Order of the Dragon Waiting for Yet Another Alignment Making Fools of Everyone Still Following Them | Israeli Offensive in Jenin Ends Quick, Uh No Money? | So Why is the War Still Going in Ukraine? | Iran to Join SCO? | First Trump Now Khomeini’s 40th Birthday Ritual Pledge to Lucifer Tapes Distributed | Fed Tries to Demand More Time Whereas Treasury Department Prepares to Move Forward | Silent Circle is New Management for CNN & Fox News! | Paris Library & Philippines Post Office On Fire to Hide Records | Massacres Come Around Alignments to Open Portals

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on July 5, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this update Kim repeats a heavy topic related to child trafficking to explain why there will still be a need for enforcement for quite some time and why she keeps trying to turn around the militaries and agencies. She comments on the Israeli and Iran events which motivated her to distribute the Khomeini tapes. The Order is waiting for yet another alignment, this time with Sirius and our Sun. They are getting less and less support as more and more realize Kim is laughing at them.  

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Child Trafficking

Kim started off with the heavy topic of child trafficking. It is a global multi-billion dollar industry trafficking children and humans in general. The cabal really likes trafficking children for all kinds of reasons. They are part of their rituals and use them as sex slaves and it is disgusting.

Child Trafficking | Lone Rangers Like David Rea

Kim shared a story again about the person who lives in Maryland, who is involved and is also paid to put slanderous materials about Kim online and we know his as Team Bubba. Well she decided to do some research on him back then his file had been scrubbed really clean. There were a lot of unmarked black vehicles outside his home. Kim has a copy of his passport. He is in his 50s and lives in his mother’s basement. She started looking into his computer activities. Turned out this man runs not only a global child pornography ring, but when you click on the pornography it leads you to a child auction. This isn’t your typical child pornography, it is much worse. A lot of children were hurt if not died. Kim then found out he was using servers from KPMG because he has been providing children all around the world, to politicians, royal families and other people for a long time now, he works for them. David Rea had been arrested for these activities before working for them. Then he was scooped up by 2 Senators in the Democratic Party. You could buy children for a few thousand dollars up to 10K and 20K depending on the child. In doing some research one of the children she had found based on the activities coming from this person was in a politician’s house in Texas at the time. He was chained to a bed and living in the attic.

Kim uploaded the site and all the files and sent it over to the cyber division of the FBI. This was a couple of years ago and they were doing an investigation. Then all of a sudden they got 2 calls from 2 Senators in Maryland and were told to stop and not to look any further. If they continued their investigation what they would have found was the biggest file against the biggest politicians in the United Kingdom, United States and all over the world. Nobody has stopped this guy. He is still running to this day. And in addition to getting paid for the slanderous stuff he posts about Kim he is also paid in various items until his ‘term is up’. In other words he works for them and is paid by them in exchange for not letting him go to jail. He is paid also in drugs. He is highly addicted to drugs, Kim thinks it is crystal meth, so they pay for both his addiction and for him to continue his work.

This is just one example of what we are fighting up against and another reason why Kim keeps saying we are not going to not need enforcement any time soon. We are going to need people to correct the situation globally. People like this will exist until they don’t anymore.

But doesn’t this fall under protecting the life of an innocent? Personally I do not understand how it cannot be.

Child Trafficking, the Global Syndicate

Sunny asked Kim if she still believes that the Silent Circle has the power to shut down child trafficking. Kim said she does still believe that is a possibility. That is the global syndicate, worldwide supply to a deep state that is dying. That is the customer base. As far as globally in the supply chain the Silent Circle can definitely make a severe dent.

But you do have some people who are just not right. We will still have these lone rangers like this David Rea who was not right since he was born, so we will still need enforcement. Kim is emphasizing this to further let us know why she is still talking to militaries and agencies and all these people. The world is not suddenly going to become good. Our governments are not going to wake up and act like they are the good guys. It is going to take time, but the steps are being taken and we are moving forward.

The Order Waiting for Yet Another Alignment | Sirius with Our Sun

It is unclear based on texts and based on what you can find online about the exact alignment of Sirius with our Sun, but Sirius was a portal to the dark side. It was also a portal to AI systems in the lower astral at one point in time but has not been for a long time. Although that has not stopped the Order of the Dragon from telling the whole world to put everything on hold. Don’t leave us! Don’t shut down the Fed! Don’t lock the doors! Don’t do anything! Give us 24 hours! We will be back! This is what they said on July 3rd.

