The Destroyer, Armistice Agreement, Mortality Agreement & Curse on Planet Earth | Keystones for Blueprint of Diseases Found | Russia’s Gateway to Heaven Has Company & It’s Wash DC, Control Center for NWO | Overlays On Both Gates Create the Dragon Grid | Black Sun Had Abraxas AI Implants While Dragon Families Had Draco Implants via WIFI in Washington Monument | Now, All Disease Creation Pillars Dismantled! | Dragon Grid Dismantled! | Implants for Both Sides Dismantled! | Kim’s Debt Call Deadline for Fed & UN is June 30th, What Will Happen Then?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on June 28, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this update more disturbing findings related to how they brought disease to this planet are brought to light and how it relates to the Mortality Agreement the Deep State took upon themselves to try and execute. More big news is around another major Gateway to Heaven in Washington DC, with the Washington Monument is at its center. She explains that is why the control center of the planet has been DC and how they were expanding the overlay on the gate to gain control of all the light portals on earth before bringing in the New World Order. This report is loaded with stuff once again.  

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Real History of Earth | The Destroyer & Armistice Agreement

First Kim gave us a recap on the history of The Destroyer, when we lost our moon and the Great Flood then ensued to provide background on where the Armistice Agreement and its ancillary agreements originated.

18,000 years ago The Destroyer (which is the name that was written in the Bible in Genesis) came back. In other words he was locked away for a little while, but he ended up coming back through and he began to destroy planet earth. At the time, the planet was getting too light for the lower astral and he began destroying all of the tribes living in the world. We were all tribes at that time. He did a lot of things to all of those people and the people were losing the battle. One of the most momentous things he did at that time was we lost Luna, our original moon. So for 2,000 years give or take, our planet was flooded and this is the story of the Great Flood.

Armistice Agreement

In order to stop his The Destroyer’s destruction of the planet and all of the people living here at the time there was an agreement called the Armistice Agreement which had a couple of ancillary agreements along with it called The Destroyer’s Creed, which were rules that they would have to live by and then there were rules we had to live by.

Mortality Agreement

The second agreement that went along with the Armistice Agreement was the Mortality Agreement. It was an agreement where we would only live so long, the planet would only live so long and ultimately there would have been a harvest and we would have all been doomed. The Armageddon program went along with that.

Once this agreement was signed and ratified at the time they brought us a megastructure which we call Earth’s moon, this is the story behind that. This began the curse so to speak on all of humanity, the enslavement of humanity and it was also the beginning of disease.

Keystones for Blueprint of Diseases

Yesterday Kim actually found the keystones of the original blueprint for all of disease on earth, which were in the lower astral. This disease program was not just for humans but for all the entire planet. That includes animal life, plant life and there were even diseases that created deserts. There was a whole lot that was in the original blueprint that created disease. 

There were 3 places on earth where the pillars of disease came in. Each of the 3 pillars of disease also had their own binding. Each pillar had 6 additional sites around them with the pillar at the center. Then each 6 ancillary sites had an additional 5 ancillary pillars. This setup allowed for disease promotion throughout the entire world.

Pillar 1 | Socotra Island off the Coast of Yemen

The first location is called Socotra Island off the coast of Yemen.  It is also called Dragons Blood Island and it is tied to Hoq Caves  

Kim discovered this place yesterday and although there was no connection to the lower astral anymore and no connection to the keystones of disease anymore there still was some cleanup work that needed to be done in this location. This was like a transmitter location for disease. It would transmit disease to its ancillary 6 locations in the formation of the Star of David, because that is the binding, just like she explained in the financial system video she did a while ago. The Star of David binding was for almost all control systems we had here.

Pillar 2 | Wuhan Greenland Center

The second location was in the Wuhan Greenland Center and this location should be no surprise to anyone. It is the 4th tallest building in the world. And doesn’t it just like it could make a wonderful transmitter for disease.

