Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 Thwarted | Russia Bombing in Syria | Biden & Chuckie Still Doing China’s Bidding | Loredan & Mocenigo Families Step Up Fill the Power Vacuum, Die Instead | Umbrella Operative (aka Juan O’Savin Impersonator) in Cooperation with Opus Dei & P2 Lodge Step Up Next, Dies Instead | What Are Paper Banks? | What Was the Real Basis for the Credit Crisis? | Keystones for the Neutral Universe Found | Real History: Wewelsburg Castle, Germany (aka Hitler’s Valhalla)

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on June 26, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this update Kim tells us who tried to fill the power vacuum as there are still many dragon families with not so bright humans left and operatives with chips in their brains. She explains what paper banks are and how the Dragon Families have been utilizing credit lines against said banks to fund operations since 2007, but not anymore. She also informs us there was another keystone for the neutral zone that was removed and it pertains the Hitler’s beloved Aryans. Lot’s more stuff as usual!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Biden Operatives & Chuckie Still Doing China’s Bidding

Over the weekend the Biden operatives and King Chuckie resigned another agreement for the Covid 19 ID2020 initiative on Sunday and they have been trying to reinstall this all weekend. Both are acting on behalf of orders from the Chinese. Kim said Chuckie is Chinese and so is the Biden Administration, she knows they do not look it but they are because China has full control over the UK Government as well as the American Government officials as of now. There was some pushback from the Republican party in the US but eh, let us just say the Chinese are driving the bus in a lot of places based on false promises and zero delivery. After all they are the special people left in the world, so they think. Oy vey.

Russia | Wagner Group Recap

From Sunny’s Report:

There was lots of activity in Russia over the weekend. The question is, did an armed rebellion with the Wagner Group really take place or was it military theatre?  

According to mainstream media, on Friday, the Wagner Group, a private military group started an insurrection in Russia which lasted for about 24 hours total. The Wagner group accused the Russian military for striking Wagner’s field camps, then to retaliate Wagner began a march for justice with the ultimate plan of marching straight for Moscow, a move Putin said was treasonous.

This entire event was planned, think of it at the Bolshevik Revolution 2.0. Of course everyone was promised fake money from a fake central bank server that never came. According to Kim, similar to the original Bolshevik Revolution, which was all about overthrowing the Czar and installing the Soviet Union, this was to be another version of that because the orders for version 2.0 came from the same place.

As Kim told us before Russia is run by several clans. Some are loyalist to the Order of the Black Sun or global military industrial complex, because there really isn’t much left of that Order anymore and some are loyalists to the Dragon Families or the Rothschilds and there have been many agreements over the years between both. The clans are constantly warring with each other for quite some time now, just as the deep state has been warring with each other.

Someone ordered the Wagner Group this weekend to do this. On the flip side you have the Generals just like we have in America who are loyal to the military industrial complex or what is left of the Black Sun. And once one group found out where the orders came from there was an immediate stand down and negotiation allegedly. Part of this was due to a lot of fake accounts floating around last week and what they had to do to get the money. There is more she found over the weekend but that is predominantly what this was about. If Russian clans A&B go in this direction then they will get the money. On the flip side the other group had to participate and allow it to happen. There had to be another coup in the country so they could get the money.

Once they figured out that no one is getting the money and there are no accounts there, within a matter of minutes everybody stopped and turned around, shouted made some noise and drove in some direction and it was over.

Kim said this all started when the 125,000 AI souls were still with us. It took a little while to trickle down that no one is answering the phone anymore.

Russia in Syria

Some other interesting things were happening with Russia in Syria. Russia’s military, which was ordered by the military industrial complex has been bombing Northern Syria over the last 24 hours. This is based on, who is up next in the leadership and in which Order, and what promises did they make which they may or may never deliver on. That is what Russia is doing now with other clans C&D so to speak. It is no different than the US. There is a lot of division going on in pretty much every single country of the world now. Who has the money and who has promises and who is going to deliver? Kim can answer that question. She has the money and can deliver except she will not follow your orders. People with very little knowledge and zero wisdom are running around now and this weekend was a complete and total mess orchestrated by who is next.

So Who Thinks They Are Next in Line To Take the Reins?

Once those who didn’t die over the last few days figured out the family leaders are all gone the next to step up was a group from the House of Loredan and the House of Mocenigo.