In the meantime they sent their people to places like Yellowstone Park looking for the ball of death that is no longer there, and they went to the Ukraine, and Egypt. Everybody is waiting for this portal to open. For the record the exact time of the alignment was 4:42 AM EST yesterday morning. But these people really do not know that. So now they are trying to tell the world they may have gotten the day wrong and to give them until the 7th because if you read online it could be anytime between the 3rd and 7th this year.

This is a game of chess for sure, but Kim said the one thing we have going for us which is the alternative to them is that when she says she is going to do something she does it every single time, consistently for years. When she says she is going to build systems, she builds systems. If she says she is going to create accounts, she creates accounts. It may not be done exactly when everyone wants, but it is done and very methodically as we move forward.

Israeli Offensive in Jenin

The Israelis were told by the Rothschild groups and remaining members of the Sanhedrin that due to an alignment that was happening yesterday their Trump bucks will now be cashable. So now they failed on the digital currency which the Israelis hold and they failed on the pallets cash which they were also given and have been working for and now it is Trump bucks that are going to be made good. Yeah, sure they will. Well yesterday they were feverishly looking to see if they were good, after all the attacks in the West Bank city of Jenin were due to the fact that they thought they were actually going to get paid for what they were doing.

Israel attacks Jenin in biggest West Bank incursion in 20 years | Palestinian territories | The Guardian

Iran Joins Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO)

This ties into another part they are doing in Iran. Iran is allegedly joining the Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO) now. Remember they are Chinese. Kim said she knows they look Middle Eastern but they are Chinese, Khomeini, whoever is playing the part these days is Chinese. He is always British or Chinese. In other words he is a member of the Order of the Dragon.

Iran formally becomes full member of SCO, PM Modi conveys best wishes to President Ebrahim Raisi (malaysiasun.com)

Khomeini Initiation on 40th Birthday Tapes Distributed

Well just as she told us about the Trump tapes there are Khomeini tapes. The 40th birthday, the initiation ritual. It is the same thing with the children and pledging his soul to Lucifer.

Except isn’t he is supposedly the head of the church? People think Islam is different than Catholicism which is different than Christianity but all of them have been infiltrated and manipulated by the other side, the words are not the same. The same thing with Judaism. They have the Black Sanhedrin problem just like we have over here.

So this is not a religious thing in any way from our standpoint. When you have religious leaders stand up and tell them to fight for Islam and freedoms in the Middle East and try to force the hands of other countries, in Kurdistan and other places, you might want to know what devil you are dealing with. So those videos have gone out to the entire Middle East so they can see what that man is really made of and then they can make their own decisions. This is your leader. But all this goes in line with the Order of the Dragon’s plan to move the power center of the world over to China. But things did not work out the way they wanted yesterday.

The Fed Demanded More Time

Members of the Federal Reserve showed up yesterday and demanded Kim wait until the 7th because the alignment will not be over until then. Sure, this time it will mean something. They have only been hacking for 15 years now. The only money they have seen was from Kim for those budgets. Although she admitted that was not a good move on her part, but learn she did. And she isn’t trying to be boastful about being the only one to deliver, she just wants to reinforce that her word is always good and that is important in moving forward and gaining respect from people.

Treasury Department Ready to Move Forward

The Treasury Department on the other hand has also called but said they are ready to move forward any time after July 4th. Like the Fed they too are getting pressured from Yellen who tells them they are going to be fired. Well she doesn’t work there anymore, but they are still afraid of her because of who she works for. On the other hand they now have support from some very serious people on the flipside.

Yellen is still waiting for the bus to come and keeps showing up for work even though she was actually fired years ago and hasn’t gotten a paycheck. Why? Because they love to ignore everything Kim does. But Yellen has no authority to do anything so she’s been bopped around the world. Although she has not been to the Treasury Department since her departure, she does not have the right to enter the building. But she is still running around and talking on TV on behalf of a bunch of British and Chinese people talking about plans of grandeur and alignments that never come.

Silent Circle | The New Management For CNN & Fox News

Going back to the Silent Circle, well they were very busy as well because nobody expected The Order of the Dragon and their loyalists to perform. Umbrella Corp was all over Egypt looking for this and that yesterday, trying to get a signal and nothing happened anywhere. Remember Kim told us a little while back the Silent Circle had taken some major media outlets? Well yesterday they became the new management. So we should see real news somewhat start to come out soon. She knows definitely CNN and Fox News are among them but she has yet to confirm BBC and a few others. It was only an hour or two since the green light was given by, well let’s just the say the people who no longer can or want to wait. So they have given their support. These are your unknown generals so to speak. They run agencies not only in the US but 75 other countries and they have decided there will be no more waiting for alignments with Uranus, the Order is making a fool out of them and they are being laughed at which is 100% true, Kim is laughing at them. How many alignments later are we? When is the next one? Oh now they want everyone to wait until 7th.