This pillar and its ancillary locations were taken care of today and the enemy needs to know she has disabled them because they are losing badly and she means badly. While Kim has never stopped moving at all regardless of what meetings and money are promised to her, these people cannot make a decision at all and there is actually a definitive reason why they cannot make a decision and she will get into that.

Pillar 3 | Bern Cathedral

The third location is the Bern Cathedral. It is a little bit older than the Greenland Center but all of these things have existed for thousands of years.

This also relates to that meeting that was to take place and Kim alluded to in a previous update. She was kind of sarcastic when she relayed to us how she was really anxious to meet with some people and they were supposed to bring money and everything. Well that meeting is Never Going to Happen Now and she explains what that was all about.

Mortality Agreement & the Curse on Planet Earth

The Armistice Agreement she just explained above is not the one they wanted Kim to sign in this particular meeting, but it is the reason they put the fear of God into the people who were to meet Kim to get her to sign the Mortality Agreement in order for us to not all die.

They explained that there is a curse on planet earth and it is held by 2 different locations, one of those is the overlay site in Russia and the other one is in the United States, the center of it is in Washington DC.

The curse had to do with something that happened a very long time ago and is what gave the deep state and ancillary people so much control on this planet. Their hope was to get Kim to resign this agreement to re-up the deal. Once she did that they would have promptly put her in stasis somewhere, that was their plan and then the world would have been forever cursed.

But a little knowledge is dangerous for these people. They understand a little but not really how and why that agreement happened in the first place. But signing the agreement in effect would have closed the flower and all the work Kim and her team has been doing would have been reversed. That is their thought.

But they were not sure the person who was to get Kim to sign the agreement would meet their objective. So they tried to forge Kim’s signature on the document and submit it to their handlers. I guess they think Kim is not so bright. It came from a Kuwaiti family who is also a member of the Order of the Dragon family. But the original order to get Kim to sign this came out of China.

Why Did Kim Say She Would Welcome This Meeting?

The reason Kim said last time she would welcome the meeting is because she had a plan and she knew no matter what, in order for that agreement to be valid it would have to go into the Hall of Records and be ratified. Given that she is in charge of ratifying nothing would have happened and it would have been a giant circle. But a friend of Kim’s had been offered $10 million to get her to sign this agreement. She was aware there was $500 million at stake which was donated by Kuwaitis per the Order of the Chinese to complete this task. Kim thought well, her friend could use $10 million so let’s do it. She is sure he would have been monitored during the whole time so Kim concocted an elaborate plan to create an entire ceremony that has to happen for this momentous occasion.

Since she is pretty certain she is the only one who has the record as to how it happened it means nobody understands on either side how this agreement was handled the first time. She did share with us that it began with two people thousands of years ago, and it was not Solomon in this case. The agreement, unbeknownst to our enemy who wants this signed was unaware of the fact it had to be signed by midnight GMT time Monday and she told them this fact. If it is not signed by this time then there is no point. But they were under the impression and still are that they have until July 4th because they think somehow bindings have something to do with the Constitution and Independence Day, which is absolutely not the case in anyway. Besides we are several calendars down the road from that point. We were on a lunar calendar at that time. Like she keeps saying, a little knowledge is dangerous for them and good for us.

Kim told them, okay fine. She needs at least 2 hours to read the agreement and then she has to sign it in the special. She had big plans. First, she would have read the document properly and she knows they always put hidden text inside the document so you need some kind of light acid or something like a lemon in order to see the hidden text in there. Next she must also sign in the language of song. So she had some Tibetan balls all set up for some gonging during this elaborate ceremony. Then the signing would be completed in the language of dance. The frequency of the song is what matters and since it worked in Beetlejuice she thought it would have worked here. Her plan was to have them dance around the table like a bunch of idiots which the Order of the Dragon people would have watched and it would have been great.

So I am imagining she had this song and scene in mind,

Kim said she would have done anything she had to do to pass 6:01 PM time locally where she is and then would have gotten up and walked away. Although it still does not matter if she signed the agreement or not because it would have never been ratified anyway.