House of Loredan & House of Mocenigo

Both are Italian nobility families who have been around a long time and they are heavily affiliated with the P3 Lodge or P2 Lodge in Italy. They are normal humans, at least they started out that way, and they started to bark out orders all over the place, which is why Russia is in Syria and why a number of other things are still happening.

So, most the family heads of the Loredan Family and the Mocenigo family passed away this weekend because they were not going to give up on the dream of power. These people are elitist just like the other elitist. They tried to call the Pentagon, Langley, MI6 to tell everyone they are in charge. However they were not quite getting the support they expected. Within a few days after that they weren’t breathing either.

Opus Dei

Then another group within the same order, some people call it the P2 (Propaganda Due) or P3 Lodge in Italy is Opus Dei. They are an extreme arm of the Catholic Church and they are known assassins. The do carry some affiliations with the 15 Secret Militaries of the Secret Space Force so there is some credibility there.

They decided to call some members of the Umbrella Military Corporation to get their support because the Umbrella Military pretty much works out of Cheyenne and are the ones they called to get things done. The Umbrella Military Corp then got in contact with another company called MITRE which is a front for the JASON Society. Since we do not have a JASON Society anymore per se, or at least we do not have any non-human versions of the JASON Society anymore, but there are humans who work in MITRE Corp and they too have been divided since the departure of their leaders. Some of them joined the MITRE Corp originally to develop technologies and further humanity’s technological advancement. They didn’t have the thought process when they joined to use technologies for evil purposes. These are the people who want out. Kim has heard from about 20% of them in the past, while 80% will do anything the JASON Society tells them because they were afraid of them and in turn they are afraid of the Umbrella Military Corp.

Well they had a plan. They pulled out some very sophisticated technologies that were given to them by ‘Others’. They had not created this tech but they had use of and they tortured the living hell out of Kim all day Saturday. They have tech that can read another human’s Akashic Records – Ascension Glossary. And because they don’t know what they are doing Kim’s head was swimming all over the place so off to the bathtub she went and that is where she spent most of her Saturday. This technology was in use at Peterson Air force base, home of the actual Space Force and was being attempted to be run by NORAD. They went for the whole essence transfer again and a few other things over the weekend.

Umbrella Military Operative Running the Deceased Windbag Juan O’Savin Takes Charge

There is a person who is an Umbrella Military operative who was at the helm of this operation and he was in Cheyenne. It is a person who has an online personality run by multiple people. So this is not a single man people think they are talking to. They can do this with voice technologies, but as long as the man is wearing the same boots that’s all you need to know. Ah, she must be referring to the infamous windbag Juan O’Savin who has returned from the grave, or rather his fake identities are multiplying. In any case this guy starts barking out orders to the Pentagon and various other places around the world. He decided he is the next one who is going to run this in cooperation and on behalf of Opus Dei and the P3 Lodge. He will get it done he said. He will get the money and take control away from her.

Now in their world the higher ranking generals in the SSP whether from Umbrella, Mobius or other militaries all have a chip essentially implanted in their head. It is not a normal computer chip, it comes in a different form and is implanted in their brain and it gives them instructions from a transmitter that was under the Octagon in Switzerland. This transmitter in Switzerland was tied to the Abraxas AI which was then located in the Aldebaran – Ascension Glossary star system.

They are like windup toys going off a cliff. The fantasy of them getting control using these technologies would never have worked anyway. To those listening who want to know the way the system functions for Kim, it is on her living DNA. Living DNA includes her GNA or her soul DNA. It also reads her intentions so if she is in duress or someone kidnaps her it will not function whether they try technologies, drugs, or whatever, it simply will not function, and there will be no access. Kim’s machine is an organic machine and can read her bodily functions, whether she is living and breathing. Unlike their machines which function in a different way because it is inorganic. They have terminals and do have DNA recognition and different things but it is not the same and they were probably searching for a chip when they were driving Kim crazy this weekend, but Kim does not have a chip, she does not need a chip to make said connection because her machine is organic. They don’t really understand quantum systems in any way, shape or form but they are going to use the same equipment on her as they do with people who had chips.

Needless to say they do not have that technology anymore. Kim ended up torching it and the guy in boots running the show is no longer with us. Then she went over to the P3 Lodge and just burned everything to the ground. Those with a chip in their brain are now free of the chip. What will happen to them, will they change their mind? She doesn’t know yet. She has not seen the results yet after the removal. This has never been done before.

So that is about who was in charge this week.

