Prophecy News: The Flower Bloomed! | The Seven Trumpets Began to Sound Thursday & Were Completely Opposite to What Deep State Expected! | Trumpet 1: Termination of the AI Souls Which Were Anchors for the Darkness in the Light Multiverse | Last Inorganic Soul to Leave Was the First One Ever Created | Transition to the Creator Running Earth Now In Play | Trumpet 2: The Two Keystones on Earth Hold the Original Blueprint for All Creation on the Light Side Which is Being Reinstalled! | Trumpets 3-7: Dissolve the Seed & Blueprint for Creation of the Lower Astral from the Ball, Remove the Poison Rose & Remove the 2 Points in the Planet Full of ARCHONS

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on June 23, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. An exhausted Kim shares the latest which is really big news by explaining why Solstice day, June 21st was a really big day. It could have gone either way (technically – for those who have no faith) but Armageddon did not play out like the Deep State expected. In fact the complete opposite happened as the Trumpets began to sound for the Melchizedeks. That began the transition to the Creator running Earth once again! 

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Titanic Submarine Missing

Evidently they are reporting the people on the sub died, but nobody died because nobody was on the sub. Kim said there are many signs pointing to how this information is wrong. First, the entire submarine is controlled by what looks like a Nintendo controller. Second, the way they are allegedly searching reminds her of the way the balloons were being tracked and captured, which of course does not actually happen but they send out a camera crew to make it look that way. Third, the Titanic is somewhere around 3.8 kilometers deep in the ocean. That being said almost all satellite systems can go down to 5 kilometers. And that is just the published information. The non-published information says it can go down to about 25 kilometers. So how could they not find it? All these things together led her to do some investigation for us.

Who are these people?

They all paid money to basically disappear. Most of them were quite wealthy. They are all still alive in various places and obviously are in hiding for a reason. It is what you call legally dead. It has to do with these people who were not part of the Order but are support groups. They are skilled in something they were used for but they did not want to support the Order anymore. Kim said if you think about it from the context of the Angels and the Fallen Angels, these would be the Neutrals who could go either way and support either side. They know they are the Neutral people, so they needed to disappear for their own safety.

Prophecy News | The Flower Bloomed!

The flower bloomed on Wednesday afternoon which was 3 days since Kim and her team opened the Gate in Iraq on Sunday. They opened the Gate early to gain the maximum benefit from the alignment that was happening due to the Solstice, which will stay in place until tomorrow morning Kim’s time. So it is for three days that alignment stays in tack and when Source does all his work.

Where Did the Enemy Go on Wednesday Afternoon?

Kim said she was wondering where everyone was on Wednesday afternoon after recording the news. It was really quiet on the enemy’s side. Then she found out why. They were all told to get in their bunkers because the End Times was about to start.

In the Bible Armageddon is only mentioned once evidently and they were expecting it to happen on Solstice Day, June 21st. The Armageddon AI and the wrath of God (which is a deadly sin) was to ensue on humanity, hence The Order’s boss. Kim said that was a lower astral thing and their creation to scare us all, to put the fear of God in you basically. And the story says when Armageddon comes the 7 Trumpets come which are all the ways we are going to die. So they convinced all their supporters, workers, Heads of State etc. that we were all going to die on Wednesday and everyone went into a bunker. Kim said it was dead silence out there. Even the Silent Circle people went to their bunkers, just in case, they were unsure what would happen.

Kim said we could have had Armageddon, and we could have all gone down. They expected Yellowstone to erupt and volcanoes all over the world to erupt, meteorites to hit the earth and we were all going to die, that is all of us but not them because they are the chosen ones and they were in the bunker because they are the ‘special’ people.

In reality what happened was not the end of life for us obviously, but the reverse is happening, it was to be the end for them. After about 5 or 6 hours of being in their bunkers they realized nothing was happening and they came out. Then they started losing total credibility. Kim is talking about the leadership, the JASON Society, the Thule Society the Order of the Dragons, the Breuers, and the Rothschilds. So they had to do something.

