Historically July 4th is Alien Invasion Day | What is Really Happening in France? Watch Netflix Movie Athena, the Operatives Manual | In Exchange For Returning Kim’s Rod (Star Maker/Star Breaker) & Orb With Light Essence, The Order Wants Kim to Renew Agreement Held in Ancient Cryptex | Not Necessary, Source Can Make More! | More Important is Ensuring Astaroth, the First Anti-life Progenitor in Stasis at Lowest Level is No More! | What 10 Days of Darkness Really Means | Super Moon Positive Update | Fed Deadline Arrived June 30th at Midnight, Asset Seizing Has Begun!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on July 3, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Well more big news as usual. The Deep State was anticipating a giant portal with its major hub in China opening to let in their friends and family from down below on Independence Day. Since we humans never really had independence, that was a joke, it really meant independence for the lower astral since they could come flooding in. But the portals are gone so the alien invasion is cancelled. Kim also shares the story of the latest agreement the deep state naively thinks she will sign in exchange for some very old artifacts that belong to her. If I’m on the right track this big one sounds like we are really coming close to the end of these agreement because it closes the loop in that it brings us back to where we began. Just my guess, or a hope. Time will tell.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Issue with Airline Flights

Kim first addressed the issues with flights of late and explained what was really going on.

Microsoft and the underground base in Seattle were hacking the Sabre system this weekend as their access was restricted and they started siphoning money out the system. They have doing it forever, but it became more apparent because in the last few days they managed in interrupt air travel everywhere. Microsoft is the base software for that system and they thought they had a backdoor into Sabre and it would be an easy hack and easy way to get some cash because they are running really low. They managed to get about $2.8 billion over the last few weeks. The Sabre system is very antiquated, so Kim decided to replicate the entire system over the weekend and removed all the Microsoft backdoors and any access Seattle had and then went ahead and upgraded that system. So it should be working more efficiently now and they are no longer able to siphon money out of the system. She appreciates them pointing it out though, so that was a positive thing.

Independence Day | July 4th Means Let All the Negative Aliens Come in Today

For most Americans the 4th of July is a time when the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place. There has been a lot of movies about Independence Day. In particular is the movie that came out in 1996 where we had an alien invasion on Independence Day. Well there is a definite reason for that. Historically speaking the Declaration of Independence was signed on that day because it was a time when the lower astral beings would come to the planet. It was supposed to be today.

Independence Day (1996 film) – Wikipedia

The linchpin for all these portals opening around the world to let them all in is actually in China. Kim said she is wondering if the little lizard, Janet Yellen is over in China, hoping to meet some of her family and friends. Kidding, no not really.

Why is Janet Yellen Acting As Though She Wasn’t Fired by Kim?

Yellen does not work for the United States Government, the people or even the Treasury Department. She is a figure head for the Order and Crown Corp. That is who she works for and she is not a person, therefore she does not have the ability to think properly. She is just ignoring everything everybody says and either going along with whatever AI is in her head or what the Order tells her to do. So that is why she was in France and then China for the annual ceremony of demon catching.

They Were Preparing for the Alien Invasion Today

They were actually preparing for a full alien invasion to start today. Had they been successful we would have probably started to see it tomorrow and would have repeated the movie Independence Day. Kim said the system that runs this portal system was disabled a day or so ago. And since that was disabled they did see a little bit of an indicator, like dark plasma attempting to light up which was the remaining connection, but there was nothing on the other end. It was a huge network and something that actually happens every single year. Kim said she just did not catch it last year and since she is further along in the cleaning process it was much more obvious this year. But that should dissipate soon as that satellite network disappears from the planet.

If you are feeling weirdness today, like your head is spinning, wooziness, etc. it is coming for two different reasons. The first reason is due to these Chinese satellites which were emitting extremely low frequencies in order to aid this process. They still do not understand why the portals are not opening though, where are their friends! The second reason you could be feeling a little off however is more positive and that is explained later in this post.

Upheaval in France

There is a movie that came out recently called Athena on Netflix. The plot and the subsequent events in the movie are exactly to the letter what is happening in France right now. The movie is about where riots take place after the murder of a boy allegedly by the police. It is garnering so much media attention right now and part of that is the ‘look here not there’ strategy. Kim said to watch the movie because that is the operatives manual of the century.

Athena (2022 film) – Wikipedia

What is Really Happening in France and Why is it Happening Today?