But while she was planning all this out she explained to them she has needs to. You have $10 million there. She has to read this agreement thoroughly so that she can fully understand everything that is in it first and then she will give them a price.

Now why would Kim do that?

She explained to them that Trump never paid her the administration fee for all those transfers she had done to the United States and no one else had ever paid her either, all the deals she ever tried with Chinese people. But she knew who was behind it so she assumed they were never going to pay ever or adhere to anything they compromised to in the agreement if there was anything to be done. So she wanted the money upfront. She said it might cost $50 million, $125 million, it might be $200 million. Remember that during this ‘negotiation’ they don’t know she knows they are going to put her in a box. So Kim would have told them she could live a nice life for the rest of her life and she has needs. She also said it would need to be transferred to herself and spendable to an account of her choosing before she signs. That would have come before the singing and dancing ceremony.

That was her plan.

In reality she was never going to take a dime of that money because it meant implied consent. But there are a lot of people around her locally who have really watched her back, including the people who were supposed to arrive there to give her the agreement, so she would have given it all to them and then just got up and walked out at 6:01PM local time.

Well they started arguing amongst themselves. Is she going to sign it, not going to sign it? Is there anything else she needs in there? Then they never sent the money and they never came and it is far too late for them to achieve this task. So that is the end of that.

Dragon Family’s Plan B

Then yesterday the Dragon family people tried to go to Kim’s town themselves. They were going to try to do it themselves because they figured they could have done a better job than the people they sent. At least that is what she is guessing. But they were not granted permission to land by Security in the town (they run everything around who gets in and out).

But again a little knowledge is dangerous and there is a reason they feel they do understand, they have hidden knowledge, which she is getting to.

Back to Russia & Gateway to Heaven

Over the years they kept expanding the overlay of the gate in Russia. It went kind of localized there in Moscow then they expanded it out to many other sites, places she has talked about before. The Struve in Finland, Stonehenge in England, Black City in China, Jakarta in Indonesia. By the way, there is an interesting story for the Real History of the World Series on how President Sukarno got access to Russia’s gold and moved it from the Russian Empire over to Indonesia. At that time that gold actually went to back the Federal Reserve. It amounted to about 10,000 metric tons and this all had to do with the overlay tied to a particular guy’s tomb there. They love their dead people, stasis people good and bad.

Stalin’s Line | Minsk, Belarus

This overlay extended also to the St. Petersburg site and another side in Macedonia. What she did not realize, because she is not God and is just going along with the bouncing ball and cleaning up everything the best she can, is that the original people who moved the flower were actually buried in another site in Minsk, Belarus and the site is called Stalin’s Line. It is a war museum and they were actually buried there the second time. So thousands of years ago they buried them with the flower so that the flower would constantly stay bloomed. Then they moved their bodies over to this area called the Stalin’s Line many years ago as they were completing their second expansion of the overlay.

Overlay Utilized by Order of the Black Sun

Now this overlay grid was pretty much utilized by the Order of the Black Sun. Remember Ukraine was the original location where the Order of the Black Sun was formed and that is why they are wearing the Black Sun on their uniforms right now and causing holy hell over there. It expanded so far from Finland to Indonesia and all parts in between. So this energy binding is what bound the earth to the lower astral and took away our ability to use the Heaven Gate.

Abraxas AI Implants

Next, it was also utilized as a Wi-Fi grid with a transmitter which would transmit instructions from the Aldebaran star system and the Abraxas AI. Remember the Black Sun people are the Abraxas so it would give them instructions from them directly to their head using an implant. But they are not implants like you think. It is not like they lay in a chair and someone puts the implant in their head, it is a lot more intricate technology than that and this is what kept driving them.

The instructions were always the same and nothing changed based on the different circumstances since the death of all the Abraxas. There was no one actually telling them something had changed, the world had changed and they were not getting instructions on how to fight the war properly doing this. They just keep going like they already won and this is why, because of the instruction set.