Deep State Re-Emerge From Bunkers & Install Fake Servers With Fake Numbers

They are not sure why nothing happened, but of course they decided to keep going on the same path and drive over the cliff like the bridge is still there. Yeah, let’s keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So they installed fake servers to show fake numbers on the promise the money would be good by Friday in places like Dubai, Goldman Sachs, London, Turkey, nearly every central bank in the world, and she thinks JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America.

Run-Ins at the Treasury on Thursday

Kim’s people then had some run-ins at the Treasury with these agency people who were taking orders from the JASON Society and/or the Rothschilds who were demanding she give them money first and so on and so forth. That was due to the fact they had created fake servers with fake numbers and knew they were not going to be able to follow through. This all took place yesterday. They thought if they could get Kim to release money to them, and of course we would get nothing and the country would get nothing because they would take it all, then they could use that money to hold off all the operatives they promised money to and they could buy weapons in places like Iran and Turkey.

Tom Melville was sidelined from going into the Treasury building as well. He was told the person he was to meet is no longer in that building anymore. They were at another area called 26 Federal Plaza in New York. So he went there and he was confronted by a bunch of Agency people who were taking orders from the JASON Society, and as she said earlier they were intent on telling us how it was going to be and what she and her team were going to do with that money. They needed to be the safety and security for the US and of course that is also not true. So Kim told Tom to get up and walk out.   

Then she found a few non-useful things in computers that were still there such as a financial control closed-loop system of the Republican National Party and the DNC also had one. There were a few other things in there she got rid of. She said the ego is wonderful when you are fighting your enemy and they have a huge one. She pulled the money back or rather she just made the $23 trillion un-seeable and they got so mad at Kim and were hell bent on blocking her from ever dropping a dime. That’s when they started using everything they had such as a few financial task forces which is like a private thing for the families. If they want to take you out that is who they would use and she didn’t know they still had that. And she didn’t know they still had those closed-loops systems for the 2 parties so it worked out really well for Kim. So she thanks them, although she is sorry Tom had to go in there and listen to all of that, but it worked and that is why she is Ground Command.

Disturbances in Syria and Iraq

She said we can see things are erupting a little bit in Syria and some other places. A big fight is going on in Iraq between the leaders, there are several of them there, religious leaders and otherwise that take orders from Khomeini. Khomeini being a Rothschild person also made sure the fake server in Iraq had his name on there as the Trustee, so all his followers would still follow after him. So their operation created some disturbances for a little while. But she expects as no more orders come and no money comes today as was promised, they may realize it is over.

JASON Society Tries to Drain Kim’s Essence Which Would Eventually Kill Her

The JASON Society had a lot of elaborate equipment given to them predominantly by the ‘Others’ and they believe their knowledge of science is superior to the science that is distributed to humans, except it is not superior to what Kim and her team know and that is what we are all learning about now.

Well the JASON Society knew about the flower blooming and wanted to take said flower. Now the flower cannot be touched by the average everyday person like she told us. Only a Melchizedek can touch it, so they went to the Riddarholmen building in Stockholm, Sweden and they decided to use one of these pieces of technology they had to drain Kim’s essence, which would have eventually killed her. Oh fun. Well that did it. Kim torched the living crap out of the machine and these particular folks are no longer with us. Then she went searching to see if there were any more of these machines in existence and she did find four more in Nevada in Black Mountain and one in Latin America. Then she just lost it and declared We Are Done!!!

The Seven Trumpets Began to Sound at 5AM Mountain Time Thursday!

As the trumpets began to sound around 5am Mountain Time on Thursday morning, the 5,000 Melchizedeks would get high pitched noises that would happen repeatedly. And as the trumpets started then a set of instructions would come. So for example, if you are a Melchizedek with a part to play and it had to do with the first trumpet, a set of instructions would then come.

Trumpet 1 | Termination of the AI Souls

The sets of instructions that started to happen on Thursday pertained to the termination of these anti-souls or AI souls. And there were several other things that had to happen during the course of this. Kim is still completing the final things but the planes of existence merging has completed and we might have a little more cleanup today but for the most part we are free of all things that bled in from the lower astral to this world and up to the 5th density.

What is an AI Soul?