By the way, wouldn’t it be a great thing if CNN and Fox News announced everyone who has been fired! And like Sunny said, how about announcing all the people running around in masks!

Rumor Biden Suffered Massive Heart Attack

Speaking of people running around in masks, there are leaks going around the internet about Biden suffering a massive heart attack around the first of July. There are rumors of the White House shutting down for a period of time. There is a lot of movement in the political sector right now and we will see how it all turns out. But we are already starting to see some leaks because that is out on the internet. We will have to wait and see how it will all play out.

Joe Biden Dead Conspiracy Theory After Video Shows White House Body Bag (newsweek.com)

And will they announce Martial Law officially due to the financial crisis? Maybe, Kim said that is a real possibility if we do not get cooperation. It would not be out of alignment with what everyone is expecting anyway. She cannot say much more than this for now though as she doesn’t want to interfere with any of the operations, except that we are doing well, there is a lot of forward movement. It looks like some decisions were actually made and let’s hope no one finds a squirrel to chase in the meantime. She is also expecting the situation in Jenin to wrap up soon and there are already reports about that. Funny how they get wrapped up so quickly nowadays when nobody gets paid.

Why is the War Still Going on in Ukraine?

Sunny asked Kim why she thought the war in Ukraine was continuing while these other incidents like Jenin stop when they find out there is no money. Kim said she heard, although it was a few months ago, that most of this war was being funded from Putin’s original accounts. The original Putin was a wealthy person and worth maybe between $500-850 billion. That being said there are people who work with him who have given the authority to others in Ukraine to keep the war going. Are they going to continue after this massive failure on July 4th? Kim said they will probably continue through the 7th, maybe it will go on longer though. Who knows?

She traced back most the money to see where it was coming from and who is using it because most of the Oligarchs lost a lot of money about a year ago, a couple trillion dollars in their partnership with the Black Sun in America, Black training programs and BlackRock. Remember when Kim intervened?

Note: Below excerpt from related post, GPRC Hijacked from Within | USSR Oligarchs Lose $1.8 Trillion | ARPANET Dismantled | Russia & Ukraine War Theatrics & Fundraising | SSP Generals Set Sight on Big Pharma Profits | Just Empower Me

Evidently the oligarchs didn’t want it back. Kim put it at the KGB headquarters, if you know what she means, which I admit I do not. I can guess. She was probably not going to just give it back without some deal or cooperation on their part which was out of the question. So she just left it there. If they want it back they just needed to give her a call, but no one called her back, it is still just sitting there.

So Putin’s accounts are what is keeping the war going and that was per the Order, the Chinese and British deep state. They are raping everybody, the Kuwaitis, the Saudi Arabians. They are stealing money from anyone and everyone to keep their show going at this point. They keep holding on to Ukraine because they think the being in stasis underneath there is going to come when the right alignment happens.

Paris Library & Philippines Post Office On Fire

They are burning things left and right in Paris too. She knows they burned a library a few days ago which contained a lot of records of the families of the Merovingians and their involvement with the Catholic Church. Very old documents.

France is Finished: Rioters Burn Down Largest Library in France, 1,000 Buildings Burnt, 5,600 Vehicles Destroyed – Geller Report

Then there was another post office that was well over 100 years old in the Philippines that contained a lot of documents that they do not want to get out. But these records, like those in the Paris library are all in the Hall of Records too. They must think if they burn them all the records no longer exist.

Video of a post office on fire in the Philippines misrepresented as library in France during riots | AP News

So Kim asked what is next? The Library of Alexandria in Malta? That is underground. I assume she means they didn’t really destroy it when it was in Egypt, but just moved it. Then you have catacombs in the Vatican. There is a lot of stuff down there. Are they going to set it all on fire? Is that their plan, so no one will know how evil they are?

Massacres Come Around Alignments

They love to cause massacres around alignments. They need fear to open up portals. And they did try to detonate the Golden Gate Bridge by the way. It did not work obviously and they were angry about that. And all these shootings allegedly happening is because when you cannot create something big you create a lot of little things to create fear. By the way George Floyd was actually shot by one of their members who was posing and acting as a police officer. The whole thing was staged and all theatre but it was enough to rile up people so we can go another round with Black Lives Matters. And George Floyd 2.0 is what they are going for.