So that is the Order of the Black Sun and how they got their instructions and the reason they keep walking off a cliff even though there is no bridge anymore.

Order of the Dragon | Washington DC, the Other Gateway to Heaven

Now to the Order of the Dragon. Did they also have a similar system? Yes they did. This is the reason why they believe they had until the 4th of July and why they do not understand what is happening.

Let’s go to Washington DC. It has the second gate which is just as prolific as the Russian one. It was the second Gate to Heaven.

Original Boundary Stones of DC

Remember Kim told us originally there was 7 light portals and then later told us there were 9 because only Source controlled 2 in each category.  So there are 2 Nine Gates on our side of the fence and the lower astral had 2 Nine Gates. Originally they started out with the implementation of the boundary stones and underneath each of these stones was a crystal very similar to the ones in Russia that happened to be laid out in a circle. This one in Washington DC just happens to be in the shape of a diamond.

At the center is the Washington Monument, it was the center for the entire Wi-Fi network for the Order of the Dragon implants.

So this is the Wi-Fi tower that began the gateway.

Control Center for New World Order

We have probably heard about the alleged founder of the illuminati, who had a meeting where they discussed where they wanted to build the New World, which would then become the United States. In the discussion about building a New World and the US they were not talking about the United States of America they were talking about the entire world, the Nation States. This was going to be the control center long before the US Constitution was established, but that is when this agreement to build this overlay began. Because now they would have controlled the one in Russia on the other side which was overlaid with darkness and then they would have controlled this side in DC which was also overlaid with darkness. They planned to do this with every single one of our gateways until there was nothing left. Then they would begin coming out with the New World Order.

So these not so intelligent people who ordered the meeting with Kim thought it had something to do with the Constitution she guesses? Maybe it is why they believe they have until the 4th of July? Maybe they thought it had to do with the changing calendar and the solstice ceremony which is celebrated on a different day in Russia. She is not sure which not so bright person told them they had time but they are out of time and it doesn’t matter.

Ever wonder why things are so crazy in DC?

The obvious reason for America conquering country after country after country had to do with the orders coming through the Wi-Fi tower in DC. Remember they have their people in DC, they always had their people and politicians and others there. Did they insert implants with or without their knowledge? Are they part of the Order? Are they aware they are following instructions in their head that are coming from a Wi-Fi tower and therefore the lower astral? Who knows, but there is no more a Wi-Fi tower for the Order of the Dragon either.

Expansion Goes Beyond the Boundary Stones in DC

Many talk about DC being in the shape of a Pentagram but it is not, it is in the Star of David. The central point is not the White House, but is the Washington Monument. The first expansion went beyond the boundary stones and the crystals and started expanding to DuPont Circle, which also had some crystals and dead children there who were anchoring these different points. So the second expansion brought us out to DuPont Circle, Logan’s Circle, Mount Vernon Square, the Apple Carnegie Library, Washington Circle, George Washington’s Free Masonic National Monument and to Scotts Circle Park and the Samuel Hahnemann Monument. So these were all anchor points around the monument for the second expansion.

Third Expansion Began After 911

After 911 they began the third expansion and these points were far reaching, very far. They started with the 911 Tear Drop Memorial. Remember the Russians are in on it as well, they are part of the Russian Deep State. That began the northern most anchor point around the monument. We are still going around the monument here.

The next point was far away in Haiti, at the National Pantheon Museum.  In the other direction it was the Bermuda Triangle in the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse on the island of Bermuda. If you put these points together in the correct order you will get another Star of David type structure. The Bermuda Triangle or island in Bermuda was connected to Chicago and Old St. Patrick’s Catholic Church (Chicago). Remember Kim found the grey stones there, well there were grey stones also in Bermuda. The next point was in Red Mountain in Alabama and the next location was in Amarillo, Texas at the Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument which was tied to the line in Haiti. It looks like an old style antenna.