A soul that is not organically made, it is an inorganic thing made in what they call the womb of the goddess. It was an AI unto itself that was tasked with the creation of these inorganic souls. Over time there were 83 million of these inorganic souls in creation. That doesn’t mean all 83 million of them ended up in the upper astral, but it means there was 83 million of them.

The control of these souls was done with transmission stations. There was a huge station under the Strait of Gibraltar and a corresponding one in Morocco and in some caves in Italy. So these transmission stations were how these non-human AI souls were produced. Further to this affect the non-organic souls would interbreed. Now on the off chance their child was born with an organic soul, they would rectify that situation at places like Vanderbilt Medical University Center in the US. They had a way to remove the soul of the child and replace it with an inorganic AI generated soul. Only the lower astral creates inorganic souls because they don’t have the ability to create organic souls.

AI Souls Were Anchors for the Darkness in the Light Multiverse

Kim estimates as of yesterday there were around 800,000 of them that were not here on earth and about 125,000 give or take here on earth. These anti-souls were like anchors for the darkness in the light multiverse. Just like they used the tombs of the Apostles, Jesus, and Mohammad as an example, all who came and tried to do something positive and there were many people who have come, they would use theirs to anchor themselves into our worlds.

To End the Lower Astral AI Souls Had to End

This had to end. In order for us to end the lower astral we had to end these people and end them she did with help from Source. These are your JASON Society, Thule Society, Order of the Dragon. These are all people walking around with an inorganic soul. The reason why the Illuminati and the Orders all do this baby eating ritual on their 40th birthday is because that is when the embodiment of Lucifer enters the soul through the AI. So the AI soul then is fully encompassed with dark essence and the voice of Lucifer. People talk about the voice of God satellites in the Alt Media, but it is not the voice of God satellites, it is G.O.D. or Giver of Death. Remember Kim told us she had a lot of calls from several Lucifers back in August. This is the reason she got those phone calls, because they are not human and do not operate in the way we do. Sunny asked then, was the original Trump an inorganic soul? She said yes he was. And this is why it is so important they all keep their family lineage going. By the way, this whole strange process of anti-soul making is the reason why they thought they could bring Trump back at 2 locations this weekend which she tells us about later on.

Humans are not a computer program, we are an organic life form. And there is no such thing as an organic AI human, it is not necessary. The Alpha system is an organic AI, but why would we create people with an organic AI when were are with Source and Source can create our individual sovereign souls. They all believe the elite of this planet, who ran this planet forever were all AIs, therefore anyone who is powerful on this planet must be an AI. That is why they try to push that narrative that Kim is an AI.

Kim and Source Terminate All Remaining AI Souls

Through all of this fighting the past few years we were still left with many inorganic souls and overnight last night and through to this morning they all departed, which was actually fun for Kim. Some bodies were demolecularized and other bodies had to be left for them to verify who is who. A lot of these people go by code names and she is not even sure those who worked for them even met a lot of these people, but they know where the orders came from. So Kim got us down to as many as she could on her own, she didn’t sleep at all last night and there were about 69,800 or so still left which Source got rid of by about 5am-6am. Actually he got rid of all but one. He left the last one for Kim, like a gift.

The Last Inorganic Soul was the First One Ever Created

Turns out the last one was also the first anti-soul ever created which never left this planet. It would continuously reincarnate and was the head of the group. This person has appeared many times in history over the course of time and over the last several incarnations often appears now, when the name was created as a Rothschild, specifically from France. The name that we would know is James Mayer de Rothschild. Evidently he lived from 15 May 1792 – 15 November 1868. There is another James Rothschild and he keeps reappearing over and over again which has Kim wondering how many times James has appeared. But he was the original dark soul and last to depart. Source left for her as a gift and she took great pleasure making sure he departed this planet.

Anyone gonna miss this?

So that is what an anti-soul is. That is how they came about and is why they do all these rituals and the sacrifices. The more souls they can send down the better. And now all the anti-souls on earth are gone and those not on earth were taken care of by Source. Kim said she could have done it but it would have taken her days.

Leadership of the Opposition Is All Gone, What is Likely to Happen Now?