Kim just explained the main hub of this global portal network is in China, but there are many such portals in every country, including the US. So the idea behind the protest and riots in France, and a situation that happened a few days ago around burning of the Koran, protests in Iraq and other countries due to that, as Saturday was the last day of Eid al-Adha, is about the energy that is produced. What Is Eid 2023? What To Know About the Muslim Holiday – Parade: Entertainment, Recipes, Health, Life, Holidays

They are causing these riots because when you have thousands of angry people in a specific area, it produces a very low frequency. They need some help opening these portals and they figure they better make it happen in this type of way. They were also planning an event in the US to take place and Kim and her team caught one of them. They are still searching because she knows they are still planning on doing something here aside from the alien invasion when they figured out these portals are not opening.

The event they caught had to do with the Golden Gate Bridge. She mentioned in the past that the bridge is over a positive portal that had a dark overlay. It was one of the major portals in the world and they had intended on blowing up the Golden Gate Bridge today or tomorrow. The bridge had been pre-rigged by the shadow militaries. She thinks this one was by the Umbrella Corporation because the rogue CIA agents who have that information are supposed to go to the sites where they had already been rigged.

So there is a lot going on in the world but they intended on torching the entire planet today but as Kim was giving us this update they were figuring out their network is no longer.

24 Hours Ago the White House was Evacuated

The evacuation at the White House was tied to this as well. They put a sensor in the bunkers underneath the White House waiting for their reptilian friends to come visit for the 4th of July. That what the unknown device was they spoke about in the media.

Operatives Ready & Waiting for System Access to Return

Then there are Egypt operatives today waiting for an opening but nothing is happening. They are all there ready to hack and waiting to get access to computers because we have no Central Bank Digital Currency. Wasn’t July 1st supposed to be the day they promised to go live for every country in the world? So all week long they tried to file that agreement in the Hall of Records yet again and then they began hacking somewhere again.

They are still a lot in the 15 shadow militaries not wanting the planet to change and are firmly on the side of the Order in re-establishing their ‘way of life’. And it is not really working out but they have a lot of people in toe, agency people, scientists, and people with technologies who are far more advanced than we have seen in our world and they do know how to use the technologies. And they have convinced these scientists the world was created by utilizing dark matter.

To Them Lucifer Created the World, Which is How They Base Science

The people in toe think they are doing nothing wrong by utilizing dark matter in technologies. They think that is the way it is supposed to be. All the science we have been taught is wrong. Even the more advanced people who have worked in the underground laboratories and facilities have incorrect science, especially since 1998 because by 1998 the ‘Others’ who were working with them to share, or rather steal technologies stopped giving them correct information. So the reverse engineering of technologies by underground military bases and so forth was never really complete and they couldn’t figure out why they could not get it to work. Did they have some information? Yes, but again science is going to change and it is also changing because the world is a changing place. Our energies are different, we have gone through timeline changes. We do not have holographic etherical implants in our optical nerves that make us see dark matter as light. It is like a different form of the circadian rhythm. So this is part of the reason why the scientists have the science wrong because as humans, they have been manipulated and genetically modified to see dark matter as a positive thing and the Creator of the whole universe. Remember these people think Lucifer created the world and then they based all science and everything else on that technology.

This leads us to agreements. There was yet another agreement the Order people wanted Kim sign.

The Agreement & Ancient Cryptex

She told us the story about how the agreement was supposed to get to her, what was in the agreement and how it ended.

A courier had taken flight late Tuesday or Wednesday to travel to another country to pick up the alleged agreement. He thought he was picking up some papers, possibly old and whatnot and he sits down at the meeting. Kim knows this courier and she was watching because she wanted to make sure no harm was coming to this person. He probably had the most painful conversation she has ever heard in her life. She does not know how long she could have sat there with a straight face. But the person the courier met with was telling him the story of what Kim needs to do and then gave him a Cryptex. A cryptex is a round tube with letters and numbers and inside it is where your papers are or something important. So the courier sees this and he is listening to a story that sounds rather outlandish. Once Kim saw the cryptex she knew immediately what this was Kim and said he was not told the whole story, just part of it. Then he was told that when he arrived in Colorado Springs that he would get the password to open it.

So the courier was instructed to go back to said country and then to go directly to Colorado Springs, Peterson Air Force base, home of the Space Force. MITRE Corporation was also there, the JASON Society of scientists so to speak. After that he was to go to Kim’s. This is a normal way to get there because they only have a small airport where she is, only small planes land there, no cross continental planes.