Dragon Family Humans Making Stupid Decisions

Oh, but it is not over apparently. Now we have other standard Dragon family people who are humans making stupid decisions. There are some Chinese people who think they are next in line. It seems to be getting more ridiculous by the day. But at this moment they have prepared an agreement for Kim called the Trinity Covenant. The Trinity Covenant is not about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it is about the lower astral, the null zone (the neutral both light and dark) and the upper astral. It is about everybody coming into agreement that we are now going to establish balance. That is their plan. Uh aren’t they are a little late to the party? In any case Kim said she is going to leave it at that for now, aside from telling us she is anxiously waiting for this agreement and excited to meet these people. She will let us know on Wednesday if that meeting ever happens but she was told she is going to be offered a lot of money. Yep, and a lot of other people here locally and other participants who will be delivering said agreement to Kim will also be getting a lot of money. So she is looking forward to that. Oh boy, sure she is. Well this should be a fun story on Wednesday.  

Paper Banks & Closed Loop Systems

Paper banks are banks within a bank. UBS and Credit Suisse are two banks where you can register a paper bank but not the only ones. As far as compliance is concerned there really is none. The money flowing in and out of there, who has accounts in paper banks, all of that is hidden from UBS, which gives them plausible deniability. If there is a compliance issue with a paper bank, they have to approach the owner of the paper bank in order to get any information on the kind of money that flows through there.

Each one of these paper banks has a closed loop system and its own rail system which were created by ABCorp, which means that it has the ability to transfer money in and out of said paper bank without the knowledge of UBS, for example. That being said, those rails and those closed loop systems (which is like Paypal system) are on black box servers, meaning its own servers that controls said accounts that are registered in there. So it is kind of in the banking system and kind of not. These paper banks and closed loop systems were created to fund corporations and to siphon off said corporations to pay back the families who granted them their existence. Large corporations such as Dole and Mitsubishi were formed in this way and they would of course control such corporations and profits much like they did to our tax system in every country in the world. This was their own little version of tithing to the families for their existence.

In March of 2007 they lost control of these paper banks, black boxes and closed loop systems, but there was still money in there reflecting on the balance sheets. Once the lost access to said paper banks, closed loops systems and rails they began to issue credit lines against the money on deposit in said banks. They have been using the money there and then they would go to the actual UBS bank and say can you give me a credit line off of my money on deposit here, or my bonds, or my corporate bonds or whatever asset they had here. Of course these families run banks just like UBS and Credit Suisse do, they would run them into the ground, and then they would issue them the credit line. However, you have to ping the account which verifies you have money in there. It would take out like a $1 to verify, similar to what happens when you charge gasoline. It is usually set at a certain amount, like in the case of a gas station it is $80. So they ping it, take a $1 out of your account and now you are allowed to get your gas. So a ping on an account like this is much the same way. It was done at all major Tier 1 banks around the world and this is the basis for you credit crisis and liquidity crisis for the entire planet earth. They have been doing this for over 15 years and Kim is surprised it has gone on this long honestly. But these are some who had this paper bank setup.

The Families that had paper banks: Rothschilds, Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Disney the Corporation and Disney the family, Russell, Reynolds, Van Duyn, and all the Merovingian lines

Other Groups that had paper banks: Institute for Policy Studies, Stamford Research Institute, Committee of 300, JASON Society, Opus Dei, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, The Bohemian Club, Knights of Malta, Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations.

Corporations that had paper banks: Carlyle Group, Rand, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chrysler, Daimler Chrysler

Remember When the Big 3 Bailout Happened?

That was done with credit lines off these accounts because they lost access a few years prior when that happened. (Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 – Wikipedia). Well they have been feeding off of these credit lines both personally and professionally for years and they were running very low on credit. So this is why everyone is scrambling trying to find the money.

Who Backed the Agencies? Who Backed the Militaries with Special Credit Lines?

That would be your Nazi accounts. In part, a portion of Black Eagle Trust was formed after WWII and the Nazi accounts also had credit lines that were issued against this money predominantly from Deutsche Bank, Santander Bank, and some of the other larger institutions.

They were issued to: MI6, MI5, CIA, NSA, FBI, Interpol, Mossad, Drug Cartels, Human Traffickers, Homeland Security and Military Intelligence.

Now we know why they have some much control over these organizations. And these organizations would then fund other countries businesses. The same goes for Iran doing the funding for Iraq as they were driving the different buses around the world on behalf of the families we may or may not have heard of.