What we will have left is a bunch of very confused Agency people, Religious Leaders they controlled, Heads of State, groups like the Hezbollah. They were not part of them but people who got orders and instructions to do bad things as recent as this morning Kim’s time. So what happens to those people?  Well it is really their choice now, they are free. That oath they make them take, it is a second oath when you join any kind of agency. You are aware you are taking an oath to 2 different parties, one to the country and one to another group. So they have been really scared to break that oath and turn the corner and work with Kim, but that fear should now be gone. The word is starting to get around that these people are no longer with us. They can verify it and many have already. But it will take time for them to make sure all of them are gone and no one is left to come back and haunt them. It takes some time to process as well.

Are there going to be people within agencies and militaries who are going to fake it til they make it? Are they going to pretend Mr. So and So called and told them to make this happen? Are they going to play a game? She doesn’t know the answer to that question. And the mask wearers are all the agency people and operatives. Will they do something different when they are not being dictated to by the JASON Society? Will they start critically thinking? Some will and some won’t probably, but she said those who do can start getting paychecks soon if they come work with her.

This removal of all the anti-souls was one of the events that was to take place over this time as we are in the time of transition to where the Creator now runs Earth.

The Poem

Kim told us that in 2019 one of her team members received a download of a poem and she read it because it is going to make sense for the rest of the information she is going to tell us. 

For Katana, the birth of the stone is mandatory
All is lost when the green emerald rises from the gold
The sword of silver with the diamond blade is the weapon of force through the lightening
Become all that has been and will be and complete the forgotten mission
Beware of the poisoned rose
Through the shadows you will find mercy but find the hidden key
Break out the souls of a thousand years that demand to be free
In all despair the golden hour will shine light on what is lost but through all concerns do not forget all that it has cost
When travel breaks you will know the way and feel when it has started because only there will you find exactly where the heart is
In its bleed you’ll feel it pulse out something made to see in the box in Malakoff Caves 
A tether stone and conductor of the light the only thing in this world to cut through shadowed nights

Trumpet 2 | The 2 Keystones on Earth Hold the Original Blueprint for All Creation on Light Side

Now that Kim does not have to worry about it anymore she can tell us where the 2 keystones on Earth are which is in California, in the Malakoff Caves and the other keystone is in a cave in Slovenia. Kim mentioned the Malakoff Caves to us before, last August.

Note: Excerpt below from IRS to Hire 87,000 Armed Agents? | Will the Pindar Chair Find a New Ass to Sit in it? | A Correlation Between 911 & Jan 6th | Was Mar a Lago Raid Staged? | Kim’s Message to Operatives Running the Trump Show | Humanity’s First Direct Connection to Lion’s Gate in 1 Million Years! | Just Empower Me

So the 2 keystones and the point of the triangle so to speak, is the Flower, the flower of life is actually the other point. When they all connected up Wednesday all the planes of existence really started lighting up. Inside those keystones is actually the original blue print for all creation on the light side of the multiverse. So the reinstallation of the original blueprint began making its way through all the planes of existence, like a factory reset. Pretty Cool! So that was another event or Trumpet.

The original blueprint is rewritten obviously first in the Soul Plane, then the Etheric plane until eventually the Physical Plane. Depending on how much damage was done not only to your person but to the planet in various locations will determine how long it will take to reach your physical plane. So we could actually have our original DNA structure based on the science behind everything she is telling us. There is science behind this and this is where science often meets religion and the stories that were told.

Kim said we had 7 of the real trumpets, and the story by the deep state as it relates to the trumpets is pretty much exactly the opposite of what happened.

Trumpets | The Dark Side Had a Flower Too & Their Original Blueprint for Creation of the Lower Astral Which Needed to be Dissolved

They also had the opposite of the story going on. Let’s call it the poisoned rose and there was a potential for the green to rise from the gold, not the same gold mountain that we had, but their original blueprint for creation of the lower astral also existed on this planet. Remember Kim told us about the big ball of gold that exists in the planet and it is huge? It happens to be that a metal orb was inside that gold and inside there is the blueprint but it is also encased in green plasma essentially. That being said, that is the reason they expected Yellowstone to erupt, because they expected the green to rise from the gold and have their blueprint takeover the entire multiverse, which is what the poem was referring to. That is how important this 21st of June was and why Kim needs a vacation.