So the courier lands and there is a group of MITRE Corp people who meet him and take the cryptex from him. They proceed to try and open it themselves. Kim said they initially started doing this because they are greedy. The total amount in the pot allowed and given to them as a number to get this job done was about $500 million. So the orders actually came from China’s deep state and they went from there to the Kuwaitis who are also members of the Order of the Dragon to get some money. They are the ones who put up the $500 million.

Now what Kim had told this person (I assume the person who gave the courier the cryptex) before departure is that she thinks she knows what the agreement is, she is not sure, she chose her words very carefully, I’m not sure if that is the one, but I have needs too, so it might cost you $50, $100, $500 million. She has to see which one it is they want her to sign so she has to read it and she said read on purpose.

Now back to the MITRE people who are trying to open the box. Kim overheard the chatter of these people earlier and since they made the decision to try to do this Kim had disabled the box while the courier was in flight. So the cryptex no longer functioned in the way it was intended to function. She had to do that. She needed to make sure, on the off chance they had a technology that could possibly have worked. If they did have a technology then bad things would have come to earth and she didn’t want that to happen. While she does not think they would have fully gotten the job done she had to take precautions.

Arguments ensued with MITRE people and they kept trying until about 3am Friday morning Kim’s time to open the cryptex. Then they quit and went back a few hours later. By Friday afternoon things were getting very heated over there and they were not letting the courier leave. And they did not know what to do because they were waiting for instructions from the Order. And the Order was waiting for instructions from other people in the Order who are waiting for other instructions from other people in the Order. So this goes on for a while.

Kim then decided to do something. She could not call the courier directly because everyone’s phone is listened to, it is a known thing in her world. So she decided to call someone else’s phone and explained in detail exactly what the cryptex is, exactly what is in it and exactly what it was designed to do, exactly why they brought it to Kim and exactly what was happening over in Colorado Springs. Then she issued a warning shot. It basically explained that if they do not let this courier go she promised them she would be there in just a few minutes and she will burn the place to the ground. Well the courier was finally let out.

The Oldest Cryptex to Exist

This is probably the oldest cryptex to exist. When Kim saw it, she figured out what it was and this cryptex was tied to something. Remember she talked about the flower of life and there is also a flower of death, the poisoned rose that was the beginning of life to exist in the anti-universe. Well tied to this poison rose is the first being ever to exist in the lower astral. Everyone probably thinks it is Lucifer but it was not. Remember Lucifer was a fallen angel and fell to earth so he was not originally an anti-being.

Astaroth, The First Living Being in Lower Astral

This party was actually Astaroth. He was the first living being, other than the poison rose in the lower astral. This being has been in stasis in the lower astral for a very long time. This also goes along with the story about how the Devil is supposed to run free for a period of time and then he will be chained again. And this being is also the beginning of The Order’s bloodline, the anti-portal people beings with the chips in their head. Astaroth – Ascension Glossary

Inside the box was actually a crystal and the agreement that is in there is short. It is written in blood and it was the beginning of the progenitors of the dark side of the multiverse. They needed Kim’s essence to open the box first of all. And the password to the box is Astaroth. So this had been renewed every few thousand years by someone in Kim’s position.

Originally it was the beginning of the progenitor’s life. Progenitors create species. Adam and Eve were the progenitors for humans but progenitors span all species, light and dark and each of us had our own progenitors. But Astaroth was the first anti-life progenitor to exist down there.

Kim knows the people who tried to crack open the cryptex did not know all of this, nor did the courier. But she does know The Order knew something like this and all they wanted was power back. They were losing power, their portals are not coming back, and they do not have the connections coming to their brains from the DC region anymore. Then they thought surely something good can happen on the 4th of July and we can get them anyway.

So Kim had no intention of opening this box and would have deactivated by the time the courier got to her anyway, but she had to get rid of Astaroth down there associated with it and the crystal because it would have breathed life again, so to speak into the lower astral. Since she has been working really hard trying to get rid of the place letting this being out would be counterproductive.

Evidently now the Order people claim they want ‘balance’, but they really don’t they just want power back.

The Star Maker or Star Breaker & the Crystal Ball

Then they brought out two more artifacts. One was a large ball, the size of bowling ball, a crystal ball with some murky white energy in it and then there was a large rod. The rod is something she refers to as the star maker. So they were intending on using this crystal ball and this rod as leverage to get Kim to get the 3rd piece done. The deal was if she wanted the ball and rod back, because they are hers, then she would surely open the box. But what they do not understand is she does not need these artifacts because she has Source on her side and Source can make all of those that she wants.

