acre. That is what the Government was offering people in Oregon to stop farming and they never paid it of course. This was all a program, a computer program literally. The Water Boards are predominantly CIA. They cut off the water in the canals. She told us that way back and how she tried to fix it and no one would let her because it was all a program and all this must be fixed. It must be rectified with the cooperation of all these departments or it will be a fight and she is ready for that. Either way she is ready.

Martial Law in the Public Eye Will Be Implemented if Needed

Kim is no stranger to getting rid of people who are following the Deep State and getting rid of the Deep State itself. We are now down to the Order of the Dragon predominantly and names we know. Opus Dei, Popes, and names we recognize, the people we see as bad all over the internet, the bankers. If the big banks still do not want to cooperate then we go ‘Plan A and a half’ so to speak and she will implement in the public eye Martial Law. Then she will start making those changes in cooperation with the Military and the Agencies in the US, including their own houses. Anybody who wants to stay with the chipped side will be removed and the rest will move over on our side. It is a huge undertaking but it is progress on both fronts. She said we have a lot more people paying attention now to what she is doing, what she is saying and to the Restoration Plan and it is a good thing for all of us.

But in the meantime, Kim is continuing and going forward assuming these people do not exist because she has seen a lot of indecisiveness on their side, which has made her question their ability to truly move forward in another direction. Some of it is in understanding, is she the same boss as the old boss? Does she want to be Queen of the World or what is she doing here? Half these people do not know her from Adam. Have they been told she is the evil doer of planet Earth? Obviously, everything they have been told is good and positive is bad including herself and everything that is bad is actually good so they are really confused.

Believing the Fairy Tale Told by Rothschild is Over

But the deadline for believing the fairytale being told to them by Rothschild is over and these people are no longer believing money is coming from China. That she can tell us. If they are in town, in Durango, they do not believe they are getting paid by the Chinese elders, this RV. They no longer believe in fairy tales and know the country is running on air right now.

If she was to give an estimated deadline from their perspective as to how long they have, it is until the 31st of July or we are going to be in serious trouble. That is what their perception is and what they have told Kim. That would mean and indicate they would have to start making changes damn quick in order to affect enough of a change by that time. The Treasury Department has prepared a 30-, 60- and 90-day budget. So, for their cooperation she will do a 30 day first and then we will do another 30 and another 30 if needed in order to allow for time to get things done.

And for all the naysayers out there who question why she is doing this, well we need to give them an opportunity to hear truth, verify the truth and then see what they are going to do. Kim said half the people who are listening to this broadcast bought dinar, let us not kid ourselves. They were lied to, everyone has. That is why she does not care what they did last week, or how many times they swore at her in the past, she only cares what they do now because we are in trouble. It would be better to have a government functioning and not to have chaos in the entire world.

Oh boy!


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  1. AshestToAllelulia

    I agree with Cynthia.

    Excellent writing. This is like a college-level World History Class. So much to process.

    Thank you for taking your time and energy to process and prepare this.


  2. Miss Sunny and the field workers do a wonderful job of research and reporting. I can’t imagine how much time and effort spent to bring this level of quality. They need to be paid.

  3. Silent Circle who supposedly took over the management last week? So when China bought Fox and CNN, where does that leave the silent circle?

    1. What a rollercoaster ride. Its scary that Omega seems to keep on düplicating itself. I honestly hope for the best outcome.

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