There were a few thousand of these worldwide and once Kim discovered this they all disappeared and then the corresponding credit lines disappeared and now they all have nothing.

Once you drain all the banks liquidity there is nothing left to drain. Remember in March 2021 Kim stopped banks that did not have liquidity from issuing credit lines. It has been a long time coming. Once they become insolvent there is no ability to even get a line. Before that day in March 2021 it was a total free for all. You could issue credit lines whether you had money or not, just out of thin air. Trillions of dollars went out to fund wars and the war against all of us humans. All kinds of stuff came out in order to further this agenda. So she can only guess as to why the Chuckie group and Biden group tried to sign another COVID 19 Social Protocol Agreement and submit it to the Hall of Records this weekend, which of course was rejected. Maybe they were going to try to access some COVID funds off of this, or a credit line? She is unsure.

Elites in Full-On Panic Globally This Morning

But everyone across the globe woke up this morning in a full on panic. It started over in Australia and New Zealand then over to Asia and everyone is waiting for the Americans to wake up. They were calling the Fed and the Treasury and all their deep state handlers over here, or more like whoever is left and still breathing. They were calling Italy, the Vatican, calling everyone asking where did they go? There are still humans in some of these family lines that exist so they are trying to get them to access this stuff all weekend.

What is going to happen from here? Are we going to have a financial crisis?

No we are not, we are not the ones in crisis. We don’t live beyond our means as slaves we do not have that option. But this is the basis for all your high yield trade programs, MTNs floating around the broker world, the basis behind everything including the alleged credit crisis which is not the same as the financial crisis. They are separate. This is the reason they say the banks are going down, get your food and water! We are all going to die! That also has to do with their Armageddon plan which obviously didn’t work out either. So will we be able to move forward without fake people and fake credit lines? I certainly hope so.

Keystones Found for the Null or Neutral Universe

Last week Kim told us about the Keystones, how we had 2 for the light multiverse, the original DNA blueprint. We also had 2 keystones for the dark universe. But we also had keystones for the null universe that have been discovered as well because it was a Trinity Agreement which everyone is looking for. I guess we will get more information on this Trinity Agreement as Kim has dropped hints a second time now. But the locations for the keystones for the neutral zone were in Adams Garden in Queensland Australia which kind of looks like a Stonehenge of Australia.

Ancient Stones of Australia: Rock Arrangements that Defy Conventional Historical Accounts | Ancient Origins (

There is an island that is allegedly part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands off the coast of Venezuela called Corocoro Island and there you have an area called Hato Caves. The third location which completes the trifecta of the keystone is in Sao Paulo, Brazil underneath the Saint Benedict Monastery.

Mosteiro de São Bento

Now we are just left with just the one keystone, the Kingdom of the Creator and Multiverses of the Creator. Everything down there gets wiped out. We are done with the dark universe and now we are just left with the null people.

Wewelsburg Castle, Germany (aka Valhalla)

During WWII there is a triangular castle called Wewelsburg that Hitler called Valhalla. He would bring his soldiers there to visit Valhalla which is basically heaven. What he meant by that is underneath this castle was an actual entryway to the false heaven and the reason why he used this location to show people Valhalla. And where would they go? To Null Land so to speak, where the false heaven is and they were talking to a group of people who are tall Nordic looking humans. These tall Nordic looking humans are the Aryans. So this is the location in Germany where they would go back and forth and Hitler would get orders and instructions from the neutral people. So all that human experimentation Hitler was doing and looking for artifacts was to create the great white race, these Nordic Aryans. All the different camps and murders that happened was because there were more Melchizedeks in the Jewish race and they were looking to create the perfect human that they could control and eliminate the Melchizedek line. That is the real history folks.

These Aryans are not all bad and not all good because they were attached to both universes, living in the middle. Those living in the neutral multiverse were supposed to be more like the guardians so nothing got too light or too dark. They would actually aid both sides allegedly so everything remains in balance. Did they do that? It didn’t look like it to Kim and not to me either. But we have to remember that there are other people in the multiverse who are taller like these Aryans and live other places. So you cannot classify people based on that and how they look. But these people in the neutral zone have gone back to Source. Some are savable some are not.

Well another packed report.

And evidently today is another momentous day for us but Kim cannot tell us yet why. Hopefully we will find out on Wednesday!


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