She does know the compilations of metals that the rod is made of and many we would not recognize because we do not have them here. We would have to create them in a lab. The rod is very old and it is what is normally utilized to conduct the light at the Iraq Gate. Remember the vision Kim shared with us? When she pounded the stick into the ground? It is this rod.

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It is also known as the star maker and star breaker. It has been used by the bad people and bad creatures for a very long time. It was actually the rod that was utilized and others like it, because it was not the only one in existence, to create the loosh farming need. Remember the Abraxas installed power packs in all of the stars? This was tied to the Starlight system that people thought was going to come online and bring about the digital currency reset. It was not exactly that kind of reset in any way. These power packs were required because stars were no longer producing their own energy.

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10 Days of Darkness

So this is also tied to why the Alt Media keeps talking about the 10 days of darkness, then you can cash in your dinar. So there was an actual meaning behind what the ‘white hats’ have been claiming about the 10 days of darkness and of course not in a good way. So this star maker and star breaker had actually put out our Sun at some point in time which created what we know as the Ice Age. But these humans wanting Kim to renew the agreement do not understand how it works. They just know it is powerful and that it is Kim’s. They know it belongs to our side and they just cannot make it function. That is because it takes a specific type of essence to make all of this stuff happen.

Back to the Abraxas, the Destroyer & the Draco

Now the Abraxas had much more advanced technology, obviously so did the Destroyer at the time when the sun was put out because the Destroyer, the Draco and the Abraxas went around putting out the sun. So according to them since there is no sun, no star, there is no life, we had to start a loosh farm which we were for about a billion and half years. That is how we were originally infested with all of these parasites which were tied to our energy and our etheric field then fed the parasitical universe which is the lower astral. They did it to our planet, our stars, our suns in just about every place in the 5th density and lower. Fortunately this was not going to happen this time

Kim’s Plan If the Cryptex Did Get Delivered to Her

If they actually delivered the cryptex to Kim she would have deactivated the box before it got to her, but she also had a plan. She calculated every member of the Order’s net worth and combined it all but only from a liquid cash standpoint. It was teetering between $17-20 billion. That is personal money. She was going to make the following offer, do they want money or do they want power? Do they believe in what is in this box so much? Do they believe this is going to give them back power and are they willing to give up everything for it? Because if she opens the box her fee would have been the exact amount they had in all their accounts globally at that moment in time. Of course she didn’t get that far but she wanted to share the plan.

Larry, Moe and Curly Still At It

They still have the cryptex over there. They know there is a crystal or something in there and they have synthetic dark matter there, but they think it is light matter because remember they are confused. They tried to do things like attach the FedNow system to it. Hum, maybe it has a connection to the Omega system? That was on Saturday and Kim was like oh lord, there is no hope for these people at all.

While they tried to hook up the cryptex to the FedNow system another really old guy with the rod and the ball was in the Menwith Hill, a GCHQ offshoot in the UK. So he was there with that and Kim was not really sure what they were doing. She thinks they might have been trying to open up a portal that has not been there for years with the ball and the stick.

About the Ball or Orb

The ball is actually something they stole out of machine which was under the keystone in Malakoff Caves. It was a light ball so to speak, it contained light essence. She does not know what they thought they were going to do but they do not have the ball, the stick or the cryptex anymore.

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Game Over for the Agreement

No Astaroth or poison rose, no crystals, no boxes, and no base root systems either. There were many other portals like the portal that was tied to the huge one in China that they thought would fire up today. That would have been the black version, the original dark essence of the orb which is the ball I am assuming the old guy in the UK was using. Then there was a pedestal and rings and rings of crystals all tied to an individual portal here on earth so they could conclude with their Independence Day alien invasion like the 1996 movie, their version of the Great Reset. Oh and don’t worry if the sun goes out, it’s okay.

What Happened in the Past With this Ancient Agreement

If they managed to get the ball rolling again and the rod, then Kim would have to renew that agreement, to save us all. She does not know for certain who the last person was who had to sign that agreement but she is not that person. It would have to be the Guardian and it was probably Marduk as the Guardian under Global Martial Law. It could have been Anu though or anyone of those people. Then Solomon signed it. Although she didn’t say clarify which version now we know the original Solomon was sent down and another popped up to impersonate him. But this kept rotating every 1008 years. The cryptex is very old and was part of the agreement to create the lower astral in the first place. It is protected by a specific material which is also why they trouble looking what is inside.