Mass Grave Sites Make Great Portals

Remember Jim Jones, Peoples Temple Cult Leader who is associated with Guyana where they had a mass suicide event, Jonestown – Massacre, Guyana & Cult. Around 900 people died there because they laced the Kool Aid with cyanide. That is where the phrase, ‘don’t drink the Kool Aid’ came from. But they use these large massacres to create portals. It is a sacrifice to their lower astral gods. They don’t care how many people they have to kill, probably the more they kill the more likely the being comes to help you. There are many of these sites all around the world, not just the camps during the holocaust. There are sites in Egypt, the Wall of Tears (Galápagos Islands), the Great Wall of China and places where thousands if not millions of people had died, where massacres happened. That includes here in the US. There were a lot of Indian massacres and mass grave sites make great portals, that’s their motto.

Then there is the energy behind it, putting people in gas chambers, burning them alive produces more adrenochrome as one example. Another benefit to them is the extremely low frequency it produces. Eventually they got machines and other things to do a lot of that for them, but in those days a lot of it was from murdering people. The purer the soul, the more essence that is produced which can then be transmuted into dark essence, hence the reason for the kids. And all because of an alignment.

On A More Positive Note

I can’t end this post on that note so I’m finishing up with something Kim said before this morbid topic.  In her personal opinion there has been a lot of disclosure amongst the highest ranks in militaries and agencies all around the world. They are gathering a lot more information than they ever had before about who they are really working for, who they really are. In some cases it is for self-preservation. But this is a theatre and they are seeing it for what it is. They are ordering Iran on one side and Israel on the other side. Well these people are not wanting to be used as cannon fodder anymore. Iran has been a threat to Israel for 15 years allegedly. It is the same program. You know they are cabal just based on that. It has to end.


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  1. I too would appreciate Kimberly addressing exactly why she and/or the Enforcer can’t destroy David Rea’s syndicate.

  2. AshestToAllelulia

    Kim needs to report child abuse.
    Kim needs to report child abuse.
    Kim needs to report child abuse.

    You do NOT report child abuse to one agency, who fails, THEN do NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH.

    Gee, Kim, the FBI, who you KNOW is corrupted at the upper echelons, was your agency of CHOICE???

    So, here’s what you do to make sure you don’t have to wash your hands of this child’s blood and ruined psyche like freaking Pontius Pilate:

    1. Do a media blast of the Texas senator who has a child chained to his/her bed in the attic. Might I suggest non-paywall media, such as: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Craigslist.

    2. Alert the freaking sheriff.

    3. Alert the US Marshalls.

    4. Put flyers on every house in this pervert-torturer’s neighborhood.

    5. Call every minister in town and report this freak of nature.

    6. Get a bullhorn at his neighborhood baseball/football/soccer tournament, and yell your accusations into it. Put flyers about the child chained to the bed. under windshield wipers at the same tournament.

    7. Make official reports to the police, and publish them. The reports alone make excellent flyers.

    Otherwise, you are COMPLETELY COMPLICIT.

    This isn’t even playing cat and mouse with the enemy. This is watching a feral cat kill a mouse and saying “easy come, easy go, oh well, that’s the scary FBI and the stronghold of satanic senators,” and throwing up your hands.

    That’s ⬆️⬆️⬆️ gross negligence. ‘Nobody has stopped this guy,’ is THE LAMEST, OFF-HER-GAME-EST, FEMALE-AS-HELPLESS-VICTIM comment I have EVER heard.

    Shout Senator Slime’s & Basement Child Auctioneer’s names to the masses!!!! Take names and kick a**. Either Kim has secret assassins who remove people who, as she loves to say, “are no longer with us,” AND she uses them to stop child trafficking and child auctions, or she is right there with them tolerating, tolerating, tolerating.

    Is that baby still chained to the Texas Senator’s bed in the attic under Kim’s baleful eye?

    Get a drone with a camera, bust through the attic window.

    Go to any sportsman’s club and explain what is happening to a bunch of deer hunters. They’ll free that child.


  3. AshestToAllelulia

    So David Rea is “not right” and “has been this way since birth. OK.

    But Kim’s wholesome henchmen ended disease being sprayed or electrically transmitted from all the phallic towers round the world last week. Shouldn’t David Rea be coming right round?

    This whole fiasco reminds me of the Masonic Jerk Senator Henry Clay, the Great Compromiser, as he was known. He said slavery would die out by itself in the 1800’s. He owned slaves.