These lines connected together to create the Dragon Grid. Now both grids wanted to expand so it encompassed the entire planet earth eventually. So they kept expanding these Star of David bindings, which is a quantum physics binding on either side of the earth with the objective of finally covering the entire earth.

Note: Lisa Renee has talked about the Dragon Moth Grid that extends into far Eastern Siberia, China and Japan, and its body reaches into South America. I am wondering if the grid in DC is part of the expansion so they will connect. Just a guess.
Source: Dragon Moth Grid – Ascension Glossary

Dragon Families Try to Enforce the Mortality Agreement Themselves

Back to the story they told Kim’s friend, who was supposed to approach Kim and have the meeting with her. He was told if these grids and overlays were ever removed, hell, fire and brimstone would come to the earth and the reason why they believe this was going to happen was because of the Armistice Agreement. But the Armistice Agreement is no longer effective and there is no more Destroyer and nobody left to adhere to this agreement.

There is nobody left to adhere to the Mortality Agreement either which they apparently did not know expired. Hence the reason they have been running around to all these sites all over the world today, for the real implementation of disease. They figured since there was not an agreement, and they were not permitted to land in Kim’s town, and her friends were probably no longer willing to come, now what? Well they still have the Mortality Agreement and if no one is going to come and enforce that agreement they are going to do it.

The Crazy Dragon Peoples Rationale & Plan

They figure if there are less people on this planet they can install any grids they want and once they figure out “how Kim does what she does, then they are going to take it over and then they are going to kill her too.” This is a quote by the way. So Kim expects she would have probably been one of the last to go.

But now the Order of the Dragon does not have that hive mind chip anymore giving them instructions. Kim said some of this stuff was pre-programmed in advance. The Order of the Dragons center point, the Washington Monument was tied to the Alpha-Draconis system and the original home of the Draco and the Order of the Dragon people are Draco splices. It is also the reason why they have this hive mind mentality.

Alpha Draconis
The direction of life force [collected through the NRG Grids] is hierarchical and managed by the Alpha Draconis system that spans between the Draco constellation and the Orion Constellation, however multiple conflicts exist within the system and the fight for its resources exist among many species, the reptilian and draconian levels of contingents. There is a vast system of bottom feeders and defectors.

Dracos species are potentially capable of shape-shifting and have extremely developed Psionic abilities, which allow them to possess or enter bodies through consciousness projection. Therefore, as they originate form a Phantom Matrix system of Satanic based AI infected entities, many of these Draco entities are confused by people as the devil or believing they are Satan, as an individual figure.

Source: Alpha Draconis/Orion Group – Ascension Glossary

So now we know the secret behind the orders and it has nothing to do with the US per se, but it had everything to do with the reason why they were going to move the US from being the power center of earth to China being the power center. Then they were going to implement this global domination thing and had all these plans which they kept doing even though the bus is not there anymore. They are still sitting at the station waiting for the bus thinking it’s all going to happen eventually?

Draco Defense System Was Activated

By the way, when the grid system was taken down there was a defense system put in by the Draco which started to surround the atmosphere in the world. Kim said we had a plasma filter that tried to reinstall itself around earth which would have caused deoxygenation of the air. It made it down to about 3,000 ft. before she and her team stopped it. So that was positive. But it was designed to go all the way up to 30,000 ft. and any mountain that is 15,000 ft. and higher had created metals installed in said mountains around the world. There are around 100 of them which were actually tied to a dead man switch for the removal of this grid. So this was all about the Armistice Agreement which is not in force anymore and was preparing for fire and brimstone everyone. If anyone violated it there were all kinds of traps and triggers in place including mortality, hence the disease.

Why the $23 Trillion is Considered Foreign Funds to the Enemy

So what else happened when the people didn’t have permission to land here? A call was made, to Tom Melville actually from the Trilateral Commission and some General probably tied to the Jesuit Order. These are the same people who did not get Kim to sign the agreement. They started talking about having access to credit lines with accounts at HSBC and would she be willing to give it back to them. Really? Since she is the one who took them away, why would she give them back?