Some good news that has happened over the last 24 hours is it appears the scientists from MITRE are like OMG dark matter didn’t create the universe? They are starting to do some research which is a positive thing. They likely didn’t join MITRE to be on the dark side. They were promised everything and went to work for these people, but once they are in they realize who they are really working for but there isn’t anything they can do because these people are dangerous. So we will see if they can turn a corner, and as word spreads among the groups, with protection of course maybe they will want to work in the Science Research & Development Centers, who knows. Sometimes you need to give people an opportunity to make a better decision if they have the protection and awareness.

Super Moon Update

We have a super moon happening right now so we do have a positive charge coming to the planet in a lot of ways. A super moon means it is about 14,000 miles closer to earth that it normally is in its orbit. And the earth is creating a different kind of gravitational wave than we normally have due to all the changes and the clearings having to do with the moon.

So this is the second reason you may be feeling some weirdness in last couple of days. It depends on how sensitive you are. Your body is trying to adjust to a change in the gravitational field and it affects everybody differently. It hit a direct high around 7:30 AM EST this morning and it should probably continue on for the next couple of days, then it will get less and less. These are all positive things that are happening that never happened before. It also has the capacity to change the atmosphere. Our atmosphere is made up of a lot of things good and bad and you can think of this sort of like the beginning of the correcting of the atmosphere of earth. Returning it back to what it was. So we can start to see some changes from that now that the Gate is open.

Now the gateway, plus the keystones are wide open, and the planes of existence being cleared and cleaned and reconnected and all the work Kim and her team has been doing leads us to a place where now that light is what gets sucked in the moon and our atmosphere rapidly.

That is why these few days may be a little uncomfortable but will change things for the better.

Fed Deadline Imposed by Kim Passed on June 30th at Midnight | Asset Seizing Commenced

Well June 30th arrived and evidently people were having trouble getting into the Federal Reserve building this morning. Hum, wonder if they posted an eviction notice or not.

The asset seizing in on!

Also any remaining bonds, treasury notes or anything else the Federal Reserve was holding onto are now ours. Kim said she and her team also took the remainder of the UN’s bonds, the World Bank’s bonds, COVID bonds that was coming out of the World Bank and IMF. She now has them all for every country in the world. She has seized all of their financial assets at this point in time. It is Kim’s understanding we also have gotten the UN building in Geneva.

The seizing of assets is a concerted effort between the Silent Circle and some positive people in militaries and agencies. Under martial law they now have the ability to operate on US soil which they did not have before. They are wanting to see change in this country so this is definitely a positive. They are on the move also with the World Bank and the IMF in DC. Also no longer their property.

The UN building in the United State as well has been seized. Over a period of time they will acquire all those UN outposts put there all over the place under Obama to operate money laundering operations like in Kenya, as an example. That one is on behalf of the Boko Haram, a terrorist group. The UN is laundering money for them because we all know they too are a terrorist organization. Although there are many clueless people who work there and believe they are doing good things and helping. But suffice it to say there is very bad management and the Global Repository is actually what bought that land and controls that land in New York. The land has been reassigned technically to C.A.R.E. already, now Kim really wants to just tear down the ugliest building in New York. It is almost as ugly as 33 Thomas. And like that building there is also a portal, a black site underneath the UN. The entire building is full of surveillance equipment even in the cement, it is everywhere. It cannot be fixed. It needs to be imploded and fixed into something positive.

Well 33 Thomas where the Dark Tower was is definitely uglier, but the UN is sure lacking too.

About Project Funding

As we are moving forward we get closer and closer to the release of the accounts that Kim put out there for the countries and for the people. There is a fund not only for government but a separate fund for private project and then the accounts for operational money because people do not run around closing buildings for free. It costs money to guard those buildings too and she is expecting to be able to do that in the next 24-48 hours, as long as everyone in on the same page.

Does that mean people can begin project submissions at that point?

It will take about a week for Kim to be ready with a portal to do that. From the day it becomes available she will needs at least 2 weeks to create a portal and the staff to manage it. This will be replicated in every country in the world. The other thing she is discussing is the creation in the future of a development bank in every single country that will belong to that country in cooperation with C.A.R.E. in order to handle macro and micro lending. Lending, and she uses that term loosely, grant funding, profit/non-profit.

These are all things that take time and she knows everyone is anxious but there is a lot to consider regarding a global change. For example, we have drug companies and we are not fans. We do not expect it to disappear overnight. Remember three quarters of the world does not understand what is going on. There will be no more mRNA for sure, but there are other things they produce that people are used to like aspirin, ibuprofen, and insulin for example. And all those patients on pain medication and opioids. She is not a fan but it is a very real situation that would panic 90% of the population if it just disappeared. So it is a process.