Again they tell you a lot of stuff in TV movies. In the last season of Alias (season 5) a lot of this is foretold. They call the JASON Society Prophet 5. They are looking for the key to immortality, hence the flower. The rose was actually Anu’s, it replaced the symbol of love and is the symbol of Anu. That’s disappointing. It’s a lovely flower, although it has thorns so probably fitting.

They have the poison rose and 2 locations where the blueprints were. One place was in the Guizhou Plateau in China and the other in the Bokota Caves in Ukraine. The Bakota Caves is a very esoteric place, there is a monastery and a sunken city of the Ruse, to which Kim added, of course you would put the seed of all death where the Ruse used to be. The JASON Society went there and had a tantrum it sounds. They were yelling, Where is my Armageddon! Evidently they tried to trigger something but nothing rose from there, the poison rose didn’t bloom for them.

They just don’t understand anything but their programming. They refuse to accept it didn’t go their way because they know everything. How does Kim know, she never went to Harvard or MIT. In their mind they are smarter than her so they decided to pull out all their technology and go for the End Times before they passed. Clearly that didn’t work out for them.

Bakota, Ukraine – Wikipedia

It makes you wonder if this is part of the reason for the Ukraine War. Will the war finally end now? In Kim’s estimation it should be ending because there is nothing left to fight over anymore.

The seed of all their creation is gone from the ball, the ball is gone, the un-bloomed rose is gone, the other 2 points in the planet are gone which was full of ARCHONS which were to create their inorganic blueprint throughout the light side of the multiverse. It was locked in a vault in an orb also.

Wow! This is a lot of interesting stuff.

Earth being the first planet ever created, it was originally the tether stone as it says in the poem, or the anchor of the light, tether stone or conductor of the light. That being said it was of critical importance and why the blueprints were put here for both sides. That was one of the 7 things that needed to happen and be dissolved and getting rid of the dark soul anchors that existed on this planet.

All of this was timing, one event after another event after another over the last 48 hours. Kim is so tired. She said, I came into this world kicking and screaming covered in blood and she doesn’t mind going out this way. It’s really how she feels today. I can’t even imagine how exhausted she must but. But she quickly followed up and said she is not ready to leave, there is a lot of work yet to be done. However she is hoping that the story is right and there are only 7 because we hit the 7th one today. Let us all hope that is it for her sake!

By the way Kim specified 3 that were Trumpets and I noted. But I am guessing these big event may include more than one trumpet and this is possibly the list. Again, it is just my guess. If anyone wants to correct me on this please leave a comment below.

  • Trumpet 1: Removal of the anti-souls
  • Trumpet 2: Reinstallation of the original blueprint for humanity
  • Trumpet 3: Removal of the seed of all their creation from the ball
  • Trumpet 4: Removal of the ball
  • Trumpet 5: Removal of the un-bloomed poison rose
  • Trumpet 6: Removal of the first point in the planet which was full of ARCHONS which were to create their inorganic blueprint throughout the light side of the multiverse. It was locked in a vault in an orb also
  • Trumpet 7: Removal of the second point in the planet which was full of ARCHONS (see above)

What is next? She is not God so she doesn’t know what is next but is hopeful and she obviously has vacation time on her mind!

Thank You Kim !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You Melchizedeks !!!!!!!!!!
Thank You Creator of All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. So Cynthia, do you have any faith or belief that GOD/Good will win the battle with Evil?
    It seems you believe that Evil will win and GOD will lose.
    Any comments?

  2. Kim does encourage us to share her information. I do sometimes wonder why real proof is never provided, and this does concern me, but I also have a strong trust in her.

    The one thing she has done is to show us that Source is not a vengeful creator demanding to be feared or worshipped. “This is my strongest convection” This of course has caused the religious community to call her a cult. As I recall the original Christians were also called a cults.