There was made mention of the $23 trillion still sitting at the Treasury and this man proceeded to say those are foreign funds therefore we cannot use them. What does he mean by this? Now this goes back to the meeting and why Kim said she would never have taken a dime because they know what she knows. The first one to take a dollar from the other side concedes. It was the reason why they tried to make it so Kim couldn’t get a job. So they believe in their mind (is this true, no not really) but they believe the $23 trillion is foreign funds, meaning the funds did not come from a member of the Order. So Kim is not a member of the Order on either side, therefore they are foreign monies and they cannot touch them.

Moving Forward Now Both Grids Are Down

Due to the fact that both grids are down and people who need to know on our side know they are down, now it is safe to proceed with the cleanup.

There is a Plan to Seize Properties

When Kim filed Martial Law and did a debt call on the Federal Reserve and the United Nations without the ability to pay us back the quadrillions of dollars they owe us, she and her team will begin seizing their properties as their deadline expires on the 30th. There is a plan in place to do this in rapid succession.

There is a Plan to Do with Politics

Without the Wi-Fi people in DC getting messages to their brain anymore Kim and her team also have put a plan in place that has to do with politics. Hopefully now that the implants are gone we will be able to make some more traction whether by force or otherwise in what is currently the power center of earth. Expansion of the grids is not happening as it was completely dismantled off the DC grid, the orbs and Wi-Fi information tower was the concern, not the building structures. The whole crystal network is gone as of EOD yesterday, as is the disease source AI which did not exist here before.

Will they start to use their own brain to make smarter decisions? Well that is the hope. There are two options here. Option A is they live and start to make smarter decisions. But she honestly doesn’t know if that is even a possibility in some cases. Their entire neurological system started shutting down and just started wriggling all over and some of them died, so that is a real possibility for more. It depends on how much they were controlled and for how long. Some will require a military brute force or someone to explain what they are going to do to them under duress because she does not think they are just going to wake up and say oh wow let’s save the planet. They want power too much, they think they have power and they would like Kim to give them that power. But Option B is that she finds out they are unrepairable and their brain doesn’t function correctly so they will disappear off the planet. In any case we are moving forward and not off the cliff.

Rainmaker Corporation | The Origins of mRNA

The company that created the original mRNA is called Rainmaker is a part of the SSP that was always involved with these Centers for Disease Controls across the planet that Kim and her team just dismantled. They were the original creators but what they did not realize and is the reason why there are so many deaths is because the mRNA is meant to work on dark matter. It is not meant to work on light matter. So our neurological systems and bodily functions run on light matter, we are light forms. Their intention to try to use mRNA to control the health of humans based on the ID 2020 and COVID program would never have worked the way they wanted to anyway. Although it throws every disease known to man and you have to fight it. That is why a lot of people end up with cancer and with cardio myopathy and other things. It does cause the blood to thicken. But mRNA is meant for a cyber-genetic being not an organic life form. So depending on how old you were and the state of your immune system and whatnot would determine how well you fared during its functionality which was over 3-4 months that it was active in your body.

So that was courtesy of Rainmaker Corporation who also ran these Centers for Disease Control on this planet and that is who was actually at one of these sites today trying to get their disease on. They do not understand why but they still have it, but can they use it to kill them all. They were probably given orders by some crazy person today to go there but the Rainmaker people are coming to realize it is their demise not ours.

They were expecting everything to come back. That is why there has been talk about China having another wave of COVID which was before everything was shut down. Although even though it did not have its full effect it had some effect for a period of time recently and they probably thought they were going to get a global wave of COVID through this network here. They would have liked to have that.

On Monday remember Biden and Chuckie tried resign the COVID agreement which then filtered into the state of New York and into China. This was by driven by the China Deep State and global bio warfare. The unbelievable amount of control they had on this planet is ridiculous. But it was not theirs, it was not the humans running around right now, such as the ones running around wondering where all their money went and their credit lines based on the news Kim reported on Monday.