The Importance of Oversight

The next thing we need to consider as well, is oversight. If we are going to keep this particular company in business and if we are going to utilize them to eventually convert drug companies to make cancer cures and other types of things or natural medicines and other ways of doing things we have to implement oversight so they don’t change their mind and start putting crap in our medicines. So there will be a constant quality control group. It will also require a huge amount of education for the entire planet. Before we ever get that far we have to educate the entire medical community.

The same thing will have to happen for construction projects. Because what they want to do is see us fail. So they will not give us proper materials we need. For example, what happens if your projects rebar is not correct, you are not going to have a strong wall. What if your steel beams are not as quoted on the sheet. This is going to require huge amounts of oversight to make sure our potential new friends are going to do what they say they are going to do. She has seen it happen, they build with sub-standard materials so bad things can happen.

Oversight as it relates to government spending as well will need to be put in place. She created a separate portfolio for private projects and private funding and those types of things and there is no reason governments should be funding things like American Airlines, Delta Airlines and BlackRock. The money is there and it is separate. The $23 trillion they see here in the US is just the tip of the iceberg. It is not the end it is the beginning and it is equivalent to the GDP of the US for a reason.

We need to start separating church and state. It is not an overnight process it is going to take people time to understand what we are saying and doing. They have been going in a certain direction for years and she is not just talking about an individual’s human thought, it how entire industries think that needs to change. How many people work in the oil industry for example? How many countries are dependent on the income from oil and gas? How will they be affected if we go (not to electric definitely) but to neutrino powered cars? There are many ways to power cars, this is one of them that is not caustic. It is healthier for the environment and the people, and there are many other technologies that can be utilized as well. But in order to start you have to meet the people where they are at. It is a process. So when you talk about projects it is a lot more complicated. Unfortunately she has to look at every way they will try to screw you in the back. We still have crazy people. Think about all the things these people have done. And if you try to do something positive for a country they are likely going to think you are a terrorist instead because that is how they created the world.

Transitions will happen, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made, but understand Kim needs people to do all kinds of things. We have a shot to do Restoration for the first time on this planet and it is a big responsibility and it is not just Kim’s responsibility, it is ours too. We are going to make it count!


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  1. eagerly i was waiting for an update from kim, here it is, thank source. kim, you and your team are really a strong and big light here on earth! thank you so much. i am sorry to say that here in germoney even most of the alternative scouts still believe in trump and wait for the masses, the collective, to wake up. what the masses are like we saw in the last three years. 80 percent obey blindly the orders of the cabal, the cruel authorities. the deep state has to be defunded and the working useless eaters given credits. i hope we will see that happening this year 2023! source may bless you all.

  2. There are many things that can be done to speed up the Earth’s Restoration that don’t take a lot of money. Kim getting this site checked and then officially endorsing it as a wealth of information is one.
    Sometimes it’s better to not ‘take action’ but just to meditate and appreciate what God has already provided.
    Thank you for your service Kim, but don’t forget that loving one’s fellow man is the highest frequency of all. It’s this high frequency that will ultimately save the world in the quickest most efficient way possible. 🏜🏝🛤🏕🏞

  3. Hello dear Pamela, how are you???, Thank you very much for your great work of transcribing all the videos, it is a great job and it should be recognized, since you do it for free and everything with great dedication and value, the info is very good and I am trusting Kim more and more, since I feel like a stupid deceived by MAGA, that’s right, there comes a time that we decide who we really are, we are not the beliefs of others, we are our own luminosity, our own discernment, our own belief, we are our own intuition, until each one of us reaches the point of starting to believe in what our souls discern for us and that each one, takes it as a route guide, nothing will change, I believed a lot in the white hats, the anon, in MAGA, but now, I’ve been scammed a hundred times and that angers me even more, because I see that all those who told others, that they should wake up, it turns out that they themselves are the sleeping ones, I consider that I was too, at the moment of not having realized that it was a whole scam, still today, i keep getting invitations, to buy cryptos and other things like Trump dollars, The Storm Ryder himself, a famous MAGA informant and disseminator, writes to invite me to buy token and cryptos, I am a Blockchain Developer, so I know what Cryptos are and also, I am a Financial Analyst, so I also, know very well, what it is to invest, because, I lived, studied and worked in New York in everything related to investments, anyway, you are greatly appreciated, I don’t know if this will be read Kim, just in case, I send you my most humble greeting and a big hug, for Kim and another big hug for you too dear Pamela, kind regards.

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