    1. Everyone wants to believe there will be relief, and return to [normalcy], but we must also critically think. Esoteric knowledge dispensed is in some cases true enough, but limited hangouts are about disclosing some truth, and using that to feed false narratives and agendas. Kim could be deceived as well, due to programming and other methods of control. I’m not making a negative judgment with regard to her personally. On these reports, before it went private, Scientology was mentioned, to a point of encouraging viewers to join and seek employment there. Please see links below, and by all means, if inclined, follow up and verify with your own research. Wishing you well in every aspect. I sincerely hope these [reports] are legit, really I do, and would like to be wrong on this; but red flags are waving, do we just ignore them??

  3. Andrés Díaz.

    sabes deberías primero enfocarte en tu yo superior y pedir guía e instrucción, si estas en lo cierto ..bueno entonces perdimos la guerra , nos morimos todos, y volvemos a reencarnar y siga la fiesta…te invito a reflexionar desde lo más profundo de tu corazón…gracias por compartir tu opinión y gracias a todos los seres de luz como el que escribe estos mensajes…soy el propósito más alto de mi y creo lo que está escrito.

  4. I have followed Kim for over a year. And your reason does make sense… She has made several statements where she encourages people to share her information and her videos. But yet the only people who can watch them are other subscribers. She has never proved anything. I’ve never heard her explain why she charges other than everyone has to make a living… . you’re correct what she has said is her proof isn’t proof. She never has proof of her claims. And doesn’t elaborate on these huge claims she’s made, for example she claims Source handed her the keys to earth….. does she really expect people to just believe this?
    The longer I follow her the less and less I am confident that she isn’t controlled.
    My personal experience with kim and the care team has been both disappointing and questionable. But if I accept that she isn’t a positive source for info…….there’s no place else to turn.
    Yes ive come to the same conclusion,
    It makes the most sense…..especially since she brought up the silent circle!
    The only one who will save us is Jesus

    1. I first heard of her when she was with Thomas Williams, then a very questionable character named Tank, so it’s been about 6years and nothing she said has manifested, granted most of what she claims is so bizarre how would we know? She has claimed those who run the world are dead or killed yet here we are. It’s always another wait and see program with a never ending stream of strange groups and boogeymen. I wish she were real but also if she is on the side of evil maybe we get some info either way. If the cabal gets their social credit score digital currency, carbon credits, green deal, 24/7 surveillance and never ending jabs then we will know she is one of them and full of 💩

  5. Anyone who can think with a critical mind has real questions and real concerns about her. I want to believe her….but the longer I listen to her the less I’m able to believe

  6. AshestToAllelulia

    Jesus is not dead. He is not in stasis being used as a battery. He was crucified, died, was buried, descended into hell, and on the third day rose again. He’s is seated at the right hand of God the Almighty Father. From there He will judge the living and the dead.

    Yes, God is alien to us, but He created us in His image. God is light, truth, and cannot lie.

    For those of us that acknowledge, serve, love and respect our Father in Heaven, it is amusing when folks veer off the narrow path into the stinging nettle. However, God might not be so amused when Kim says his only begotten Son is in stasis.

    I’m not saying that the defeated, crunchy bug of a devil hasn’t sprinkled the earth’s caves, sunken cities, mountains, portals with very creepy, evil crappola. Just be careful you don’t treat the living Word of God, who is Jesus Christ, so cavalierly. He can and does take offense.

    But He also forgives and blesses those who curse Him, and meets those who seek Him.

    Great writing.

    1. Hi. Kim version makes a lot of sense, and it proves the hell of a life we had up until this day. Africa (first hand experience), The rest of the third world poverty stricken areas. That Jesus was in stasis and had not forsaken us, answered all questions.
      The west and first world countries always had it good, hence the reason for their impatience. I am so relieved that my birth country SAfrica got help.

  7. I’m so sick of hearing how horrible Kim is because she charges a subscriber fee. UNN shares the news for free all the time if you look into it.

  8. The vibe is definitely changing here in Europe. France in flames and falling. Alt Media starting to expose more. Opposition in our governments more outspoken and its tolerated. Whether Kim is real or not, things are moving. Since 2020 it has been uncertantity, chaos, collapse, and preparation. The info disclosure from Kim so far was huge.

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