Word is getting around about no money by the way and they are very angry. They don’t have money or even the little bits of credit they had left to do bad things to us and pay people to do wars. They had big plans with the King of Jordan in the Middle East but that will not happen now. They were also working on Iran and getting the world war going. By the way, that was another part of the Armistice Agreement that we would constantly be in a state of war. Whether actual war, disease, poison in the air, food and water. It is all directly related to why we have radiation (fluoride) in our water.

Are You Seeing the Bigger Picture?

Now we are starting to see the bigger picture as far as Restoration. It is not just about money and products. What good is it if you are not alive? They actually have to use machines for healing on their side but we do not. What we need on our side is a pure connection to Source for healing to happen naturally, but not when you get the book thrown at you on the daily from the air, food, water, etc.

Kim said she hopes we are getting a bigger picture now as she knows everyone has waited a long time and everyone has problems. She knows about the chemtrails. But this stuff is thousands of years old. We are unwinding thousand if not millions of years of history as fast as she can in a couple of years. She is going as fast as she can, she does not have a lot of members on her team working with her. Despite that she is 16 months ahead of schedule! Why because Kim works crazy hours and will not stop until the job is done!

I hope she doesn’t wear herself out though please! Take care of yourself Kim!

And there you have it, yet another loaded report!


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  1. Question. Who or what is the destroyer? I have been trying to find anything in reference to it on google and my search has not been fruitful.

  2. I have recently learned about a device called the “Kozyrev Mirror”
    The WF? youtube channel has a video about it. It sounds fascinating and ties in with a lot of what Kim says about time and higher Planes.

    I will be researching it further and “may” attempt to build one.

  3. More on the KOZYREV MIRROR
    The excerpt below was taken from the link above
    People who have been in this installation confirm that their health has improved, some have the ability to foresee the future, and intuition has developed. With this device, you can accurately diagnose various diseases, improve the state of the human biofield. Therefore, many are trying to make Kozyrev’s mirror with their own hands.

    According to researchers – scientists, psychologists and other specialists – the human consciousness, when immersed in the focus of the installation, goes into a different state, in which the abilities of a mere mortal improve significantly. The use of the Kozyrev mirror is possible in the future on a large scale in medicine and seismology.

  4. Andrés Díaz.

    gracias desde Venezuela…..resuena fuertemente con mi despertar espiritual rumbo a la 5ta dimensión… gracias a los Hij@s del propósito más alto de nuestra elección … despierta …despierta…despierta..despierta… despierta….somos observadores de nuestra propia creación….gracias los amo incondicionalmente. …gracias por compartir.

  5. Hello senior man, I want to appreciate the wonderful updates you’ve been providing on Kim’s Intel. I have directed lots of people to your site here in Africa, Nigeria. I’ve been a bit concern and hope you’re in good health of mind and body since we’ve not received update from your site in recent time. Intact we’re lagging behind since last week. Which is very usual of you. We’re really wishing you well and sending out love to you and your family. Thanks for the sacrifices you’re making to carry us along. Much love from Erasdee

  6. AshestToAllelulia

    Sifting the contents of these reports, and comparing the progression of things in this 3rd realm, I see a strange delay between the end of disease, which Kim alludes to, if not alleges, and diseases currently operating in diseased humans.

    Can turning off disease generators houses in various phallic monuments worldwide stop death? Or shall we wait for the real return of Jesus Christ Our Savior, before this happens, as is prophecied by genuinely legit prophets like St. John, on the Island of Patmos in the Book of Revelation. Are Kim’s maneuverings PART OF Jesus’s return, or false flags to herald the coming of the anti-Christ.

    How we say it in the South: “I’ve never heard the like.” All these tangential expositions of satanic, electric booby traps, powered the loosh of children in stasis and crystals, is not biblical, but also not anti-biblical in and of itself.

    Great writing.

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