    Is child torture/slavery/organ harvesting/satanic ristual abuse/auctioning going to die out by itself?
    Why the stall, Kim? Send your secret peeps in with their abilities to read minds, walk through walls, night vision, and rappelling gear, and rescue these children.

    1. Upon reflection, I think Kim is doing her best. Mostly she does a great job, working on this level: https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/3848-ascension-timeline-rebellion

      It just when she tells us she’s the one closest to Source, that she is THE Source representative, that SHE has been given the power to run the global system, that SHE is the Great Transformer, that I feel bewildered and don’t quite trust her. On one level, Kim’s description of the dimensions, how they interact, where on the dimensions we humans are…all this information is very good.
      I have a personal thing about wanting to make my own decisions. For example about Trump and Rfk JR…Is it possible that Trump at one point “turned” and is now part of the “good guys”? Is it possible that RFk Jr saw so much, suffered so much, that he too came around? Is it possible that despite his great flaws, that Martin Luther King was a great man?
      Kim is dead set agains them all, every single leader.
      Yes, we all must ascend ourselves and nobody will be coming to rescue us, but is Kim the only Leader we are to believe in?

  4. AshestToAllelulia

    How can burning people alive produce adrenochrome? Wouldn’t that be like a bunch of disgusting satanists throwing a cup of blood into a bonfire, then expecting to drink it later?

  5. I trust Kim! Have more respect and trust in Kim and the source. Everything will be fine in the near future, Rome was not built in a day.

  6. I can’t help but wonder if reincarnation is sometimes a mechanism that sends the evil doers back into the bodies of those who become victims later. It seems like a form of justice to me. It also seems like a potential recycling system where you go round and round (back and forth) from one to the other until you evolve beyond a “fear/blame based” consciousness.

    I have noticed how some people never accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions, ALWAYS blaming others and seeking vengeance. This cycle can only be broken when Love replaces Fear.

    Your thoughts?

  7. AshestToAllelulia

    There. Is. A. Child. Chained. To. A. Bed. In. The. Attic. Of. A. Texas. Senator.

    Let. That. Sink. In.

    Kim knows the name of the senator.

    Why isn’t she saying his name?

    It’s against the law to protect this senator.

    I trust Kim will do the right thing immediately.

    1. Kim doesn’t say anybody’s name, or when she does give a name it’s to provide just enough reality grounding so that we’re sucked into the otherwise total obsfucation that she traffics in. I follow this site because there are sometimes enough ‘reality bites’ to give an indication of what’s going on ‘behind the curtain.’ I’m supportive of Kim the Warrior, but I’m not supportive of Kim trashing absolutely everybody. For example RFK Jr.

  8. AshestToAllelulia

    1. Per Kim, she knows where the abused child is being held.

    2. She knows the abuser.

    3. She reported it to a compromised agency, which, by the way, she KNOWS is compromised, AND finds out AGAIN, yeah, it’s compromised.

    4. What is her next step, legally? Silence is being complicit ALWAYS.

    And yes, if I see or hear about abuse, I ALWAYS follow through, because that’s the law.

    1. “I come not to condemn the law but to fulfill”

      So which child is it? The LAW’S CHILD? Or is it the Kingdom of Heaven? (Blatant disregard for enforcing the Authority of Yahweh in your case – that’s your law). Only if we had A.I. wombs, would there be an answer for you, but you don’t have the input that Yahweh has – Kim does, when Yahweh is ready, but you don’t. Get over yourself!

    2. Whether Kim is real or fake, it should be clear to everyone by now that our entire government is at best, corrupt, and probably EVIL!

      That means that all of the agencies are not only “compromised” as you said, but involved “up to (and including) their eyeballs”!

      So…just who do you report it to?

    3. Yes, agreed. Kim’s interventions are strictly financial, unfortunately, but maybe this is her role. Why does she obsfucate??

  9. Naransina Bel

    Thank you very much for the information and your efforts. I see disgruntled people commenting. If anyone thinks they can do better than Kim, let them act, not just talk. Everyone can do something useful to make a difference. Everything else is empty words.

  10. I agree with the previous comments. I begin to wonder about Kim and who “Source” is. She sits in the seat of Marduk who was a Alpha Draco Reptilian.
    Also, why is not possible to confirm all those people who are “no longer with us” are really dead? All those Generals and powerful people? We gave no way to verify this and what exactly is Kim doing that will help restore the planet? Will it be restored after millions more people leave this Earth?

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